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USS George Washington (CVN 73) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1083 crew members registered for the USS George Washington (CVN 73).

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Richarson, PhillipE32007 –
Ness, MarissaASAN2007 – 2009AIMD/IM4Love the people on the ship. Def an experience. Wouldn't go back though. Once in a lifetime event so to speak.
Cannon, RobertAo22007 – 2010Weapons G-3Loved the boat miss the people
Sickler, JustinABF ANFeb 2007 –V-4
Bamba Koffi, Bambakoffi3DR CLASSFeb 2, 2007 – Feb 2, 2010IM2feel free to e-mail any time . i would like to here from the old crew,witch you are all old now like this old fart ..
Gamble, ShayABF3Feb 12, 2007 – May 5, 2011V-4
Calhoun, IanIT2Apr 7, 2007 – Nov 20, 2010CS-5/ON/CS-2/CS-3Great Ship but it is time for me to go!
Salaiz, PerryCW03Apr 19, 2007 – Jul 1, 2010Air/V-4We dont serve no fuel befor its time.
Husband, TerraMM1Jun 7, 2007 – Dec 16, 2011RL Division
Elrod, AshleyABFANJun 16, 2007 –V-4Its going to be interesting making the transit to Japan. Will it get any better as everyone says its going to? Are we that lucky?
Pease, Harrisone3Aug 2007 –RPI served on the USS GW in RP02 stationed in Yokosuka Japan. Learned a lot of things and met a lot of good people. Go Reactor FOP.
Dick, JosephAO2Aug 3, 2007 –WEPS/G-1japan is a pretty cool place to be. the fire sucked.
Sheffield, JasonDCFNAug 8, 2007 – 2008EngineeringThis was one of the best times of my life. i would love to be back on the g-dub one last time. i enjoyed all the friends i made and the fire's i fought.
Holland, BrandiABHANAug 15, 2007 – Mar 11, 2011V-1Best decision I ever made was joining the Navy. I had so many good times on board the GW!
Hency, Andymm2Aug 18, 2007 – Sep 13, 2008Eng A gang cowboys and gunslingersI set this one on fire according to them. I guess I was just a scapegoat. What a Crappy ship. the guys in my shop A/c &r were the best and even though i started it i was on the second team in the space and kept goingback
Murphy, JosephAE1Sep 2007 – Mar 2013IM-3
Johnson, OllieABE2Sep 4, 2007 – 2010V-2They calll me the old man.
Digman, Mark AABH2 (AW/SW)2008 – Sep 2009AIR DEPARTMENT V-3cross decking from CV-63 to CVN-73 in San Diego..2008
Dianovsky, MonikaMMFN2008 – 2012A Gang
Burks, Jeffrey profile iconMM 3Feb 13, 2008 – Aug 20, 2010AC&RMiss Japan and the crazy trip over there work on alot of stuff learn alot of thing i know one thing we didn't start the fire poor plaining did it sad to loose your ship mate over poor plaining
Brown, RaymondENCMJun 6, 2008 – Jun 19, 2010Engineering
Geddes, JustinAT2Jun 20, 2008 – Aug 10, 2009AIMD IM3Had some Good times and some not so good times, but overall it was a good experience.
Snider, RyanneATANSep 28, 2008 – Jan 18, 2011AIMD/IM-3Hmm, it was definitely and experience.
Gregorio, MarkPS1Oct 31, 2008 –ADMIN/X2
Barnes, AdamLCDRNov 2008 – Nov 2010RPI am a former Main Propulsion Assistant. This was a great ship with an outstanding crew. I served through the first two deployments in the FDNF in Yokosuka, Japan.
Drake, AliciaPSSNDec 7, 2008 – Nov 7, 2011ADMINBeing on the boat so far has been an experience but it is my first command so i cant really compare it to anything else.
Micu, Reginald "Reggie"AEANMay 16, 2009 – Dec 10, 2010Carrier Air Wing 5 (CVW-5)/VFA-192 & VFA-115/MaintenanceI had precious memories serving aboard this ship as an aircraft electrician working on F/A-18 Hornet systems and mostly part of CAG-5 and 2 strike fighter squadrons; I will miss those days a lot.
Sanschagrin, MeredithABE3Jun 2009 – May 2011V2Was actually an AN while I was there. I had fun at times, other times it was hard.
Hecht, Richard LCDRMay 1, 2010 – Jun 1, 2012Public Affairs OfficerOne of the best experiences of my life. Great ship and great shipmates. It was an honor to serve among you!
Ji, SungABH2Jul 1, 2010 – Jul 1, 2013V3It was a wild ride but I loved every minute of it
Williams, TimothyABH3Jan 7, 2011 – May 8, 2015Air. V-1I had a great time onboard and worked with amazing people. Loved working on the flight deck
Behr, WilliamITCSJun 2011 –CS-3Hard tour, but having made Senior Chief and then being selected for Warrant Officer helped make it all worthwhile.
Lynch, DerekANNov 2011 – Dec 2013V1/SECGW sucked
Emery, MarkLTJG2012 – 2015CVW-5, VFA-27Great ship, Even greater crew, except the numbskull that set her on fire. Wish I could remember more from my time in, but my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. Oh and navy docs can suck it… MEB this…
Daniels, MattOS2(SW/AW)Jan 2012 – Jan 2015OIGreat tour went from e1-e5 dual qualified and had some fire evals ...great rewarding tour
Riano, AnneDC3Nov 2012 – Jul 2016DC
Maritn, JimmyCWO2Aug 23, 2013 – Aug 15, 2015CS5CS5 is the best damn division in CSD hand down!! Anyone lucky enough to be apart of CS5 division, I can't express in words how amazedly challenging it was to be in CS5. Thank you all for drive and professionalism.
Sheffer, AimeePR3/PR2Oct 2013 – Oct 2015IM2/Paraloft
Wierzbicki, BrianLCDRJul 21, 2014 – Aug 31, 2015Graphics Media
Paylor, RichardAO1Dec 2015 – Aug 2016G-5
Klinkman, JeremyLTJGMar 2016 –QAServed as the Quality Assurance Officer

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