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USS Coral Sea (CV 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coral Sea (CV 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 942 crew members registered for the USS Coral Sea (CV 43).

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Alicea, JoseYNSN1974 – Sep 12, 1975vf-51
Lopez, JerryRM21974 – 1976CR
Quinlan, "Mighty Quin"OS21974 – 1976OIMade 2 West Pac's - trsf'd to Kitty Hawk. Great times, great cruises, great people.
Boren, DennisABHC1974 –V-3 & V-1Had to leave on emergency leave.
Finch, Raymond profile iconensign1974 – 1975intellI am looking for anyone who left the coral sea and went onboard the USS Anchorage for the evacuation.
Laidlaw, LarryHT-2Jan 1974 – Jun 1977RStarted in the Pipe shop, then DC shop and then the Carpenter shop and finished as Command DCPO. Met a lot of wondeful shipmates, had a wonderful time. Retired from the reserves in 1999 as First Class.
Wissing, Harolde3Jan 20, 1974 – Oct 20, 1975b divhat off to all how served the 43 had the best time of my young life.alot of great times. see alot and did alot with a great bunch of guys in the b div. to all of b div hope all is well with you and yours.
Atkins, SkinsRM3Feb 1974 – Jul 1977CRThe best of times, the worst of times. Evacuating Vietnam was tough and the Mayaguez incident left some scars. But the rest of the time was a total delight.
Fred Alvarez, FirebaughAO3Feb 11, 1974 – Feb 10, 1978glooking for ao's for reuion that sevred aboard 1973-1980 contact me
Grubbs, ChuckE5/EN2Apr 1974 – May 1975A-Div: Compressors and Emergency Diesels (AFT/FWD)
Gulett, Morris (Red)ABE/ANApr 20, 1974 – Jul 29, 1976Air Dept. V-2 Division Catapult # 3Met some damn good fellows aboard the Coral Sea. Lloyd Jesse Fry James D Titsworth Michael Sanko Scotty Milan Had some great times in Perth, Subic Bay P.I. Singapore, Pearl Harbor, Long Beach, San Diego etc
Gentry, James (Jim)PN3May 8, 1974 – Jan 17, 1976XI worked in Personnel and Education and Training. Great ship and shipmates. I wouldn't take for my time on board!
Doyle, BobADJ3May 14, 1974 – Aug 19, 1975AIMDMy son just graduated from Navy boot at Great Lakes. That opened a flood of memories for me about my Navy life. I'm proud I got to sail with you. My son is sea-worthy and will uphold our Navy tradition.
Crisp, GaryAOANJun 1974 – Mar 1975GM / Guided MisslesHey Fellas, Just thought I'd say hello, and may GOD watch over all of you. It was an honor to serve with you. If you remember me, you may contact.
Warman, WilliamHT2Jun 26, 1974 –R
Orth, Eric V.ABEANAug 12, 1974 – Sep 29, 1975V=2 CAT 1I LOVED THE DIV. AND CAT 1 CREW, BUT THEUSN AND I DIDN;T EVER GET IN SYNC. all ports of call were awesome, perth the best week ashore. the storms were really bitchen too. hey billy jack, miss you buddy. and BRULY UR BEST
Eaton, Peter (Elvis)BT/FNAug 16, 1974 – Oct 10, 1975B DivisionAnother Bird Farm! LOL
Bell, LeroyABF-3Aug 16, 1974 – Aug 22, 1977V4 DivisionI enjoyed my tenure on board Coral Sea especially shellback, crossing the line, initiation and the time Jolly Roger who was captured by a Wog!
Foy, RichardairmanSep 11, 1974 – Apr 1975weapons commandonly seved on board for 8 months but will always remember olongapo city
Million, JeffBM3Oct 5, 1974 – Jul 21, 1978DECKSOME OF MY LIFE'S BEST FRIENDS WERE HERE...
