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USS Springfield (CLG 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Springfield (CLG 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 423 crew members registered for the USS Springfield (CLG 7).

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Nusz, H.r.BM#1971 – 19731stBoarded in Italy in May of 71 and took her home first to Boston then to Norfolk. Discharged Nov 73
Duren, Stephen DurenJO31971 – 1972Flag
Thompson, Raycpl1971 – 1973marinelooking for old jar heads!
Crowe, CurtisCTO21971 –FlagLots of good times. Guys like 5by, Mothman, da Pit, and others made the time spent seem like a real educational experience. I wish there was a reunion for the old group.
Walters, Michael profile iconYN21971 – 1972Flag COMSIXTHFLTAwards Yeoman & Staff Duty Petty Officer
Coy, WalterMM21971 – 1972M
Beach, Merrill profile iconGM31971 – 19743I was in Gaeta, Italy and looking for former shipmates
Dumas, DonIC3Jan 17, 1971 – Jun 15, 1974EMiss the Med and intend to go back someday soon.
Statham Jr., GordonL/CPL E-3Feb 1, 1971 – Sep 1, 1972Marine DetachmentHave good memories of Gaeta, & I'm Intrested in tracking down some of our old buddies from the Navy & Marine Detachment.
Lyverse, StevenE 5Feb 20, 1971 – Jan 20, 1973X S1Greetings CLG 7 '71-73 crew. I wrote Sea Dog News Fall '71 before S1 position. Some good memories in there. Hope all are well and stay that way. Returned to Gaeta in '92 and '96. seems improved since the 70's. Carry on
Garner, FranklinSDSNMar 1, 1971 – Aug 24, 1974Admiral's Flag MessShe was my first ship...I remember when she sailed away; sad day.I cross-decked to the USS Little Rock (CLG-4), and spent the rest of my time on her. Loved Gaeta, the gut, and the best friends ever...the bar girls.
Terrell, Nicholas (Nick)E-2Mar 1, 1971 – May 1, 19722nd (boat) DivLooking for anyone that was in Boat Division with me in 1971-1972
Maxwell, DesmondCORPORAL E-4Apr 1971 – Jun 1973MARINE DETACHMENTServed in MARDET on SPRINGFIELD in the early 70's. I reflect often on the good times spent onboard and ashore. Time passes but memories last forever. (Photo: receiving award for recruiting efforts, USS INTREPID, NYC 2002)
Hall, RichardFA/FNMay 1971 – Aug 1971AHad a great time for the short time I was there. Only remember a few of the men. Charle Kirksey, a Marine. Pat Skinner from my home town of Houston. Billy Blackshear and James Harris, a yeoman in flag.
Poore, ButchEM-3May 7, 1971 – Oct 7, 1972E
Kaewell, JerryBM/3May 15, 1971 – Feb 9, 19742ndCame on board 5/71 and went straight to the mess decks as a mess cook, 4 months later went to 2nd deck ape. I was TAD to comsixthfleet motor pool in Formia for a year. Loved Gaeta, the gut and Serapo each. Good friends and memories
Britto, RoryRM-3Jun 1971 – Jun 1972Comm.Served with Chiefs Ippolito and Smallwood. Great times making the Med cruise. I made it back to Japan where I have lived for the last 30 years.
Hamilton, NeilBMCJun 1971 – Jul 19731st, 2md, 3rdRotated deck divs with BMCS Fritz Mesch and BMC Don (?), a 6'5" old school BM. AM embarrassed to not remember his name but I'm a lo older now. Lots of great memories, but none of my exwifes escapades. emails welcome.
McCullough, CarlCTR3Jun 11, 1971 – Sep 1, 1973FlagRecall with fond memories my time on board the Springfield and my days in Gaeta. I can remember friends Ed Lumsden Richard Stewart, Fred Reber, Bob Frank, and an Italian buddy named Ivo. If you served with me please contact me via email.
Watson, RonRM2Jul 5, 1971 – Aug 10, 1972Communications - Attached to Comsixthflt
De St Jean, BobSH3Aug 12, 1971 – Jun 30, 1972S3Worked in the Officers Barbershop, Steamed with Big Ski, & with the Marines at the Splash
Mostert, Russelle4Aug 15, 1971 – Jun 10, 1974supplybest time fo my life going everywhere like we did loved italy
Campbell, ScottHM3Sep 1, 1971 – Oct 1, 1972H & DAlso singer in C6F Music Show
Eubank, James ( Eubie )E2Sep 7, 1971 – Jun 14, 1974A division Steam heat gangEnjoyed my time on board and seeing the med . Miss all the friends and our time there on the beach
Carroll, DanCPL.Sep 16, 1971 – Sep 15, 1973Marine DetachmentHave fond memories of Gaeta and the cruises we took. I have contact with 12 of us that was in the detachment I am still searching for more. Contact me if you can help.
