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USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD 717) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD 717). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 83 crew members registered for the USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD 717).

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Baldwin, Curdy CurbyFFC1945 – Jun 4, 1946firefighter
Frankel, LarryPETTY OFFICER THIRDMar 4, 1945 – Jul 1946i'm from NYC. I joined at age 17, went to Samson Naval Training Center in NY. Then to Calif. to radar training school in San Diego. Then to Treasure Island for assignment to SSMarine Chandler for overseas.
David, WarrenWT 3CAug 8, 1946 – Dec 12, 1947MachyBoarded in Brooklyn Navy Yard after Shakedown Cruise in Guantanamo Cuba. Thru the canal to SanDiego. Then on to Tsingtao China, Yokuska Japan, Korea and back to West Coast thru Hawaii. Discharged at San Diego. Home L I NY
Miller, FrederickET1Sep 1947 – May 1950Radar, Communications
Fogg, Joseph/ Bill SNJun 1949 – Aug 1951 2 nd
Goodman, George/bud/jojoLT?1950 – 1952
Key, Frank3 class fire conyrol techNov 1950 – Apr 1952fire control
McAlexander, Robert / MacLTJGJul 1951 – Nov 1952
Cuson, CharlesLieutenant Junior GradeNov 1953 – Dec 1954Supply DepartmentI was the Supply and Disbursing Officer and enjoyed being a tin can sailor. Captain John D.H. Kane, Jr.,USN, was the Commanding Officer. He later made Admiral. Has since passed away.
Schiedow, Dale J. SchiedowSNOct 15, 1954 – May 24, 1957I was in the commissarymen Dedt.or you can say jack of the dust-w.w. winter was the capton at that time he put 44 round's of 5" in the water in china from the 52" gun mount the marrgoround it cough on fire in 1956 about that time. good luck
Smyth, TedRD3Jan 1, 1956 – Sep 17, 1957OIFor the short time I was on active duty, I had the pleasure of making one trip over seas that included visiting Brisbane , Australia along with the many other ports of call. I also was blessed making 3rd class .
Magee, Ralph "Mac"SN THROUGH RM1 P2Aug 1957 – Aug 1960Deck Force and then Radio GangCame aboard as SN. (From Reserve) Worked up to RM2 P2 (Proficiency Pay 2nd level) 3 Westpac Cruises. Became shellback on first cruise to Australia. Went 2 times. Coral Sea celebration/parade.Two typhoons. Damage to bow.Transfer London '60.
Walker, Norvell "bud"SNJun 1958 – Nov 1959GUNNERYServed on chandler aft gun mount,crossed equater 4/22 /1959 captain clark was commander at the time
Ramsey, Franklin/frankET-3Jun 1958 – 1959Electronics MaintenanceI came aboard in June of 58 fresh out of electronics school in Frisco. First cruise was to Pearl and back. Second cruise was a WestPac tour with stops in Midway, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Melborne.
Hatfield, GaryICFNFeb 1, 1959 – Aug 1, 1959RWas only on the Chandler about 6 months. Became a shellback April 22, 1959. Made 3rd class and got transferred to the Perkins (DDR877) which did not have a rated ICman.
Daniel, L.c. (Dan)SM 2Aug 1959 – Jan 1963CommunicationsI hope to find some of my old buddies I served with on th Chandler from 1959 to 1963. I would like to find out if anyone has a list of all the ports we visited in WestPac
Erdman, LeonBT2Feb 1960 – Jul 1963BHome port San Diego/WestPac cruise& back. Went through Fram in San Fran. Home Port/Long Beach/WestPac cruise spent month in dry dock Yokuska. Typhoon damage split bow open &damaged Mt51/Returned to Long Beach To San FranYards/out at T.I.
Lyon, Kenneth (Ken)SM2 AT DISCHARGEMay 20, 1960 – Jun 10, 1962SignalmanI came aboard as a deck ape in San Diego. I went through FRAM in San Francisco then was homport in Long Beach before WESPAC. I was transferred to the signal bridge during the WESPAC cruise. I madefor a swap to the USS Prairie in Yokosuka.
Bonds, BobbyRM31961 – 1961communations
Davis, KentRm31961 – 1963communications
Morningstar, TedETR3Jun 1961 – Dec 1962ElectronicsShipboard FRAM conversion in San Fransisco.WESPAC June 62- Dec 62. Special solo assignment in Gulf of Tonkin in July 1962. Provocative General Quarters event against Communist gunboats and destroyer in vicinity. No shots fired.
Coy, James ETM31962 – Jan 8, 1963GunneryWent abord in Long Beach right after Fram, from the USS Dennis J Buckley DDR 808, Made the WestPac cruise, I'll never forget that typhoon we rode out LOL. Seaman Moss, contact me .
