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USS Bordelon (DD 881) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bordelon (DD 881). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 127 crew members registered for the USS Bordelon (DD 881).

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Morgan, TomEN1972 – 1975'A' Gang,West-Pac, Unitas.
Bernard, Russell (Russ)BTFN1972 – 1974BTCame aboard right before West Pac-Viet Nam 72.Looking for GM who took my picture with 2 Thompson MGS.Remember Vc firing 8"shore battery at us one night.Loved extended subic bay time when rear gun mount collapsed.
Nardone, TerryHT31972 – 1975EngineeringWent on Westpac 72-73.Unitas 14, 74
Rotsart, JeffSA 2Jun 1972 – Oct 1973StewardWondering of anybody has a list or names or pictures of this aproximately this time era
Brown, Webb JE-3Jun 27, 1972 – Jul 10, 1975Supplylooking for Tony Lawrence
Randolph, IvanGMG-2Sep 1972 – Jul 19763rdServed on a WESTPAC, South America and Med Cruises.
Johnson, Eric M.ETN-3Oct 15, 1972 – Feb 1, 1977opsAnybody talk to me, please.
Meade, Richard MikeE 3Nov 4, 1972 – 1973Boatswain mateStill alive and well ,on Facebook in contact with a few old shipmates would like to hear from more.
Garner, JamesJames Garner enDec 1972 – 1974A gangLong time ago
Tannery, FrankRM31973 – Jan 1974OpsAnyone i served with on the Bordelon that one year in 1973 are welcome to email me anytime. Gene
Bowers, Dennis profile iconE-31973 – 1975First Division
Mills, Charles (Rusty)RM2Oct 15, 1973 – Jan 1, 1977OC
Scroggins, WayneE-31974 – 1975YoemanWhen I was on board my hometown was Alton, IL. I now live in Farmington, MO
Jacobs, Danielfn BT1974 – 1975B DIV
Cameron, MichaelBT3Feb 1974 – 1977Boiler TechLooking for old brothers
Hawkins, MarkE3Mar 12, 1974 – Dec 20, 1975Engineering
Hawkins, MarkApr 22, 1974 – Dec 20, 1975EngineeringI am looking for shipmates that where on the DD881, when we give support to the USS Belknap CG26 after she collide with J.F.K.
Zaranko, CharlesBTFNJun 1974 – 1975B Division
Starkey, JackQm3Jun 1974 – Jun 1975OX December 2012 my shipmate and life long friend David Van Almelo aka Doc passed away he was intered in the National Cemetery near Tracy Calif. R.I.P. I will see you on the other side and we will "Splice the main brace "
Williams, Don (Willy)MM2Jun 1974 – Mar 1977MRemember Belknap and North Atlantic collissions
Hawkins, MarkE-3Nov 14, 1974 – Dec 20, 1975Engineering
Hawkins, Mark/ HawkFNHTNov 14, 1974 – Dec 22, 1975Engineering HTHi, I’m looking forward to to talk with crew members, seaman, Quartermaster, engineering HT, that was Aboard a ship in Spain, November 14, 1974 to December 22, 1975 (Ship wash down because herbicide (agent Orange) leak.
Webb, GeorgeE3Dec 1974 – Sep 1975M Division
Bunting, ScottQM-21975 – Dec 1975
McCarthy, Mac profile iconMM31975 – 1975M DIV.MAIN CONTROL
Bramhall, Lonseeman1975 – 1977B M
White, MikeSTG31975 – 1976AS(3rd)Helped put the fires out on the Belknap on 22Nov75. Helped treat my injured shipmates on 14Sept76 in the wardroom which had been converted into a triage. Still have a business card from Dave Nelson from back then.
Rhoades, JamesFAJan 1975 – Jan 1976a gangspent one year there just turned 18 and I recall vividly the night we collided with the Kennedy.
Merat, MarkGMT3Feb 8, 1975 – 19773Was an interesting ride then went on after DECOM and Did 17 years of sea duty and retired a Chief. Lots of great shipmate on the Bordelon.
Ruddell, Barry (Rudy) profile iconMM3Feb 28, 1975 – Sep 1976Engineering/ B-4best year and a half of my life
Milligan, BarryMmfnMar 12, 1975 – Sep 29, 1976MmI'm looking for Brad brummage we were good friends on the ship and I enjoyed myself while I was aboard I'll never forget it and I'll never forget the Kennedy hitting the belt map and exploding .
Kenny, PielBTFNMay 12, 1975 – Jan 20, 1977Engineeringwould like to chat with people that were on bard from 1975 to 1977
Valentine, ReginaldElectronics Technician 2nd classAug 1975 – Jan 1977OperationsAnyone remember rescue and assistance of the Belknap, and getting run over by the "USS Can Opener" , less the a year later.
Perry, RobertbtfnAug 1, 1975 – Feb 1, 1976bHi guys hope all is going well
Neeley, Earl / GordonE-3Aug 12, 1975 – Sep 8, 1977Boiler tech
Valentine, ReginaldET2Sep 2, 1975 – Feb 4, 1976OperationsIt actually was an adventure
Nelson, DaveSNOct 1975 – Feb 1977BoatswainI will never forget September 14, 1976 I was the Helmsman at the time we collided with the USS JOHN F KENNEDY
Scott, TedSKSN1976 – 1977StoresAboard 9/14/76. 18 yrs old.Standing next to ASROC Launcher. ALL HANDS STAND BY FOR COLLISION. Looked back then UP-saw underside of JFK flight deck -Worse night of my life. STILL nightmares. Steel-on-steel fills my dream.
Woodward, LanceSeaman1976 – 1976FirstOn board 9-14-76. Kennedy collision. Seriously injured. Navy adventure ended that night. Came aboard May 76. My time aboard was short but it is forever etched in my memory and my left leg. Anyone remember 9-14-76? Em Me.
Whack, BleaseENFeb 3, 1976 – Feb 6, 1977Engernering
Hill, DannyMM3May 1976 – Aug 1976MTemp duty between "A" school and Nuc school
Goodwin, JerryICFNFeb 18, 1977 – Feb 1, 1977ElectricalJoined ship in Spain while it was on a Med Criuse, On board when the JF Kennedy slam dunked us into the sea. Enjoyed the down time in plymouth , England and being towed back to Charleston, SC for decommissioning.

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