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USS Coucal (ASR 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coucal (ASR 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 139 crew members registered for the USS Coucal (ASR 8).

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Gee, JamesCWOJun 12, 1970 – Oct 2, 1972Supply, Food services, engineer and diving officerSome of the fondest memories from a 24 year Naval career are from Coucal. Close knit crew which worked hard and somestimes played even harder.
Bambusch, DuaneRM2Sep 1970 – Jul 1972OCMcHale's Navy all over again. Loved every second aboart The Coucal. I will never forget the experience.
Knight, ArtBMSN/BM3Sep 5, 1970 – Apr 21, 1972DeckSee some familiar names Mr.Gee RM2 Bambush Great ship/crew. Enjoyed doing the 4point moor
Faries, BobOS2Dec 20, 1970 – May 31, 1975OperationsGreat first ship, some good times and some not so good times.
Barrows, BlairLCDRJan 1971 – Jul 1975XO & COA great ship with a super crew
Llewellyn, TommySTG 3Mar 7, 1971 – Mar 10, 1974OperationsAttaboy Yep! Dennis E. and Mike Coy (best buds). Hows it going Chopper Johnson an Emit Big Head Holt? Great parties at Apartment with Jimmy C. and Steve M. Hey Chopper, we played on some good softball teams.
Schneider, DaveGMG2May 29, 1971 – Jun 1, 1976DeckHave so many memories from all my time aboard. But I really miss Hawaii.
Holt, EmmettEM2 (SS)Jun 1971 – Feb 1974EngineeringGreat downtown apartment parties before WestPac 72, great house parties in Pearl City after !!! Went to 6 Crater Festivals inside Diamond Head, Hawaii was great !! Lots of shipmates shared those times. Email me.
Edlin, TonySNJun 1971 – Feb 1972DeckI had a great time while on the ship in Pearl.Like when we pulled back the floating drydock with the Trieste 2in it. I also remember Gomer and Pete. Good Luck to all!
Hignight, BruceRM3Sep 1971 – Jun 1974OperationsFirst ship. Loved Hawaii. Good times under the Banyan tree.
Dawson, JimHT1(DV)Nov 1, 1971 – Jan 15, 1974SalvageGreat ship, great crew, great times. Best tour I had. It would be great to hear from some of you.
Robbins, CharlieSTS2SSDec 14, 1971 – Aug 7, 1972OperationsThree years on submarines and 8 months here. Best 8 months of my enlistment.
Martin, Steven JEM3/DV2Dec 24, 1971 – Feb 8, 1973Engineering
Carlos Barrea, CarlosOS31972 – 1975OpsMy first ship in the Navy and the most fun. Had a great time. Unfortunately, I have not been back to Hawaii since 1975.
Beltran, Ricardo / RickBM3Feb 1972 – May 1975Deckmade a lot of friends while I was onboard, and missed them when I got transfer to the USS George K Mackenzie DD 836
Koch, DocHM1 DVFeb 5, 1972 –Medical
Keenan, OwenBMC DV1Mar 1, 1972 – Mar 1, 1974DeckLooking for any old shipmates. I can be reached at my wifes E-Mail RozmarieK@Hotmail.Com
Miller, BillRM2Jul 1972 – Mar 1974OperationsSame good memories as most -- Hong Kong, Australia, Lahina, beaches, softball, good times with the Dawson's and Mariani's.
Austin, WilliamBMC (DV)Aug 1, 1972 – Mar 1, 1975Salvage/DeckIt's good to look back at some of the people I served with, and remember their faces. I'm 73 as of this signup. Retired BMCM (MDV) Apr 93 I hope you all are doing well.
Aguilar, DanielOS 2Nov 1972 – May 1974OPSHad a great time.
Rioux, TerrenceTM2 (DV1)Nov 1972 – Jun 1975SalvageI took lots of photographs (some uploaded to and others to ), if any old shipmates are nostalgic!
Pischke, Jerry. J.r.FiremanDec 30, 1972 – Oct 15, 1974engineering
Hutzell, JamesSM21973 – 1976OC
Pischke, Jerry/ J.r.FN1973 – 1974Motor roomI hope more of us get on this list.Left for USS.Sperry along with ED Adams a few days after we got back from west pack.Wish I would of stayed on the Coucal.Thanks to Terry and his camera some of us will look the same forever.
Hall, Ronald C. (R.c.)MMCS (MDV)1973 – 1975Senior Enlisted and MasterRetired from the USN while serving aboard the USS Coucal in September 1975.
