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USS Wiltsie (DD 716) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wiltsie (DD 716). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 78 crew members registered for the USS Wiltsie (DD 716).

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Wellinghoff, Arnold And WellySEAMAN 1ST CLASS1949 – 1950
Shaw, RayS/AJun 1949 – Sep 1949RadarI was on the Wiltsie only for a couple of months following boot camp, then transfereed with several other new guys to the Perkins, DDR 877. I was a radar striker during my short time on the Wiltsie.
Brouillette, Joseph DonaldFiremanMay 20, 1950 – 1951Engineneer boiler room
Mills, William "billy"PTY OFF 2\'ND CLJun 1950 – Apr 1953111 / SonarMany of you are not old enough to know; But under Cap'n Clark, the Wiltsie was known as "The Grey Ghost" & "Communist Public Enemy No. 1" for the havoc we caused. During the Korean conflict, we were awarded 8 of 9 possib
Harrell, RossRD1Sep 23, 1952 – Jan 11, 1956OEnjoyed my stay on the ship. Website for USS Wiltsie Reunion Association is under development at present 9/2005. We have annual reunions.
Stevens, RobertPetty Officer Second Class1953 – 1956Desron 11Kieth Hobbs, Norman & Bob Shammy, Red Ward Shipmates I rember
Kemple, GeorgeSM3Feb 1955 – Jul 1958OI remember my time aboard the Wiltsie with great fondness. We made 3 west pac cruises. 2 includede ports in Australia. I was 17 years old on board and 20 at discharge.
Strong, RichardMM2May 4, 1955 – Sep 15, 1957M-1Good friends/ great comrads
Pittman, Robert1959 – Nov 12, 1962!-A Torpedoman
Moran, MortEM21959 – 1962electricianliving in Idaho would like to hear from someone who served on the ship while in dry dock in Hawaii
Dobbins, DennisRM3Jan 1959 – Sep 1961OCMy first, but not the last, ship I was stationed aboard.
Vegas, CharlieSm3Nov 1959 – May 5, 1964Communications/ SignalmanGreat ship and crew... Made some good friends that still going .. found best friend after 35 years.... Great memories
Salamone, Francis SalamoneBM3Aug 1960 – Mar 24, 1964
Ritzema, NormanDKSNSep 1960 – 1962Would like to hear from former shipmates. Made west Pac tour before we went to yards for the fram conversion.
Bertone, ThomasSNSep 1960 – May 6, 1962Deck (aft)Welcome to all shipmates. Please contact me anytime using phone number listed on my website at or by email. And has anyone seen Tommy T. Barry or Larry Albright ?
Rubio, Henry RobertBT3Sep 1960 – Sep 1964BGood days when I served my 4 years term on her. My email address is
Ehrhardt, LanceBMJan 1, 1961 – Dec 31, 1967
Borkgren, RonSMSNOct 1961 – Dec 1963Went thru Fram at Peral Harbor, was a Deck ape at that time. Then became a Signalman striker after Fram. Ran around with Gary Fields & Rick Taylor & others. Oh, what good times.Those were good days & great shipmates.Then there was West Pac
Dobay, AndrewSOG3Aug 20, 1962 – Sep 17, 1964ASWWhat a ship. What an experience.
Greer, BillGMGSN1963 – 1964PACLooking for crew assigned to ship same time as myself. Including Don Norman. If anyone knows him please contact me.
Lingo, JerryBT-3Mar 1963 – Sep 1966"B"Time spent from Chocise to Nivision to Gabriel was best of times and the worst of times. I won't rank the Captians but will only say that Capt. Nivision was the best and Capt. Gabriel wasn't Capt. long enough for me to tell. Great crew!
Cartwright, JimBT1964 – 1967engineering
Scramstad, Richard O. ScramstadQM3Jan 5, 1964 – Dec 12, 1965OCAlthough the Vietnan war was in full force, I remember the good times aboard ship with my crewmates.
McElligott, JohnRD3Jun 5, 1964 – Jun 20, 1965OI
Ramsey, WayneRDC1965 – 1970Last of the DD's I rode. Was an enjoyable time and a very fitting way to end a career.
Rouser, BillYNSNJul 1965 – Nov 1969EngineeringI was log room Yeoman from 66 till 69. Did two westpac's. Had blast on the Wiltsie, bunch of good guys I served with.
Cirillo, Joe {ducker}BT21966 – 1969engineeringGood times aboard DD716 from Japan to Australia ! All BTs were great shipmates and partiers!
Kader, Keithbt31966 – Jul 10, 1968engineringProud to have served with such a bunch of fellow sailors and close close freinds.Love you all,Forword fireroom ruled.The rest
Gibelyou, TimrmApr 2, 1966 – Jan 2, 1968o/iserved on wiltsie two westpac tours 66-68
Hobbs, DaveSemanOct 15, 1966 – Sep 10, 1968SonarThis was the first ship I reported aboard after boot camp. Had some good memories while I was there. Transfered TAD to China Lake Ca. for 2 years.
Hatty, JoeLISNDec 16, 1966 – Oct 10, 1968COMCRUDESPAC PRINT SHOPTwo of the best years of my life! I complained all the time I was in and cried when I left. I met a lot of great people, and learned a lot of great life lessons. I served on five differernt ships in less than two years with COMCRUDESPAC.
Spalti, RussellRD3Jan 1967 – Oct 29, 1969RadarmanMy time aboard was led me to a career in the USMC. Retired Jan 94 with almost 25 years for the Dept of the Navy.
Behrens, ChuckTMT3Apr 1967 – Feb 1971ASWGreat ship, fantastic crew! Open for shipmates contact.
Weaver, DavidOS3May 1967 – 1968OIFirst trip to Vietnam, PI was a lot better.
Weaver, DavidOS3May 10, 1967 – Jun 1968
Mitchell, Maurice "mitch"BM2Jun 1967 – Oct 19691stEnjoyed the ride. Have been to several reunions and regret not being able to attend this year (2008). If you were aboard during this time send me a note. Currently live in Katy, Texas.
Batten, TroyBT2Aug 24, 1967 – Aug 10, 1970I was the Oil Kind aboard the USS Wiltsie. Chief Chappel was the E-9 Chie over the Boiler Tenders. Tom Sweat was an E-6.
Batten, TroyBT2Nov 10, 1967 – Sep 19, 1970
Forget, AlbertMCPOAug 31, 1968 – Feb 1, 1971X Division
Clinton, TerryBT3Sep 1968 – Oct 1971Great time in my life & great memories aboard the Wiltsie. Learned a lot but the people are what made it special.
Fritz, Garygmg2Oct 1968 – 19722ndFirst Ship. Also road the USS George K. McKenzie (DD836) and USS Sacramento (AOE 1) Retired 1989
Vasquez, LouisSK2Nov 1968 – 1972Dech & SupplyWas 1st ship out of boot camp. reported as a deck hand, transferred into S1 div. Served 2 West Pacs aboard the grey lady, learned alot, saw alot & made many friends. Good memories. Retired from Navy 1988 as as SKC.

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