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USS Coral Sea (CV 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coral Sea (CV 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 947 crew members registered for the USS Coral Sea (CV 43).

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Heady, ThomasAZ31981 – 1982VA-27
Ostler, DouglasHT31981 – 1982RGreat ship & people I worked with in PMS shop.
Ruiz Jr, RobertHT21981 – Apr 1983Engeering
Berry, RobertCTM21981 – 1983OS Division
Clarke, MattLT1981 – 1982B-5BTC Bruch, BT1 Smits, MM1 Arias kept fuel out of the water and water out of the fuel. (Did I forget other E7's or E6's in the Division?)
Brown, StevenABE2/WT2Jan 1981 – Jun 1989V-2/WI had a great time my first 3.5 years on board. I miss the guys from V-2 especially cat 1. My second tour in W-Div. wasn't as exciting but memorable.
Epling, KenABE2Jan 1981 – Jun 1985V-2
Smith, Douglas profile iconAo3Jan 1981 – Sep 1983WeaponsAfter leaving the Navy at the end of the World Cruise, I became a truck driver. That lasted until 1999 when I decided to follow a childhood dream and entered Law Enforcement.
Luck, RogerE-5Jan 4, 1981 – Jan 26, 1982ATCWorked in CATCC with a bunch of great guys. Never did get a Cruise book and didn't really appreciate how spectacular carrier ops were until I had gotten off the ship.
Vansickle, RandyEM1Jan 6, 1981 – Jun 30, 1985E
Webber, Jr., Robert S.MM2Jan 20, 1981 – Dec 28, 1985A Gang - Auxillaries & Hydraulics ShopsLong hard times at sea but fulfilling in that you felt you were a part of something special. The Ageless Warrior took a lot and required a lot from its crew. I never saw the crew fail her the whole time I was aboard. Haze gray & underway
Kinley, JohnPH3Mar 1981 – Jun 1985OPMany good memories...sad to see her gone.
Terry, TimE4Mar 1981 – Apr 1984PHOTO
Ohlund, Stephen (Oly)ABF3Mar 1981 – Oct 26, 1984V-4we had some good times it would be good to see some of the guys again. The old girl should never been scrapped.
Samoyedny, RichardHTCMApr 15, 1981 – Apr 15, 1985Many fond memories of this ship and the great bunch of guys that worked with me and for me and all the hard work that was accomplished MRZ MRG MR A and Chief Martinez were good friends and shipmates as were all the guys of R Division
Herzog, MichaelABF3Jun 1981 – Jun 1985v-4
O'Leary, Steve O'LearyE-5Jun 1, 1981 – Dec 2, 1981Ship's Safety
Royer, Jeffrey - JeffE4Jun 14, 1981 – Nov 2, 1982DK PayrollSome great times with fellow shipmates on this command! The Philippines was GREAT, I went back and got married 30 years later. Hope to hear from some of the fellas.
Martinez, Ruben(Headbeaner)IC1Jul 1981 – Jul 1986e
Morales, RudyAC2Jul 5, 1981 – Sep 10, 1982OCShip's company member on the '81-'82 WestPac cruise, and 80+ straight days out at sea!!!
Durham, NealIS1Jul 23, 1981 – Sep 25, 1983OZGreat Intel Div. Cdr Bob White, LtJg Bitton, Gary Buda, Jeff Bice, Kimo, Wolf, Bogie, Chuck, drafting shop, Air Wing Intel guys. Made 2 cruises. Got off 9 months early in Norfolk. Retired 31 May 86.
Wilson, JodyE-4Jul 29, 1981 – Jul 29, 1983Ships Company Cod CrewC-1A Crew, Jet Shop And Tool Control Shop
Morse, Davidad3Aug 24, 1981 – Sep 6, 1983vf-21
Wirt, AndyMM3Sep 1981 – Apr 1986Engineering A DivisionAnd as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave
Rigney, William John Jr.ADJ1Sep 1, 1981 – Jan 12, 1982HC-1
Bice, JeffersonIS2Sep 14, 1981 – May 19, 1983OZ
Legg, DarrellOS2Oct 1981 – Sep 12, 1983OIWorked primarily in the Surface module of CIC
Lyles, Logan profile iconASM3Oct 10, 1981 – Aug 14, 1984AIMD/GSE
Fennell, MarkSGTOct 11, 1981 – May 23, 1983MARDET
Hayes, Rusty A.k.a The BlazerHTNov 3, 1981 – Nov 3, 1985R Man what a ride!!!!!! Meet some of the best people in my life on that ship. The blaze is alive and well .
Parent, JasonMR3Nov 16, 1981 – Jul 10, 1985A GangHoping my shipmates can help me get hold of a 1983 WORLD CRUISE BOOK. I lost the one I had in a flood. That book was the only thing I had left to remember her by. I still can't believe she's RAZOR BLADES. San Francisco could of saved "H
Stewart, DougEN31982 – 1985Agood times not all but most
Spooner, KeithDP31982 – 1983S-7S-7 wasn't a bad Div. But got tired of dealing with DAH, DAH. If you catch my drift, TAD to MAA for 6 mos. Loved it. Texas street in Pusan was a blast. Better than Olongapo, and cleaner.
