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USS Exploit (MSO 440) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Exploit (MSO 440). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 74 crew members registered for the USS Exploit (MSO 440).

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McNamara, Keith profile iconE51976 – 1980EngineeringRetired and living in southeastern PA.
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Gilmore, GregEN 21976 – Jul 10, 1979Engineering
Poage, DavidEnsignNov 1, 1976 – Aug 5, 1979Deck/gunnery/navigatorRetired attorney
Ballard, FiremainIC3Sep 9, 1979 – Jul 11, 1981EnginerringLiving in Barstow Ca.Retired
Kindred, GregoryOS2(SW)1981 – 1982OPSI was surrounded by the most unique group of people, all of which provided me pieces to the puzzle and taught me what I needed to be successful in the Navy and life!
Rapoff, JimQM11982 – 1984OPSWooden Ships & Iron Men. Mine Sweep sailors do it with Pigs Otters & six bitches.
Domon, Ernest/ OxEN2Mar 10, 1982 – Jun 17, 1985EngineeringIt was my first ship out of basic. The Exploit taught me alot and I had alot of friends on board ship.When I was in that engine room with packard running it was Ok. The crew was great special old pacman.
Hooker, Donald (Ray) profile iconSK3Mar 16, 1982 – Jul 30, 1985SupplyThe Exploit was my first afloat assignment out of A-School. Newport, R.I. was our Home Port. I feel honored to have been Exploited as us junior sailors called ourselves back then.
Scida, JosephEM3May 1982 – Aug 1982EngineeringBrief but it was a blast. Stationed there between "A" school and nuke school. Showed movies ("Philadelphia.Experiment") many times. Remember a guy in suit of armor on the mess decks? Cruising from Newport to Little Creek
Pannozzo, David (Pacman)RM2Jul 1, 1982 – Mar 22, 1984OPSGreat friends, had allot of fun, Packard Engines did not run at all and when they did, you never shut them off. It was one big bouncing cork in the water.
Graham, KenHT1 (SW)Dec 1982 – Jun 1984R
Boggs, DaveRM3Dec 15, 1983 – Aug 15, 1986OPSFirst Ship right out of Boot Camp. Worked really hard but learned alot on this ship. Good Shipmates.
Sheridan, William "Kirby"EN2Dec 15, 1983 – Dec 15, 1984M
Sorensen, Eric (Sorny)RM1(SW)Aug 1984 – Aug 1986OC (Lead Radioman)Had a wonderful time, worked with some remarkable people, and left with many great memories ... except the Pier two death march in January.
Russman, Ken profile iconskcApr 1, 1985 – Apr 16, 1988SupplyI miss those days we busted our rears to always meet our deadline.
Scanlon, NeilRM2Aug 1985 – Jan 1991OPS
Nixon, RooseveltBM3-E-4Sep 12, 1985 – Aug 12, 1988DECK
Wilbur, DavidEN2Dec 28, 1985 – Jun 20, 1988emo2 a gang emo1packard power no1, good old wooden boat
Nurse, GuillermoEN1 ( SW-AW )Jan 10, 1986 – Oct 27, 1989A GANG
Oberlin, GeorgeSM1(SW)Mar 1986 – Feb 2001OC Div
Devilbiss, PeterSK2 SWOct 1986 – 1989SupplyFond memories and fun times
Skaggs, EricEM2Feb 1, 1987 – Jan 1, 1989e
James, Keith profile iconSK21990 – 1991SupplyWe were the first rotational crew from the USS Exploit (MSO 440) to the USS Adroit (MSO 509), for the Gulf War, then back home to RI to the USS Affray (MSO 511). (kkjames950@gmailcom)
Welch, RodneyBM2Jan 1990 –DeckReported aboard, met Cmdr Bill Barns, he asked me a question to which my reply was "yeah". He smiled and corrected me with "It's 'yes, Sir'". He checked on me when I went to the hospital after Desert Storm. Only one!
Wagner, Ellis (Wags)EN3Feb 1990 – Jan 1991ENGGreat ship. Great shipmates.
Kemp, AaronE3Jan 25, 1991 – May 20, 19931stDeck apes rule!!!
Howell, DougLTJGJan 29, 1991 – Jun 18, 1993Most of them. (ELEC OFF, DCA, CICO)First ship of nine, and I remember her best.
Jones, ErnestEMCSWUSNMar 10, 1991 – Dec 10, 1993Last Command Chief
Harden, PatET1Sep 1991 – Dec 1993OESpent more time filling the soda machine, working in CIC and on the fantail than I did working as an ET. Loved it.
Nelson, MatthewE2Jul 6, 1993 – Dec 16, 1993deckstraight out of bootcamp to this great ship.I became a plank owner and loved every moment on this ship.Little creek was a blast.
Smith, Charles, (Smitty)EN1 SWDec 1993 – Dec 1994A GangWooden Ships and Iron Men!!! Loved the mighty Warpig Exploit!!!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1976 – now

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