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USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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Look through our website at to discover why we think this project is perfect for Rhode Island - including our overall vision, why there is magic in the name "John F. Kennedy" in Southern New England, RI Aviation Hall of Fame's eleven years of experience, our leadership team, and established local political and financial support.

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There are 4536 crew members registered for the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

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Potocnik, John E.SH21968 – 1970S-3
Ulrey, RobertAO31968 – 1971GPlank Owner, Boxer
Hilliard, John MichaelRM21968 – 1971Plankowner
Dougherty, JohnABE21968 – 1970V-2Plankowner
Schneider, JeffreyBT31968 – 1969B
Bush, JohnAK21968 – 1970VF-32Served with Airwing in VF-32. Went on 2 and one half cruises and went back to 30 yr Reunion. Enjoyed every minute of it.
Funderburg, WayneFN/SFM21968 – 1970RPlankowner
Bewster, DaveGMT31968 – 1972WPlankowner
Barriage, Archie ArchETR21968 – 1971OEPlankowner,I was the ships first SINS tech and only one for over a year.Made her first Med cruise and remember all the great ports and hollywood people who came aboard for parties. I would enjoy hearing from some old plank owners and reuion info.
Williams, Ted (Willie)IC 21968 – 1969
Brown, Frank (Charlie)PN31968 – 1970XWorked in precom unit JFK at Norfolk Naval Base with Chief Snyder. Served on board for shakedown cruise and Med cruise duty stations Personnel and ESO offices Damage Control Central LCDR Shipes phone talker to bridge. An exp I will never forget.
Rechenberger, KirkPH31968 – 1971PhotographerPrecomissioning Unit,Plank Owner, Shakedown (Gitmo), and first (9 month) Med Cruise. Proud to serve.
Hott, MarvinE31968 – 1971AMPlank Owner. Had great times on the JFK, met alot of good people. Looking forward to retiring in a couple of years, and riding my Harley. Would love to find & get together with some of my Navy buddies.
Lannon, JohnABH 31968 – 1970V 1assigned to Fly 1 bow cats assisted Air Boss, Comander Church, with my shipmate Joseph Ferreti. Plankowner, pre com and Med cruise
Toledo, MikeABE31968 – 1972V2Plankowner Waist Cat #3 Safety PO and Deckedge op.
Lehman, RobertMM21968 – Mar 1971precom unit and plankowner. sure do have a lot of fond memories. hope to see heraround for a long time
Phillips, RoyMM31968 – Dec 26, 1969R5PRECOM--PLANKOWNER FIRST MED CRUISE
Beausoleil, Leon Frenchie AxelbrodeGMT21968 – Aug 1971WPlankowner. Served on board until my discharge in 1971. Two Med Cruises and a few Caribbean Cruises. Was a part of the Pre-Commisioning Unit. Also was chosen to provide security for the Kennedy family during the commissioning ceremony.
Menold, DavidMM21968 – 1971APlankowner
Ross, CharlesAN1968 – 1971V-0, V-3PLANK OWNER
Hoff, Robert (Bob)BT 21968 – 1971engineering(Plankowner) Fuel & Water test lab... Transfered fuel, potable water, et. al.
Powell, Mickey profile iconAME21968 – 1972AIMDPlankOwner, PreCom Unit, Shake down cruise and first two Med Cruises.
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Shepard, WayneSM31968 – 1971cshad a great time and a great bunch of guys. precom. and two med cruises
Zahn, SteveLI31968 – Jun 1970XPLANKOWNER - Stationed at Norfolk Naval Station until moving aboard as the pre-commissioning crew of ship. Attended commissioning. Went on 1st Med. Cruise. Felt very special to be a crew member of this ship. Fond memories. Good friends.
Tucker, Orville / SkipABHAN1968 – 1970flight deckloved seeing all the different countries, good experience to last the rest of my life. Many good memories
Bean, WilliamSEAMAN1968 – 19694thPre Com Unit Plank Owner First MedCruise 4th + 5th Div Drove 60ft Launch Gave Haircuts Made SHB3 Befor Leaving Shib Overall Had Great Time Met alot Of Great Guys Learned alot about Life. One Thing Never Got My Plack
Hunley, MikeDK21968 – 1969I was with CVW-1 on the maiden cruise and did the 8 week shakedown cruise in the Carribean. I can't remember the exact dates of my time on the boat.
Disher, DaveAO21968 – 1970G
Herz, JohnAG31968 – 1970Weather GuesserMember of first crew, plank owner. Loved the time on board
Hunt, LesADJ-31968 – 1970HC-2Got on the boat at Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock co. Went on the Shakedown cruises and the long cruise to the MED. Worked on the flight deck as an LSE
Karopchinsky, Harry (Ski)MM31968 – 1970A1Looking for original members of the A1 gang, along with other plank owners.
Clifford, CarmenE-31968 – Dec 23, 1969Navigation (N)Came aboard in the earlier part of 1968. Precommissioning unit, Plankowner, First Navy man behind the wheel, acceptance trials, shakedown, and first med cruise. Known as demosthyenes to then Capt, E. P, Yates.....
Barriage, Archie (Arch)ETR21968 – 1971OEPlank Owner from keel laying to end of first Med cruise. Was here first SINS Tech and only one for first cruise.
Hoyt, KennethAZ-31968 – 1971AMID
Light, RandallE-5 DC-21968 – 1972R divisionWorked in R-Division in various damage control areas including the carpenter shop and liberty boat repair. Great experience saw a lot of the world and met a lot of great people.
Layton, JohnAN1968 – 1971V 3PLANKOWNER
Hinds, WayneAE31968 – Dec 29, 1969aimdAssigned to pre-commissiong unit in 68 at building P4 in Norfolk. Next was Newport News, then Gitmo shake down. Worked in aimd electric shop during maiden cruise to the Med. Plankowner and Proud to have served
Morris, JesseCS31968 – 1970CooksPlankowner. Served in cooks division and Damage Control Petty Officer for our Division.
Crump, MichaelBT31968 – 1970Engine roomWas plank owner, pre com unit. station in Norfolk,Virginia, while being completed,than went on sea trails,commissioning when Kennedy's were on board, After that it was a great time seeing the world on
Sandy, SteveABH31968 – Dec 1969V3would like to hear from members of V3 Division
Eisenberg, John ..."Ike Or Izzy"GMT-21968 – Jun 1971WeaponsPre Commissioning & Plank a long time ago! On board till June 71 ...Stationed Forward Magazine.
Lynch, JamesABF 31968 – 1971V-4Retired
Golden, Williamabh31968 – 1971v-3Plankowner;
Feaster, FredAN1968 – 1971FuelingPlankowner
Siebel, WilliamSHB31968 – 1969S3Worked in ship's stores and barber shop. From St. Louis , Mo. Was on shakedown cruise and left in Italy to come back to states for Discharge. Plank Owner
Harris, E JABH31968 – 1969V1 divisionLots of good memories
Heck, WilliamABH 21968 – 1972V-1Precom Unit and Plankowner. Hello to my fellow shipmates.
Olkovikas, RobertE-41968 – 1971C-Div ~ ADPStill missing my time in service... Love you guys!
Olkovikas, RobertE41968 – 1968C-Div
Keeler, BillAZ31968 – Dec 23, 1969AIMDLoved my time on the JFK. Med. was great. Assigned to Pre Com unit NOB, Newport News, Getmo and the Med. Flew from NAS Getmo to Jamaica and arrested landing on JFK ( great pix). Spent 46 yrs in Law Enforcement.
