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USS Coral Sea (CV 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coral Sea (CV 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 942 crew members registered for the USS Coral Sea (CV 43).

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Goulet, MitchCPL1979 – 1980AIMD Rigger, TAD from VMFA-531Had a great time with the exception of the 100+ days in the IO. Was in the PI a couple years back not quite the same since FedEx took over, but fun just the same and brought back great memories. Hope everyone is doing well.
Valdez, JohnCPL1979 – 1980VMFA-531Indian Ocean Cruise 79-80.Being a final checker during flight operations was the ultimate experience.Will never forget the best times of my life.Semper Fi !!!
Moore, BillPH21979 – 1982OPUpdated my email info. Love to hear from anyone that remembers me. We traded a few photos for various goods and services. Our photo freezer was just above the officer's mess freezer, so some good ice cream took a detour now and then!
Sawyer, Ronald profile iconDM21979 – 1982G and OZLot of great memories aboard Her, made 2 West PACs during my time. I was in G division as a SN when I first got on board and then went to OZ after becoming a DM.
Cundall, BradCpl1979 – 1980VMFA 323 ELECTRIC SHOPWorked in electric shop. Also a final checker. Had a great time. Except the 101 days at sea in the i/o. Semper Fi
Devine, JeffMM1979 – 1983M-2Got to see the world,it was great
Cooper, MikeMMFN1979 – 1982M3Engine room throttles and Gen top watch. Man I miss that.
Crider, MarshellAE11979 – 1981VA-196
Wright, LonnieE-3/MMFN1979 – 1981Engineering #4 engineroom
Kirk, LutherAT-21979 – 1980AIMDSome of the best times of my life. Looking for D. Young (Rabbit)
Rutherford, RoyABF31979 – 1981V-4Looking for Paul Turner John Newcomer
Walin, Lawrence profile iconDS21979 – 1983OE
Burr, DonaldRMSA, RMSN, Meritorious Advancement RM31979 – 1980CR CommunicationsFirst duty station, great group of sailors. Advanced to RM3 before moving to the USS Okinawa LPH3 in San Diego. Did a Westpac and 102 day stint in the Indian Ocean during the 1979 Iranian Crisis.
McCoy, Roger profile iconAN1979 – 1980V-4
Boese, Scott profile iconMM31979 – 1983M-2
Nutt, MikebtfnJan 1979 – Jul 31, 1982B div4 charlie fireroom with spanky and the crew
Martinez, JulianRMIJan 2, 1979 – Jun 2, 1980CRI was onboard when we deployed in 1979 and were deverted to go where the hostages were held in Tehran and the ships in the area from the soviet union and ours were about 50 or so...lots of fun right? 102 days at sea was to much.....
Cowan, James (Chris)ABE-2Jan 7, 1979 – Aug 13, 1982V-2 (cats was where its at)Feelin' older on my birthday, lookin' for some old shippies to type with. Will never forget CORAL SEA and the fellas from KILLER CAT ONE.
Fleming, RobertABH2Feb 1979 – Mar 1980V1 Great times on the Flight Deck. DC Locker was mine
Lewis, James KE-4/EM3Feb 1979 – Jun 23, 1981EI had a lot of good times with the people I met aboard the Coral Sea. I would love to get in touch with as many of them again as possible.
West, JamesBT1Feb 2, 1979 – Jun 4, 1984B- 2 Charlie boiler roomgood times voted best looking and steaming boiler room
Powell, Jim (Boog)ET3Feb 15, 1979 – Aug 28, 1982OEFirst and only ship. Great group of brothers/shipmates. Loved serving with and beside this great group of guys!
Wasko, Daveic 3Feb 19, 1979 – Mar 4, 1981int comm
Tarbert, MichaelEM-3Mar 1, 1979 – Dec 20, 1982#2 switchboard. Known to visit stable element often.
Berger, Donald L BergerET3Mar 1, 1979 – Mar 4, 1982OERadio 2, Main Comm. tech. Main two West Pac crusies and was my first ship to serve on.
Freeman, Harold RossRM2Mar 28, 1979 – Oct 8, 1982CRWould be great to hear from someone I knew on the Coral sea, I lost all contact after going back east.
