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USS Permit (SSN 594) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Permit (SSN 594). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 101 crew members registered for the USS Permit (SSN 594).

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Aitchison, JamesEn1 (ss}Jun 1961 – Jan 1964A DivisionPlank Owner
Woods, ChuckRM1(SS)Jul 4, 1961 – May 4, 1963RadioCommission crew member's contact me to share a few sea stories.
Berry, TomTM@ SS DVMar 1, 1964 – Mar 1, 1964Weapons
Long, Keith (Ike)MM1 (SS)Dec 1, 1964 – Jan 16, 1967Nuke EngineeringLeading ELT
Sanders, Sandy (AlSK11965 – 1965SupplyBest duty I had in the Navy except for a tour at COMSUBFLOT7 in Yokosuka
Camerrer, Terry profile iconSNOct 1965 – 1966MESS COOKMy first boat. Spent a couple of months mess cooking before the boat went into the shipyard at Mare Island. I was assigned to the USS Bluegill SS 242 waiting for the 594 so I guess the 242 was actually my first boat. DBF.
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Afflerbach, GeraldETR-2(SS)Nov 5, 1965 – Aug 15, 1967Reactor Controls
Duffield, RobertMM1(SS)1966 – 1967MMy qual boat.
Russell, Keith (Tats)IC11966 – 1969ICPlaying poker on the mk 19, accused of driving the co's car off the pier in Hawaii breaking my arm skateboarding (Gary Payne ET1's Kid's) The SOAP team in M.I.My best bud Brian McPherson, more than one Cptn's Mast.Nickname Tats Rem
McPherson, BrianETN2 (SS)1966 – 1969RC02/29/2012....Can't believe I found this website. I fondly remember the Permit...Keith Russel those were great times....It just didn't get any better than that!
Dodds, SteveIC1(SS)1966 – 1969E Division
Burton, WallaceMMC (SS)Aug 15, 1966 – Jan 31, 1969C O B
Bufford, AlcideSep 15, 1966 – Sep 30, 1968
Roach, RonnieSA1967 – 1967TorpedoI was not on the boat long but it was a time I will never forget.
Taulbee, Charles (Moose)MM 3Jan 2, 1967 – May 9, 1970A GangMy qual boat. I have great memories of my first year or so at Mare Island Shipyard and going into SF to watch all the weird going on at that time, iWe had a great CO, TL Malone Great time to grow up
Frierson, Merletm3/tm2Aug 31, 1967 – Jul 16, 1969ordnance mechanicjust wondering how every one is doing.So stay safe.
Smith, Terry (Smiteye) profile iconSTS2(SS)1968 – 1972SonarStill married to Paulette (46 years). Still looking for Jerry Negri, and Joel Brown in Sonar. And my wife is still looking for George and Nancy Hackett. She said he was the best looking guy on-board.
Bari, Samuel (Sam)MM2 (SS)May 1968 – Oct 1969The good old days of sub sailing. From 1969 thru 1971 I was aboard the SSN 588
Hackett, George M.MM1 (SS)Aug 1, 1968 – Jun 1, 1973Machinery, ELTOnboard in San Diego, Pearl Harbor and Mare Island. Several Spec Ops which were exciting with Tough Egg Malone, survived Sqdn Commander Carlos Dew's terror, present when Captain Kollmorgen relinquished command.
Spor, PhillipQmsnOct 1968 – 1969Navigation Proud of my service. Alot better than my tour in vietnam.
Hendrix, Ray (Henry)QM31969 –QuartermasterGood times with great crew.
Demill, CraigEN2(SS)Jan 9, 1969 – Dec 30, 1971AUXWould not trade it for anything. Saw a lot of interesting places and things. Also met a lot of interesting people. Great education and not to mention FUN. Love That 1 to 1 Ratio............
Black, RalphRM2(SS)Mar 29, 1969 – Aug 1, 1969Radioman
Jones, BobMM2SSOct 1969 – Oct 1973MDivProud to have served.
Lorenzo, LouisETN21970 –ET
McGlaughlin, Keith profile iconMM2SS/MM1SSApr 3, 1970 – Dec 29, 1972M Division
Austin, WesIC3Dec 1970 – Dec 1976subpacsandiegoHi, I am actually Wes's widow, Inez Austin. He died 4 Jan 1980. I had just heard from Marcia that Dean Morris died and wanted folks to know. Dean left just before we did, in the fall of 1976.
Crump, LaFAJan 21, 1971 – Feb 20, 1972A GangI have fond memories of being in dry dock at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. I was just a boy 17; I remember sliding down the hand rail ons on the service barge from the second deck down to the first deck.
Vander Grift, RobertMMC(SS)Aug 1971 – Apr 1972Machiney
Bindner, Bernie "Bunky"TM2(SS)Feb 1972 – Jun 16, 1975Torpedo
Ward, FredSTSCS (SS)Jun 1972 – Jun 1977SonarCOB during WestPac 76
Page, AlanET3 (SS)Jul 1972 – Jul 1974
Mota, Roberto3rd Class SonarmanSep 30, 1972 – Aug 30, 1976Sonar gangRex Sackett
Curran, BillEM1(SS)Jul 1973 – Jul 1977E-divLots of good memories, including 2 Westpacs.
Bongiorno, Tom (Bj)STS2(SS)Oct 10, 1973 – Jun 7, 1975SonarThe best time I had in the Navy was on this boat. Qualified on the Permit. I remember cutting the cable to the wrong Hydrophone in the nose, Stealing the XO's door, The guys painted Dolphin on a surface ship in Hawaii, It was a great
Nix, RussellTM3(ss)Nov 3, 1973 – Feb 23, 1977Torpedo
Snell, Artms11974 – 1976supplywas 35 when I qualified, wish I started earlier.
Crane, DonaldEM3 - EM1(SS)1974 – 1980ElectricalHad a varied and rewarding tour staring as a new EM and leaving as the Lead EM selected for EMC
Gipson, ScottFTG1 (SS)Sep 1974 – Oct 1975WeaponsReported aborad just as she got back from WESPAC and left the Navy just before she went back out for another WESPAC
Pilkington, DonSTS1 (SS)Oct 1, 1974 – 1979SONAR girls

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