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USS America (CV 66) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS America (CV 66). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2759 crew members registered for the USS America (CV 66).

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Lee, DennisHM21993 – 1996VMFA 251I was the "crazy" HM that would light you up in the mess decks if you touched food with your hands, or ran a cup through the ice. More than one individual learned safe food handling practices the HM2 Lee way. Squids are dirty animals! (smile)
Johnson, WayneDP11993 – 1996AW
Sims, BenjaminABH31993 – 1996
Housey, ScottABH31993 – 1995V-1I have not seen anyone except Piatt sence 1995
Till, DanielMS 21993 – 1996S-2, S-5, Supply OfficeA hell of a ship with a hell of a crew
Sonnier, Carey "bull"AO / E-31993 – 1995G-3
White, EugenePR31993 – 1995IM-2Assigned to 81A paraloft
Limle, ScottPH31993 – 1995I was in VF-102 as a Tarps Photographer
Fulcher, Joe Aka FulchAT31993 – 1994IM3
Gallman, Johnan1993 – 1996v-4just registered here @ want to see who's around
Duchac, NeilEM 31993 –Engineering
Wheeler, VinceJan 1993 – 1994G-4Hey Guys, What memories! Does anyone out there remember me. I use to hang out with "Wall", "Kovich", "Booze", "Spells" and mostly Weapons crew.
Treasure, ChristopherMS3Jan 1993 – Oct 1996S-5Crazy "D" drop me a line. Would love to hear from you. That goes for any and all who knew me as well.
Bolen, ElvinFIREMAN APPRENTICEJan 1993 – Apr 1995REPAIR
Johnson, BAOAAJan 1, 1993 – Oct 27, 1994G 1 / VENT TEAM 8It would be great to hear from any old shipmates.
Skutka, DouglasGMG 3Jan 3, 1993 – May 15, 1996Good Times. With the boys in weapons.
Crihfield, AndyE-3/AirmanJan 7, 1993 – Sep 14, 1994V-3I am now self employed as a farmer
Wagster, ThomasE3Jan 28, 1993 – Jun 15, 1993DeckIt was a great experience to serve aboard this great warship. At the age of 19 I seen more in 6 months than most people will in a lifetime. Being in the military has really helped me in civilian life.
Tijam, Angelo "Tj"AD1(AW)Feb 1993 – Apr 1996AIMD/IM2 JETSHOPThe "Big Dawg" was the best ever ship I served on. From port visits to Malta and Malaga, Spain to Marseille, France. All the friends I had on the ship. To my mentors, Dexter Thomas, Curtis Galauskas and Eric Tucholski. They made me what is me t
Stottlar, AaronE3Feb 1993 – Jan 10, 1994V1Loved every minute I was on there. I loved being a deck ape/blue shirt.
Parsons, NeilAO2Feb 1, 1993 – Feb 1, 1995G-1
Hutchcraft, JasonFN/E3Feb 5, 1993 – Feb 5, 1995EngineeringHad a Good Time onboard. Med Cruise was awesome. The 1 thing that really stands out in my mind it the BOILER EXPLOSION pier side Norfolk. All I have to say is CRAZY!!! RIP USS AMERICA CV-66
Treasure, ChristopherMS3Mar 1993 – Aug 1996S-5I worked in wardroom galley, and S-2 cargo.
Schuette, JasonE3/FNMar 1993 – Jan 1995MPWill never forget the 2MMR boiler explosion as I sat on watch in Engineering Central Control. Lastly, I will never forget a great friend, FN Billy Pyeatt who passed away in 2005.
Caprario, GerryIC3Mar 1993 – Jul 1996EI had a blast!!! Even going to mast!!!
Hayre, JasonAO3Mar 1993 – Jul 1996G-4/G-3I made some great friends and saw some great places.
Brian, WestcottPR2Mar 1993 – Aug 1996VRC-40 (part of ships company for last two Med cruises)This was my first ship. It was POLITICALLY INCORRECT. What a Shellback initiation. After I left her and went onto nine other carriers, it was never the same.I am proud to say I sailed on the finest ship in the Fleet!
Wexler, SteveAO3Mar 1993 – Sep 1996G1/G3ALFIE!!!! Whats up man! Mongo's was awesone, great memories.
