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USS Yosemite (AD 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yosemite (AD 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 471 crew members registered for the USS Yosemite (AD 19).

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Kennedy, Gary R.CS31971 – Oct 1972Still Kickin' I finally made it back to Georgia...Hated San Diego..Nickname was TINY
Steiner, Bob/catfishHT31971 – 1973Ships company (E&R)Old Catfish here. Anyone remember me?
Edwards, Aliciae5Jan 15, 1971 – Jan 15, 1974uss yosemiteTrying to find Curtis Adams USS Yosemite 1973 Mayport, FL
Glister, JohnMM2Feb 10, 1971 – Aug 16, 1972R2 valve shopworked in valve shop rebuilding all types of valves.. had a lot of fun during and after work. I've kept in touch with a few of the sailors I met during my time on the ship
Nunez, Steve profile iconYN3Mar 26, 1971 – Mar 25, 1975LegalServed my entire term on USS Yosemite in Mayport, FL. Started in mess and eventually worked in the Legal Department until I left in '75. Significant memory: MedCruise.
Laforty, GeorgeMMC -MMCSMay 30, 1971 – Nov 30, 1973M
Stimpson, AndyET2Aug 14, 1971 – Oct 1972We went to Rosevelt Roads for a month and to New York for a week and to Fort Lauderdale for a week. Ship was known as building 19 because it never left the pier.
Andrews, LavernET1Sep 1971 – Mar 1975R-4Never leaves the pier huh.
Johnson, RonfiremanSep 1971 – Nov 1972valve benchlooking for old shipmates
Bobo, Roger Aka Bobo CashHTFNOct 1971 – Jul 29, 1977Hull Tech.I was Hull Tech, and Spent a Lot of time in the Pipe Shop, and also Carpentry Shop. I was also in Damage Control. lot of Fun on the Yo Yo. Had a good Band playing Country, Sure miss Taco, Red Smith, Leon Raines, Griz.
John, Williams profile iconDP3Oct 14, 1971 – Jul 25, 1975Data ProcessingI was in 2nd Div Deck before going to Data Process. Went on 74 Med Cruise. Had lots of fun during those years partying with the fellows.
Romine, RickE2Oct 17, 1971 – May 31, 1975
Romine, RickOct 18, 1971 – May 15, 1975RA
Foster, StevenQM3Nov 1971 – Aug 1975Nav
Blanchard, Buddy (Blanche)HT2Nov 12, 1971 – Aug 5, 1975E&RLOOKING FOR HT3 BOB STEINER/ CATFISH
Dermody, JoeCS 3Dec 1971 – May 1974S 2
Wa;berg, Alansk2Dec 10, 1971 – Dec 7, 1973sk
Herrington, James TerryETN31972 – Nov 4, 1974R4Great friends and shipmates, hope all are well, I have some great memories while serving aboard. Now working for a contractor doing maintenance on the T45C model aircraft, leadman in the Avionics shop.
Chavez, Alphonsoe31972 – 1975machinest mateI came aboard in 72 - 75, worked down in the evaporators, went on the Med cruise in 74' had lots of fun. I love to ride my HD motorcycle. Live in Ontario Ca.
Zavala, RudolphSH2Jan 2, 1972 – Jan 1, 1976SupplyI am looking for old friends from Jan 1972 till jan 1976
Junkerman, DaunMM3Feb 1972 – Mar 1973M DivYo-Yo: Building 19, Mayport
Hayes, TimHT3Apr 1, 1972 – Sep 18, 1975outside pipe shop (repair)First duty ad-19 Great ship worked in outside repair then worked in dive locker. Med cruise, africa,spain,turkey,greece,italy.
Contreras, Juan M.srApr 16, 1972 – Jun 12, 19731stI was aboard for about a year. I GOT to go to NEW YORK,CITY IN 1972.Left ship in mayport, for uss jonas ingram dd938
Eyke, Clinton (Bill)IC3Aug 1972 – Apr 1973R-3Looking for anyone from the IC shop.
Thoden, BillSnAug 1972 – Jun 19752ndRetired Police Dispatcher Upper Darby Twp, Pa,Police Currently drive a limo part time.
Green, Kim profile iconTMT2Aug 1972 – Sep 1977Weapons
Grigsby, RandallPM-3Sep 10, 1972 – Jun 10, 1974repairI am looking forword to hearing from you.
Tomlin, Bob profile iconML2Sep 12, 1972 – Feb 23, 1974R-1Had a great time aboard "The Busy Lady" good friends in the foundry, pattern shop, carpenter shop, shopfitter shop.
Phelps, MauriceE-3Sep 15, 1972 – Mar 10, 1973deck divisionI remember serving on board the ( hotel 19) as it sat on it's coffee grounds in Mayport Florida.
Martin, Daniel (Marty )mssnOct 10, 1972 – Aug 8, 1975s_2was nite cook for med cruise, but spended most of my time in the bake shop.
Beard, GaryFNNov 14, 1972 – Aug 18, 1975ER DivisionLooking for old shipmates in HT and FN 72-75
Locher, RandySNDec 7, 1972 – Aug 8, 1975Optical ShopYoYo was my first ship, met alot of great guys. Did the Med cruise 1974
Kendall, Dave profile iconTM21973 – 1975weaponsfound friends of getting out party except for danny mills. Would like to find ed crocker as well. found billy edwards, mike dupray, bob langford and warren fox. Went to the Med on the Busy Lady in July of '74.