Dinkins, WalterE31968 – Dec 1970AoI'm original plank owner. Was assigned to builders in Newport News as a fire watch, went to Guantanamo then to Jamaica and Med cruise. Lost my Cruise ship book for 1968-1970 and lost all contact with my buddies.
Dunn, RobertGMM31968 – 1970SAM/FOXPre-commissioning Unit - Launcher #1
Hopkins, HarryAMH31968 – 1969VAH10
Yakumithis, GeorgeSK31968 – Feb 19706th Fleet
Carter, HarryRD 31968 – May 1971OperationsCan be reached at 404 234 7102. Lots of good times with friends, liberty and on-board basketball games
Wallace, BenjaminDP21968 – 1972operationsRetired from civil service in 2001. Still in the Virginia Beach area. Would like to know how Kenneth Snapp and Larry Slack are doing. We used to spend tie together while on liberty.
Barnes, George. (Barney) profile iconRD21968 – Mar 1971OIPlank Owner Great memories. Pre-com to discharge March ‘71. Gitmo, Med cruises and even the Bob Hope show.
Riccobono, PhilipETN21968 – Dec 1969ElectronicsRetired after 25 years with ITT World Communications, Inc. and 15 years on contract to NASA tracking satellites and the space shuttle at Wallops Island, VA. I would like to find L.R. Hillers.
Morrow, VernonPFC1968 – 1970Marines DetachmentSecurity personnel, as well as the Marine Detachment Drill Team. Performing during the first Cruise for VIP.
Adams, MikeADJJan 1968 – Jun 1970From Precom at NOB Norfolk, validated all compartments on ship. All shakedown and gitmo. Jet eng. shop, hanger deck fantail.
Thomas, LeeRD-3Jan 1968 – May 1971OIOne of first 50 in building P4. EW watch superviser in CIC, mast climbing fool. (To fix antenas!)Loved it!.
Coughlin, Francis (Frank)ABE3Jan 1968 – Jan 1972V-2Plank owner ,Cat2 holdback, Cat 4 safety PO
Herzfeld, CharlesLTJGJan 1968 – Jan 1971OIPlank owner. Worked air intercept control for 4 years. Enjoyed the gala affairs on entering ports in the Med. Wouldnt trade for anything, probably wouldnt do it again.
Soderberg, BobABFANJan 1968 – Dec 1969PLANK OWNER
Cairo, Anthony (Tony)ABH3Jan 1968 – Nov 23, 1971V 1Plank Owner breif tour on USS Saratoga would like to here anyone in V 1 during 1968 to 1971 oh JFK contact me Ken, Mike,would love to here from you guys
Grant, Randall (Randy)ABF-2Jan 1968 – Sep 1971V-4PLANKOWNER boot to P-4 Newport News all bldr & navy trials.gitmo 1st med cruise lakehurst c school 2nd med cruise on to civlant.glad theres finally a reunion i'll be th ere .
Publicover, Charles, Pubqm3Jan 1968 – Nov 1971navigationprecom unit first division for a year, navigation
Mann, SteveE3Jan 1968 – Jun 1968CommunicationsPre-Com unit in Norfolk "barracks"
Rizzuto, LenABH-1Jan 1968 – Oct 1969V-3Plank Owner and made first Med cruise. Had a great tour do to the fine crew that was assigned to the hangar. Retired in 92 after 31 years as a CWO4.
Johnson, Steve Sa Johnson profile iconMM3Jan 1968 – Nov 1971P-2 steve johnson was in #2mmr P-2 division pre-com unit, plank owner, made 3 med cruises, MM's & BT's the best, "SNIPES", forever, any other jfk shipmates out there love to hear from you email me theodoremaggie1916@gmail
Haggerty, PeterABH3Jan 1, 1968 – Sep 28, 1971V1Plank owner. So young and so long ago. Will never forget. Decommissioning may be accelerated before new carrier built
McNutt, Jerald /jbABH 2Jan 1, 1968 – Jun 1, 1971XOPlankowner, Spotted the first five planes launched off the USS John F Kennedy on Catapult #4.
Ohrman, TerryE4Jan 1, 1968 – Nov 30, 1971V4
Mann, SteveE3Jan 1, 1968 – Aug 1, 1968Pre-commisioning crewPre-commissioning crew (plank owners) working at the naval shipyard Newport News in early 1968. Hello to Grabarz and Johnston. Anyone fly from Norfolk to Fort Eustis for stevedore training during that time?
Devlin Usn (Ret.), Jack (Dev)RD1 (OSCS RET.)Jan 3, 1968 – Jan 4, 1970PerCom Norfolk and OI6th Man on the Norfolk side. Went to Hull 577 for trials and stayed till 70. Just visited her in Boston. "Plank Holder" Honors coming and going. She's still a proud lady and clean as we left her. The crew we set the standard for is at quate
Barr, LarryMM2Jan 10, 1968 – Jun 1, 1971Auxillary AC and RGteat times on the precom crew. I remember we trailed one shaft on the way over to the Med (1st cruise) due to a ruptured fuel oil heater. Looking for Jim Gemma, John Iscaro and Wayne Gessert.
Marker, Bernard(Rip) RussellBM3-1Jan 10, 1968 – Jan 10, 1976Boatswains MateMy dad Bernie Marker was on the crew from 68-76 possibly, he sinced passed away last christmas of 2008. I want to know if anyone knew him and what kind of work he did. I was a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy from 1992-1996
Schieman, Rogercs2Jan 10, 1968 – Nov 9, 1970supply,cswas one of orginal plank owners,looking for some of the plank owners in the cook dept,was surprised to find out the ship was sent to moth balls
Mc Ghee, JimAO3Jan 15, 1968 – Sep 15, 1973AMHad more fun than I realized at the time on the JFK. Med Cruises were phenomenal
Frye, Richard (Rick)MM3Jan 30, 1968 – Dec 20, 1969A2I served very early in precom. Detachment Alpha and later Det Bravo at Neport News.I was on shakedown cruise and first Med cruise.I am very proud to have served on this GREAT SHIP
Harris, Paul B profile iconABH 2Feb 1968 – Sep 3, 1971V-3Plankowner
Rauer, JosephANFeb 1968 – Dec 1969V1Plank Owner Pre Com unit at Norfolk , Newport News Shake down cruises and First Med cruise God Speed to her and her crew .
Stutz, RobertICCFeb 1968 – May 1970ElectronicsPre-com detail and plankowner.
Loy, WilliamYN1Feb 1968 – Sep 1971OPLeading Yeoman in the Operations Office
Miller, DaleLTJG,SC,USNRFeb 1, 1968 – Sep 1969S-3and S-1/6(All under CDR Billy Mitchell)Plank owner,made all sea trials, 1st MED deployment. Met Princess Grace in Monaco,1st Sales Officer and Supply Liasson Officer during Med Cruise. Great memories and opportunities. Sad to see ship retired.Chuck & Buddy!! Foxtrot Kilo Clear!
Wooldridge, CharlesBT2Feb 1, 1968 – Jul 30, 1969P-2 Worked in three main and still remember all the three main coolies. Our fearless leader was BTC Summit.
