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USS Coral Sea (CV 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coral Sea (CV 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 942 crew members registered for the USS Coral Sea (CV 43).

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Berryman, StacyASMAN1977 – 1978IM-4 I was sick when I found out that the Coral Sea was Scrapped. I still have the great memories of being aboard ship
Hersey, MarionMS31977 – 1978Supply/S-2Served as an MS in the bakeshop.
Williams, DanielBT31977 – Sep 19, 1980B-1Great people...Great Times...Great Ship. Love to do it over again.
Samuelson, DanielEW21977 – 1981OW
Simmons, RichASM 31977 – 1977VA 22Was Tad to Ships company GSE shop. Worked as flight deck trouble shooter. Made only one westpac cruise.
Shelton, KimIS1 (SW/AW)1977 – 1980Air Department/Habability/OPS OZ DIvVery fond memories of the ship, the crew from all 3 departments I was apart of. Was the start of even better things for me to come and a very good lesson learned! Never take no for an answer! Respect to all that served!
Lindsay, DonnLithographer (LI3)1977 – 1981X-1Worked in the Print Shop. I know now that those four yrs were the best yrs of my life. Met great people and went on two west packs. I miss those days more than I ever thought would be possible
Brown, ScottRMSN1977 – 1979CommunicationPicked up the shop in the Philippines during a west pack. Left while she was in the ship yard in Bremerton Washington.
Dickover, Raymond/deekBt31977 – Nov 15, 19801charlie fire room/B-divMade me the man I am today. Will never forget steaming through a storm in the South China Sea. Miss my late buddies,Kenny Graham and Walter Klineiwski (RIP)
Glover, DanAME 2Jan 1977 – Jan 1978vf 194I didn't get to spend much time with my shop mates as I was assigned to beach detatchment for the duration of the 77 cruise in p.i. I loved it.
Williams, KennethABH3Jan 1977 – Sep 1980V-1Hello, I served aboard the ship for 2 cruises or westpacks. I wish I could get a copy of my 77' and 79' cruises. Would like to connect with anyone who knows me while I served aboard this ship.
Henke, Joseph profile iconEn3Jan 1977 – Sep 1980AE-05Made some awesome friends on board her. Mabus , Baxter, Geno , Richard , David Dushars Don Schutt John Well could go on But be to many !!
Williams Jr, Kenneth RABH3Jan 1977 – Sep 30, 1980V-1Looking for shipmates I served with during my time on the ship. I was in V-1 Div.
Henion, Bruce (Green Sheet Man)YN3Jan 1, 1977 – Aug 1, 1981OperationsI was the Operations Department Yeoman for three years and the Special Services Yeoman in port Bremerton, Washington for six months. I arranged ski trips for the crew.
James, Henry/kimoAMH1Feb 1977 – Mar 1978IM2We deployed only to Subic, Pusan, and Yokosuka.
Harrell, RonAT3Feb 14, 1977 – Jun 14, 1977CAG-15 / VA-95Dates listed are part of a westpac cruise. Numerous outings for sea trials, etc, during 1976. Mess cooked as an E-3, A-6 avionics as an E-4.
Caraballo, JosephIC 2ND CLASSMar 30, 1977 – May 6, 1979DID ONE WEST-PAC JAPAN, PHIL, KOREA
Monroe, FrankDS2May 1977 – Dec 1978S7What happened to Dan Webb. Pulle off ship early to go to Mare Island during drydock in Bummertown.
Tabing, GermanE-4Jun 1977 – Sep 1980M-4 EngineeringWould like to contact others in my division. Goat, Bird, Spider, Vic Rocha, Glenn Duggar, etc. It has been a long time!
Rangel Moncada, Roberto "Shorty Rangel"E4-PC3Jun 19, 1977 – Jun 19, 1981Administration DepartmentI was a post office clerk, and also worked in the mail room. Everybody knew me but there was so many i couldn't remember. I was good at my job because at sea and in port your it. Everybody loved mail call at sea.
Burnette, KeithBT3Jul 1977 – Jul 1979B4Those were the days! Black Oil, Draggin' Steam, and Bremerton Washington! Riding the ferry. Jim, Lang, Max, Terry Coulon, & Ike. Anyone that remembers those days, hit me up!
Jones, RobinLT, SC, USNRJul 1, 1977 – Oct 1, 1979Supply DepartmentI served as a Supply Corps Officer for 10 years with the years onboard the Coral Sea being "the best of the best."
Difiglio, JosephASM2Sep 1977 – Mar 1981IM4
Daniels, Pete profile iconPC3Sep 3, 1977 – May 25, 1981Amin
R. Eric Woodward, WoodyABE-2Oct 1977 – Apr 1981V-2There were so Bad times... But I don't remember them... I had ONE Hell of a Time...:-)
Newberry, WilliamSK3Oct 1977 – 1980S-1This was a very interesting time for me. Made a lot of friends still have some of them around one live in UTAH, and another lives in Georgia. Live long all.
Messier, JerryBT2Oct 1, 1977 – Nov 1, 1979B div
Callands, Rodney Aka FlashlightABHOct 15, 1977 – Aug 18, 1981V-1Stayed in trouble But Cmd Seiger's always got me out of it.I'm doing great now
Thomas, TimPNSNNov 7, 1977 – Nov 7, 1981PERSONELI was just a country boy at the age of 17. went out and went in to the Navy, got on a very big ship,
Hollie, JerrySGTDec 9, 1977 – Feb 14, 1980Marine DetachmentGreat time, Great people, Great ship...
Burns, DaveHT2Dec 16, 1977 – Oct 1, 1981Habitability /"R"Remember the great times in dry dock in Bremerton Washington!
