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USS Barbel (SS 580) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Barbel (SS 580). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 147 crew members registered for the USS Barbel (SS 580).

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Armstrong, ArmyTM2 (SS)Feb 1970 – Jul 1973WeaponsBest time of my life..
Godsil, Tim profile iconQM2(SS)Sep 1970 – Oct 1971Navigation
Labate, TonyLTSep 3, 1970 – Mar 15, 1973Weapons OfficerGood memories along with some scary ones. Fast attacks (mine were Raton/Valador/Gato and Barbel) were 29 days of shear terror punctuated by 1 day of boredom while FBMs (mine was Hamilton Blue) were just the opposite.
Hayes, Scott "Tubes" profile iconTM2 SS/DVSep 6, 1970 – Jul 6, 1973Torpedo RoomThe Barbel was the Mother of her class. I'm proud to have served on her.
Rasmussen, RonaldE4Oct 1970 – Nov 1970Communications TechnicianCurious if any shipmates have developed any neurological problems/disease such as Parkinson's.
Craft, JerrySTS2May 15, 1971 – Jul 1, 1973Sonar DivisionSure miss riding dirt bikes and our weekends at Kiana Point.
Boulter, ClemRM1(SS)Jul 2, 1971 – Jan 2, 1976CommunicationsThe best boat and crew I ever served with. Spent four and a half years on board. Glad they saved the Blueback. DBF!
Madsen, RayRM21972 – 1974OperationsAlso served on the USS Greenfish SS351, USS SEAFOX SS402, USS Lewis and Clark, USS Nathaniel Green, USS Betelgeuse and USS McKee. RMC(SS) USNR (retired)
Brenckman, Ronald1c3ssJan 1972 – Jun 1975interior communications
Schneider, MikeQM2Feb 1972 – Jul 1975QuartermasterWouldn't trade the experiance for anything. Thought we had the best crew in the fleet.
Duff,, DavisEM2SSApr 1972 – Jul 1976ElectricalThe best four+ years of my life. Great boat, sad to hear that she had to be sunk.
Cox, George TTM2 (SS)Jun 1972 – Nov 1975TMHottest boat of her time.
Swinburnson, James (Bernie)QM2(SS)Oct 21, 1972 – Sep 1, 1975Navigation GangA once in a life time experience.
Hoffman, TimDec 1972 – Aug 1975EN3(ss) Would do again, if asked.
Hoffman, TimEN3(SS)Dec 1972 – Aug 1975ENGINE ROOM
Binegar, BartMM2 (SS)Aug 15, 1973 – Jun 15, 1977Aux in port, Engineroom at seaThe Barbel was a great boat to serve on...many memories, to be sure!
Smith, LouieQMSN(SS)DVFeb 9, 1975 – Sep 11, 1977Nav GangDBF
Pocapalia, DaveQM1 SSJul 1975 – Jun 1979NavigationMy best command in my 7 years in the Navy
Lawton, ByronEM1(SS)Oct 1, 1975 – Apr 2, 1980Electrical DivisionFirst boat, memorable boat. Chief Smith, Tommy Ackerman, Dave Barr great bunch of shipmates
Vanderheiden, AndySK3 (as)Nov 1975 – Jan 1977SupplyGreat boat and crew
Tronson, TomRM3(SS)Dec 10, 1975 – Aug 15, 1977RadioGreat boat
Collett, RonIC31976 – 1978IC
Collett, RonICJan 1976 – Sep 1977ELots of memories from this boat!
Speicher, JimEM3Mar 1976 – Sep 1978Electrical
Hatfield, Tim(Harry)MM3Jul 1, 1976 – Jan 1, 1980AUX/MMWOW
Brandenburg, Charles EdEN3 ssAug 1976 – Sep 1977engen room
Tharp, RobertMMCSAug 9, 1976 – Aug 1, 1985MBest boat that I every served on
Stevens, MikeFTG1Sep 1976 – Dec 1980Best time of my life. I'll always remember my shipmates.
Hale, Hank ( Henry )EN2SSNov 1976 – Apr 1980M-Div @A-DivBest freinds Best job Best times. No one can know what its like unless you were there.
O'Brien, GaryRM2(SS)1977 – 1978Radio
Dickerson, ChesterFTG1 (SS)1977 – 1984WeaponsBarbel was the best of the 5 subs I was on.
Dillon, JedEM21977 – 1980E Div
Dunagan, RonQM2(SS/DV)Jan 1977 – May 1979NavigationGreat time in the Navy...Miss the old days and crew.
O'Brien, Gary profile iconRM2(SS)Mar 1977 – Aug 1978RadioMy first submarine (first ship at all). Great crew, great times.
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Ziglar, LarryQM2Mar 29, 1977 – Mar 29, 1981THE DIVE! MOJO!
Davis, TonyFTG1Aug 1, 1977 – Mar 10, 1982WeaponsGreat Boat, Great Crew, Best time of my Life
Medicus, ArthurMSC(SS)Sep 15, 1977 – Oct 15, 1980MSBEST TIME BEST CREW
Dillon, JedEM2Sep 15, 1977 – Sep 30, 1980EQualified under the best 580 crew ever!
Wallace, ChuckQM21978 – 1980NavigationThe "85" was my first day at sea on the boat.
Smith, John/STS2(ss)1978 – 1979SonarHad a great time with a bunch of great personalities.
Desmond, HerbertRMC(SS)1978 – 1981Opersations/RadioThe best type of duty anywhere. West Pac's are fun when you have to stop for fuel.
Skelley, LesterSK3/SSFeb 1978 – Mar 1981StorekeeperOf the 4 boats I served on it was the best. To many great memories. Westpac 79 was incredible, at least what I remember of it. I survived the 85!
Desmond, HerbRMC(SS)Apr 1978 – May 1981Ops/Radio"I survived the 85" Best Boat with the Best Crew in the service. I could sure use another WestPAC.
Pitts, RayEMC(SS)Nov 15, 1978 – Apr 15, 1988ElectricalOn Barbel from 78 to 88 (minus a 18 month shore tour over at SIMA). Also had the unplesent duty of doing a "protocol" on her just prior to the sink-ex.

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