Grimes, Lawrence (Larry)AO2Feb 1, 1968 – Apr 2, 1971AIMDWas stationed on the Kennedy as part of the pre-commissioning detail and was a Plank Owner. Also on board for shake down cruises, commissioning and two Med cruises. Remained on her three years until 4/71.
Hansen, Alan (Swede)ABFFeb 4, 1968 – Dec 1, 1971V4
Crist, Geary3rd classFeb 8, 1968 – Dec 24, 1969Captains OfficePlank owner
Hopkins, TommyAE2Feb 10, 1968 – Sep 2, 1971V1 first transfered ti AIMD IM3I helped build the JFK. I work as Electrician at Shipyard befor intering Navy. Plank Owner. PRE-COMM UNIT P4 Building Norfolk. V1 as crash crew scene leader transfered to AIMD IM3. Work in Electrical Shop and SACE shop Retired college prof.
Beyer, DonABF3Feb 10, 1968 – Nov 11, 1971V-4Plank Owner
Kimbrough, RonE4Feb 14, 1968 – Feb 14, 1969Boatsinmate1st class James Ivy. sn Lumbard . sn Ervine. sn Lester Wells. I remember these guys!
Gray, William / JerryABH-2Feb 15, 1968 – May 24, 1971V-3Plank Owner Pre com. Unit
Zielaskowski, Phil / SkiPN3Feb 16, 1968 – Oct 6, 1969Personnel OfficeI was one of the early sailors on the precom unit. I served with many great guys in the personnel office, and all about the ship.
Owen, WilliamABE-3Feb 18, 1968 – Sep 4, 1970V-2Precom Unit seemed like we were all lost, chili dogs for breakfast, building barricade on a cold morning flight deck, "we got mail", Rig the barricade, barge load of coca cola to unload in Naples, "Cashmere" says hi.
Gattuso, JimYNSNFeb 18, 1968 – Dec 22, 1969NavigationPlankowner, Pre-com, TAD on AF-28 Apr. 68 Carribbean Cruise, TAD on AF-28 summer Med Cruise. Shakedown cruise fall of 1968, GITMO. Navigator's Yeoman (Cmdr. O.W. McGuire). 1969 9 month Med Cruise. NAV Div great exper
Shaw, Dana M.E-3Mar 1968 – Mar 1969DentalPlankowner, served aboard as Dental Technician Striker
Demskie, NealMM AND EN3Mar 1968 – Mar 1970AI played guitar on the ships 1st dance band, the " Captains Gig ". I left the JFK to do a tour in Vietnam. Would like to communicate with old comrades!
Sermersheim, DonBT2Mar 1968 – 1969I hear they may decommission the JFK.Seems they should invite us plank owners !!!
Gill, MikeSK 3Mar 1968 – Sep 1969Supply S-1Plank Owner. From P-4, Portsmouth, Newport News, Shakedown (Gitmo, etc.), Commissioning, to Med (Nice). Ordered to NSA Danang (Nam) until Sept. '70 (SK 2). Was at the commissioning and decommissioning (met Chief Jim Ryan (82) there).
Coyle, ArlenLTMar 1968 – Sep 1969OIPlankowner; OI Division Officer; CIC Watch Officer
Gagne, DennisPH2Mar 1968 – Jan 1970Operations - PhotographerPrecomissioning Unit,Plank Owner, Shakedown (Gitmo), and first (9 month) Med Cruise. Only remember the good times.
Muse, James L., Jr (Jim)EM2Mar 1968 – Aug 1969E - Flight Deck LightingPre-Comm and Plank Owner
Boone, JimETN2Mar 1968 – Jan 1970HF Gang Leader;Crypto TechnicianMember precomm unit; on second shake down cruise before commissioning; plank owner. Assisted Mrs Kennedy on day of Commissioning on Bridge;guest at 25th anniversary celebration. Best memory: Smoked one of Captain Yates cigars-never got caught!
Winn, RichardBT2Mar 1968 – Dec 1969EngineeringPlank Owner
Miller, LowellIC1Mar 1968 – Jul 10, 1970ElectronicsPlank Owner. IC Men were not in the Engineering Dept. We were assigned to Operations Dept as someone in Washington wanted anyone who had anything to do with electronics in one Dept. That made me LPO over about 120 men. No women aboard then.
cabe, thomasMM2Mar 1968 – May 1970P-1the best duty i had in the navy was in the pre commisioning unit and i served with the best guys during my years on the JFK Plank Owner
Lehman, HarryDC3Mar 1968 – Aug 1970R then X What we have here, is failure to communicate. Been looking for M.R. Jackson Rdivision.
Knochel, RichardMM3Mar 1968 – May 1971Number one Main Machinery RoomPlankowner. Gitmo. Med Cruises. Worked for Willie F. Jordan and Chief Burton Pauly. Just wondering what ever happened to "Pappy" "Pooh Bear" "Longo" And "Cabe-eye". Can hardly remember any others.
Estes, Tommie [tom]AK2Mar 1968 – Mar 1970Si/S6Plankowner-Precommison unit at Norfork,Va. shakedown cruise to GTMO. First Med cruise, It was honor to serve aboard the Cv67. rRetired in 1982 with 21 years, I enjoy every year in the Navy.
Smith, John RAK3Mar 1968 – Sep 1970S-6Precom Unit ,Gitmo, Med Cruise Retired electrician from GM in 2008
Kelly, Jimgmm3Mar 1968 – Dec 4, 1969Sam/foxplankowner Was attached to the missile mounts. . We wenton the shake down cruise with no missle mounts attached. so spent most of the drills in our berths.
Riley, DavidPH-3Mar 1968 – Dec 1969OP- PhotoI still have a photo of the entire Photo Division in the Lab. only remember the names of a couple of the guys. At the time the designation was CVA-67. Plank Owner. Pre com and Med Cruise. FaceBook Dave Riley Brem. Wa.
Brown, Dennis / Denny profile iconDM 3Mar 1968 – Dec 1969V2Started in V2 Div. during shakedown cruise then re-assigned to Air Dept. as yeoman, I am a plankowner
Zack, TomAbh3Mar 1968 – 1970v1Plank owner
Myers, HalABE 2Mar 1, 1968 – Nov 14, 1970V 2 A/GPlankowner, was there for first landing. rember the Royal Camel corp.
Gay, WilliamMM3Mar 1, 1968 – Dec 24, 1969P 1Plank Owner - Went aboard 24 Feb. 07- Felt like I had come home.
Hauge, Douglas L.r>SNMar 1, 1968 – Mar 1, 1968X Division, C DivisionI was a plank owner.
Drenik, BillABE2Mar 3, 1968 – Oct 1, 1971V-2Plankowner - Arresting Gear - Hook Runner, Topside Petty Officer, Primary Flight control operator, Engine room, sheave damper, spin 12 operator. Honor to serve, always in my heart. Great Cat and Gear crew. "Stand by to rig the barricade.
Gauthier, NedCYN3 (now BU1 ret.)Mar 3, 1968 – Jun 4, 1971CR DivisionI was part of pre-com Unit in Bldg P-4 Norfolk, then went to Newport News in July of 68. Made two Med cruises and lots of good buddies. Later joined the reserves, cross rated to Builder and joined Seabees.