Hollie, JerrySGTDec 16, 1977 – Feb 20, 1980Marine DetachmentGreat experience, learned a lot, discovered life long friends. MarDet's next reunion is in 2007 in Va. If you like to be added to the reunion list, let me know.
Rule, VanAT2Dec 27, 1977 – Jan 4, 1981IM3Worked in AIMD for AT1 Bronson and Later AE1 Leighty/Sgt McGuire. Did the 79/80 Westpac with the "little" 102 day at sea stent. I remember the brig rat jumping off the fantail in the IO. Mooning the Ruski Can. Pusan and PI were great...
Bellomy, HankET2Dec 30, 1977 – May 1, 1980
Vega, KurtABF31978 – 1980V-4Looking for others from V-4 Division. Part of Iranian Hostage Crisis.
Rohman, BillET31978 – 1982OE
Barker, BruceFTG 31978 –FOXAlameda and Bremerton Mark, Me and Pat got a house on the Sound What a party!
Fischer, Jr, RolandE-31978 – Apr 1979medical
Gaeding, RamonABH31978 – 1981V-1Was working in Fly-3 and Fly-1.Miss the old crew and that great ship.
McNally, TerryET21978 – 1982OE
Shipley, RichardCTM21978 – 1980OSVivid memories of Bremerton (PSNS) dry dock refit period and Gonzo Station patrols. Part of SSES secure comms team. Good memories, good people, proud to have served on the Coral Maru. Last saw her in Baltimore in '93.
Benton, DavidMM31978 – 1980M3Main throttles during seatrials - Man what a rush.
Gooldy, RalphHT31978 – 1981R DivWas in the pipe shop during the West-Pac then moved to the CHT shop when it was formed. How about those 102 days at Gonzo Station.
Miler, BartRM31978 – 1979CR Division (TTY Repair)Any buddies please email me
Madrid, JosephGmgsa1978 – 1982Gunner's mate g-3
Bren, TimPO 2ND CLASS1978 – 1980MSRemember that time in Olongapo City...Long days at sea and rememberable Christmas in the Philippines.
Draper, JohnAC2Jan 7, 1978 – Apr 4, 1981OC
Greer, Randall (Lurch)CPLFeb 1978 – Feb 1981Marine DetachmentA lot of good times aboard. Made some good friends. When I first saw the ship in port wlith a port list I wondered what I was getting into. Turned out to be a great experiance.
Salazar, SalBTFNFeb 4, 1978 – Jun 1, 1980B-1
Lahood, Garye-3 abfMar 1, 1978 – Jun 2, 1981V-4Best times of my life!!!!!!
Hitt, JeffABH3May 1978 – Jan 1982v1Those were the good old days
Gentry, Will (Chip)hm2May 1978 – May 1980medicalwent on West-pac
Hampton, JayElectrician Mate Second ClassMay 1, 1978 – May 1, 1983E DivisonHey Guys I was in E division. Load dispatcher on Switchboard #2 . Then Flight deck Electrician. Was a great time and learned a lot. Want to reach out to say hi to all the friends I made there. You all take care.
Overstreet, RichET3Jun 1978 – Oct 1981OEHad some great friends that I served with there. Would love to here from any of them.
Buehrig, ChrisO-1/EnsignJun 1978 – Dec 31, 1981Deck Officer, E-Division, Ships Repair OfficerGreat experience, Deck-O, CICWO, then OOD as an Ensign under Capt. Stan Arthur. 1st WestPac - OOD, then to ENG as E-Div-O, EOOW for 2nd WestPac under Capt Dick Dunleavy and Capt Johnson. Also Repair O with Ed Plaza.
Smith, Michael SmittyAC3Jul 1978 – Aug 1980OC
Golden, TerryIS2Aug 1978 – Aug 1981OZ
Russell, JamesBTFNOct 12, 1978 – Mar 10, 1981BWild time,miss my bros.Dave Wasco,get ahold of me.Remember ridin our new Sportys all over the bay area.Never got chance to thank you for takin care of my bike,still ridin,still boatin.
Meadors, RonCTO3Nov 1978 – Oct 1981SESS101 days on at Gonzo. Enjoyed serving with Lcdr Grant and CTOSC Story, I wish them well and Kinnenun too. Always wondered if Ensign Hansen got over his duty of the mail bouy watch.
Lowe, PerryABE-2Nov 1978 – Jun 1982V-2As I get older I wish I appreciated the time on the Coral Sea more because I missed it once I got out of the Navy. Had some great times in the Philippines and Thailand.
Ash, JamesEM 5Nov 27, 1978 – Nov 2, 1982EMMy 4 years in the Navy were awesome, my time aboard the USS Coral Sea as ships company was great, met great friends and learned new skills and grew up. I think my time aboard the ship helped propel me to become who I am
Decker, NolanBT2Dec 1978 – Jan 1980B-Div
Vincent, Joseph profile iconAK3Dec 15, 1978 – Aug 23, 1982S-6 Supply/S-8
Liotta, MartyABH3Dec 15, 1978 – Jan 18, 1982V3 and S7Hey Rocky, I remember you. I am still alive too. Hello to any other shipmates that I served with, and hope you are all prospering and are well.
Simmons, Christopher LynnAO3Dec 24, 1978 – Aug 6, 1982G1, G2Like to get in touch with some of the AO's that I served with. Made two West- PAC cruises on the Coral Sea. Made some good friends but just did not stay in touch with some of them.
Krula, David profile iconAT-1Dec 28, 1978 – Jun 23, 1981HC-1 Det 3Served on board USS Coral Sea in HC-1 Det 3 - 1978 thru 1981

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