Dejesus, DjE-3Oct 31, 1974 – Oct 31, 1978V3 for a while then transferred to V-5 with Air Boss
Dlugose, Dan profile iconHM1Nov 1974 – Mar 1975HSRetired 6/2013, volunteer work for one year in S. Pacific and South Asia as nurse, incl. 6 weeks on USS Pearl Harbor with Project Hope visiting Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Solomon Islands.
Wayland, Robert (Wally)AO2Nov 1974 – Apr 1979GM and GStarted in Missile shop (GM) div 74-76 then G div. Went thru 2 West Pacs (74/75) and (77), and 2 yard periods (Longbeach and Bremerton).
Lay, ArthurBT3Nov 18, 1974 – Nov 20, 1978B
Perry, MikeBTFNDec 1974 – Nov 1975B-Best carrier Navy ever had! Miss the ship and crew!
Pasalich, JoeAT1Dec 3, 1974 – Jul 2, 1975VF-squadronsWould like to get Shellback info from ohter ships. I was initiated May 10, 1975 on the Coral Sea at 106 degrees 43 min. It would be nice to have it for other ships. Currently I am looking for the information on the Connie in 1979.
Schultz, Danny profile iconAM2Dec 5, 1974 – Jul 2, 1975VA-22My brother Danny Schultz was on the USS Coral Sea with VA-22 for the 1973 Cruise and the 1974-75 Cruise as an AM Plane Captain for NL 305. I would like to get in touch with anyone that remembers him.
Struble, BenHTFA TO HT3Dec 29, 1974 – Jun 1978RMy first command which I learned a lot about the Navy and my rating. Had 2 great WestPacs while aboard and miss some of the great times I had with some of the friends I made.
Wrage, Richard /rickmm3Dec 31, 1974 – Jul 10, 1977m1 divwhat to chat with old freinds that were onboard her.
Hogue, Robert1975 – 1977Marine DetachmentJoined Coral Sea after yard period in long beach, then we changed ports to Alameda, i remember Gysgt Hymen, and 1st Sgt Banta, Capt Clemmer, 1st Lt Cardi. Does antone know where I can get a cruisebook for westpac after moving to alameda?
Baldwin, Johne-31975 – Nov 1977e-division
Bramer, MelvinE-31975 – 1978S-2would love to hear from any of my old partie buds or any one that knew Lt Kuntzinger
Houchin, Henry HouchICC1975 – 1978E2In charge of the IC gang and seved as E2 division officer
Acevedo, Ricardo profile iconHM31975 – 1976Medical - HWas a Hospital Corpsman Striker when I came to ship in Subic Bay. Remember well becoming a Shellback. The Mayaguez stays in my mind. I ran into a sailor from that ship in IL and a Marine from that mission in MD.
Murray, GerardFN1975 – 1979RGreat memories on the ship for those four years and afterwards. Many great friends. Westpac 77 Rich O'Connel, Johnny Law, Wade Moore, Many more.
Brown, RobertPN31975 – 1977PersonnelI'm now working for the Boeing Co.
Lopez, FranciscoOSSNJan 1975 – Dec 1976OIHi guys..remember me? I was a nunchaku swinging, trumpet playing (though briefly), dope smoking dude from Brooklyn, NY. I'm thankful for having been given eternal life and forgiveness of sins thru Jesus Christ our Lord. May God bless you.
Collins, VictorIC 3Jan 1, 1975 – May 1, 1978V-2Worked in PLAT and Lens For Mr Bokesh Also woeked for IC! Ron Wilk any remember IC! Rudy
Varney, TedftsnJan 10, 1975 – Nov 27, 1977Fox
Leonard, MarkHM3Mar 1975 – Feb 1976Medical- HI was only aboard for a year, but it was the first time I WESTPAC-ed, and it turned out to be major turning point in my life.