Senecal, DeanETN3Feb 1, 1973 – Jun 23, 1973ElectronicsI was assigned to the YoYo TAD in route to Nuclear Power school in Bainbridge, MD. When the ship pulled out into the harbor to test the engines I had to get off the ship for security reasons. I enjoyed my tour.
Strange, Christopher { Doc )SA - LI3Mar 1, 1973 – Mar 2, 1976Deck - Repair DivisionsPromoted to SN while Deck Force working in the paint locker. Opening came up in the Printing Room in Repair Division. Promoted to LI3. Roving tender in Med cruise. Left ship in Boston Naval Shipyard during overhaul., MikeE5Mar 10, 1973 – Aug 1978mayport
Caswell, Billos2Apr 1973 – Aug 1975ops/nav
Dupray, MikeTMT3Jun 1973 – Feb 1976Weapons
Brooks, PeterPM3Oct 1973 – Mar 1977R1
Joe, PriceFN1974 – 1976RepairArrived when it was referred to as building 19. Assigned to the center machine shop. Made a Med cruse. One of our working ports was Augusta Bay Sicily. Hello Eddie.
Garrett, MarkFN to MR31974 – 1977R2Worked in R2. Mess, Tool Room, Lathe, Center, Valve Bench, Mill and Upper. Looking for Ramey, best man. He taught us to play guitar on duty days. Boston awesome and cold! Retired from DoD in petroleum supply for Pacific
McKinstry, Brucemm21974 – 1977engineering
Norten, MikeEM3Mar 1974 – Sep 1977R-3, motor rewind and outside repairCant believe I spent 3-1/2 yrs on that ship. What an experience.
Leon Varlack, ViEM3Mar 21, 1974 – Nov 29, 1976Engineering (electician mate)The Med trip was great, did a lot of sightseeing and partying, the carribbean and boston was outstanding The navy adventure was good time .The crew members was friendly
Farber, LeeMM3Apr 15, 1974 – Feb 15, 1975Engineering
Salinas, Richard profile iconSH3 - SH2Apr 24, 1974 – Dec 4, 1975S-3 DivisionCame on board when it was bldg 19, I jinxed it. We got underway and stayed away. I worked down in the laundry, dry cleaning and was part of the security force and damage control.
Coe, Price (Frankie P)MS3May 11, 1974 – Jun 17, 1976MSThe Med cruise was great until the restricted duty in Greece. Spain was awesome. I hope to reunite with some old friends through here.
Clifford, KevinsaJun 1974 – Mar 26, 19761stgot to ship and whithin 4 days we shiped cruise 74 was a blast naples ,rota spain barcelona,greece..then back to mayport.1975 was a great time in florida partys women it seem to go so fast then eos at boston
Miles, GlennMSSNJun 15, 1974 – May 23, 1975S-5Tranferd from uss springfield. Work in officer ward room for a short time. Then I went and cook for the warnent officer mess. Good men to cook for. Had a good time aborad on the busy lady. Look foward hearing from frinds who rember m
Blazer, Carroll "Trail"YN3Jun 20, 1974 – Mar 15, 1975AdminChaplain's Yeoman and Petty Officer in Charge of the Cruise Lounge, Library, and Sound Studio
Francis, Francis (Radar)Jul 1, 1974 – Jul 1, 1976sick bayworked mostly in office as clerk with dick keeler hm1 and hmsc wiley, picked up ship in palma spain spent the next 6 months jumping from port to port ending up in athens .
Bergamo, Roger profile iconLI3Aug 1974 – Jun 19781st, S2M, 2nd, R2Started in 1st division (deck) then S2M (mess cook) then 2nd division (deck again) then R2 (Print Shop).
Russell, RonnieAD-19Aug 6, 1974 – May 2, 1977S-2Sure had some good times with the lady. After all she was home.Miss all the other cookies Slager.Jones, Allen Hale Bubba Raymond Baldwin,Cole,Frank Wilson. Would like to her from someone.thanks Ron.
Mankin, MartyDP2Aug 19, 1974 – Aug 18, 1978Data Processing.Made alot of good memories. Good buddies all going through the same thing. Made cruises to Charleston, Norfolk, Tampa, Fla. Gitmo, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Boston Shipyard 1976, Med. Cruise Sept. 77 - March 78.
Kimball, C.c.OM2Sep 1974 – Nov 1977R-5Worked the Optical shop. Good days, good friends. Got out came back in and ended up retiring as NCC. Now living in Louisiana
Williams, Douglas (Willie)SM3Oct 1974 – Aug 1978OPS
Swan, GeorgeDS3, DS2Nov 1974 – Sep 1977MI, S6Reported aboard when ship was in Naples. Was onboard when ship went to Boston for overhaul, to Gitmo afterwards, and for cruises to Puerto Rico, Charleston, and Norfolk. Left ship just before Med cruise.
Jennings, RoyBM3Nov 11, 1974 – Apr 12, 19771st
Swegan, RaymondMLFNNov 26, 1974 – Aug 26, 1977R1For the first three months I spent Mess Cooking, then for then next year and half I spent in the Foward Fire Room. And for the remainder of the time I spent it in the Foundry!
Olivas, ManuelBmc OlivasDec 18, 1974 – Jan 1, 1975First divisiongreat times

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