Hemphill, Gaylon (Little Bit or LB)DP3Mar 5, 1968 – Sep 3, 1971CPlankowner along with my father YN1 John W.Hemphill (deceased) also of C Division after transferring from Engineering. Remembering those hanger bay spectacular's we had while on our first Med Cruise
Gysler, Raymond (Kelly)CYN3Mar 5, 1968 – Sep 9, 1969OPSHad a great shakedown cruise to Jamaica. Saw the Med but it was nothing like 7th Fleet. Came aboard as pre-commissioning/commissioning crew. Quite a shock after tin can navy.Transmitted first radio message from Captain Yates.
Ouweleen, DouglasABH-3Mar 7, 1968 – Aug 24, 1971V-3Plankowner
Cavic, GeorgeYN3Mar 11, 1968 – Dec 24, 1969X - AdminPlank Owner - Captain's Yeoman
Snell, JoelETCSMar 12, 1968 – Sep 3, 1970OE
Cary, TedABF 2Mar 12, 1968 – Oct 31, 1971V4Fond memories of my Kennedy experience. Still in contact with some of our guys. Some are gone, Grant best contact.
Calitri, PeterMar 15, 1968 – Dec 22, 1969Pre-Com unit. Flight Deck Director, Fly 1Cuba shake-down, first Med cruise. Would like to hear from V1 Plankowners.
Disher, DaveAO2Mar 15, 1968 – Jun 5, 1970G
Curi, SalPN2Mar 16, 1968 – Dec 24, 1969EXECUTIVEPlankowner. Worked in ESO office and Personnel Office
Kellner, Paulgmg3Mar 18, 1968 – Feb 19, 1970OrdnancePlank owner, fired line throwing gun
Mangum, BillABE-2Mar 19, 1968 – Nov 29, 1971V-2 Was there during Pre Com in Newport News, Catapult Qualifications, Shakedown Cruise and am a Plankowner
Money, RonDC2Mar 20, 1968 – Sep 11, 1971Rthe Vigilante that crashed into the Drink off the bow, and we sailed over it,one night in 1970 while on DC Central watch is still vivid.
Fabula, GeorgeE-3 sea manMar 20, 1968 – Jan 10, 1970fuels and ladders 3 rd divfirst crew when it was commissioned
Ziehm, Donald S. (Snake)AO3Mar 21, 1968 – Sep 18, 1971AMServed on her my entire Navy tour of duty; pre-comm. through two Med. cruises.
Williams, DavidADJ-3Mar 21, 1968 – Nov 1, 1971V-1Plank Owner and Flight Deck Director. Have been to 2 reunions and connected with some wonderful crewmates.
Maisano, JimE-4Mar 21, 1968 – Dec 24, 1969X-DivisionI was at the commissioning of the JFK on Sept 7, 1968, and I saw the decommissioning in 2007. Nice to have out lived such a great ship
Taylor, DonAO-2Mar 23, 1968 – Sep 1, 1971G Division Plank Owner
Hull, BradLTApr 1968 – Jan 1971OI - CIC Watch Officer, OODPlankowner
Hutnick, StephenABH3Apr 1968 – Dec 1970V3Plank owner
Poole, LarryE-3Apr 1968 – Feb 1970Communications
Weathersbee, Ronnie W.MM2Apr 1968 – Nov 1970A-6 O2-N2 PlantsServed in Pre Com Det A, Made sea trials with yard master, Underway training at Gitmo, first and second Med Cruises. Left ship Nov 1970 in Valleta Malta.
Langenwalter, WilliamCWO 2Apr 1968 – Mar 1971OI, CICWO,OODPlankowner-Transferred to Naval Academy for final tour. Retired 1972.
Padgett, EddieE3Apr 1968 – Aug 1970v-4
Homminga, TimothyHMC (RET)Apr 1968 – Jan 1970HPlank Owner, HM2 during my service, Flight Deck Corpsman.
Zack, TomABH3Apr 1968 – Mar 1970Pre com unit plank owner
Rohrer, GarySM2Apr 1968 – Jan 1970CSPLANK OWNER. PRECOM Unit to seperation. On 9-7-1968, was on the signal bridge to raise the Ensign at 14:47 when she was Commissioned. Made every voyage including acceptance, shakedown, carrier quals., GITMO, etc. and 1st Med. Cruise.
John, PletzRD 3Apr 1968 – Oct 1, 1971OILee Spanner and a bunch of the guys want to get together again. We did the Decommissioning in March of this year. March 23rd, 2007 Rich Layton, Frank Gallieti, Harry Carter, Rex Easton, Arlen Coyle, Brad Hull, Bill Langenwalter, Devlin & me
Schmidt, KarlPT3Apr 1968 – Mar 1969OZWent from the Forrestal to JFK. Worked in Air Intell. Center.
Diaz, FelixSEAMANApr 1968 – Sep 1971OIBuilding P-4, Newport News, two med cruises
Haag, RobertIC3Apr 1968 – Nov 14, 1971EAn FA plankowner, E division worked in the telephone shops and was IC on the bridge during sea and anchor, refuelings & replentishments..
Hauge, DouglasSNApr 1968 – Dec 1969CTaught Math College of Ship
Howard, StevenATN2Apr 1968 – Nov 1970AIMDPlankowner, precomm unit. Worked in the comm/nav. shop with Chief Ed Nyberg and the other "tweets." Contact with others welcome.
Galietti, FrankRD 2Apr 1968 – May 1970O IE Mail me at about a 50 yr Renion of O I div plank owners to meet in Norfolk Va in Sep .2018. I have about 20 to contact now (so far) What do you think ?????
Beckmann, Thomas Or TomseamanApr 1968 – Feb 19703rd divisonI was a plank owner went on frist driving the ship.
Poling, JimAviation Ordnance 2 (AO2)Apr 1968 – Dec 1969Guided MissileIn search of Dave Disher. AO2. originally from Cincinnati. G Division. I lost track of you while you lived in St. Louis.
Lo Dolce, James JjAirman- E3Apr 1968 – Oct 1, 1971V-2 Div.Retired after 34 years from General Motors as a Pipefitter/ Plumber. I now play Bass guitar in a band and ride my Harley. I am single now but have two grown sons and grand children.
Taney, BillLTJGApr 1, 1968 – Sep 15, 1969S-7PLANKOWNER
Novak, RobertSAApr 1, 1968 – Dec 23, 1968StorekeeperPlankowner, was a storekeeper pre & post commisioning, worked with some great people.
Armstrong, FredSK3Apr 1, 1968 – Dec 23, 1969StorekeeperOriginal plank owner serving 1968-1969. Would like to hear from any other Storekeeper from this period!
Mayberry, ThomasMM2Apr 4, 1968 – May 10, 1969mach room 2best eng room
Stoller, StevenSH 3Apr 4, 1968 – Dec 23, 1969ship serviceplank owner -pre com crew - good memories
Murray, MichaelSeaman 3 classApr 4, 1968 – Dec 4, 1971S2Worked the photo lab and galley
Denzel, DonaldAO-2Apr 4, 1968 – Oct 22, 1970GAssigned to the weapons elevator crew.
Marino, MichaelSEAMANApr 9, 1968 – Nov 26, 19712ND PUBLIC AFFAIRSStarted at Pre-Com was on first shakedown in Cuba,1st Med cruise(MID EAST Crisis),2nd Med Cruise.Hosted the Bob Hope Christmas show in Crete.Spent last year working radio and television on WJFK.Did radio from from 12pm to 4pm every day fol
Miller, Kennycs 3Apr 10, 1968 – Oct 15, 1970commissonarymanoriginal plank owner.
