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USS Yosemite (AD 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yosemite (AD 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 471 crew members registered for the USS Yosemite (AD 19).

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Wagner, William L.MM1943 –UnknownThis is for my grandfather, who passed away in 2004. He was a plankholder on the Yosemite and served aboard her in WWII.
Healy, JohnS1 CLASSMar 25, 1944 – Mar 25, 19443Will someone contact me and let me know when the next reunion will be for USS Yosemite AD19. I am an original crew member. Please contact me at 973-542-1777. Sincerely, John Healy
Brady, WalterBoatswain Mate 1st ClassMay 1944 – Dec 1945UNKThis is for my Grandfather Walter Brady who served on the Yosemite from its commissioning in 1944 until the end of the war. He returned to the US in December 1945. Job Well Done! He passed away in March 1987..
Taylor, Thomas Pm/m3classMay 24, 1944 – Mar 2, 1946unknownI am the son of Thomas P Taylor,my father passed in 1995 just wanted to post his name in his memory,he always said it was the best years of his life,he actually took me to the monkey bar in pearl harbor later on.
Robison, William RobisonRADIOMAN 3/CJun 1944 – Nov 1945Came aboard in Pearl Harbor, was crewman until Wars end while we were at Samar, P.I. We then left for Sasebo, Japan in the Southern Kyushus and was the first American Ship to enter their harbor at wars end...
Mancini, JamesFM 1/cNov 14, 1945 – May 18, 1946ELECTRIC MOTOR shop E division
Karpowich, William BillSeaman 1st classJun 10, 1946 – Jul 26, 1946SupplyFor my grandfather that passed away
Hose, KeithMachinist mate firemanNov 15, 1946 – Apr 18, 1950Unknown My dad is 89 years old with Dementia but remembers so much about his Navy experience. Bootcamp in San Diego, Port Hueneme, Virginia then Grondal, Greenland were his cities of duty. Hoping someone knows him. Lives in CA.
Kresila, GeorgeseamanDec 26, 1946 – Oct 10, 1947UnnownI am adding the name of my Father who served on the Yosemite during WW2. He passed away in May of 2000
Scheips, Charles D. ScheipsPHM 2/CJul 1947 – Oct 1947Hospital CorpsI ran the sick bay on the ship
Seguin, Albert W.DC1 USNNov 15, 1947 – Sep 1952R DivI think the best thing is to see my story about the Oyster feast, noted on the index of the front page of this website.. look for my story, The Oyster feast).
Johnson, O.q.(Sonny)fcJan 1951 – 1954shopkeeper
Jones, RalphSK3Jan 1, 1951 – Dec 7, 1953SK3 divisionStore keeperWould like to hear from any of my old buddies!
Meyer, DavidME-2Apr 1, 1952 – Jan 19565 th R12 years in shipfitters shop then weld shop
Clouthier, EugeneSeaman 1st class1953 – 1957Quartermaster divisionLooking forward to hearing from any navy buddies
Dillingham Jr, Howard NE21955 – 1956
Luse, Marshall profile iconE21955 – 1957Boiler TechI'm currently retired from General Motors in OKC. Enjoying my great grandchildren but, truly missing my wife of 54 years.
Russell, PhilipHM2Mar 1955 – Nov 1955H
Lizee, DonaldIM1Apr 1956 – May 2, 1957R5
Banocy, JohnRM2Aug 1956 – Aug 1960CommunicationsShips Company
Furlani, RobertEMFNSep 10, 1956 – Mar 6, 1959E electrician ships companywant to hear from shipmates at rangerbob 2comcast .net
Hess, GeorgeFIRE CONTROL TECH 2ND CLASSFeb 1, 1957 – May 15, 1959R-5Member of the Fire Control Repair Division, working on Destroyers alongside in Newport, RI. Have located seven shipmates from 1957 to 1959.
