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USS Excel (MSO 439) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Excel (MSO 439). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 77 crew members registered for the USS Excel (MSO 439).

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Braziel, RandyHT 21979 – 1981EngineeringI remember a tight crew and the guys from Lodi.I was the mine sweep winch operator. I worked as a ship fitter in Bremerton for a few years. I now have an excavation business in Corvallis Oregon.
Nash, DirkEM21979 – May 20, 1981E-DivisionGood times and memories, Church, Sauter,Griffin, Deconto, Chase, Huggy, many names and faces...memories...exploding main engines, passing stray fields and degaussing test without a hitch...good times...
Hagedorn, HowardEN3Feb 1980 – Oct 1982MAIN PROPULSION
McVaney, Rawney "sigs"SM2Feb 26, 1980 – Jul 19, 1981OICI left BUD/S and was fortunate enough to land the best duty any "Squid" ever had. Conisdering there was a billet open on the USS Gallant, as well as the Excel, I had the extreme good fortune of selecting the Excel. Our crew was the best
MacAraeg, RobertoSK1Apr 15, 1980 – Apr 15, 1983SUPPLYIndependent duty storekeeper for 3 years Interested to find out email address of my former CO John Bepko III,Ltjg Craig and Ltjg Hammond.We were together aboard USS EXCEL MSO 439 from April 1980 to 1983. Need email adds.
Taylor, JackEN2Jun 10, 1980 – Dec 27, 1983ENGINEERINGJust wanted to drop a line for the crew back when I was on the EXCEL ANYONE CAN CALL AND SAY WHATS UP 816 630 0441
Schneider, DaveGMGCSep 1980 – Sep 1982Deck/SupplyRetired to upstate NY 1990. Cheryl and I often wonder where our friends from Excel are.
Phillips, NickSN1981 – 1984DeckJust found this site. Old shipmates feel free to contact me at
Magill, William (Bill)BM31981 – 19831stHad a great tour of duty on the Excel.
Bertram, Jim profile iconE41981 – 1984EngineeringHad a blast. To be in my 20's again.
Hoppie Jr., BrianHTFAJan 1981 – Feb 1982EngineeringHey you guys, just wanted to say hi to the crew. Drop me a line at: . PS: Anyone hear from the Tricketts?
Hemple, TimothyEM3/EM21984 – 1986ENGINEERING/EBest place in the world for an electrician. Long cruise to Hawaii then on to Alaska, best of my life, Hung out with EN1 Craig Wendt, even made sailor of the year onboard. Wonderful command, had a blast! drop a line: EXCEL53@MSN.COM
Hernandez, JoeHT1984 – 1987EngineeringI served on the Excel with a great bunch of guys under the command of Capt. L. Foley.
Lopez, Rene / Crazy Catqm1986 – 1987navigationI joined the ship while it was in dry dock in Seattle, WA. I was in the pilot house while in and out of port. On the quarterdeck navigating, and loading the cutters during excercises. Wow what memories.
Neff, Dennie Aka SmurfE 3Mar 19, 1986 – Aug 25, 1989engeneringhey guys what the hell is this cant believe this shit. whats main eng room!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A gain !!!!!!!!!!!!!! forward eng room. were the hell is dwayne gilcrest and huge D!!!!!!!!!!!
Burris, RickQM1Jan 1987 – Apr 1988OpsInteresting tour. Lots of good times to go along with some not as fun. Overall a good ship with a great crew.
Guyton, ThomasDC3Jan 15, 1987 – Sep 7, 1990ER09Anyone for the suke my friend!
Camacho, Eliu (Tony)HTC / DCCMar 1987 – Nov 1988ER04/ER09Leading Chief during Lake Union Refit. Was on boat then transfered to Constant for gulf trip. Injured when Constant crash with escort Vessel, return to Excel then Retired.
McMacKin, DonLTMay 1, 1987 – Aug 21, 1989SELRES/OPSGreat Ship, Great Crew. "Wooden ships, iron men, queasy stomachs".
Carroll, KeithEN2Jun 25, 1987 – Nov 4, 1990Engine RoomGreat memories - lots of good times and laughs. Two tours to the PG in 1989 and 1990, USS Enhance.
Beyer, KennyRM2Nov 1987 – Feb 1991OpsGood times. Many memories. Great crew.
Coffman, JeffSM2Dec 1987 – Dec 1989SignalHey everyone. Looking to coordinate a reunion for those from the late 80s on Treasure Island. Contact me at jeffcoffman (at) gmail dot com.
Geer, SteveFN THEN SM3Dec 30, 1987 – Sep 5, 1991A Gang then VisComIn A-Gang w/ EN2 Garvin & ENFN Neff. Watch, in Aft Eng. w/ EN1 Jackson. Puked in that smelly bidge more than once. Sucked if wrench fell there working on the Packards. SM3 for my last yr. was awesome! While in Gulf was in ERo4 w/DCs.
Andren, JonENFNJan 1988 – Mar 20, 1991Forward Engine Room/ M&ALearn alot from old Packards to the Waukesha Diesel's. Summer cruises in the Gulf 88 & 89. Swiping EN1 Jackson Lifer's cup in the Gulf with our fellow Snipes. Sleeping under the minesweeping generater. Awesome group of Friends
Stoker, ShaneGM1(SW)Jan 1988 – Feb 1992Deck (Armory)Nearly 5 years on the Excel with two tours in the P.G. on the Enhance. I really enjoyed the fine men I worked with and the diversity of skills learned covering all areas of the ship, from QMOW during ORE, Rig Captain, to Ships Armorer.
Johnson, RobHT2Jan 1988 – Jul 1991ER04That was some of the best years of my life with that crew. Some really great guys that I'll never forget. Did 2 tours of PG on Enhance and Esteem.Served as "on scene leader' and also ran MWR for ships store
Haddix, ScottEM2Feb 14, 1988 – Sep 9, 1989
Matson, MikeLTMar 17, 1988 – May 15, 1989XOWas one of the many XOs. A great crew and a really strong ward room. Lived on Yerba Buena, was playing catch with my 4 year old son when the earth quake hit. People leaving the bridge looked like a Japanese horror movie fleeing Godzilla.
Mayhew, RonSTGSN (SW)Aug 1, 1988 – Aug 1, 1990OpsServed on one rotation to the Persian Gulf aboard USS Enhance.
Moore, MikeLCDRJun 1989 – Jan 1991COWhat a great crew!
Miller, PhilandrewEN 3Oct 22, 1989 – Sep 29, 1992Engineering
McAllister, MacEN2Dec 15, 1989 – Aug 15, 1991EngineeringFwd Eng. Room, & as Engineering Log Room Yeoman
Norman, StanfordE4Jan 1990 – Oct 1992Engineman
Roberts, Texe2Feb 1991 – 1992a gang
Maudlin, MikeEN2May 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 1992A-GangDecom Crew
Franco, MartinE2Apr 5, 1992 – Jul 23, 1992mess cook.Have worked federal,state housing and commercial armed security.While married got some fbi clearance on the background of triads paying off judges in cameron county tx.Got harrassed by the law and won even pay.!

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