Thompson, Stephen "Topper"PH3Apr 12, 1968 – Nov 20, 1971Photo LabBegan with bootcamp at Great Lakes Camp Moffett. First on USS Saratoga then to USS JFK for pre-com and plank owner. Worked in photo lab/flight deck plat camera/color technician. Great memories/great crew.
Weaver, JonE3Apr 14, 1968 – Nov 19, 19712ndPre-com Plank Owner Shakedown cruise - Gitmo and 3 Med cruises. Transfered to Drafting Dept. Served on board until my discharge in 1971. Retired from US Postal Service.
Willkens, David/baldyETR-2Apr 16, 1968 – Jun 11, 1970OPERATIONS OE
Willkens, David ETR-2Apr 16, 1968 – Jun 11, 1970OE Radar group
Downing, Jackak2Apr 17, 1968 – Nov 17, 1970s1Any shipmate stationed aboard the JFK 68-70 especially supply personnel
Wright, GaryEM2Apr 18, 1968 – Dec 23, 1969EPlank Owner, Had a great time in the C&E shop. Does anyone know where the brass globe that was in the center of the floor went to? On the back it had the original crew members names engraved. E-Div. write Me.
Smith, Edward <echo Charlie>AO3Apr 19, 1968 – Jun 25, 1971WEAPONSThe "Jack" was my first ship----I never thought i would get orientated. a lot of great memories guys---- wondering what we would hit next. any plankowner reunions planned? 6 years in the navy and 8 years in the army
Blevins, AndrewABE3 A/GApr 22, 1968 – Sep 4, 1970V-2 A/Gpre-com/ shake downs/ gitmo/ med cruises./ engine/ dampers/ deck edge/ pri fly. 12-16 hr days. worked pri fly alone. Hello, Bill Owen, Bill Drenik and the rest of V2 A/G. What about the GEARRATS patch?Plank Owner CVA67
Ross, Michael/mikeEM 2Apr 24, 1968 – Apr 2, 1971E-3 Catapult & Elevator ShopI would like to hear from any E-Div. sailors. We were the first crew. We have a piece of history to talk about. Charlie Fink & Don Peters and myself still get together.
Coyle, ArlenLTApr 30, 1968 – Aug 15, 1969OIOI Division Officer; Surface Warfare Officer
Penner, JackABH3May 1968 – Dec 1969Flight DeckPre-com/shakedown cruise, first Med cruise, wound up Director flight deck, Fly 2, Plank Owner
Hornik, DavidAVIATION STOREKEEPER AK2May 1968 – Aug 1971S1-S-6I am a Plank Owner - member of the first crew. I was assigned to the JFK 's Pre-Commissioning Unit in Norfolk, Va when there were approximately 250 officers and men assigned to the ship
Level, JohnDT 3May 1968 – Dec 1969DentalPlank Owner. Pre-Comm, Shake down, left Big John during first Med Cruise.
Flaherty, ThomasDC2May 1968 – Jan 1970RPrecom And First crew. Plank Owner Sailed shakedown Gitmo, And 1st Med cruise. Retired Jan. 1992 HTC. Great ship
Beack, GaryABE 2May 1968 – Nov 1971V-2Cat 2 safety PO Cat 4 control room operator .Incredible experiences. No regrets.. Came onboard as a boy.....left a man.
Ellis, J E (Ed)DC2May 1968 – Jan 1970RPlank owner, Dept Bravo Engineering Dept @ Newport News ship yard, Ship yard sea trials, 1st Med Cruise. I Remember all the R div men. Retired from Navy reserves in 1994.
Rusin, StanAOAN-AO3May 1968 – Apr 1971GSpent my entire enlistment with "Big John" - Built bombs and worked on weps elevators. I remember Bart, Burnett, St. Cyr and a few others. It was a blast-going on the "beach" was the best. At sea we could really hump those bombs.
McOsker, Martin ( Marty)EN3May 1968 – Dec 1969Auxgot on at New Port News for precommissioning, shake down, Jamaica, Cuba, and Med cruise. Had great time as part of liberty boat crew.
Henwood, JerrySEAMAN 3RD CLASSMay 1968 – Dec 19694thBasketball championship on hangar deck.
Cline, DavidE-5,BT2May 1968 – Apr 1970P2Plank Owner,Precom Unit; Retired from service after serving on USS Constellation CV64, from Dec 89-Apr92. Completing 21 years of service as a Chief Petty Officer Boiler Technician.
Foley, John (Red Dog)ABE3May 1968 – Dec 1969V-2Cat #2 Hold Back
Hettel, LouLtMay 1968 – Jan 1970OE
Serba, Edward (Ed)LtMay 1968 – Apr 1970V-3
Harris, CarlosCYN3May 1968 – Jul 1970CommunicationsPre-Commissioning Unit CR Division Plank Owner
Shadle, Dave (Groove)ABF 3May 1968 – Oct 1971v-2 and v-4Plank owner, made 2 Med cruses, worked in V-2 division and then moved to v-4 division. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me .
Dunn, DavidE-3May 1968 – Sep 1969V-2 divisionPrecom and Plankowner work on Cat #1 hookup man then waterbrakes.Went on her first shakedown and Med cruise.I enjoyed my visit aboard Big John in 2006 at Mayport. I would like to plan a trip to the next reunion in 201
Crowder, RandyABH2May 1, 1968 – Nov 1, 1971V-1From boot camp to the JFK with a short stop on the Sarratoga. Assigned to V-1 * crash crew, blue shirt and fly 2 leading petty officer. Retire CWO-4
Doherty, MichaelE4 BoilermanMay 1, 1968 – Feb 28, 1970P1 - ACC ShopEnjoyed every minute! Came on board pre-commissioning, stayed till the end of the maiden voyage. Plank owner. Elevated to ACC shop, fantastic. Great times, great friends, love to see Pennel, Thompson, Lupia, and MMR's.
Ericson, EdDS2 - DS1May 3, 1968 – Jul 23, 1970OperationsPlank owner, 53rd to report on board. Never got my plank!
Eisenberg, John/izzyGMT2May 4, 1968 – Jun 3, 1971WWow 37 years ago a Plank owner. Any Old GMT's left out there? Yard Birds/Sea Trials/shakedowns/commissoning/weapons onloads/1st Med. Cruises/Broken Arrow/.I remember the "Slack Jack". Liberty launches into Drs.Cove Montego Bay.Good Bless
Patrick, BobPNSNMay 8, 1968 – Dec 23, 1969XPlank Owner.Walked into Bldg.P4 PreCom Unit and worked in Personel and ESO.Went mess cookin during Med duty ever...30min to 1hr a day then worked in ESO the rest of the day with Chief Snyder and crew.
