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USS Swordfish (SSN 579) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Swordfish (SSN 579). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 182 crew members registered for the USS Swordfish (SSN 579).

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Fries, Thomas Fuzzymm2/SS/DV1980 – 1984A Div.Had some great times... eating rum balls Matt Miller's mother made for him on West Pac under way in the pump room
Gattis, MarkMM1(SS)1980 – 1981MM1(SS)Fine boat! I wish I could stayed aboard longer.
Hodge, DougJan 1, 1980 – Jun 15, 1984Fire Control - Weapons
Gothard, DougMM1(SS)Apr 25, 1980 – Jul 17, 1984M
Reber, BertMM3Jun 24, 1980 – Apr 13, 1984aux
Cook, StevelcdrDec 20, 1980 – Sep 1, 1983A GANGGot to Swordfish in Dec 1980.....was in A gang with Rick Brewster, Fuzzy, John Furhman, Chief Ron name a few....had a blast in the shipyard.....left in 83 to DC for a detailer job... I loved Hawaii....
Shaw, JoeYNC(SS)May 1981 – May 1982AdminShort term. Great crew.
Gross, KevinSR, SA, SN, FN :0)Oct 1, 1981 – Nov 1, 1982Seaman Gang Rate tested into ICWas meet by RM2. Me being an eager nub wanted to see the boat and get rolling, he drives me to the shipyard and I ask WTH. He starts pointing at parts laying around then to the boat in drydock. And says it will awhile!
Atchley, Randy (Chilly)MM1/SSDec 1981 – Mar 1986MI still think of everyone I served with on this boat as my brothers. We went through a lot and hopefully became better for it. I hope to see you all one day.
Koenig, JohnIC2(SS)1982 – 1985Couple of names, Kwasinski "SKI", Logan, Barnical Bob! (The best barracks bar EVER), Siever. They were tough years but loved every minute of it. Was a tight crew as well!
Brown, Clint (Cb)MM2 / A-GANGOct 1982 – Jun 1986A-DivWhen I got to the boat in 82' I was the youngest and most junior guy on board. Met a lot of great guys and had a lot of good times. Would like to hook back up with "Big Dog" Robbie Shaw. Stern room and 4' of water!!
Keating, DanET2- ET1(SS)Nov 6, 1982 – Jun 29, 1986RCMemories of great people making the best of a bad situation 10/23/85 nearly sinking boat. Heroes: Jim Bronkema, Doug Farkus-ENG, Sievers-throttles..thanks. Remember singing motown with Tremblay. Many great people & unforgetable moments.
Farrell, JamesETC(SS)Jan 6, 1983 – Dec 13, 1985RCWill never forget 45 up and going down fast on 24 Oct 85. I was sure we had bought the farm. Before an outstanding on ORSE! Our trained and tight crew saved our lives. Thank you to ENG. Best crew ever, great WESTPAC loved Olongapo.
Elliott, MikeMM1(SS/SW)Jan 9, 1983 – Mar 7, 1986MRemember Barnacle Bob's? Went back to school after getting out in 89. Still work for the navy in Norfolk. Would be great to hear from you all!
Roberts, AjTM3Jan 13, 1983 – Jan 13, 1986weapons
Bashore, JoeMM2/ELTFeb 1983 – Aug 1986L
Kerns, JamesE6/ MM1ELTMar 10, 1983 – Oct 28, 1988ELTSpent a long time on the boat, Loved every minute of it.Remember a lot of the great guys and stories sitting in maneuvering on the night watch.
Spadaccini, FrankMM3Jul 1983 – Sep 1984M-DivisionWas there only a short time but some of the greatest times I had.
Grey, John (Jay)FTG2/SSJul 3, 1983 – Nov 22, 1988Fire ControlNoisy, old boat - No finer crew. Working for Electric Boat, using what I learned along the way. Not that anyone would want to call.
Pederen, MarkMM1(SS)ELTAug 1983 – Aug 1987ELTKerns- remeber Thailand!?!
