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USS Plunger (SSN 595) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Plunger (SSN 595). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 93 crew members registered for the USS Plunger (SSN 595).

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Baker, TonyTM-21977 – 1979
Munroe, RobertMM1(SS)1977 – 1982A GangJoined the Navy, saw the world..and then some.
Penoncello, JosephQM1/SSOct 1977 – Oct 1980NAV/opsall is well. Miss the times on board. Lost touchm with all. hope to reunite with old ship mates.
Ryken, ClayET2SSDec 1977 – Dec 1979ELECTRONICS
Meier, ArtFTG1Mar 1978 – Jun 1982Fire Control
Ibarra, PaulTM2/SSApr 1978 – Aug 1981Weapons
Becker, Louis ET1(SS)Oct 1978 – Aug 1982RCI missed the '78 WestPac but saw a lot of PSNS and Bremerton. Served with Charlie Lick, Tom Stumpf, Mike Lathrop, Mike Fraley, and others in the RC division.
Keleshian, DavidRMSN1979 – 1982Operations
Uppaluri, The UpeET1(SS)Feb 19, 1979 – Jun 28, 1983ET (NAV/ESM)'79 SpecOp From Hell - R114 Leak The Nage, Whiston, Blau, Fish, The Upe Tom Stumpf - How Are You? Steve Thorsen/Steve Porterfield Steve Drinnenberg/Bo Cooper/Sleepy Ty Keimig All Y'All
Uppaluri, MarkET1(SS)Feb 20, 1979 – Jun 15, 1983OperationsET Division
Martin, GarySTS3Jun 11, 1979 – Feb 6, 1981SONAR
Scheibe, MarkMS E31980 – 1982A look into the past.
Ward, DonMM2/SSJan 10, 1980 – May 16, 1983A GangRemembering the extended overhaul at PSNS during my time aboard.
Christensen, Daniel R (Chris)IC2(SS)Dec 28, 1980 – Oct 19, 1983IC DivThe overhaul from HELL at PSNS drydock 6. Has anyone heard from John Kewecian or Shitty Smitty the cook?
Johnson, StephenLT1981 – 1984E, DCA, SonarI was very fortunate to be a member of the finest crew in the Navy.
Wolk, KarlMM1(SS)Jun 1981 – Jul 25, 1985
Holmes, Douglas A.k.a. Mac A.k.a. "is This Mr. Nice Or Mr. Nasty"MM2 SSNov 1981 – Feb 1986MachineryI guess if you get three Battle E's in a row you don't get too many good sea storys.
Kelly, JoeMM11982 – 1986Machinery
Thorson, StevenMM1(SS)Jan 1982 – Jan 1984Machinery
Stoffo, JamesET3Jul 2, 1982 – Apr 1, 1985Forward ETPushbutton Twidget Bottle Suckng Bubblehead Dink Puke Plunger gave me the experience that drove the rest of my life Great crew Fun times
Gallagher, MarkPN2 (SS)Jul 12, 1982 – Jul 11, 1985ExecutiveServed in the Ship's Office from July 1982-July 1985
Verd, FrederickET2/SS/DVJan 15, 1983 – Jun 13, 1987ETSubmarines Once, Submarines Twice, know the rest.
Wilde, AndySTS1/SSMar 2, 1983 – Sep 29, 1987SONARServed 1983 to 1987 SONAR Gang
Gehlhaar, HansEM1/SSAug 1983 – Aug 1986E-divRead Karam's book "Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet!" I haven't stopped laughing! Been working for PSNS for 10+ years. PLUNGER was my first boat. Having just come from a major overhaul, she was in good shape in 1983. Good boat.
Coulter, Ted profile iconEM1(SS)Aug 1983 – Aug 1987EGreat to see so many shipmates here. She was a great boat with an excellent crew. I still have Plunger Pride!
Thommen, CharlesRMC(SS)Sep 1, 1983 – Jul 1, 1985RadioRadio won there first Comm Green "C", Captain Haley was proud....great radio crew, had some hard times on there but got through it, thanks to the other Chiefs support.
Pulliam, DonMM1(SS)1984 – 1986A Gang
Gonser, ArneMM (SS)1984 – 1986A-GangProud P.A.R.T. Member
Davis, Jerry "Ivar"MM1(SS)Jan 4, 1984 – May 31, 1987Nice to see some familiar names. Where's RB "the Hawk" and Gary "the Griz"? E-mail me DA!
Cartlidge, GradieTMC/SSMay 1984 – Mar 1988TorpedomanThe birth place of Garth Miles
Sargent, NormQM3/SS1985 – 1988
Demond, Eric "chewy"MM3/SS1985 – 1989A-GangPillup's Clean da Bug Juice Machine, Jimmy Joe, Chicken Cacce' Nasty, Arne Gonser, Matt Rensch, Gordie Burkitt, Johnnie Marximiller, Andy Meat pukin at the Bunny Bar. Billy Boyd RIP. See you all in Vegas this coming April. Can't Wait.
Payton, FrankMM1(SS)Mar 1985 – May 31, 1989M-Div
Garrison, BenMM1 (SS)Mar 1985 – Feb 3, 1987A-Gang
Grieve, RobertET2 (SS/DV)Mar 1, 1985 – May 3, 1987Electronics/Divers
Smith, ToddPO1/YNMar 17, 1985 – Jan 22, 1987Admin
Bolt, ScottMM1/SSJun 1, 1985 – Jul 6, 1989RL
Healey, KarlYNC(SS)Sep 1985 – Sep 1987Admin
Fumich, JamesET2/SS1986 – 1988Reactor Controls
McKeen, JimET2 SS/DV1986 – 1990Nav ET
Brandenburg, Russell (B-burg)E-31986 – 1989Storekeeper
Robinson, WayneSTS1/STSCMar 1986 – Oct 1989SonarThis was the best ship and crew I ever served on or with.
Karam, AndrewMMC/SSMar 15, 1986 – Aug 2, 1989RL
Marxmiller, JohnRM2/SSJul 15, 1986 –Served July 86 to decom in early 90. Probably the most memorable years of my life.
Doak, Joseph (Joe)MM3Sep 11, 1986 – Oct 20, 1987A-Gang
Kernan, GarryMM1/SSNov 1986 – Apr 1990Machinery DivisionFirst Boat, Great Memories!!! Were is Don Kelley, Al Moran, Bergy and the others? Russ Foster was last in WA state, and I am now retired in Alaska!
Chantiny, JoeEM3Apr 28, 1987 – Dec 20, 1989Where is everybody else?
Cochran III, JohnSTS3 TO STS2Apr 30, 1987 – Apr 15, 1989Sonar
John, CochranSTS3/2(SS/SU)Apr 30, 1987 – May 15, 1989Sonar
Fahrenkrug, AndyEM-2Dec 1987 – Jan 1990
Holguin, Reynaldo Hogy/lumpySR to MMFNDec 27, 1987 – Jan 16, 1990Deck/A-Gang
Davila, RamonMM2Aug 10, 1988 – Feb 13, 1990Nuclear EngineeringI cried when I learned the Plunger would be my boat.....I cried when my time on this boat was over. Some of the best days in my crew, best Captain (Large).

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1976 | 1977 – now

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