Perry, MichaelBT21982 – 1987b-4great times worked with scott whitson, joey linko, mark quinn,lance mathews,tony gerke,michael maggiacomo and others
Lafferty, TerryAMS 31982 – 1985VF 154Best Time Of My Life.
Streno, AnthonyAME31982 – 1984VF154/AIMDtruly one of the best ships ever
Spooner, KeithDP31982 – 1983S 7
Fisher, QuentinYO3/E41982 – 1984Training
Lemon, DavidE-31982 – 1984G-1 Fwd AssemblyHad some fantastic times On the old lady, during the world cruise. Last day on board was 4-5-84
Kemmer, JimHM21982 – Sep 14, 1983Medical
Price, Robert (Ghost)ABEAN1982 – 1984V2 Cat1 & DCTo all who were serving with me on the In Port Fire Party in Portsmouth, VA...Dec 17th 1983...THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!
Myers, NealBm21982 – 1987Security
Gray, Tom profile iconYN21982 – 1985AdministrationPersonal YN for CO, Capt.R.E. Tucker, when "The Ageless Warrior" collided with an Oil Tanker just after dry dock, WorldCruise, Shellback initiation, Suez Canal, most memorable for me. I rock a Coral Sea cap proudly.
Hockin, ScottATJan 1982 – Dec 1984AIMD IM-3 I will never forget her or the great times around the world!!!
Boner, KeithATANJan 1982 – Jan 1986IM3 W/C610
Carson, RichEn3Jan 3, 1982 – Jul 28, 1985A Division
Gray, DavidSNJan 18, 1982 – Sep 11, 19841stI had over 200 hours on the helm of the Coral Muru. The World Cruise was awesome, going thru the Suez Canal was an experience I will never forget. Becoming a shellback was brutal, but, worth it!
Moss, Michael PNSA, PNSN, PN3, PN2May 13, 1982 – Jan 29, 1986X-3Two great cruises onboard! Also, two not-so-great shipyard stints!
Stejskal, Russ Aka SkullE 3 May 20, 1982 – Mar 1, 1985A divisionWhere does the time go dudes its been a crazy ride alot of great times and things are as good as ever let the good times roll my ol friends !!!
Freedman, SteveE2Jun 1982 – Nov 1983E
Midkiff, Marc/birddogL/CPLJul 1982 – Jul 1984Marine DetachmentOne of the greatest experiences of my life. I still have very fond memories of that ship and a part of me will always be with that ship.
Dripps, Bt1BT1Jul 1982 – Oct 1988Bworking on the boilers,water jetting ;fixing tubes, doing firesides,oh what fun it was......Not! good memories,good shipmates ,i bid you fair winds and following seas.
Repass, JoeEM3Aug 1982 – Sep 1986E
Bass, Thomas "ty"AMS-3Sep 1982 – Nov 1984V2 then IM2Like to say Hi to any shipmates that remember me or anyone that would like to take about old time on the Coral Maru.
Anderson, Mark (Andy)ANSep 1982 – May 1985V-2 Cat3if your from V-2 between 82-85 feel free to email me at
Beers, Thomas ScottAE 2Sep 1, 1982 – Sep 12, 1983Air Wing; HS-12 SqdDid the World Cruise 83 also Pineapple Cruise of 82. Though I was airwing and not ship's company, I still felt the ship was mine. Was sad to see they scrapped her. Anyone been to San Diego to see her sister ship, the Midway? Worth seeing.
McClellan, Patrick / MacSNSep 1, 1982 – Nov 14, 1985S7
Mattschull, PeterIC 2Sep 12, 1982 – Jun 8, 1987V-2Plat / Lens
Gibbs, Robert (Homes)ABE3Oct 1982 – Feb 1984V2
Carley, PatrickHT2Oct 5, 1982 – Oct 5, 1985RI was onboard for three years and had a big part in rebuilding the firemain system in drydock. I was a member of the rapid response team the "Flying Squad". I did have a chance to visit her in the scrap yard, that was a sad but interesting day.
Parker, George (Max)IC-3Oct 10, 1982 – May 18, 1984EngineeringI was fortunate enough to be attached to the ship when she underwent her World Cruise from San Francisco to Portsmouth, VA via the Suez canal. It was a sad day when I heard she'd been scrapped
Schlumberger, KurtE5Nov 13, 1982 – Feb 4, 1986S-7Coral Maru!
Ingram, James RaymondAO2Nov 25, 1982 – May 31, 1986AOCC
Dunham, JackSkNov 26, 1982 – Aug 24, 1986S1Managed Ship's OPTAR
Cannon, BillyBT3Dec 21, 1982 – Jul 7, 1985B-2 and Oil Lab

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