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USS Dace (SSN 607) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dace (SSN 607). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 100 crew members registered for the USS Dace (SSN 607).

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Weaver, Forrest profile iconsdsnFeb 1973 – Jun 1974stewardLived on the barge at EB. Then with forest (trees) Myers, in groton. Had a great time with these guys, would love to here from any still around!!
Mann, RobertFTG2(SS)Feb 1, 1974 – Jun 30, 1976WeaponsNickname= The Beef
Novin, DougMM21975 – 1977MNickname = Football
Gollehon, WilliamSTS1(SS)Jan 1975 – Jan 1977Sonar
Garrett, KennethMMCS(SS)Jan 1, 1975 – Feb 28, 1977M
Grubbs, RickyIC2 (SS)May 1975 – Sep 1978IC
Stuhler, Tom (Warthog) profile iconSTS3/STS2(SS)May 1975 – Dec 1977Sonar
Bouley, Raymond (Bigbird)MS2(SS)Dec 5, 1975 – Oct 10, 1980Food Servicemet many great people and would not have changed a thing
Kohrumel, SteveMM1(SS)1976 – 1978AUXWater Hammer my ASS! I was AUX OF THE WATCH on that one! We need Jerry Perterson, Stevie Steiner, Kurt Jungerman, Greg Borkoswski, Ted B., Grimmace, Paul Raddick, Brian Gahran - and I remember Beef, and Light Lunch! And where is PeaBody?
Sigman, JackMM2(SS)1976 – 1979M-Div
Meredith, MarkMM11976 – 1978M/ELT
Magargee, RonSTS2May 15, 1976 – Feb 15, 1978Sonar/WeaponsMed Run 76, 77 Northern Run Norway Spain Scotland
Scanlon, MikeTM2SSMay 15, 1976 – Mar 24, 1977Weapons
Duncan, Martin (Chance)EM@(SS)Jul 1976 – Apr 18, 1978EBusted in 78
McKeon, Jim /macMM2SSSep 16, 1976 – Jun 26, 1980a-gangrember heat run,stuck in p/r and the crash comming out of the med.
Crawford, CalMM1(SS)Dec 1976 – Sep 1978M"Crawdad"
Healey, KarlYN2(SS)Dec 1976 – Jan 1981Admin
Waldsmith, BryanEM2 (SS)Dec 24, 1976 – Nov 24, 1979E-Div.
Tobin, TomMM3 (SS)Jan 1, 1977 – Sep 7, 1980A77 and 78 Med Patrols, Collision at sea, Captains "Water Hmmer" ,Mare Island overhaul,
Doherty, DennisET-2(SS)Feb 1977 – Aug 8, 1981RC DivActive on the USS Dace facebook page, was on board for Med Run 1977, USS Water Hammer, Death Run, through the ditch and on to Mare Island. Left shortly after rod testing and initial crit after the extended shutdown.
Dane, JohnSTS1/SSMar 1, 1977 – Mar 19, 1979Sonar
Carroll, Owen "Bud"ETN2(SS)Jul 6, 1977 – Apr 15, 1981NAV/OPSMed Cruises 77 and 78 , SOAP Team LPO in Mare Island, First topside after CAS Gibraltar, Dace Softtball Team - Unbeaten against US Jarheads in New London, The Best of times - The worst of times CDR Robert Fitch - Best CO in Squadron Ten
Speer, BrianFTG2(SS)Jul 10, 1977 – Sep 25, 1980WeaponsHEY, Frybrain(Kenny LaNorman, or Don if either one of you read this e-mail me at
Alvarez, HumbertoFTG3(SS)Jan 1978 – Dec 1979WeaponsShort Stay went to MK113 Mod 6 School in Connecticut. nick name "Big AL" Don was the LPO at the time.....
Hartman, GordonMM1 (SS)Jan 3, 1978 – Jun 12, 1978EnginerringWow, what great Shipmates, as always, great food, short time aboard.
Kocher, DwightET2(SS)May 17, 1978 – Dec 5, 1982NAV/OPSThe heat in 79 was rough. The overhaul in 80-81 at Mare Island was a real treat. Served with a great bunch of guys.
Kemph, DavidSAJun 1978 – Sep 1978A GangI was only on loan to you guys for the Med Run but came back with great memories. It was the most fun I had on submarines.Was able to get qualified in that time frame which helped when I went back to the Indy.I have good memories of Noah.
Willis, TonyTM/2Aug 1978 – Jan 1979Weapons
Willis, Tony profile iconTM2Aug 1978 – Jan 1979weaponsWater Hammer 1978 I haven't slept in 40 yrs.
Munz, DaleMMCMar 29, 1979 – Mar 29, 1982a-gang
Carlton, ShawnIC 1May 31, 1979 – Aug 14, 1981ElectricalI shall never forget the joy of waking up, covered in hydraulic oil form the leak above my rack that A gang could never fix. I also remember the fun run between Antigua and Roosevelt Roads.
Wilson, DustyMM1/SSJul 1979 – Jul 1982M/ELTOverhaul in Mare Island/ Horse and Cow, Down Under, Water skiing behind our PBR escort in Panama Canal
Middleton, DocHMC(SS)Aug 1979 – Jul 1982Staff
Sassone, JohnETCS(SS)Sep 13, 1979 – Jan 31, 1981ElectronicsRetirement ceremony on Friday January 29, 1981 pierside of USS Nautilus (SSN 571) moored with USS Dace (SSN 607) at Mare Island, CA.
Johnson, GarMM1Mar 1, 1980 – Jul 28, 1982Machinery
Hampe, ArthurMM3/SS1981 – Feb 1982A- Div.
Branch, JefferyIC 2 (SS)Oct 1981 – Jan 1985
Zacofsky Jr., Walter (Ski)FRJan 27, 1982 – Jun 21, 1982"A" Gang (DECK DIV.)
Muir, JimNov 1982 – Jan 1986Nav/opsMUFF! ssome of my best friends and best times
Malone, RobertMM1(SS)Nov 1982 – Sep 1983MachineryDace: a tough old girl, but still had some juice in '82. Good group in M Div. Actually felt like a true crew. Long Med run, great liberty at Shearwater in Halifax. Best CO: Bill Glover!! Stoy, Goch, Carmody (BZ!!)

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1973 – 1982 | 1983 – now

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