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USS Coral Sea (CV 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coral Sea (CV 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 896 crew members registered for the USS Coral Sea (CV 43).

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Decatur, DennisSN1966 – 1968G DivisionLooking For G Division Buddies.
Jacobs, KeithPT3/IS31966 – 1969Operations - AIOFond memories, including travels in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan during cruises....would like to contact other office members during this time period. Craig Lee - where are you?
Roberts, Drew profile iconAN1966 – 1967Spec Ordinance ControlSea Duty in a War Zone was Eye Opener. Thanks Lt Cmdr Schuster, Lt Cmdr Weed, "Smitty", and Lee for some karate and a great Liberty in San Diego together. Favorite Navy food in Tonkin Gulf War Zone: "Bug Juice"!;-))
Bolt, David/big BenAO3Feb 24, 1966 – Jun 30, 1967Guided Missile (GM)I'm glad to have served. We had some good people in GM Div such as Ltcmdr Consel, Chief Foote, "Katz", Dave Cezak, etc. Wish I had known she was being scrapped, would like to have had a piece of her.
McClendon, DavidEM2Mar 1, 1966 – Sep 6, 1969Engineering DivisionI was very proud to serve aboard this great lady-she was the most involved carrier in the Pacific during this timeframe (what a workhorse). I learned so much and seeing the orient was priceless.Ron/Gary/Craig/Allen email me
Lindsey, LarryAirmanApr 1966 – Jun 1967V-1Hard & dangerous duty. Have many fond memories. Left after one westpak cruise but learned that 2 buddies were killed on the flight deck the following cruise.
McGill, JackABE2Apr 1, 1966 – Oct 31, 1969V2Worked in arresting gear engine room 3 and on the flight deck, was exciting times.
Beauchamp, BillMM-3May 1966 – Oct 1969M-DIV # 1 ENGINE GROUP
Sutton, Larry profile iconSFM3May 1966 – Aug 1968RMy dad is looking for buddies from Viet Nam cruises 5/66-8/68 on the USS Coral Sea. Dad asked me to do this for him as he doesn't use e-mail. I'll respond for him to all messages sent and get you hooked back up. Thanks!
Spurgin, BillABFAAJun 1966 – 1968V4
Gutman, Earle profile iconENS / LTJGJun 1966 – Jun 1968SupplyMiss those days.
Frosheiser, RonAC3Jul 1966 – Apr 1968OCMade two West-pac Combat cruises 1966-67 and 1967-68. Sent to the Sea of Japan 1968 to support the capture of the USS Pueblo. She was a fine Lady and truly an "Ageless Warrior" and will always be remembered that way by the men that served o
Jones, William LucasACCSJul 1, 1966 – Sep 6, 1968OCI was the Air Operations Chief during the 66-67 and 67-68 deployments. We went to the Sea Of Japan in response to the capture of the USS Pubelo on the way back to the states. We had a great crew and I consider that assignment the best of my 20 years.
Kirby, W. C.AO 2Aug 1966 – Nov 1968GMIt was the experience of a life time. So pleased i had the opportunity. End of 2013 & i'm still in touch with men from GM div.
Shalk, TimSNAug 1, 1966 – Jul 1, 1967S3Great experience....WestPac Vietnam Cruise 66'67.....left the ship in June '68 to become a Corpsman. Served with the Seabees in MCB10. Also at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. Discharged HM2 in 1970! Looking for old friends!
Quimby, TimETN2Oct 1966 – Aug 1969OE
Carmody, JohnAIRMANDec 17, 1966 – Sep 21, 1968fuels
Kerr, Lenard/ LennyYNDec 26, 1966 – Jun 17, 1970AIR INTELANGENCELong time no see
White, FrankPN2Dec 31, 1966 – Jul 1, 1970XCaught the ship on Yankee Station after riding the USS Sacramento for about a week. Only permanent duty assignment during my enlistment. Released from active duty a couple of months early on return to the United States July 1, 1070.