Sigountos, JohnHM1(SW,FMF)Mar 1, 1993 – Mar 31, 1996H MEDICALRetired with the AMERICA in'96.The 'BIG DAWG' gave her all during her last years,and so did her crew.We kept going thru huracaines,boiler explosion,bent prop shaft,major fuel oil leaks...BZ to all her crew members. ALL should be very proud
Burris, RobertANMar 1, 1993 – Aug 14, 1995G-4
Wexler, SteveAO3Mar 9, 1993 – Sep 9, 1996G-1/G-3
Allford, DewayneAOANMar 9, 1993 – Sep 9, 1996G-3J-Stich lives on. Hey to those who remember the Swamp and Memphis (Mongos!!).
Robinson, Joshua / Big RobAirmanMar 15, 1993 – Oct 10, 1994V-3Feeling a little nostalgic
Bernard, FrankieABEANMar 20, 1993 – Feb 23, 1996V-2What's up??!!!
Hayre, JasonAO3Mar 23, 1993 – Aug 24, 1996G3
Link, Chris profile iconYN3Mar 24, 1993 – Dec 14, 1994CIAC/ADMINI used to work in the Command career counselors office just across from the officers barber shop. Wondering if anyone I served with is on here ?
Brandon, Sidney, SnapE-3 FIREMANApr 1993 – Jan 1995EngineeringTHE GREAT BOILER EXPLOSION,& WRESTLE MANIA ON THE BURNER FRONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patterson, EricDCFNApr 1993 – Feb 1995DC
Lundin, NathanMM2Apr 5, 1993 – Aug 10, 1996Main Propulsion2MMR, Home of the 2B Infamous Exploding Boiler.
Bevitori, Clente / "Bev"OS2Apr 10, 1993 – Apr 11, 1996OIWon't say all the times were good, but times they were......
Colis, AugieABE3Apr 18, 1993 – Jun 6, 1996V-2 Waist CatsAwsome ship and crew. Anyone out there from the "Waist Cats" give me a call... Augie from Cali.
Strickland, DwayneAECApr 23, 1993 – Oct 16, 1996AIMD/IM3I met a lot of great people during my time aboard the AMERICA. Life onboard was tough but fair. I can't believe they decided to sink her instead of make her a museum.
Davila, PedroMS 3May 1993 – Aug 1996S-2I enjoyed and learned from many. Had great times and I wouldn't change any experience in the past.
Drawbaugh, DjRM2May 1993 – Feb 1996CR
Heffernon, CraigE-3May 1993 – Sep 1996V-1 crash and salvageLooking for old shipmates that was in V-1 and Crash
Peters, Bryanbt3May 1993 – Aug 1995engineering
Rider, Allen "Red" profile iconE6/SK1May 15, 1993 – Apr 1994MMDGreat sea duty for a flat top. Worked with mostly winners and a couple of losers in MMD. Rewarding work! Great LCPO!
Hudson, DarrellPN3May 29, 1993 – Feb 24, 1996VS-32 Avionics Shop and then PersonnelIt was an experience I will never forget! Who likes bathing in JP5? Ports of call were great if they weren't Marsailles for the 8th time!
Kimmerly, Samuel S. Jr.FA/E2Jun 1993 – Sep 19954MMRI enjoyed serving on the USS America, really hated seing it Decomisioned.
Lux, BarryE-2Jun 1993 – 1995Main space 1
Arias, FrankABH3Jun 1993 – Apr 1996V-1 CrashHey gents! finally got around to searching for this site. Hope all are doing well! Miss the good times and comraderie. If any of my old crash buddies are checking this site out, send me an email. take care all!
Shafer, ChadAOANJun 4, 1993 – Aug 30, 1996G-4Had some great times while onboard.Met some great people.Would love to hear from anyone who knows me.Who will ever forget painting the elevator shafts!!!!!!!!
Knight, GeraldBT1Jun 23, 1993 – Jul 25, 1995BHello Shipmates, I served on board from 93 to 95. I would like to locate (Bill) William Blosser . He was our BTC, and I would like to find him if possible.
Townsend, Eric (Bfmm)EMFR-EMFNJun 30, 1993 – Nov 10, 1996Electrical
Harlan, LannBM2Jul 1993 – Aug 19963rd DeckI gained a lot of experience and I am very proud to have served on the USS America
Ringhoff, JeremyQM3Jul 1993 – Sep 16, 1996NavigationI will never forget or regret my time aboard America. I am prod to have served on the "Big Dog"
Howard, MikeFiremanJul 1993 – Jul 1996Engineering I had fun on the USS America, but I don't miss the Navy. well maybe a little bit im living a good life in losangeles with my 2kids
Blackwell, LarrysnJul 1993 – Sep 1995deckwas in 3rd division of deck dept.....was a great ship with some great freinds..u can find me on facebook if u'd like too catch up!!
