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USS Illusive (MSO 448) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Illusive (MSO 448). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 123 crew members registered for the USS Illusive (MSO 448).

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Plumb, Ronald (Ron)SO3Mar 1954 – Mar 1956
Humphrey, Griffith Griff.EM2Mar 21, 1954 – Aug 1, 1956
Merriman, TomSTOREKEEPER 3DR CALSSMar 15, 1956 – Nov 30, 1956I was the Storekeeper. We only went on training cruises. The most fun I had was shooting an M1 at goats on Catalina Is. from the bridge. Later as a policeman in San Diego I almosted arrested my 1st Officer, Mr. Harrison. Food was good.
De Ridder, AlvinEN3Jul 1956 – Aug 12, 1957EngineeringWas assigned to forward engine room. Was on board when we had new engines installed and then went on trip up the coast to SF and Seattle. Then back to LB and then to Pearl Harbor and Midway. Lt. Newt Morgan was our captian.
Severn, Mike SevernENGINEMAN 2ND CLASSJan 15, 1958 – May 15, 1961engineeringworked in the aft and forward engine room. Worked with a first class engineman-his name was jenner. Also 3rd class electrician Decharo from LA. Anyone know there where abouts? I also served on USS Pivot for 1 year.
Sheffield, GeraldUSS Illusive (MSO 448)Feb 1959 – Feb 1963EngineeringWE ( Evelyn and I ) live in Warner Robins, GA
Lundquist, TomIC 31961 – 1962EngineeringOperated Vietnam up to Siagon, Di Nang large swells on patrol. Great adventure for a AZ boy. Subic was interesting. Long Beach has changed. Off to Nuke school.
Martin, Jerry (Marty)ELECTRICIANS MATE 3RD CLASSFeb 10, 1961 – Oct 20, 1964EngineringServed aboard the old Limping Lucy on 2 West Pac cruises, seeing most of the Asain World. There were good and bad times. We were the first division of War Ships up the Siagon River into Siagon.
Brown, GeorgeRM3Feb 8, 1962 – Aug 1, 1966Mine Sweeper 73 I came on board out of boot camp to join my brother, Larry,who was a deck seaman then Boatsenmate 3rd.I went on to be an RM3.Ha! Remember me being late from leave and had to run and leap from piear to ship.
MacK, Dennis (Little Mac)SA/SNAug 1962 – Oct 1964Deck/AdminDeck ape the first year, then Ships Office. First time I saw the magtail being streamed, I ask what was being done, and a Boatswainsmate said "We are steam cleaning buoys." Retired as CPO in July 1981.
Hamm, Ernest (Hambone)engineman 3Nov 14, 1962 – Nov 18, 1963ergineeringmade one westpac trip,with 4 other mso's lot's of work on those packard diesels,even had to board one of the other mso's underway to help on their diesels. made 2 wk. cruise around japan,lot's of ports.
Heras, EloySNSep 10, 1964 – Apr 10, 1965DECKElectronics Preschool Indoc. 1.Deck force2.Mine gear grew3.GQ crow's nest4.Deck watch w/455.Bow hook motor whale boat5.Helsman6.Lookouts7.Bilge Cleaner8 Strip&paint9.Mess deck cook. I was never allowed to work with the ETs.
Gabaldon, George... GabbyFA-FN-DC3Feb 1, 1965 – Sep 1, 1968Deck-Eng
Bromaghim, ScottRM3Mar 10, 1965 – Oct 28, 1966Ops - RadioA really great Ship!
Billadeau, BillBMEApr 1, 1965 – Jul 30, 1968Deck ForceIt's now nearly 40 years later and those are still some of the most vivid memories of my life. Under Capt Peterson, we were know far and wide as Peterson's Pirates.
Dolan, Ryan (Michael F. Dolan)Ensign/Commander1966 –Deck-EngMy uncle, Michael F. Dolan, served on the Illusive in January 1967. Don't know his full time on the ship. If you knew him, I would love to hear from you. I'd like to know more about him and what he did.
Drewry, JohnBM2Feb 10, 1966 – Sep 9, 1969Deck
Christoffersen, JohnApr 1966 – Dec 1969Didnt want to put my rate because I was up and down so many times I felt like a Yo-Yo but ended up an EM3 after working on the Packards and cooking. We will always look back at the "Mighty I" with pride.
Drewry, JohnnyBM2May 18, 1966 – Jul 6, 1969DECKTrying to make contact with anyone that served on two market time patrols. (1966-1967 & 1968-1969 ) Trying to piece together operations off coast of Viet Nam.