Pivonka, RogerLTJGMay 10, 1968 – Dec 25, 1970MCICPlankOwner. PreComm Training Officer. Made sure you all had needed training when we put to sea. Saw two Med cruises (first was the Best). Cannes, France was great. Italy too. Great Ship, Great Crew! Didn't get my Plankowner cup from Wardroom mes
Williamson, Dale (Willie)ABE3May 12, 1968 – Jul 10, 1970V-2WILLIAMSONDALE9@AOL.COM
Haramis, PeterSm3May 12, 1968 – Aug 20, 1971signalmanplank owner was on every cruise to the Med and Gitmo
Tobler I, James E.JO3May 15, 1968 – Oct 5, 1968ADMINADMIN Spring of 1968 to October 5, 1968 Journalist 3rd Class Public Affairs Office Plank Owner Was transferred from USS Forestall CVA-59 Forestall Viet Nam Fire Survivor 1967 USS Independence CVA-61 first East Coast carrier to Viet Nam in 19
Jarvis, MarvinSK3May 15, 1968 – Mar 15, 1970SupplyPlank Owner, and member of the Pre-com unit. A lot of memories from pre-com to shake-down cruise to the Med. I salute all f my former shipmates. Marv Jarvis
Jarvis, MarvinSK3May 15, 1968 – May 15, 1970S-2Miss a lot of good friends
Gautier, Ernest (Goat)ABHANMay 15, 1968 – Jan 2, 1970V-3I was on the ship's first boxing team lead by a marine named Orlando. Living in NJ and just retired (2012) from working in IT for a company in Philly. Gave up boxing but fell in love with MMA at a younger age.
Baker, RobertbtcsMay 15, 1968 – Jan 1970bplank owner, 2 tours, all mmrs, cats shop, second tour73-77
Spath, James A.LTJGMay 17, 1968 – Dec 21, 1968Plankowner
Burnett, GeorgeAO2May 17, 1968 – Dec 29, 1971G
Ferreti, JosephANMay 20, 1968 – Dec 23, 1969V-1Plank owner,pre-comission Unit Shakedown cruise to Gitmo Bay and First Med cruise God speed to her and her crew.
St.cyr, Walter ( Sibby)AO3May 20, 1968 – Mar 6, 1972AMpre-comm, plank owner and 4 years of good times on the flight deck....
Todaro, BobIC3May 22, 1968 – Oct 1970E,OE,ICPLANK OWNER. Pre-Comm. Unit, Med Cruise '69. Med Cruise '70. Alarms, MC units, SP telephones, Captain's movie. Attended many "Fleet Weeks" in NYC. VIP treatment. Watched the guy in Aux. Machinery paint the Jesus mural.
Snapp, KennethRM3May 23, 1968 – Feb 15, 1970CommunicationsI served aboard as a Radioman. I was also on the pre-com unit at Norfolk. It was quite an adventure for me.
Mc Cauley, Charles CSSNMay 25, 1968 – Apr 6, 1970S-2 (COOK & BAKER) CSonboard after tour NSA Da Nang (security Da Nang (deep water piers) Pre Com Unit to builders trials & acceptance trials were the most thrilling & 1st med cruise was just beautiful want to hear from any cooks or bakers (1968-1970 ) miss GQ
Ferreira, JesseTHIRD CLASS/BOATSWAIN MATEMay 30, 1968 – Mar 20, 1970Deck
Klender, Carl J.RD3Jun 1968 – Feb 1970OIPLANKOWNER
Young, Michael (Mike)BM3Jun 1968 – Aug 19714th F TroopersI was pre-com, was at commissioning, 1st and 2nd Med cruise.4th div held the fleet record for the fastest refueling rig. We were called F Troop and we wore it proudly.Will never forget my Shipmates.
Foley, BobMM3Jun 1968 – May 1970A-6A proud plank owner. Had two great years, Cuba, Jamaica for thanksgiving, 9 mos in the MED with hanger bay spectaculars, the chuck & buddy show, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, France, Corfu many memories with a bunch of great guys!
Clifford, CarmenSEAMANJun 1968 – Dec 24, 1969NAVAGATIONKnown to Captain Yates as DEMOSTHENES. The best captain i served under in 8 years of active service.Looking for more of the NAV division. Plank owner and member of pre-commissioning unit First Navy man behind the wheel of this ship.
Baugh, CharlieBM3Jun 1968 – May 18, 1971I was assigned to pre commissioning unit in 1968. Was stationed on the Kennedy until 1971 when I was discharged.
Burke, KenABH3Jun 1968 – Oct 1971Precommision unit. Plank owner. Worked with the catapult crew, flight deck crew and my last assignment was in the air tower. Born in New York, residing in Florida.
Curtis, StanleyDMSN1Jun 1968 – Jul 1970C-I was assigned to the precommissioning unit in June of 1968 @ Norfolk Naval Station. When we moved on board the ship that November I was assigned to C-Division. I was an Illustrator Draftsman (DMSN1). I s erved aboard until July of 1970.
Blondheim, Daniel CAAJun 1968 – Mar 1971AOPLANKOWNER: Waited in a holding company for the shipbuilding. Wish I know about the decommisioning of the ship, would have liked to reboard once again.
Szollosi, DennisRD3Jun 1968 – Apr 13, 1970OIplank owner
Klender, CarlRD3Jun 1968 – Feb 1970OIGREAT TIMES AND GREATER GUYS
Powell, Kelly profile iconABF-3Jun 1968 – Nov 19, 1971V-4Plank Owner, Precom unit, builders shakedown cruise through 2 Med cruises Send me a E-mail if you remember this old sailor.
Richardson, JimBT3Jun 1968 – Dec 23, 1969B (1MMR)Sometimes known as "Ol' Thunder" Was a coffee addict of epic proportions (and still am). Later became chief engineer of a small sternwheel steamboat
MacCianti, Craigbos'n mate/seamanJun 1968 – Mar 1971Second There from the start. Pre Com unit/school of the ship in Norfolk NAS. Worked nights 2 weeks loading stores. Commissing ceremony,two MED cruises,many short, Bob Hope show, many great times,great guys. We were so young
Stanfield, RustyABF-3Jun 1968 – Feb 1971V-4I am proud to be a plank owner of the JFK. I enjoyed my time in the navy but 4 years was enough. I love my old ship and think of her as an old girlfriend. I have many good memories of her.
Lowther, GuerryYN3Jun 1968 – Dec 30, 1969OPPlankowner. Joined precomm unit in Jun. 68. Went on shakedown and first Med cruises. Worked as intelligence yeorman in IOIC under Chief Brennan.
Seiler, JayJO-3Jun 1968 – Feb 1970Public AffairsLooking back on the first Mediterranean cruise. Saw some great ports aboard a great ship. Proud to have been a plank owner.
Marino, MikeE3Jun 1, 1968 – Nov 29, 1971Public Affairs
Mahaney, Michael B.DP3Jun 1, 1968 – Dec 20, 1969CPlankowner
Glass, LarryE-3Jun 1, 1968 – Dec 22, 1969OII would like to find larry schuppe and jack (robby) robinson,jerry cormack. found pic. of us in athens greece august '69. fond memories of that day. sound and lights. what is this command performance for helen keller and family said robby
Iscaro, John IskyMM2Jun 1, 1968 – Jan 1972AAC & R GANG, PLANK OWNER, Hey Guys lets chat if you are out there. Have made contact with Gary Lakin, Larry Barr. Where are you Wayne G, Howdy, Aubrie (Bugalusa) Larry Pardee, and others. Lets do a Wild Hogs Reunion!
Kennybrook, JohnASM 3Jun 1, 1968 – Dec 23, 1969GSMProud plank owner. Flight deck trouble shooter for ground support equiptment. From pre-com thru 1st cruise.What a wonderful experience. A 1st and a cake everyday. made some greatfriendships. Sorry to see her retire.CVA67
Mayo, CharlesAMH-2Jun 1, 1968 – Aug 1, 1970AIMDPlank Owner- ran aviation pneumatic/hydraulic shop on fantail. During commissioning celebration was assigned to drive visiting Admiral from Washing DC. Still have book given out at commissioning.
