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USS Tullibee (SSN 597) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tullibee (SSN 597). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 45 crew members registered for the USS Tullibee (SSN 597).

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Chesser, JohnET1 (SS)1961 –
Corcoran, William R.LT, USN (SS)Jul 10, 1962 – Sep 10, 1967ENGINEERING, WEAPONS, SUPPLYI reported to TULLIBEE from S1C and stayed aboard long enough to have all of the "oolies" and "lead pipes." One of the favorites was, "What would you do if you saw sand near the ELT Shack? I suppose this one got lost somewhere.
Strassels, James(Jim)sn1963 – 1963fox
Higgins, FredEMC(SS)1963 – 1964E NUCBest boat. Outstanding crew. Left because I was drafted into NUC Welding School.
Herndon, DeweyET-3Jun 1963 – 1964Reported on board (Subdev Gp 2) shortly after the Thrasher was lost.
Raby, TomIC1(SS)Apr 28, 1964 – Jun 1965EReported from Sub school after S1c after qualifying forgot about the traditional dunking. Thrown overboard with a Lt. in Bermuda. Transferred to SSBN 598
Walker, KellyEM1Jan 27, 1968 – Jan 7, 1971E NUCI had a great experience on the Tullibee. The crew was great, times were good.
Moore, Chuck ( Brain )QM3(SS)Mar 13, 1969 – Aug 14, 1972Ops
Dunn, 'Boulter' profile iconLT [CAPT]Jul 1, 1970 – Jan 5, 1973RC / E / Supply / Sonar597 was my first nuc. Made friends that have lasted a lifetime. Deep respect for Capt Wigley, EM1 John Morgan, LCDR Baumstark and many others. A truly great crew operating a small ship to the limits of its capabilities.
Sczerba, Eddie 'z"EM 1Dec 21, 1970 – Nov 4, 1975ENuc - In the shadow of one of the finest and knowledgeable people I ever I ever had the pleasure of knowing - working with - and taking direction from - JOHN MORGAN
Kuhlman, StanET1971 – 1975RCSt. Croix for sound trials and snorkeling the empty beaches there; cappuccinos all day long in La Madalena cafe while the taxi drivers had one day strikes! And,oh, lets not forget the too close encounter with the Hagen!!
Augustine, John AugieMM2 (SS)Apr 1972 – Dec 1973A gangFirst A ganger (4245 NEC). Reworked the diesel got it perking. Remember good times and bad one with 1972 run. Got out while in the Yards.
Bovee, Jamessonar tech1973 – 1978stWhat a GREAT planet! Can hardly wait to see what is REALLY next!!!!!
Jestus, Genemm21974 – 1978machinerywwww
Angel, SteveSailorApr 20, 1974 –SailorHad a great time out at sea until I got a dishonorable discharge for having too much bug juice and made sensual love to my bunkmate but then the captain caught red handed I sure do miss my bunkmate Ronnie late at night
Boyles, Bobmm21975 – 1977m
Keel, BillTM3(SS)Mar 1975 – Aug 1976Weapons
Jacobs, Joe "Jake"FTG2Apr 15, 1975 – Aug 18, 1977Weapons
Wallace, JamesMS Seaman1976 – 1979Mess Department
Papillard, GeorgesMMCM(SS)Jun 1976 – Jun 1978MACHINERY
Clark, MarkMM2/SS1977 – 1980AT2 was my "Qual" boat - went on to serve on three more SSN's. My 1st Med run was when the shaft broke. This event would set the bar for serving with a tightly knit crew...
McCoy, RandyEM1(SS)Feb 12, 1977 – Mar 12, 1983E Division
Lesnet, MikeEM1/SSAug 19, 1977 – Aug 17, 1978Emy last boat
Scanlon, JeffIC2 (SS)1978 – Apr 3, 1980Forward Electrician Interior CommunicationI reported aboard while she was undergoing repairs in Rota, Spain. Fortunately, I missed the shaft incident by a few weeks. However, I am still in awe of the courage and professionalism of the crew who were aboard then.
Munroe, JohnSTS1Mar 1978 – Oct 1982SonarGreat shipmates! I remember most of them still. Will never forget the Med run when the shaft broke. Some great sailors came from that boat.
McCandless, MarkTM2Mar 15, 1978 – Aug 10, 1981weapons
Maddox, Roy Mad DogTMSNApr 1978 – Apr 1982TMMy first boat, good crew,good times. From the Med to shipyard. From the sandy beaches in the engine room to the sandy beaches in Fla. This was the crew. I miss those days and wouldn't mind doing it all over. It was FUN serving with you all
Banister, DavidMMCMay 1978 – Feb 1982A-GangOne of a kind sub with one of a kind crew!
Premo, Marlon  NEWMm2ssDec 1978 – Sep 7, 1980A division
Cook, DennisMM2 (SS)Jan 6, 1979 – Jun 1, 1982MachineryMonday Morning Massacre left as I was checking in.. LOX Loader (no bomb), Warned Charlie the shaft was breaking 3 weeks prior. CAMS broke and I shut the damper that put Conn to sleep &we went down 2x max depth. Fun times
Coughlin, EdET2SSMar 9, 1979 – Dec 1, 1982Reactor Controls
Gibbens, GibbySTS3(ss)Jul 1979 – Jul 1982SonarFirst boat I was on with the tightest crew. Bermuda was my first underway. Drinking with Maddog and Tim Springer. TMCS Peel beating Joe Dec's ass with the little bat. Good times!
Carter, JimMM1Oct 16, 1979 – Oct 17, 1981MI served on the last refueling at PNSY , the mud tank was in rough shape Gods hand and a little luck kept that shaft from heading towards the bottom ,Mike Nolan and Jim Omneiss tightened the packing in the shaft ally , saved many lives.
Beasley, HowardET1/SSDec 10, 1980 – Apr 10, 1984Nav/OpsLots of balls to chase a rusky while unarmed, getting bombed by a P3, fireballs in the engine room on Friday the 13th. Plotting the OOD's name on the secondary plot all night. In line with Joe Dec to get sea sick. Fun!
Lounsbury, Stephen (Loony)RM2(SS)Jul 25, 1981 – Jun 19, 1985RadioServing onboard with old shipmates leaving the crew in the last refueling and gaining new shipmates upon our return to Groton. the time spent with T2 was tough, but our crew was just as good if not better than those 688
Riordan, Michael profile iconET1Dec 29, 1981 – Sep 8, 1983Reactor Controls
Neel, JohnSTS1/SS/DVJan 1982 – Jul 1986SonarFirst Boat, I was young, it was exciting and frustrating all wrapped up in T2. Worked with some great guys.
Dorsett, FrankIC2/SSJan 29, 1982 – Nov 2, 1985Engineering
Waddelow, DouglasQM2Dec 15, 1982 – Apr 26, 1985Operations

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