Brawner, JeffPN3Jul 4, 1993 – Aug 28, 1996ESOReally had a great time onboard - would have like to have been onboard one more time before the sinking. Went to the Reserves and called back to Active Duty from 14 Mar 08 - 13 Mar 10, Norfolk VA
Garcia, DomingoYN3Jul 7, 1993 – Jul 7, 1997XO AdminBIG DAWGS!!!!!.....I tell ya...I had the best time of my life with all you guys....Shipmates forever.... Ben darby, Elido reyes, John Reicher, last but not least Steve johnson
Harriman, Joseph "Spaz"IS2Jul 10, 1993 – Jun 26, 1996OZI worked in CVIC/SUPPLOT for CTT1 Cendroski / IS1 Betancourt / ISC Kime
Rashko, JoelBT3Jul 18, 1993 – Sep 19963 MMRHey snipes, Rosco here,got out in 98',now living in Broussard,La. Holla at me!
Miller, Stevenao3Aug 1993 – Sep 1996g-5i wasn't fond of the navy all the time butt always loved the ship. she will be missed!
Stottlar, AaronE-3Aug 1993 – Jan 1994V-1Best thing I ever did with my life, the best times
Diaz, David / BoE-5/RM2Aug 4, 1993 – Oct 10, 1995CR
Drummond, KyleAO3Aug 11, 1993 – Jul 15, 1996G-3Loved it. Can't forget VOODOO STATION, or the time Capt. Suggs gave the finger to the GW!!! Great times, too bad she's gone.
James, EverettAD3Aug 11, 1993 – Oct 17, 1995Master at Armshad a wonderful time in the master at arms division. made life a whole lot better there working with some of them. everyone stay safe and be well with family and friends.
Shreiner, ShawnABFANAug 12, 1993 – Aug 25, 1997V-4Had a great time seeing all those country's and meeting all the people, We partied hard V-4 freinds remember all the parties in my back yard. It would be nice to get everyone together again.
Crosby, KennethE3Aug 12, 1993 – Sep 30, 1996ENGINEERING
Lentz, AdamBM3Aug 18, 1993 – Aug 18, 1995First Deck
Perez, FelipeABH3Aug 22, 1993 – Jun 1, 1996V-1USS America CV-66 was a great experience! It was an Honor, to be part of that great Ship!
Krais, MattE-2Aug 23, 1993 – Feb 25, 19953rd Deck DivisionEverything from mooring the ship, to steering, to setting the anchor. Those were the proudest moments of my life. Along with serving with some of the best sailors I have ever met. Thank You for the life experience.
Lynch, DanielE-1 undesignatedAug 28, 1993 – Aug 28, 19951st divisiondeck department
Pless, DavidABH3Sep 1993 – May 1995V1Had a great time when the bosses weren't on my butt.
Johnsen, Charles Scott "Snoopy"CPLSep 1993 – Nov 199322 MEU, HMM-162Crew Chief for a SOC Detachment comprised of Recon and FAST Reaction teams. Man, did those fix wing jockeys hate us taking up "thier" deckspace! :-)
Clark, DannyAOANSep 1993 – Aug 8, 1996G-3I grew up there and learned alot about myself. I had some good times ad met some people I could never forget
Smith, JoshuaE-3 / FMSep 1993 – Apr 1995Admin / MWRI must say, I look back now and really appreciate my time on the "America" and would like to reconnect with shipmates. I worked in the "Popcorn Mess".
Gordon, DanielE3Sep 1, 1993 – Apr 13, 19953MMRWOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM SOME OF THE 3MMR BOYS.
Biehl, Chrise3Sep 1, 1993 – Apr 1, 1997g 3hated it then miss it now
Story, JasonE-2Sep 1, 1993 – Jul 1, 1994DeckShort time on this ship but a great experience for me as a 19 year old. Helped me grow up.
Washington, ClintonE3/EMFNSep 5, 1993 – Sep 22, 1994Lighting Shop
Smith, JasonE-3Sep 8, 1993 – Sep 8, 1995Deck/2ndI have never met such a strange array of people. Some of the best times of my life.
