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USS Mispillion (AO 105) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mispillion (AO 105). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 93 crew members registered for the USS Mispillion (AO 105).

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Clift, RichardEM11968 – 1970E
Dick, KennethSN1968 – 1970Supply
Strickland, Mikebm3May 1, 1968 – Aug 15, 1970decklooking for guys i served aboard with. from 1968-1970
Harms, MerlynEM3Jun 13, 1968 – Jun 2, 1972USS Mispillion AO-105This is Jolene Clos Merlyn's sister and my daughter. We regret to inform you that Merlyn passed away on December 7, 2018. He died of cancer in Joplin, MO. Services Dec 28 Amvets in Evansdale,IA please call 319-235-6313
Lambert, DavidEM1Aug 9, 1968 – Sep 3, 1969EJoined ship in WestPac, made Chief and left a year later. I remember being sick along with most of the crew during the storm on our way back to the states !
Holcomb, Howard (Bud)BM 3Nov 1968 – Mar 12, 1970Deck
Barnes, Mel BarneySEAMAN1969 – 19711 deck crew
Barnes, Mel BarneySEAMEN1969 – 19711st
Barnes, Mel BarneySEAMEN1969 – 19711st
Edward Farmer, Farmerfne31969 –ebeen lookin for you guys Wilkey randall nick name is worm chohn caldwell gmg3
Deane, MarkRD31969 – 1972OperationsIt was an honor to serve on the Radar Gang. Had more fun than I should have! Especially remember Chief Ware, a man of God, whose influence would later lead me to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Egan, JackEM-3Feb 5, 1969 – Aug 1970ElectricalLooking for anyone that was on-board when I was.
Souza, GlennEM-3Mar 1969 – Dec 1972EHey Doyle, Mooney, Egan and Day
Caldwell, JohnSEAMAN/GMG3Jun 8, 1969 –1st/3rdthis was the first time I had been away from home and never any further than Nashville,tenn.I grew up in Southern Indiana.I grew up on the Mispillion and made alot of good life long friends.I'm retired now after 26.5 great years.MSC(SW)
Caldwell, JohnGMG3Jun 8, 1969 –1st
Wilkey, Randall WormFN-3Jul 1, 1969 – Feb 19, 1970NAVYHi you guys that served on the mispillon,People don'tcall me worm any more, that was a bootcamp thing, I picked up the handle Doc from the guys I road with,I would like to here from anyone aboard in 69 70.
Lehman, Marion DSnSep 11, 1969 – Mar 3, 1973Deck DeptWinch Operator, Paint Locker, Bos'n Locker, Un-rep Locker & Station 11 Rig Captain. Utility boat #1 cowxwain, foward superstructure fire station for helo reps nozzle man.
Van Boening, DougOS2Nov 3, 1969 – Dec 23, 1972Operations
Smith, MarkGMG31970 – Dec 19723rdNever forget the night the door to the well deck was left open, and we had white caps in our quarters. Didn't pay to have a bottom rack that day.
Hevner, BruceHT21970 – Nov 1973R-div Damage ControlCame aboard direct from DC "A" school and was aboard my whole enlistment. Saw a LOT of places and served with a lot of GREAT men. Had the experience of a lifetime! I remain friends with many of my shipmates to this day.
Bean, ThomasRD-2Jan 1970 – Aug 1971OIVernon,Sushi,Sugarbear,Doug,Gopher,Schulz ,JJ and of course DA Johnson the aspiring disc-jocky.....Hope you're all doing well. Don't want to forget the rest of you guys in ops...Milne, Johnson, Petch, to name a few...
Lovejoy, DavidRM3 E4Jun 14, 1970 – Mar 1974operation s dept.radiomanhey pep, I heard you've looked for me at some time maybe we could hook up. It would be fantastic to hear from you my add. 14355 cactus dr. victorville ca. 92395 ph. (760)245-9139 email Still in kansas
Flanagan, JimRM3Oct 1970 – May 1970radio
Bentley, StevenFN-31971 – 1973BT
Dengler, SteveBT3Jan 1, 1971 – Apr 30, 1973BLooking for George J Mc Bride BT 1, Larry J Wilkerson BT 3, William Hollobaugh BT 1, Richard Clock BT 3, Herman "Ben" Benjamin BT 1. Made 2 cruises on the Mighty Miss. Had a good time and made several friends for life.
Dengler, SteveBT 3Jan 1, 1971 – Apr 30, 1973BI am the secretary/treas of the USS Mispillion Shipmate Assn. We are looking for anyone who served on the Mispillion. We have had several reunions. Looking for Melvin C. "Scooter" Alexander. Last known address was Austin, Texas.