Malone, LarrySNJan 1, 1973 – Jul 14, 1974DeckThanks for a lot of good times. Had a hardship, still on the farm. Getting ready to put the crops out. Hate to see the ship was decomm. Hello to LCDR Barrows, Glenn Koch, Cheif Austin, Cabral, Ens. Vogelpohl.
Holecz, JohnPN2Feb 1, 1973 – Mar 22, 1975AdminHad great times on board. We had a helluva softball team also
Jellison, JimEM3Sep 1973 – Sep 1975EngineeringHawaii was great. Lahaina was especially nice. I think I took all the same pictures that Terry Rioux took 'cause they look the same in my photo sets.
Howard, GlennQM1Oct 9, 1973 – Jun 1976Navigation
Meier, Carl (Fred)RM2 & RM11974 – 1977radioWas re-enlisted by SecNav onboard. Remember when Hawaii 5-0 filmed onboard??
Dinwiddie, DonaldFIREMAN 31974 – 1976ENGINEMANhawaii was great, remember filming Five 5-0 looking for shipmate BILL MCRAY,BABY SON,RICK WHITE, OFFICER.BRIGHT,RANDY BESSON, TONY GEIKO,"BEAR", E-MAIL ME, WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ALL. e-mail-
Dreiger, Michael (Doc)E-4 electronic technician1974 – Sep 15, 1977OperationsRemember when the sub we were operating with took on 50,000 gallons of water?
Wilkins, EmmettRM3Feb 1974 – Feb 1975COMMWESTPAC '74..."WOW"
Beason, RandyMRFNFeb 23, 1974 – Feb 18, 1976DIVING A-GANG
Nothem, Donald : Aka BabysanEN3Mar 1974 – 1976EngineeringWestpac 74, Transfered to ACU1 Coranado Calif, transfered to US Coast Guard in 83, retired as Chief Petty Officer .
Nothem, Donald_ Aka:babysanEN3Apr 1974 –EngineeringAt age 17 on Westpac 74, it was an eye opener.
Aaberg, WayneRM2(DV)May 6, 1974 – Sep 1, 1975CommunicationsThe USS Coucal was my first Navy ship. I reported onboard in Subic Bay, SRF, Philippines. The Coucal was tied up next to the USS Grayback.
Warren, RobertBMSNJun 10, 1974 – Sep 15, 1977DECKWas thinking of my early Navy years, Coucal was my first ship, Worked with BMC Welteke and BM1 Stone. Does anyone remember a STG2 onboard? First name Gary I Beleave. Like to reach that guy. Was always on the helm with me
Aquino, RobertSEAMANDec 10, 1974 – Dec 10, 1976DeckI served 2 years in Pearl, aboard the Coucal, I`m looking for old shipmates, and remember, Owen Keenan BM1.
Hubbard, DickCOMMANDER1975 – 1977Commanding OfficerLast skipper of the grand ship Coucal.
Welteke, Karl-wilhelmBMCS DV1975 – 1977DeckHello Shipmates, retired March 1 1991 as a BMCM DV in Subic Bay and stayed here ever since. Some other Shipmates are also hanging around here in Subic Bay with me, BMCS Stone (BM1 DV than) and ENCM MDV
Duncan, JimBT2/DV SCMay 24, 1975 – Aug 12, 1977DivingWhat great duty. Hawaii, barbecues on the fantail, morning dives off the coast of Kauai and Maui, and of course all the training dives.
Nissen, PaulEN 3 (DV)Jun 1975 – Feb 1977EngineeringI joined after finishing First Class dive School in 75. The ship was in drydock and Chief Hall was still aboard as Master Diver. I see some familiar names here . I can't believe that "Baby-San" ended up as a "lifer".
Sullivan, John C C "Sully" profile iconEN3/DVJul 1, 1975 – Oct 1, 1977B1Ran B1, HP Pearl Harbor, lots of floating target time, chasing torpedoes, 4pt moors over bluebell(?), chamber ops, tv movies, scripts research, CURV, NR-1, local festivals, diving demos, parades, and real work too . . .
Nelson, MacBMSR1976 – 1977Deckbest command ever. sorry i was such a pain in the ankle. served with MB1 Stone, BMCS Weltke to name a couple. only there short time waiting orders.
Smith, GlennLT(jg) later LCDR1976 – Sep 15, 1977DeckFirst LT & Strike Officer
Gallinger, Carlos Speed/flashFiremenJan 15, 1976 – Sep 11, 1977EngineeringJust want to say hello to everybody it was really a great adventure serving on the coucal you can look me up by googling my name or website
Bush, Garye3Sep 1976 – Sep 17, 1977firstRobert warren dear bob i hope you remember me bush have thought a lot about Pearl harbor work in Washington dc.i live in virgina now.

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