Johnson, Jess/jjE-3Sep 29, 1971 – Sep 29, 1973 Probably the best expierence of my life..... I've never had the friendships or comradery since I was there in Gaeta..... Would love to find some of my old shipmates again
Oakley, OllieE3/ FIREOct 1971 – 1974AServed aboard her while ported in Gaeta Italy until she was decommissioned.
Duffy, DanielL/CplOct 12, 1971 – Sep 9, 1973MAR DET
Donahue, WilliamSM3Nov 19, 1971 – Nov 5, 1973CS F3Those were the days...
Delafosse, KimFIREMANDec 1971 – Aug 1973EGreat time in Gaeta, went back to visit in 2005 and going back this spring. Things haven't changed much in Gaeta, lot less Americans now.
Lehigh, StevePN3Dec 1, 1971 – Jun 15, 1974X
Daniels, PaulGMMSN GMM3Dec 22, 1971 – Jun 19, 1974GMGreat first ship sent to OL Divsion to Mess Duty to GM. Worked for Chief Charlie Hughes and PO1 G. Lord. After decommissioning sent to USS Leahy DLG 16 Discharged March 1975 GMM2.
Edwards, JimmyE 41972 – 1973s 3my first ship the uss springa leak
Papa, AngeloSN1972 – 1974OPS/NAV
Miles, Jerrise-31972 – 1973mar-detdan it's been a lifetime. saw maxwell ,fox and thompson's name on the log .hope life has been great for all.left maine and am in south dakota 1-605-665-2934 leave a message. semper fi
McLay, RickL/cpl1972 – 1973MardetLooking for John Fox or Estell Johnson. You can find me on Facebook? Live in Grindstone Pennsylvania.
Gary, MartyETR-21972 – 1974OPERATIONS
Thomas, ClevelandBM SN1972 – 19731Became a man aboard the Springfield...enjoyed Italy and the Med so much that I passed up going back to the stateside until discharge day. Best time of my life...miss so many of the crew members. Wonder what Peck is doing
Killian, MichaelEnsign1972 – 1973R
Garrison, ClydeGMGC1972 – 1973GEnjoyed my short time on the Springfield, transferred to the Little Rock and retired from the Navy in1985 as Master Chief Gunners Mate.
Ruscin, Howard-robEM31972 –E DivisionI thought I would register and look around for fellow shipmates from 52 years ago.Our homeport of Gaeta was a great experience.
Holt, TerryEM 2Jan 15, 1972 –E divisionGood times aboard the Springfield. Would like to be able to reconnect to some of my old shipmates
Cordova, Rolando M. CordovaSD3Feb 1972 – May 1973S-5My last ship before I became a civilian. Plenty of memories to last me a lifetime. Learned a lot from the ship as well as from my shipmates.
Humanò, Randall profile iconE4Feb 3, 1972 – Apr 2, 1974Flag
Geppert, Michael ( Guppy)petty officer 3rd class supplyFeb 10, 1972 – 1974supplyhad a great time on the uss springfield lots of great ports to see and explore antrying to find mike applebee from texas last i knew he and i were great friends and would like to look him up anyone knows of his were ab
Bouffard, Stephen (Bouf)OS3Mar 1972 – Mar 1974OIi Joined the ship in Gaeta, Italy in spring 1972 and came back to the States with it in 1974 and spent several months decommissioning.
Fox, John profile iconsgtMar 15, 1972 – Sep 15, 1973marine detachmentlooking for marine buddies johnson (poo bear) and any other buddies who served aboard the USS springfield marine detachment
Knapp, StevePN2Apr 1972 – May 1973Personnel
Hosey, TedE-3/SK 2800Apr 2, 1972 – Apr 2, 1973CS 2/SK2800 STOREKEEPERI do not regret enrolling and being a part of those great times on board the CLG 7 in the beautiful Med.
Prisco, JosephGMG - 3Apr 15, 1972 – Jan 25, 1975WeaponsI truly enjoyed my time on The Springfield. I acually extended my tour of duty one more year. It was one of the best times of my life.
Roe, David / FleaHT3Apr 15, 1972 – Jul 15, 1974R-DivisionLooking for shipmates that served from 1972-1974.HT Shop, Ship Fitter, Had great time in Italy and the Med. In all the ports we stopped, and drank beer!!!!! and lets not forget the Ladies of the night!!!!!!! 352-509-7775
Palmerini, RobertRMSNApr 17, 1972 – Oct 17, 1973CommunicationsI remember I learned how to play poker in my berthing compartment. games lasted as long as we were at sea. High Chicago and 7 stud. good times, good friends. I bought a brand new Ducati 450 in Naples, it was great.