Antonello, MichaelBM 3Jun 3, 1968 – Dec 1, 19704th Div Proudly served in 4th div F Troop was first to break the fleet refueling record. Pre Comm to 1970. Plank Owner.
Connor, TomJOSNJun 6, 1968 – Feb 20, 1970Public Affairs
Gottermeier, Johnsfm-3Jun 8, 1968 – Oct 17, 1971RPlank Owner. Wonderful experience that no amount of money could ever buy. Think about it every day. Great lifetime experience.
Sherman, RobertSH5Jun 8, 1968 – Nov 19, 1971Supply Department
Kelley, BarryAO3Jun 10, 1968 – Jun 17, 1970Pre-Comm Unit -ruff...tuff...hard to bluff...ready to rumble...we put the sting on the bee...great ship...great dsign...great the memories...
Reller, JerryE3/E4Jun 15, 1968 – Dec 21, 19694th -S2PRE-COM and first then transfered to a pre- com. for a tin can big change
Phillips, Kenneth "phil"MM3Jun 15, 1968 – Nov 19, 1971Main Machinery Room #3Plank Owner, who served in the heat of Engine Room #3. Would love to hear from shipmates of that era.
Algarme, Eufemio/ EdjalooxCS3Jun 16, 1968 – Jul 6, 1970S-2 and S-5I'm Plank Owner of JFK (CVA-67)
Rhodes, PaulBM3Jun 16, 1968 – Mar 24, 19693RDPLANK OWNER
Curtis, Stanley profile iconDMSNJun 16, 1968 – Jul 24, 1970MCICPLANK OWNER: I was an.Illustrator Draftsman. I transferred to Pre-commissioning Unit Norfolk NB from U.S.S. Saratoga CVA-60.
Trott, Charles/ricksn e3Jun 18, 1968 – Feb 28, 19703rdgreat bunch of shipmates,great ports, never forget the storm off hatteras,gitmo again, the med it was great,plank owner,when is the next reunion?
Nitzel, JackABF3Jun 19, 1968 – Nov 19, 1971V4would like to be a part of a reunion
Mauro, RayAO3Jun 20, 1968 – Dec 24, 1969G DivPlank owner
Kerr, Robert J. (Jim) KidASM-2Jun 25, 1968 – Jul 10, 1970AIMD Ground Support Equipment Shop Plank Owner, Precom unit and Med Cruise Great Shipmates, Great Ship, Great Time, Great Memories
Whitfill, DouglasSH3Jun 30, 1968 – May 8, 1969 SupplyPlankowner - Precommissioning Unit Norfolk, VA.
Collier, Richard A.AK3Jul 1968 – Dec 23, 1969S-6Plankowner. Really enjoyed my tour aboard the JFK. Worked with a wonderful group of people in both S-6 and AIMD.
Horn, JesseABH-3Jul 1968 – Nov 22, 1971V-2 & V-1Was in PreCom unit at Norfolk/New Port News. Assigned to V-2, Cat #3 Later transfered to Crash & Salvage V-1. Became tractor driver and eventually ASCOMTRAC. 2 Med Cruises, 3 GITMO's and all the CAR/QUALS in between. PLANK OWNER CVA-67
Walsh, Harold (Clancy)ABH3Jul 1968 – Oct 1, 1971V-1Plank owner. V-3 division transferred to flight deck. Any info on the decommissioning would be appreciated.
Snyder, LairdABH 3Jul 1968 – Sep 1971V3Plankowner Would like to communicat with anybody who served in this division between 1968 and 1971.
Overholt, FredBT3Jul 1968 – Nov 1971P-3Plankowner from Pre-Comm until seperation in 71. Worked in Eng. Div. P-3, up on the Cat's for a while then in the Oil Lab. Remember Gitmo when we lost all power, Bob Hope USO show's, two Med cruise's. Just heard of the Decom. SAD to see.
Pullo, FranETN3Jul 1968 – Feb 1970OEPlankowner.
Klingberg, GeorgeFIREMANJul 1968 – Apr 1970Plank owner out of Newport News, Va. Pre-com Unit. Cuba carrier quals and first Med. cruise.
Hendry, John/jackMM2Jul 1968 – Nov 29, 1971P-1Plankowner Assigned to 1 Main Worked for Willie Jordon and John Willard
Peabody, MikeE-2Jul 1968 – Apr 1970deck 5th divisionboarded in Newport Ship building and dry dock. Plank owner.Made shake down cruises. worked out the 5th division driving utility boats taking everybody ashore and back..was great fun....2 med cruises. great time
Hendry, John profile iconMM2Jul 1968 – Nov 1971P1Pre-Comm Unit, Plank Owner, Made the first 2 Med. Cruises plus all the cruises inbetween
Skelton, BertranRD-2Jul 1, 1968 – Oct 1, 1971OIWould like to get in contact with other people who served in O.I. division between 1868 and 1972.
Price, Marvin "doc"DC3Jul 1, 1968 – Jun 24, 1970RPlankowner
Larkin, PaulADJ2Jul 1, 1968 – May 29, 1970Power PlantsShakedown cruise and the first Med cruise
Yost, GeorgeDC 3Jul 10, 1968 – Feb 28, 1970RHello to my shipmates.
Byrne, Mike E5 ETN 2Jul 10, 1968 – Apr 3, 1972ElectronicsOriginally reported to the pre-commissioning unit, participated in the shakedown cruise and the first three Med cruises. Worked on the main HF transmitters, SINS, meteorology equipment and maintained the WJFK radio and TV equipment
Miller, KennyCS 3 COOKJul 10, 1968 – Oct 20, 1970commissarymanWas new right out of boot camp, Stayed on base down cruse and sea trials. went on two med cruie before goin gto shore duty in pax river maryland.
Wolff, DonaldYN3Jul 10, 1968 – Dec 9, 1970W DivisionPlankowner. Retired. Living w/wife of 30 yrs. in Valparaiso, Indiana. Wild times w/Stan Rusin & Bob Stack flying off ship on way to Norfolk and another weekend party in Brooklyn.
Pollick, AllenMM3Jul 12, 1968 – Jun 12, 1970A-1 (Compartment 3-195-0-L Bunk 62)Hey Guys! Hard as hell to believe it's been 40 years already!!! I was there for PreCommissioning and Commissioning Ceremony when the Kennedys were there. I was on the Shakedown Cruise and Gitmo cruise. Plank Owner
Wright, Aubrey H. , Jr.AZ2Jul 15, 1968 – Dec 23, 1969V-3Plankowner
Harmon, H. E. "Gene"CS2Jul 25, 1968 – Jan 30, 1970S-2Plank Owner, Went on the Shipyard's Sea Trials, shakedown to GTMO & the First Med Cruise. Watch Captain in the Rear Galley & Night Baker. Worked with a lot of hard working guys in S-2.
Sonnek, Leonard ( Lenny)EN 3Aug 1968 – Aug 1969auxiliariesPlank Owner.Never received it. Got transfered to DaNang as cheif engineer on tug boats 69 _70 taught the Boats People how to run their boats while we where being degaused Loved the MED cruise. would love to go to the decommisioning.