Carsjens, Rabbit RayE-2Mar 1975 – 1977ELoved that boat owe Ship Mr Capt Frick. Love and miss you all. 1974-1977 I pray all are well and know Christ . We were good we were bad, but all of us were there when we grew. Is Magnum still around. 2-Charlie FR
Brandt, GregAT3Apr 1975 – May 1976
Jones, Glenn / SteveSHIP SERVICEMAN / E-3May 1975 – Jan 1977supplybarber
Triggs, KevinE2May 1975 – Jan 1977DeckJust like to touch base with some of guys I served with
Warman, BillHT3May 1, 1975 – Jan 15, 1979RMetal Shop R Div and Deck Dept 4 Captains Gig
Arca, ReyAO3May 1, 1975 – May 1, 1975GLooking for G Division shipmates....1974-1977
Hampton, Robert / Bob (Hamp-hamp)RM3Jun 1, 1975 – Nov 13, 1978CommunicationsWhile waiting at Alameda NAS with orders to board the Coral Sea, seven of us put a large Yellow Ribbon (made by Navy Wives) on Coit Tower for the crew to see upon thier return from the 1974/'75 cruise. I was aboard June 1975 to Nov 1978.
Schulthies, GlennETR2Jul 2, 1975 – Oct 3, 1978OEI think the most enjoyable time I had was the 1977 Westpac cruise
Oppelt, StevenE-4Sep 1975 – Sep 1979V-3Looking for Navy buddies assigned to V-3 Division 1975 thru 1979
Supnet, TomABE2Sep 7, 1975 – Sep 7, 1979V2 DivisionHad a lot of fun on the Coral Sea! Having even more fun finding all of my shipmates. Contact me anytime at "" .....Tom Supnet
Supnet, TomE5 Petty Officer 2nd Class - Aviation Boatswain's MateSep 7, 1975 – Sep 7, 1979V2Oh what a time we had in the Navy and all that action on the Flight Deck! I hope an old shipmate finds this and contacts me....
Pope, BryanAK-5Sep 15, 1975 – Sep 15, 1979S-6I remember Rich Wildhirt, Dave Coulter (doc), Tim Como, Holder, Grimes and so many...Cmdr Bednar, Ltcmdr Dahlin..great time in my life aboard that ship..
Pope, BryanAK2Sep 29, 1975 – Sep 29, 1979I saw on the Military Channel Rear Admiral Arthur and remembered he was our Capt. in 1975, (I think) and it prompted me to look up the Coral Sea. I saw my friends name Richard Wildhirt and remember him well. I remember all my friends.
Kane, KentABF-3Oct 1975 – Jul 1979V-4 Long Beach, Alameda, San Diego, Oahu, Subic Bay, Yokohama, Pusan, Bremerton. Westpac '77 rules !!
Dudley, Don DudABH2Nov 1975 – Nov 1979V3
London, MelvinASCS/IM4Nov 16, 1975 – Nov 22, 1978IM4
Russell, Ken (Russ Dog)AO3-AO2Nov 18, 1975 – 1979G-5 Flight Deck
Northrop, Randolph profile iconAO2Dec 1975 – Nov 1978G DivisionA lot of good memories on the Coral Maru! Worked Hanger Deck crew and was detached to Alameda to rework yellow gear when ship went to Dry Dock in Washington Paul Tawney John Marshall John Oshima Fred? Russell Kid
Curley, Martrixsk3Dec 26, 1975 – Aug 1979sk1Reported in Long Beach 12/26/75; was assigned to the galley. Left for supply before the ship went to Alameda. Did OverSea's Deployment; another overhaul: this time in Bremerton. Left while in San Diego 8/79.
Cellars, AlanQM3Dec 28, 1975 – Dec 28, 1975NavigationThe good ole Coral Sea, westpac77, retired deputy chief of the east cleveland fire dept. Powers, Rozelle, Lange, Daily! Moore and others. NAVIGATION DEPT. Cdr. Mccormick, Lcdr Hefkin

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