Shipp, Galen PaulDS2Sep 12, 1993 – Nov 23, 1995OED
Cauthorn, WilliamAO3Sep 18, 1993 – Sep 16, 1996weapons G-1IYAOYAS
Lindor, StephaneMM3Oct 1993 – Apr 19971 AUXGood & Bad times on this vessel of 3,000 plus
Fischer, DwainE5/SH2Oct 1993 – Sep 1994S3My tour of duty aboard the USS AMERICA (CV-66), a.k.a."The Big-Dawg!, was the best tour of my life. The Navy recruiting division in New York city really kept their promise when hyped me up about traveling around the worl
Carlock, JasonE3/FNOct 1993 – Jul 1995Repair
Noyes, JeffAZ1Oct 1, 1993 – Sep 1, 1995IM1Met some great people and have great memories on board. Too bad they are sinking her. Bummer.
Doyle, JamesDC2Oct 10, 1993 – 1996DCGood times in the AFFF shop. Yes I'm still in.
Harris, WilliamE3Oct 13, 1993 – Sep 13, 1995EngineeringEngineering 4MMR The first to go back on and the last to leave... Good bunch of guys in engineering...
Crosby, Kennethe4Oct 15, 1993 – Oct 1, 1996engineering
Booth, BradE3Oct 22, 1993 – Jun 21, 1995G3I hated being on that boat then.But when I look back on the time I spent on the America .I realize those were some good days .it was sad to see her sink .I'll never forget the America aka the big dawg!!
Teachout, Gary (Teach)AS1Nov 1993 – Sep 1996AIMD/IM4Retired in 2002, enjoy remembering those days on the Big Dawg. I miss it at times, but then I come back to earth and realize I enjoy USS Backyard too. Still in Norfolk, can't get away...
Castillo, JoeMSSNNov 1993 – Aug 1996S-5Its been a long time.
Dillard, JohnnyAO1Nov 10, 1993 – Jul 12, 1996IM4Second tour! What was I thinking
Anthon, Wade / "radar"ABH 3Nov 15, 1993 – Sep 30, 1996V 1Lots of memories
Neubauer, RichardOSC NEUBAUER,RICHARDNov 26, 1993 – Apr 14, 1996Operations/OIThanks to all great leadership and training during my early years in the Navy. After departing the AMERICA I sailed in Japan onboard the RODNEY M. DAVIS FFG-60 till June 99. I have since been affilated with the navy reserves and returned fr
Howard, Michaele3Nov 26, 1993 – Dec 13, 1996auxilaryi wish i knew then what i know now life is good here in losangeles westside 4 life
Cherry, JamesAT2Dec 1993 –IM-3
Ayala, AlexDC3Dec 1993 – 1997Damage Control
Chinea, HectorE3Dec 1993 – Sep 19951MMR & S5A peice of the AMERICA will be with me forever!!!!
Brady, TommyAZANDec 1993 – Aug 1994VF-102Served aboard the U.S.S America for her last deployment with VF-102. One of the most memorable experiences of my life. That deployment seemed jinxed from the crossing of the atlantic but it ended well.
Medford, Jesse L.PN2Dec 1993 – May 1996XO/CIAC
McGraw, GaryAN/ADANDec 1993 – Feb 1996V-3/AIMD 400Enjoyed the boat more then I ever thought still looking for old shipmates ABH1 KOSKI I owe you something and ABH1 Badillo thanks to the rest of V-3 for the best times in the world
Long, RobertMM3Dec 1993 – Aug 1995Engineering2 Main Bomb Squad
Feather, DavidANDec 1993 – 1996V-3
Dominguez, GabeRP3Dec 1, 1993 – Jun 10, 1997Chaplain/DeckWhat an AWESOME ship! Real Navy for sure. Serving the crew was a great feeling and I'll never forget WAMR Radio! The Kid Country Show!
Foster, JohnIC2Dec 2, 1993 – Nov 20, 1996E2I would still be in if this ship was still active. I miss those days!
Spears, RodneyAO2Dec 16, 1993 – Jul 16, 1997G-1
Kinney, BrianIS2Dec 20, 1993 – Dec 1996OZA wise person once said, if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.
Hope, BradAOCSDec 20, 1993 – Jun 13, 1996G-5As I complete 21 years in the Navy this year, and prepare to commission to CWO2, the America is by far the most memorable time in my career. I love that ship and everything about it! Call Sign Courage...Long Live 66!

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