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USS Chukawan (AO 100) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Chukawan (AO 100). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 73 crew members registered for the USS Chukawan (AO 100).

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Hennig, Lowell Andrew (Andy)(tex)RD3Jan 1966 – Oct 1968OpperationsMet a lot of good guys. We bad a lot of good times. Made some good friends ,but have lost touch with them. Bill Witt called and left a message but I lost the number. Would love to hear from some of my old friends.
Robinson, David / RobbieSK2Aug 1966 – May 1970SupplyMy memories of the Chuck and the crew I served with are among the best in my memory.
Paddock, JohnLTJGSep 1, 1966 – Apr 1968Deck DepartmentGunnery Officer, Legal Officer, Admin Officer, PAO ...
Bulicek, Daniel ( Dan) profile iconSNOct 1966 – Feb 19672nd Deck Div
Brown, BobEM5Apr 15, 1967 – Apr 15, 1971ElectricalI saw Rick Dodge and Dan Mitchell on here.
Adams, DonBT3Sep 19, 1967 – Apr 1971engineeringWould like to here from the old boiler room gang
Sharff, WalterE4/SHOct 1967 – Aug 1967
Tortolano, FrankSH2Dec 1967 – Aug 1971SupplyEnjoyed my time on the "CHUK" - gitmo - 2 med cruises and the NATO North Atlantic cruise - some great shipmates...anyone out there that remembers me contact me at
Witt, Bill (Cw)RM21968 – Oct 1, 1969OperationsLooking for old crew mates?
Atherton, FrankEN31968 – Oct 30, 1969Engineering
Johnson, GeorgeFA1968 – 1970MLooking for someone
Schultz, DavidBT 2Jan 1968 – Jan 5, 1970B-Div
Kennedy, Paulsn3Mar 11, 1968 – Mar 20, 1969deck forcei boarded the ship after boot camp in great lakes ill. i spent a year on the chuck. then i was tranfered to a new ship and became a plank owner of the uss seattle aoe3
Mitchell, DanielEM-2May 1968 – Mar 1972
Rice, JimEM3Jun 1968 – Aug 1971EngineeringI was an electrician in Engineering. When I Norfolk, I lived off-base at a crazy placed in Ocean View called the Animal Farm near the Jolly Roger.
Elser, NormanLT(jg)Aug 1968 – Jul 1971Operations
Imel, BillSEAMANSep 1968 – Dec 1969Second
Young, EdHT2Dec 1968 – May 1972Eng. C&R
Tanner,jr., JimSH3Dec 5, 1968 – May 30, 1972Deck Force then SupplyLooking for old friends from the Chuk. My E mail address is JFT2BAT2@AOL.COM
Edwards, Jamesbm2Jan 2, 1969 – Jul 13, 19722ndserve on board with father --al j. edwards bmcm 9from jan69 until oct69-----i came onboard jan 69 thru july 13 1972 when ship was decommissioned.received the last jack from ship.was bm2 ,2nd division.
Stange, JohnSH3Mar 27, 1969 – Nov 13, 1970SupplyI made a lot of friends on this ship. It was a life changing experience that made me grow up in a hurry.
Galente, Jonathan profile iconsk3 E4May 9, 1969 –Store Keeper E3It was the some of the best time of my time in the USNR
Robinson, John "robbie"RD2May 15, 1970 – Jul 26, 1971OperationsServed during the estimated period. Made a four month emergency Med cruise, Jordanian Crisis, in 1970 and the last Med cruise in 1971. Retired Reservist OSC after 26 years service.
Porter, MichaelGMGSNJun 1970 – Jun 19723rdUSS WASP needed driving lessons, I was a Gunner at the time. 1 day notice to go to north Atlantic and wound up in the Mediterranean April 1971 July 1971. Rota Spain kept us hydrated ( 17 bars ) .What a party crew.
Hogan, DennisSAJul 4, 1970 – Oct 7, 1970DeckI was aboard for a short period. I was TAD volunteer from the USS Surribachi AE-21 when your ship was ordered to the Med for the Jordan crisis cause your ship didn't have enough people. Remember the incident with the hole through the deck?
Ricker, PaulRM3Oct 1970 – Jul 1972OCI was on the last Med cruise.
Cothran, RichardE-31971 – 1972DeckEnjoyed my time on the "Chuck".It was my 1st ship. After it was decomissoned was sent..get the USS Chewaucan-AOG-50. Who would have thunk it? Just couldn't get away from those AO's. Left service in 1974.
Mennitt, Jim(Curley)6BM3Feb 3, 1971 – May 3, 1972Div 2Many great friendships made
Dodge, RickEMFNApr 1971 – Jul 1972I made the final Med cruise and was on the decomissioning crew
English, CharlesE3 seamanApr 4, 1971 – Dec 1972BI remember all the good an bad times I had on the Chuck. I remember some of the guys that are signed up on the buddy list. Glad I served now I can look back on it.
Hyde, MikeSNSep 1971 – Jul 1972deck...became corpsman striker...sent to corps school after decommissioningdid not want to be a yeoman...was sent to the Chuk...chipped some paint-put in to go to Corpsman school at Great Lakes after decomish. HMC Bringer and HM2 Boardman were awesome-I ended up working in intensive care at GL

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1965 | 1966 – now

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