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USS Pollack (SSN 603) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pollack (SSN 603). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 92 crew members registered for the USS Pollack (SSN 603).

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Bolyard, JimEM2(SS)1977 – Oct 1979Left during refit in Valejo for new construction - SSN 711 Still recall Wilcox and Jones arguing Jan and Dean vs. The Beach Boys, XO LtCdr Larry(?) Silver, and being one of few NUCs to messcook while trying to get the dolphins.
Hansen, Kirk "kph"MM2 SSDVJan 1, 1977 – Dec 1, 1982Auxillary
Frakes, ChuckICFN - IC3(ss)Nov 1, 1977 – Sep 30, 1979IC DivisionNon-Nuke
Lounsbery, RickSTS3Jun 1979 – Sep 1982Sonar
McKim, Steven/ernie BurferMM2?SSAug 15, 1979 – Jan 10, 1983Auxiliary
Holiday, DanQM2(SS)Sep 1979 – 1982NAV/OPSJust remembering my navigation friends, Commander Neely, Chief Jack George, QM Talley and Zeldin. Hope all is well.
Smith, John/STS1(ss)1980 – 1982SonarThe best example of "One boat, One crew" ever.
Capito, JoeMM2Jan 1980 – Oct 1983A-Gang
Wagner, Joe "Jomo"TM3(SS)Mar 1980 – Feb 1983Best Boat i ever served on. First of four, 3 of them 594s. I would do it all over again because of the crew of the Pollack.
Carr, RobertMM2 (SS)Apr 1980 – Jun 1984AuxiliaryServed while going through Sub Safe overhaul in Vallejo. Capt. Raggett was the CO. and LCDR (Denny) Oltraver was the XO. Served with "Ernie Burffer".
Gasparrelli, GlenTM 3Apr 1, 1980 – Apr 1, 1983Weapons
Scalone, JohnEM1 SS DVNov 6, 1980 – Mar 23, 1983EMLiving in San Diego, have 4 kids and 7 grand kids, own NAER Inc. stilll building power plants.
Jorden, GuyFTG2(SS)Dec 27, 1980 – Mar 18, 1983FTGThe best Sub Crew, ever!
Melton, Andy profile iconLTMay 1981 – Aug 1984E-Div and CommunicatorYour first boat is always your best. When I left Pollack, I had done so much for so long with so little, I was qualified to do anything with nothing. I have really enjoyed Facebook-ing with my crew from those days.
Gillespie, Mark SpyMM2/SSJul 1981 – Oct 1984RLI always remember my time on Pollack fondly.
Hammons, Jim (Hambone) profile iconRM1(SS)Sep 1981 – Oct 1983RadioLots of good times here. Great crew. Made my first Westpac in 1982.
Bourgeois, RobertRMCS(SS)Oct 14, 1981 – Jun 10, 1985RADIO
Berlyak, William (Bill)MM1(SS)Nov 1981 – Nov 1983MachineryFast attack out of San Diego
Zeldin, StevenQM3/SSDec 1981 – 1984NAVOPSStill (1) of the best divisions on board...LCRD Neely, Chief Jack George, & the rest of the cast of characters. Hope everyone is well
Brown, TracySTS1(SS)1982 – 1986SonarWhat Great Times! Worked with "Spaceman" and "Wannabee"
Dubreuil, EdEM2/SS1982 – 1985E-DivGreat times with Vern, Mort dorkum, Huff, Ruxlow, Roland, Wible, and Senior Chief Harvey. What a crew! 25 successful trips across $h!t river...
McEwen, William YNC(SS)1982 – 1986AdminA great tour of duty during the 80's.
Callaghan, JohnPN2(SS)1982 – 1984Ship's Office
Tuper, EdETCS/E81982 – Apr 3, 1983reactor controls
Baumbach, Charles (Chuck)TM2 (SS)Feb 9, 1982 – Sep 15, 1985TorpedoThe first of three boats I was on .The others were SSBN's but boat made me 594 tough.
Casey, James "Spaceman"STS2/SSMar 1982 – Mar 1986SonarA lot of good memories of my time on the "Black Panther of the Pacific". Would be great to hear any updates from the crew I served with in the '80's. The Spaceman.