Moore, BillPH2Apr 1979 – Sep 1982OP/photo labSpent many a day taking photos on board as well as from the helocopters. Capt. Dunleavy was the best!
Castillo, RobertGMT1Apr 1979 – Apr 13, 1981W Division - Weapons Dept 3M Coordinator
Conz, Jeffrey profile iconE-3Apr 1979 – Oct 1982S-7Loved my time aboard San Fran's own. Love Pusan and Olonapo too
Kelly, JohnANApr 1979 – Oct 1980V-1
Nikonowicz, Raymond profile iconAO3Apr 1, 1979 – Aug 22, 1981G4I am looking to connect with old shipmates from Hotel 43. Those were some interesting days and I would like to discuss the experiences we had. Many things have changed and we are still here.
MacLaren, DonRM2 (at time of separation from active duty in Dec. '82)May 1979 – Dec 1982CRHad lots of rich experiences while stationed on the Coral Sea! Hated the ship at first, but as soon as I got out in '82 I missed it like hell...Navy wanted me to re-enlist, sometimes I wish I had.
King, TimothyAK 3Jun 1979 – Feb 1980Supply
Williams, A.g.JO3Jun 1979 – Oct 1982X4I owe the past 35 years of my professional career to a warrant officer in Personnel on Coral Sea, named Dan Tom. He pulled me from V2 and moved me into PAO. My life as a Writer, Broadcaster and Photographer was launched!
Holt, EricE5Jun 1979 – Jan 1983B1
Helms, CharlesABHCJul 1979 – Dec 1982V-1 Division Flight Deck
Stein, BruceET1Jul 15, 1979 – Dec 5, 1979OE/12Only on board a short time but remember watching flight ops with the Admiral from flag plot one fine evening.
Dolan, BillEW1Aug 1979 – Mar 1981OWWest Pac and Alemeda. Great Duty!. Last saw the Warrior in 1990 in Baltimore Harbor. Sadly she was tied up to a boneyard for dismantling. Our illegal antenna was still dangling from our port side equip room!
Fowler, RonaldE4Aug 1979 – Jul 1981aviation support mechanicI loved the ship and had a wonderful experience. I miss all my shipmates and would like to hear from them.
Sims, JamesCPLAug 16, 1979 – Jun 10, 1980MAR DET
Greely, Daniel (Griz)EM2Aug 22, 1979 – Jul 22, 1982EServed with some really great guys, looking back to my three commands it truly was the best. Also served on the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) and USS Shasta (AE-33). Would really like to hear what my shipmates have been up to.
Haywood, Karl profile iconBT3Sep 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1983B22 Able fireroom
Roos, Paul M.A.O E-3Sep 9, 1979 – Jun 10, 1981I'm working at a halfway house, i was a client , twice. I think of you guys from time to time, man we were so young! Be good to each other , God bless ,.... Rooster from maine.
Scott, KevinOS2Sep 9, 1979 – May 9, 1983OSLooking to make contact with other OS serving during this time.
Land, JoeMS3Sep 20, 1979 – Jan 22, 1982Officer's Mess (SS05)Any stewburners out there?
Hopkins, RichardE-3Oct 1979 – E-mail me
Hopkins, RichardE 2Oct 1, 1979 – Sep 1, 1980VA 97would like to get in touch with any of the guys from those days.
Kane, AlanL/CPLNov 1979 – Aug 1980VMFA 32379-80 west/pac vmfa 323 parachute rigger subic bay, pattaya,singapore,pusan
Levitz, WayneCPLNov 1979 – Jun 1980VFMA-531 AIMDIn the AT shop with a bunch of squids, most of which had never been to A school & 531 & 323 Marines. All a bunch of great guys. Had a GREAT time. Love to hear from any of you.
Fox, RudySGTNov 1, 1979 – Jun 16, 1980VMFA-323 / AIMDWorked in RADAR shop in AIMD then with VMFA-323. It's a time on my life I will never forget.
Fiaschi, DavidBtfn 3 able fire roomDec 1979 – Mar 1982BLooking for anyone in b division who remembers me and the great times we shared
Dodge, CharlesOS2Dec 29, 1979 – Sep 28, 1983OI DivisionLooking for shipmates from this time, I hope to find a few of you.

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