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USS Caloosahatchee (AO 98) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Caloosahatchee (AO 98). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 282 crew members registered for the USS Caloosahatchee (AO 98).

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Young, SteveBM31986 – 19882nd (BMCM Ernest Scherman)Loved the Caloos. I had some of the best times of my youth on her. South America, St. Thomas, Sailboat rescue. Playing "Metallica" on the bass in the cargo deck with Banta! "Headbangers Ball" on Saturday nights in the crews
Muellersman, Hubert (Mule)EN 3Jan 1986 – Jan 1989
Schofield, SteveBM2(SW)Jan 26, 1986 – Jul 13, 1989FirstMy time aboard the Caloos was one of the greatest times of my life. I made a lot of lifetime friends, and to this day still hang out with Al Bedell. Thanks for the memories guys I will never forget any of you.
Payne, CareyOS2Mar 1986 – Oct 22, 1989COMBAT
Thacker, VicMar 1986 – Aug 1989A-GangLooking back with rose colored glasses, I had a terrific tour on a ship with a great crew, and we had some great times. But in reality, it was a very challenging tour, and I came out a more humble and better sailor for having served there.
Earley, SteveSeamanMar 1, 1986 – Jul 1, 1988Bosuns DivContact me if you remember me
Jernigan, TerryE-5 BMMar 15, 1986 – Feb 17, 1990FirstThe best duty station out of the 22 years that I have been in the Navy. Med Cruise 1988 was the best. My current rank is BMC.
Doughty, John PatYN1Jul 9, 1986 – Dec 12, 1988XShip Sec, Catholic Eucharistic Leader, .50 Cal Mt Captain........drop a line. Did Caloos have a CruiseBook or DECOM pics of the crew?
Ramirez, HectorEM3Aug 1986 – Sep 1989A & EWonderful times on the Caloos. Great friends I would like to reconnect with.
Randall, DavidBM2Aug 1986 – Feb 1990First24 years of service and CALOOS is still my favorite ship. I can't say todays Sailors have the fun we had back then. BMCM Sherman is still my hero. has some good contacts of CALOOS Sailors.
Gordon, TonyE-4Aug 1986 – Jul 19891st DivisionI truly met some great guys on the Caloos. I knew everyone on board just about. Every day guys Jernigan, Rodgers Em2, Wright, Hubbert, Wright, Wolfe, Kimble, Garcia, Newns, Markel. There's many more .
Haas, Chris HaasterMS3Sep 1986 – Sep 1990s2 kitchenhey guys would like to share memories with any one i had i ball feeding you guys i am a chef in baltimore looking for the SHANKSTER DAWG and vied ruiling will i miss you guys!!!
Lundquist, MarkYN3Sep 1, 1986 – Dec 25, 19881st
Haas, Chris HaasterMS3Oct 27, 1986 – Oct 27, 1990s2hey guys i sure do miss ya
Youngblood, MarcSNDec 27, 1986 – May 19882nd then Struck YeomanHope this list grows, there are quite a few people of whom I'd like to talk.
Palesano, Joseph "taz"GMG21987 – 1989Weps / S-9DUDES! Excellent Times Excellent Friends! Lets Catch up!
King, MikeMM3-MM21987 – 1989MMy first duty station! Great crew! Some good times indeed! Did a lot of Carribean cruises and one Med Cruise. Our breakaway song was the best "Have a Drink on Me"!
Jimenez, DavidBM1(SWE6)1987 – 1990First DivisionMed cruise 88 was the best cruise of my naval career. Quick hello to John Schofield, Randel, Romero, BM1 Mitchell, BM1 Nelson, and everyone else!
Herp, ChristopherE-3/SN1987 – 1988First Division
Martin, AustinSA Martin Stream Div. Capt. Mass TwiceJan 1987 – 1988Stream Div. MHE
Beasley, James/ PeteET3Feb 1987 – Oct 1988OE
Ogles, BobbyMM3Feb 2, 1987 – Jan 20, 1992StreamJust looking for old shipmates.
Vied, Brad " "HT 2Feb 28, 1987 – Feb 28, 1990R - div.. ENGHT2 when the caloos got sold to make toyota's. Now... 3 great kid's ,Vol. firefighter , lineman for verizon.. I live in Union Beach, NJ.. NJ ..a pimple on god's green earth !!!!! Email :
Condon, JosephE4Apr 20, 1987 –StreamGreat time many friends
Wyatt, ChrisMM3Jun 1987 – Jun 1989M
George, David E.SRSep 11, 1987 – Jan 29, 1988BMI would like 2 hear from the crew member that remember me.Love u and god bless all of you. Yes i am still living. God have been with me and i am thankful.
Wall, BrianOS3 / MSG ArmyOct 1987 – Feb 1990OI
Cochran, JohnHM21988 – 1990Medical
McGlaughlin, MikeOS31988 – 1990OIWhat a great command, great friends,great times. Mail me, it would be cool to hear from old buddies!!!
Dano, IrvingRMCS(SW)Jan 1988 – Jan 1990Decommissioning crew....great memories.
Helfrich, GaryBTC(SW)Jan 1988 – Feb 1990Eng / B
Helfrich, GaryBTCJan 29, 1988 – Feb 28, 1990BOne of the best commands of my career
Draughter, Charlie/aka Chuck DCV 47 RM3/E4Feb 10, 1988 – Feb 28, 1990RadioBest shipmates to grow up and experience a Med-cruise with. Watson, Hodge, Oliver, Bradford, Kimble, Wolf, & Streeter to name a few. I worked in Deck and struck Radioman. I'm a Network Sys. Engineer now. My work path started w/ the Caloos.
Smith, SterlingE-4Mar 27, 1988 – Oct 26, 1991MSI was
Armstrong, GaryYNSNMay 15, 1988 – Jan 17, 1990NAV/XMy very first ship and best of all. I began my career on the CALOOS in 88. The ship that taught me to be a responsible Sailor and now a more responsible Senior Chief. Thanx crew of the CALOOS...YNCS(SW) Gary Armstrong (April 2007).
Sexton, DariusMACHINIST\'S MATE E-3Jul 23, 1988 – Aug 24, 1990
Rogers, Bob profile iconE-3Nov 1988 – Feb 1990Deck 1st DivHello to all.
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Mayes, DavidSRNov 19, 1988 – Nov 15, 19891stThanks guys now I am a retired SK1. I know I wa on there only a year but I learned a lot if i had been on 4. thanks to all the boats, you know who you are
Schuler, JefEM31989 – 1990Electrical
Arguello, JoseSK E-2Feb 20, 1989 – Feb 28, 1990SuppliesI'd just like to say hello everyone that may remember me and good luck wiht everything in your lives
Lewellen, Patrick profile iconSRJan 1990 – 1992Deck 1st DivHi Just looking to see who's here.
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