Irvine, PaulE31972 – 1974MMBeing on the second oldest ship in the fleet wasn't so bad I remember getting stuck in Subic when they cut the top off to replace the induction valve, Shellback initiation, Bandar Abbas, Seychelles.
Lanxon, Henry (Honky)HTFN1972 – 1974R DivisionAnyone know of Tom Kurland where abouts?
Velasquez, GeorgeFTG3Mar 3, 1972 – Dec 20, 1974Gunnery Department
Peppersack, CarrollRM3Jul 18, 1972 – Sep 1973OperationsCame on board in the PI in 72 and was discharged from the ship in Long Beach in 73 just before it was to go back to Nam. Wondering if any one has heard from Dave Lovejoy. He was a RM3 the same time as I was.
Howard, EarlIC FNSep 1, 1972 – Jul 5, 1974E Division
Gonzales, RickPC3Dec 10, 1972 – Jul 1974OpsHad great time on the Mispillion. Worked in Deck, moved to ship's office, and then became the ships Postal Clerk. Retired from the Santa Fe Post 2004 after 26 years. Have had contact with Vince Swiech, more ok.
Swiech, VincentHTFN1973 – 1974R-DIVHas anybody heard from or knows the whereabouts of Willie C. Cobb HTFN (Little Rock) or Earl Howard IC Man (Atlanta))
Larrance, HowardMay 1973 – Jul 1974Would love to hear from any shellback
Nehus, JohnRM3Dec 1973 – Oct 1975OCI was onboard the mighty miss before and after the conversion to MSC. USNS was the best.
Haaksma, Don profile iconRM31975 – 1977RADIOBest time Best ship ever
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Zimmerman, Richard "Z-man"RM3May 23, 1975 – May 23, 1977RadioMy first ship. Great experience. Great friends. Haksma, Merris, Winn, Johnson, Miles.
Chaddon, AlanRM1Jun 1975 – Nov 1975Communications (LPO)Good times cruising WESTPAC and Indian Ocean
Gardner, NigelSM3Jan 5, 1976 –CommunicationsThe San Miguel express! Served as Signalman on board when she was a USNS. Some great friends in the radio room.
Oppel, WayneRM2Apr 14, 1976 – Sep 30, 1977OCIt was a great ship and a better Radio gang.
Gardner, Nigel (Spooky)SMSNAug 1976 – Aug 1977Communications-Signalman Thanks to a Steve Dengler ex- USS MISPILLION (AO-105) i was able to get a "copy" of my certificate from
McCaffrey, KevinRM31979 – 1980MILDETGreat ship! I agree with Rick Zimmerman and Duncan Rae, the collision with the tanker Texas Trader was in 1980, I too was onboard then. Permanently retired in 2019. Now living the dream in Subic Bay!
Rae, DuncanETN2/ET1Feb 1979 – Feb 1980MilDetAny of you hombres ut there remember me? I ran the ship's store for a while. Ah, Subic Bay... the best of the west! BTW the date of the collision should be 1980... I know, I was there. Also BTW, if you're out there YN1 Rob, SUCK MY ROSY
Moresi, KevinRM2Oct 14, 1979 – Nov 1, 1980MilDetSupervisor of Radio Shack. Participated in Gonzo Station Persian Gulf. Cruises average 110 days. Home ported Subic Bay. Had two collisions out to sea. One of canceled liberty to Sri Lanka thank God. went back to Subic
Besenyei, Robert (Bob)RM1Apr 1, 1980 – Apr 2, 1981OC MildetWas leading RM. Would like anyone who remembers colission with civilian tanker during unrep in 1980 to contact me please. Was great crew on that ship, especially in radio and ET shop.
Heater, David (Heatwave)RM3Aug 1980 – Oct 1981JUST WONDERING IF ANY OF YOU GUYS ARE OUT THERE...WHATS UP?
Rodriguez, AnthonyETC(SW)Sep 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1983OE
Cooper, AlRM3/2Jan 1982 – Feb 1984CommunicationI was onbd during its MSC years when known as USNS Missy (TAO-105). My very 1st ship where I cut my RM teeth. OIC and I cross the line together. AOIC was an OSCS, had to do a wake-up on him for a week because I miss quarters in Japan.
Sojka, GlenRM2Jun 5, 1984 – Nov 14, 1985Radio
Rice, MikeSm21985 – 1986CsWhat a time in subic. No mention of running aground and sitting in dry dock for a year? Would love to hear from others at that time.

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