Sutherlin, JamesEM-3Jun 1966 – Apr 1968E- GangWOW - 40 years later, these computers sure can make life interesting. Remember Long Beach, night diving for lobsters off the mole, our West Pac 1967-1968, long hours on watch in the forward engine room, then off to Second Class Dive School
Legere, JoeE-4Jun 6, 1966 – May 15, 1969ship's officeCompleted two(2) Westpac tours. 67/68 68;69
Gendron, JackEN3Dec 1966 – Mar 1968EngineeringI served on the mighty "I" from 1966 to 1968 down in the foward engine room. When I first came aboard I worked for Effinger EN1, then Doug Jackson EN1 and Chief Johnson. It was a great time and I have good memories.
Stelloh Jr, Martin NRD31967 – 1970CIC/RADARThe ship crew very close. Enjoyed the fantail get togethers on our two tours in Vietnam on patrol from Da Nang to the DMZ. Nick name was Bud.
Culotta, James A.Electrician Mate 31967 – 1970EngineeringWhy is there no information about the Westpac Cruise1968-69?
Diaz, Joseph (Joe)SK2Jan 17, 1967 – Oct 10, 1969SUPPLY/DECKThe "Mighty I" was the best way to be weaned in the Navy. I'm now the Command Master Chief of USS TORTUGA (LSD-46) stationed in Sasebo, Japan. A place we visited twice during the Vietnam war. CMDCM(SW/CC/AW) Joe Diaz
Behringer, DavidYN2Feb 1967 – Aug 1968Admin- in charge of ships officeLooking for members served during this time
Apodaca, Andres (Andy)SFM2Jun 1967 – Feb 1968EngineeringI came aboard right out of Class A Weld. School. I spent 10 yrs. in the Navy, got out in '73. From the "Mighty I" I went on to Class C Weld. School. Welded on Subs and Surface Vessels. Made E-6 (HT1). Bob P was the best Cpt. I served
Martinez, Charles1968 – 1969AdminYN2 - Senior Petty Officer in charge of Ship's office and Underway Master-at-Arms
Larsen, ThomasCS 3Apr 1, 1968 – Jun 30, 1969
Timney, LonnieSNApr 20, 1968 – Dec 9, 1969Deck/AdminStarted off as an SA on deck force and left out of the ship's office working as a YN (SN).
Little, DwightRadioman 2nd Class1969 – 1970Communications
Matthews, DonaldSMSNMay 1969 – Sep 1970Ops/Signalman
Pousson, LarryGMG3Jan 1, 1970 – Jul 10, 1970Deck/WeaponsI was only stationed on the Illusive for 6 1/2 months, but it was enough time to meet and marry my wife. Her dad was BM2 Hallard Maxwell of the Deck Department. While on-board the ship, we qualified for the Gunnery "E".
Holley, NorvalEN2Apr 24, 1970 – Nov 30, 1970POIC Auxiliary EquipmentAboard only for a short period but enjoyed both the crew and the operations.
Van Hall, JohnSTG1May 5, 1971 – May 1, 1976OpsWhen the camaraderie was EVERYTHING. From the precom days, through the unswept fields to assist Enhance, on into the welcoming cheers our families when we returned from Westpac. I still take pride in our part.
Hardy, KevinFNOct 1, 1971 – Dec 20, 1973ENGProud to have been a part of Operation Endsweep.
Garrison, BillYN2 (ISC & CWO2, USAR (Retired)Dec 1971 – Jun 1973AdminThose were some crazy days for sure, especially the WesPac slow-boat cruise.
Olding, BillSN1972 – 1973Deck ApeOperation End Sweep, Subic Bay (Orchid Club). Ken Walker RM3, Anyone in touch, have him get ahold of me ASAP please! Kevin Hardy, BM3 Prusinowski, remember Football and Basketball team @ Long Beach Naval Station.Lets reminesce
Walker, KennethRM31972 – 1974Radioman
Raikes, RonaldET1Jan 1972 – Aug 1975OPS
Stone, StoneySK3Dec 1972 – Jun 14, 1976Spent most of my 4 years on her. Hated most of it; 30 years later I relized they were the best years of my young life. Chief Wilson (listed above) was a GREAT MENTOR, whom I keep up with today. She was a Great Lady and we,will never forget!
Lipka, Joseph J. Lipka Jr.EN3Dec 1, 1972 – Aug 31, 1973ENG

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