Collins, CharlesSTS2/SS1984 – 1989SONAR
Martello, MarkFTG-1 (SS)Jan 19, 1984 – Jul 11, 1988Fire ControlShe was slow, but she was noisy. Old boat, great guys!
Vazquez, RobertRM2/SSMar 30, 1984 – Jul 1, 1985CommunicationsTransferred to the Swordfish after decomissioning the USS Seadragon (sister ship). Had a great time onboard. Made my last westpac on her. Contact me if you remember me Try to keep in touch with as many shipmates as possible.
Lally, GerryRM2/SSMay 1984 – May 1986RADIOgood guys old boat. westpac was an experience nobody will ever forget along with our little accident in 85. i hope to see you guys at a reunion soon.
Bronkema, JamesMMC(SS)May 1984 – Oct 1987A GangWe survived October 85- barely!
Vassallo, ChrisSTS2(SS)Jun 1984 – Oct 1987SONARI remember alot of good guys going through some tough times. I don't miss the boat, but do miss the people I served with.
Deford, DwayneE-3Jun 1984 – Oct 1985deck
Brant, DanMSCOct 8, 1984 – Sep 27, 1987SupplyDan The guy in charge of the galley! How many people are on here / or even visit, that served in Hawaii, Pearl harbor, sub-base between 1983 to 1987 or any amount of time between those 2 dates. I came onboard as MS2 and left as MSC.
Baughman, KevinEm2/ssOct 17, 1984 – Aug 29, 1987ElectricalMark, you rememeber Thailand??? You people were intersting. I for one, am glad that this abortion is over. It was a real learning experience. Life is much better these days! :-)
Curry, NikitaIC3(SS)1985 – Jun 4, 1987ICI remember having a lot of good times as well as having a lot of good friends. What ever happen to Mark Garcia? Those were the good old days, except Oct 23, 1985. Aloha!!
Compton, Steve profile iconET21985 – 1986ESM
Briggs, NeilRMCS(SS)Feb 1985 – Mar 1988RadioRetired off the Alabama as COB, My sincere thanks to a wonderful bunch of guys who I had the opportunity to serve with. The 579 tested everyones resolve and we all can be very proud of ourselves and how we pulled togethe
Linduff, JimTM1 (SS)Apr 1985 – Aug 1985TMWonderful crew miserable boat. Because of the Swordfish, I still cant sleep without a lawnmower running in my closet all night and some old stinky gym socks nearby. guys were the greatest, and I am proud of all of you!
Harper, HarpMM1Jun 20, 1985 – Mar 1989A-gangI was the first to leave after she was decom in Pearl. There were some wild times on that boat. some were not so good but it was a unique ship all the same. I still have a piece of the wooden deck topside. and I do remember Pearl Pac...
Garcia, MarkIC3(SS)Oct 1985 – Mar 1989ICHey, what's up! I agree, greatest adolescent time of my life. Made great friends that carried me through a lifetime. The ship had great times and some bad times. I chose to remember the good and the good people I served
Walk, Bryan "ace"MM3/SSNov 4, 1985 – May 27, 1989A-GangThe best time of my life was spent on the Swordfish, transfered to Subron7 and made E4. Left the Navy in July 1993. I received my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in 2006 and currently a Loan officer for a Mortgage company.
Stasurak, Alfred (Stazz)et31986 – 1987esm
Stoeckel, BillYN1986 – 1989Admin3 of the best years of my life. 18 yrs old and in the phillipines. I think every young man should experience that. Great times and great friends.
Raub, DavidRM3 (SS)1986 – 1989Deck Div then Radio
Barlow, SteveTM2Feb 1986 – Jun 1989TMBlast from the past on some of these names I see listed. Niki, what ever happened to Mark? Good memories!! Great people.
Wilson, MichaelE4Oct 1987 – Jul 1989A gangRemember cool cats mark Garcia, miles Brooks. Played A lot of basketball chief T.
Williamson, HarveyTMCM(SS)Apr 15, 1988 – Jun 2, 1989COB

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