Jenkins, MichaelAE-11967 – 1970VF-151Great ship, I'll never forget her, She made me a "Shell Back" and took me on to Australia
Whitener, Robert Or Bob (Whitey)AN1967 – 1970VF-151I was amember of the lne crew.Myself Cecil Brown Joe Moore and James Hattrich use to hang out together
Neiderheide, LarryE-51967 – 1969VAW 116Looking for Glenn 'Doc" Turner who was the corpsman on board and best man in our wedding....would like to talk to him....Navy was good to me.
Cowart, RogerPO-31967 – 1969VAW-116I am posting this on behalf of my grandfather, Roger, as he has been talking of wanting to get in contact with old buddies but didn't know how. He has specifically been looking for a John Bonesteel from Argentia NB.
Wilmot, Richard profile iconLT1967 – 1969RI was Repair Officer (R-Div) and Fire Marshall which meant running to every fire. Usually every third night or sometimes day. Most often for the big old vent fans whose insulation seemed to be failing. Loved Coral Maru.
Blumer, DaveSA/AN1967 – 1968B and OABest Ship in the Navy. I had many good shipmates as well.
Sipes, RodneyE31967 – 1968R
Ludden, JohnMM2Jan 1967 – Apr 9, 1971"M"Worked in #1 & #4 Group. Great memories and lasting friendships from the four years that I served aboard the "AGELESS WARRIOR"
Rodriguez, RubenSeamanJan 1967 – 19701stLooking for Allen Valentin and sea sick Nash
Dombkowski, WilliamJan 1, 1967 – Aug 1, 1970Fox
Kramer, LeroyYN3Jan 1, 1967 – Jul 1, 1970V3Will never forget my time on this Ship.
Darrow, EarleDC2Feb 1967 – Jun 1970"R" CO2 and Carpenter Shop
Smirk, JohnEN3Feb 1967 – Aug 1968A-5Worked in aft.disel gen. and life boats and Capt. Gig
Scarborough, DonaldMM3Mar 1, 1967 – Feb 1, 1969M Division
Lim, JaimeAE3Apr 26, 1967 – Apr 29, 1969AvionicsAn experience I will never forget.
McNamee, BertAT3May 1967 – Oct 1969V6 then AIMDShip's company sailor V6 Div '67 then became AIMD. Avionics maintenance for E-2A and A-6A aircraft; CVW-15 squadrons VAW-116 & VA-52. Check out my website!
Lukens, MikeAO3May 11, 1967 – Apr 11, 1969GM Div
Santora, Larry (Soupy)YN3May 13, 1967 – Oct 26, 1970OP (AIO)I'll never forget my three WestPac Cruises. The people I met, a few who didn't come back. My Shellback initiation was one that I will always remember.
Bodt, AlbertEM2Jun 6, 1967 – Aug 7, 1970E-Division
Morgan, Charles M. "Mike"AZ3Jul 1967 – Aug 1970VF-151Worked in the QC/QA/Logs and records office of VF151. Some of the guys I worked with, Chief Fletcher,AE1 Jenkins,James Chrobak,AMS2 Winenger, friends were Paul Surratt, Jon Schrader
Morgan, Charles MikeAZ3Jul 1967 – Aug 1970VF-151Trying to make contact with other VF-151'ers of that era. Michael Jenkins, I see your entry, we worked together, email me, and any others I Have made several contacts.
Cochran, R. MichaelABANAug 1, 1967 – Feb 15, 1970V2Standing in the catwalk next to cat #3. A cigarette, and a coffee and my first view of Hong Kong. Looking back at me in a cold rainy fog. I'm sorry I didnt say goodbye to shipmates before I left "Her" in 1970. The last time I saw "
Jenkins, BruceAMS2Aug 3, 1967 – Sep 19, 1970VF151 Airframes
McColl, Bradford Brad profile iconE4Aug 10, 1967 – Mar 23, 1973G Coral Sea and VT26 NAS Chase, TXWould like to contact any of my shipmates on the Coral Sea or at Chase Field. The Navy was a great experience. Went to very interesting places, saw a lot of the world.

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