Edwards, MartinE2May 1972 – Oct 19733RDONLY NAME I TRULY REMEMBER IS V. O. HARKNESS CO.
Kelley, StevesksnMay 1972 – Jun 1974s1rode her home and put her to bed
Nusz, H.r.BM3May 1972 – Nov 19731stRemembering good times at Ninos across from fleet landing.
Robertson, Dennis (Robbie) profile iconSM3May 30, 1972 – Sep 1974OperationsArrive in late May of 1972. Fresh out of A signalman school .I lived off ship in St Johnny. I lived in a villa across from the Med sea. shipmates. John Gola, Steve Tilton William Donehue.amoung others. Decom ship iin Va.
Rutledge, BryanFNJun 1972 – Jul 1974B
Hanson, KimPNSNJun 15, 1972 – Aug 15, 1973
Miles, GlennE-3 MSSNJun 15, 1972 – Jun 15, 1974S-5Not a lot to say here. Just looking for some olds frinds who my rember me.
Peltzer, BruceSNJun 22, 1972 – Mar 15, 1974executiveWorked as a BM then went to Exec Div., working with radio and video throughout the ship. Nickname was "The Big Dog".
Karpf, MichaelSNJun 26, 1972 – Aug 19, 19733rd, S-2, 1stI was transferred to USS Springfield after being dropped from ET-A School at NTC Glakes SSC. I served in 2 deck divisions and as a mess cook, before transferring to Naval Dental Center, San Diego where i served my remaining time as a DT.
Salluom, JerryFNJul 1972 – Jul 1974M DivisionI worked in the enginerooms as a Machinest's Mate. We were stationed in Gaeta, Italy as the Sixth Fleet Flagship. I remember Steve Harris, Frank Chupka, Ken Cericola, Frank Hoon and Clyde Holiday. Where is everyone?
(Gee) Stratton, JamesHT3Jul 26, 1972 – Mar 28, 1974"R" DC & ShipfittingServed with a lot of great shipmates.
Bewall, DougRMCMAug 1972 – Mar 1973communicationsclg 7 was my last ship until I faced the rigors of shore duty.
Emele, RussellSAAug 1972 – Jun 19741st div and weapons officelooking for friends that where aboard while there
Morrissey, Blue EyesHT-3Aug 1972 – Aug 1973R DivisionGreat times touring the Med. The members of R div. were the best guys to party with. I'd like to hear from anyone who is on this site.
Vanhouten, RickGMMSN/3Sep 1972 – May 1974GMFirst ship. Learned alot, like not to buy fish drinks in the gut and such. Decommissioning sucked. Went to DLG7 after that.
Evick, DaveicfaSep 1972 – Sep 1973e
Ligon, BruceE-3Sep 1972 – Jun 12, 1974SKTHE GANG FROM MOBILE,AL
Gbur, EdICFNSep 13, 1972 – Sep 13, 1974
Schuler, Robert/bobOSSNSep 15, 1972 – Oct 15, 1973OAServed aboard in Gaeta, Italy the last year and returned to States for Decommisioning
Kaprocki, EdAT2Oct 1, 1972 – Mar 1, 1973Helo CrewI was the only Aviation Electronics Tech assigned to the helo det. Gaeta was fun as were all those experiences. Wish I could recapture some of them.
Barnett, Bill MississippiE3 btDec 1972 – Jun 1974B forward fireroomI would not trade it for anything but I do not think I would like to do it again the guys I work with were the best I would like to hear from them
Hines, StanE-41973 – 1974boatswainmateman did i ever have a good time in the med. i left a lot of memories in the gut
Shull, Jr., Robert D. profile iconSNJan 2, 1973 – Sep 27, 1974First Rode Her home, decommissioned Her, then followed Her to drydock @ Philly Naval Shipyard for 2nd phase of decommissioning. Reenlisted for orders to Hospital Corps School. Retired Apr1997 as HM2(FMF) USN 22.5 years.
Gerosky, AlanBTFAFeb 13, 1973 – Dec 1973BFwd fireroom,Gaeta Italy until decomission.Transferred to Coronado LPD 11.Served with Buller,Rutledge,AJ May,Fulmer,Dorr,Suave[jethro]Turtenwald ,Flemming.Would you do it again given the chance.Those were the days.Support the troops guys.
White, EdETN2Aug 29, 1973 – Nov 10, 1973OEOn board a short time after being on USS Little Rock CLG-4 for 3 1/2 years. Left her in Gaeta in Aug 73 and rode the Springfield home for re-assignment. Met some good shipmates in that brief time.

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