Rollins, KenSEAMANAug 1968 – Nov 1971RadarWas part of the precomissioning crew at Norfolk Naval Base before going to Newport News Shipbuilding to become the crew. Watched the Kennedys during the commissioning ceremonies. Two Med cruises. Overall; good memories.
Marcus, DavidAK3Aug 1968 – Dec 23, 1969V2Plank Owner, Division Supply Petty Officer, Gitmo shake down cruise, first Med cruise
Desmond, SteveDC3Aug 1968 – Sep 3, 1971RPlank Owner:Mess cook during sea trials & at commissioning.Aft DC Shop then Division Clerk.Two Med cruises.Learned what the word expedite really means from LCD Shipe DC Central during GQs.
Bulloch, JamesL/CplAug 1968 – Apr 1969MarDetPlank owner, pre-commissioning crew and commissioning crew, shake down cruise Gitmo and Caribbean, Marine Detachment, transfer to Camp LeJeune for end of enlistment.
Carney, ThomJO2Aug 1, 1968 – Apr 1, 1971PI am a plank owner. Started on the Deck force, 2nd Div., then switched to P Division, worked in the on board Television Station, WJFK. Worked both Radio and TV. Departed the ship as a JO3, advanced to JO2 and left the Navy in 1973.
Agosta, SalMM-3Aug 10, 1968 – Jun 10, 1970Auxilaries - EngineeringI was part of the pre-commissioning crew and plank-owner. Worked in the AC& R shop. Great team!
Rice, AlvinAO2Aug 12, 1968 – Mar 10, 1971Air Missle Div.If Anybody remembers me,E-mail me
Westbrook, James HBM2 E-5Aug 15, 1968 – Sep 15, 1974BOAT DIVISION
Levy, Marty. YockoABF3Aug 15, 1968 – Nov 17, 1971V4
Helland, EricLT, DC, USNAug 16, 1968 – Feb 2, 1970DENTALPLANKOWNER, Dental Division Officer. A lot of you guys had dental work done by myself and DT3 Level. Hope it has all held up well for you! As for my tour aboard Big John - - - WHAT AN AMAZING TRIP IT WAS!!!
Wisnewski, WilliamABH2Aug 29, 1968 – Feb 16, 1970V-3I was part of the precom unit and was on duty in the conflag watch during commissioning. I was in V-1 working the flight deck as a 'Blue Shirt' and 'chocked' the first plane to land on the flight deck. Transfered to V-3 for safety reas
Mayo, ChuckAMH2Aug 29, 1968 – Aug 7, 1970AIMDLeft navy, put on police uniform served 34 years in Law Enforcement 21 years as Chief of Police.
Carpenter, GaryBT2Sep 1968 – Nov 1971EngineeringLooking for old buddies
Defloreo, RonaldMM#Sep 1968 – Jun 1971I was a plank owner and I was in the naval acceptance trials in1968
Van Hook, BradCPL E-4Sep 1968 – Oct 1, 1969Marine Detachment
Schorer, BruceASM3Sep 1968 – Dec 1969AIMD-GROUND SUPPORTSince they towed her to Boston, I would like to hear if there is going to be reunion - LONG OVERDUE!! I would like to hear from other ground support sailors.
McNeven, Kenbm3Sep 1968 – Nov 19714th divisionplank owner 4 med cruises
Swaim, MichaelET2Sep 1, 1968 – Oct 31, 1980OEI joined the Pre-commissioning crew while the ship was still being built in Newport News. I returned as CPO in Feb 75 for 3 more years and left in Aug 78. During my 2nd tour I was the leading chief in all 3 divisions reporting to the EMO.
Dunda, FrankE5Sep 1, 1968 – Dec 4, 1974Catapults/Arresting Gear & AIMDPlankowner -
Zoltowski, BillBM3Sep 1, 1968 – Jan 15, 1970BOATSfrom pre-comm through the ist med cruise. i drove the boats that took you guys on liberty. i'm looking for any pictures taken during this time. i lost all mine in our major floods in wisconsin last year.
McInvale, GlennRMCSSep 7, 1968 – Nov 1, 1971CRPlankowner
Holdren, George HoldrenE6Sep 7, 1968 – Jun 21, 1970IM-1Senior E6 aboard JFK entire duty tour. Plankowner.
Lasseter, LorenPNSNSep 7, 1968 – Sep 7, 1968Executive
Lombard, HenrySeamanSep 7, 1968 – Dec 19703rd DivisionLooking for crew members who served in the 3rd Division Fuels and Ladders during the time from when she was commissioned, until I was discharged in 1970.
Harnden, PhilSN3Sep 12, 1968 – Apr 10, 1968aI WAS "A" DIV. YEOMAN FROM 68' TO 70' JUST MISSED BY FEW DAYS OF BEING PLANK OWNER
Marvin H Curry, The BearPH3Sep 16, 1968 – Aug 20, 1970V1 and OPS Photo LabJFK Precom V1 Div from Lexington V1 Crash & Smash Rep 8. Cross decked after ORI in GITMO to OPS Photo Lab.
Johnson, JohnnieMM3Sep 20, 1968 – Jan 15, 1970MANY OTHER "M" DIVISION PLANKOWNERS OUT THERE?
Capone, Richardabh3Sep 26, 1968 – Sep 26, 1970v-3plankowner
Connell, William (Bill)YN E4/Legal YN E4 & OrdinanceOct 1968 – Dec 22, 1969Fighter Squadron 14Wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else in the Navy than with Fighter Squadron 14...what a history! We sailed and then lived on beautiful Virginia Beach. Had a large beach house there with a couple of my buddies.
McGinnis, BillAirmanOct 5, 1968 – Sep 7, 1970V1Started as an ADJ and transferred to V1. I remember going to Boston, the Kennedy's and all the visitors. It was all a long tome ago, but interesting memories..
Cefalu, Nick profile iconQM1Oct 12, 1968 – Aug 19, 1969NavigationOnly qualified helmsman at time I reported. Was assigned as instructor like a lot of Petty Officers. I was sworn into US Army by Admiral Yates as Chief Warrant Officer. Really enjoyed my time on the Kennedy.
Merrill, Bob/robertABH ANOct 18, 1968 – Oct 13, 1972Started in V-3 went to V-O then to the Flightdeck,V-1We were real young and didn't know how good it really was. Met the greatest guys ever. Ya gotta admit, we made a good time out of a tuff job. I still have a knot in my stomach over her decommissioning. Good luck to all who served her.
Remmers, BillAQB-3Nov 1968 – Dec 1969VAH-10Great times with great buddies,Mugs, Jack, RT, Mother Mahoney & many more! A cat launch & trap in an A3, deck launch on the COD, the Lorry Bar in Naples, Tipsy Boat in Cannes, Louies in Malta, Munich, Rome, & more + many hours on the Roof.
Stanfield, LawrenceAQ2Nov 1968 – Dec 1971AIMD
Fagan, Dave/eddieDP2Dec 20, 1968 – Sep 15, 1970C
Mac Donald, Greg (Mac)ANDec 26, 1968 – Oct 13, 1970V-2AK for V2 DIVISION. HAD A LOT OF GOOD TIMES. I was at the Decommissioning Ceremony at Mayport Naval Station, Fla. Mar 23,2007 It was a Great Day also a very Sad Day. I Retired in 2006 from the Belleville NJ Police Dept.
Forster, JamesPETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS BHNDec 28, 1968 – Dec 28, 1974Flight Deck

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