Loudermilk, GaryIC1May 1957 – Feb 20, 1959E
Wilkinson, GeorgeFT2Jun 1, 1957 – Jun 1, 1958R5I was in Fire Control Repair Division (R-5) we did all the repairs that the destroyers couldn't handle. We had Chief Totten, First class Burris. There were also Torpedo and Gunners Mates in the division.
Sparks, James (Sparky)BT31958 – 1959BWORKED IN THE BOILER ROOM
Werner, GeorgeSeamanFeb 1958 – Jan 25, 19601st
Burchill, John Billse-5 sfp2Mar 10, 1958 – Nov 29, 1960e&r division
Williams, Nicholas M, MikeML-1Jun 19, 1958 – Aug 20, 1965R-1Best Tender of the five I served on.
Genders, DavidSNSep 1958 – Sep 1960Division 1/ Ship Transportation/ DentalWas Ship's Driver until leaving the Med then transferred to Dental as a Tech. While in Boston Dry dock, I was lent to USS Cascade Dental Div. for 2 months. I was driver in Med for Captain and Sr. Shore Patrol.
Waller, William ( Bill )Em2Sep 19, 1958 – Dec 19, 1959Elets hear from shipmates
Hensley, RonSK3Oct 1, 1958 – Jul 1, 1960Storekeeping OfficeWent on board out of boot camp, was tied to Pier 2 at Newport living a Melville trailer park....but then on a Med cruise, to Cuba, and a stop at Charleston shipyards and Bayone, etc. Great experience with great friends......Thanks
Green, KenJO-3Oct 31, 1958 – Jun 5, 1959ComDesLand P.I.O.
Hegeler, Mike HegeRM31959 – 1959Radio Operator -- Intl Morse CodeI liked the library on the ship and the food was the best. it weathered heavy seas and gales pretty well too. I saw many ports on the Med from this ship as we all did.
Schneider Sr, Philip3 class metalsmith1959 – 1965not surehoping to find old friends that i served with .tell old stories and memories and catch up
Meleski, JosephEM-2Feb 4, 1959 – Apr 24, 1962E
Hill, Fred (Colonel)E-2Jan 12, 1960 – Jan 29, 1962S-2Just wish to say "Hello, and Thanks" to Tommy (SH-t Can Charlie) Cavouto. I still remember! Signed, "The Colonel!)
Miller, DarrellSFM 2Feb 12, 1960 – May 23, 1962R-1 Shipfitter ShopFlight deck was being added at the Boston Naval Shipyard when I came aborad.
Ruckhaber, DaveShipfitter 3rd ClassMay 15, 1960 – Oct 3, 1963R-1Npt RI, SF3 R1, '60-'63 Heavy Hull shop. Jimmie Austin, R1 PF, found me on internet. Looking for SF1 Fleagle. Knew Ray Krueger, Hines, Chief Lynch, D. Miller and Moon Mullins and? Cuban Blockade, Mercury capsule recov
Vanderlaan, JayEN3Oct 1960 – Jan 18, 1963BOAT SHOPGREAT TIME WITH BUNCH OF FUN GUYS
Whitney Jr., Charles E.PN3Jan 3, 1961 – Oct 12, 1964Personnel Office
Hill, Fred/colonelE-2Jan 12, 1961 – Jan 29, 1962S-2Want to say "Thank you," to Thomas (Sh_t Can Charlie) Cavouto. I still remember!
Dolan, JohnMM3Jan 17, 1961 – Jan 17, 1963Astarted out in stewam, then ice machines, and then evaps
Cavuoto, ThomasE3May 10, 1961 – Feb 3, 1963A GangOne of my buddies was named Hannah. I am wondering if he is reading this. If so, try contacting me. He was a second class petty officer.
Coardes, ArthurLI3May 10, 1961 – Dec 10, 1962Not sureI was a third class lithographer on board the Yosemite
Nicolai, David (Nick)SNDec 14, 1961 – Dec 28, 1961DeckOnly on board a couple of weeks waiting for my assignment on the USS Lawrence, DDG-4. I spent all my time on the "Yo Yo" buffing and polishing the decks.

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