Devine, Gerald (Andy)em2 Jan 1962 – Jan 1965ships electricianLooing for anyone that was on ship that remembers me.they picked me up off the deck by helicopter off vet Nam when I had to go back to Long Beach because wife then left kids with neighbor . I do remember guy name ski!
Motz, Johntm3Apr 1, 1962 – Sep 15, 1963torpedomanwould like to know about capt. sperandio and tm first slater; curtis, and sn shapel.
Fajack, GarySTG-3Feb 12, 1964 – Feb 4, 1966WA
Barlow, RoyMM1Apr 22, 1964 – Jun 30, 1969MLogroom Yeoman, Top Warch, AER SUPERVISOR.
Miller, Bennierm31965 – 1969radeoman
Silcox, Charles (Harry)STG21965 – 1970WARetired from Raytheon, living in Lakeland Florida. Active private pilot, independent aircraft mechanic and aircraft owner.
Amy, StephenETR3Mar 20, 1965 – Jun 2, 1966I maintained the ship's SPS-10 navigational radar. Went with her to Vietnam.
McClintock, JohnGMG3Apr 1965 – Dec 1966WA
Cline, RodneyETR-2Jul 1965 – Aug 1968WeaponsI was assigned to the DASH team. I came back home to Louisville, Ky. and was on the Louisville Police Dept. and retired as a Lt. in 1969. my e-mail address is Please contact me if you were on the T.E.C.
Hulse, CharlesETN31966 – 1968oiserved with Kellner,Wilde, Topliff, Martin,Ryan, Belovitch and Worm in Gravlin's Gorillias.
Calkins, DavidSK3May 30, 1966 – 1968Deck then SupplyCame aboard about a month before WesPac as an undesignated Seaman. Chief Storekeeper Tate and Ltjg Holland pulled me to work as a store keeper. I was aboard for the Forrestal fire and the USNS Rutgers Victory fire. Later sent to the Piedmont AD-17
Fitch, JimRMSA - RM3Jul 1966 – Nov 1968OC1966-68 West Pac. RMSA -RM3. Martini, Hoban, Argo, Bautista, Willier? Anyone remember the night with the HMAS Hobart? James Steffes, Swift Boat Down, ecellent read about some on the events around that. Skivvy wavers Warren, Kennedy, Banks.
Wilde, Joseph METR3Jul 15, 1966 – Jan 27, 1969OperationsMaintained the ship's surface search (SPS-10) and air search (SPS-40) radars. Part of the ET gang. Served with Topliff, Randall, Hulse, Kellner, Carmel and others.
Fitch, JimRM 3Aug 1966 – Nov 1968OCremember martini, hoban, argo, bautista, willier Great memories . would be great to hear from anyone who shared that time
Topliff, EdETN3Aug 9, 1966 – Jul 4, 1968OIOriskany fire, Forrestal fire, Rutgers Victory fire, Sea Dragon, NGFS, Carrier ops and Yankee Station. Randall, Wilde, Briscoe, Bueno, Hulse, Kellner. -Men who stand against the tide-
Wolcott, Richard (Wally)SK3Dec 1967 – Jun 1971SupplyI came aboard in Japan as a seaman in 1967. I was discharged as Storekeeper 3/c at Long Beach, Calif. in June, 1971.
McFarland, RonETR3Dec 10, 1967 – Dec 24, 1968Weapons I was assigned to Weapons to work with DASH weapons system.
Gunderson, Randall (Randy)YN3Jan 1968 – Oct 1969WD, then Engineering Yeoman
Olsen, RolfYN3Aug 1968 – Apr 1969WGI served aboard the Chandler beginning an hour after she returned from a 2 year WESTPAC cruise until finishing Reftra in April when I left for Nam. I was on the Q-deck Christmas Eve midwatch about 2AM when the main switchboard blew up.
Piper, JimETN2Aug 1968 – Aug 1970OIMember of the ET gang. Deployed for SE Asia and Viet Nam Sept '69, returning to Long Beach on 1 April 1970. Total 62 days in the 'Nam war zone divided between SAR, plane guard, & NGFS on the coast south of Da Nang
Jensen, MerrillMM2Sep 1968 – May 13, 1971M
Weston, Peter profile iconCaptainOct 15, 1968 – Jun 10, 1971OperationsThree years active, 21 years in the Reserves. Retired in 1992.
Laigaie, Msg JohnGMG3Dec 1968 –Deck and then ASW asrocRan aground so much we had to replace eleven screws. CDR Meeks should have been shipped out, not the Ready Teddy. Gave a man 3 days bread and water so he could brag about it at the Oh Club.

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