Ross, WalterET1(SS)May 1982 – Jun 1986Forward ETFondly remember my time on the Pollack. Made many great friends whom I have sadly lost contact with. Living in NW Georgia now with my beautiful bride. 4 fantastic kids, 8 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren.
Schipono, Frank profile iconmm1 (ss)Jun 1982 – Sep 1986M
Brown, TracySTSJun 1, 1982 – Apr 13, 1986SonarWorked with the "Best" of the "Best"!
Hurd, MikeMMS (SS)Dec 1982 – Aug 1983Auxiliary
McAtee, MacMM2(SS)1983 – 1986machinery
Simmons, Ross profile iconMS21983 – 1986MSServed with John Lawless, Fish, CPO Salvino.
Brant, GregMM1(SS)Jan 1, 1983 – Oct 1987M-Div
Fromm, RogerEM2SSFeb 1983 – Jul 1986Ediv
Lawless, Johnms3Feb 9, 1983 – Nov 10, 1986supplyhope you liked the chow!! and great pals Fish, Vern, T , Ice,Harold,Pee Wee, Arcel, king midas, Mac,and Todd. Senior Chef Salvino !!! Scopwell to heaven album! and Elvis Presley commerative field day! and Such!!
Wilcox, MikeQM2/ ssApr 1984 – Oct 1987navMy favorite meal was an omelet prepared by john lawless. serving on the pollack was a very pivotal point in my life. I wish I could have attended one of the reunions. I did make 1st and chief in the reserves.
Scroggy, RaymondSTS2/SSMay 10, 1984 – May 15, 1987SonarI worked with Tracy Brown, Spaceman, Mitch, Monty, Jackson (the book worm), Wannabee, Leedy, and other great people. Hope everyone is doing well. I've been married 23 years and have raised 3 girls. So life is going pretty well from my point of vie
Steve, ShaftMM2/SSJul 1984 – 1988A-GangGood times, good friends. Living in Kansas, wife 2 kids...
Stephenson, NealLCDR1985 – 1986NAV/OPS
Delich, Jerome JMMFN/SS1985 – May 1986Machinery ForwardI was young kid and probably pretty immature but I learned alot of things and got to see alot of cool places. Alot of good guys on the crew. Alot of good times. Very memorable.
Angle, ThorMM1Jan 1985 – Mar 1989M/RL
Whitehead, Rick (Lou)ET1/SSJun 1985 – Dec 1988RCOn the decomissioning crew....Living in Atlanta area with wife and three kids,
Runnels, TomFTG1(SS)Jun 4, 1985 – Mar 1, 1989FT
Stephens, BrianSK2Oct 1985 – Mar 1988SupplyServed with a lot of great guys, always miss the good times underway. served on the decom crew at Mare Island. still pass by it everyday and think of all the good times. Living close to Sacramento, Ca.
James, BobQM/SS1986 – 1988NAVon decom
Hatton, JeffIC1(SS)1986 – 1989Interior CommunicationsWas the last original crew member on the Skeleton Crew to tow the boat to Bremerton WA.
Babcock, BulldogSTS3Mar 1986 – Jan 1988SonarGreat learning curve with the Sonar crew; Tracy Brown, Jeff Woods, Mitch, Spaceman. Not to forget the Scroggy, Leedy and big Boheaka Mickelson
Glass, JimMM1 (SS)Apr 1986 – Aug 1989RL
Mickelson, Craig / PoindexterSTS1Apr 21, 1986 – Mar 8, 1988SonarWe had the privilege of serving on her when she was to be changing homeports and the decommissioning. The crew took her from San Diego to Mare Island. Sailors are sentimental when a ship is decommissioned. I really miss the fun/ work.
Barnes, KevinTM2(SS)May 7, 1986 – Mar 9, 1989TorpedoLast TM LPO
Dryer, DarrylYN2(SS)Jun 6, 1986 – Jan 14, 1989Yeoman DivisionServed under the greatest LCPO, YNCS(SS) Ronald Fickle.
Owen, Joe profile iconSTS3/SSJun 12, 1986 – 1988SonarI retired from the Navy after 20 years and 3 days, served on a total of five boats. Stayed here in Washington state. Looking forward to hearing from anyone that is still around. Miss all you fellas.

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