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USS Sierra (AD 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sierra (AD 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 570 crew members registered for the USS Sierra (AD 18).

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Perkins, Kimberly1988 – 1990Talking to Dave manning and Kathy Heib the rest of you are you out there I remember Mark Macky who crashed my car with a guy named chris then theirs Daily known as bear. Also patty. And Earl Jones where are you.
Figueroa, Armando (Fig)BT21988 – 1991REPAIR
Perkins, KimberlyE-31988 – 1991Deck
Adams, TamaraMM3/EM31988 – 1991EngineeringI actually miss the old girl, she was where some of my happiest times happened in my life. As well as some of the best friends I ever had. I am also looking for Jean Cinco and Laura Beckett.
Healy, LaurelMM21988 – 1993Engineeringwas stationed on board during Hugo, Boston and the last Gitmo tour. Great times and people.
Parnell, SimonGMG 21988 – 1992WepsDoes anyone remember Freddie Harmon from Weps Dept ? Plz contact me.
Weaver, Arthur N profile iconIC 11988 – Apr 30, 1989CCTVRetired and moved back to hometown in Alabama
McGivern, John (Mac)MS2Feb 1988 – Sep 1989S-1 I was Chiefs Mess Cook and Ward Room Supervisor. My high point was serving ADM Milligan on his change of command on board.
Winfield, DannyMM3Mar 1988 – Nov 1992FWD ENG/ Gage CAL/ A-GANGhad some very interesting times onboard with all the sailing we did when we were supposed to be "welded to the Pier".
Pate, Michael / Hollywood profile icon  NEWMM3May 1988 – Jul 1988Valve ShopShort Stay.
Riley, MartinCMCMay 1, 1988 – May 2, 1990No Division - CMCOne of the greatest crews I ever served with in 22 yrs. I absolutely hated leaving that crew.
Stell, CarltonWT2Jun 15, 1988 – Aug 11, 1989weapons
Lee, DeweyE4Jun 15, 1988 – Jun 15, 1992RepairHey all, Served aboard the Seirra 89 to 92 just seeing who all I know
Wolfe, KathyRMC(SW) (ret.)Jul 1988 – Jul 1990OPSMAR 90 deployment was RM1(SW)
Cole (Willingham), ChelbiDC2 (SW)Jul 3, 1988 – Sep 14, 1993Eng-R and R-1My first ship and best ship with the best crew!
Perry, JimBM3Oct 1988 – May 19921st DivisionAwesome times with Lynn, Jenny, Pat Anson, Mark Hotham, and (James) Brawley. 2 Med cruises, 2 Gitmos. Unforgettable times and people.
Caulder, JeffreyE4Nov 1988 – Jun 1991Machinist mateWorked in Aft Engine room and transferred to Evaps
Miller, Jim(biff)PC31989 – 1991AdminLooking for (HT2)Robert G. Davis and (HT3)Ronald Blain!!!!Love you guys and miss you!
Halbfoerster/stancil, ChristineHM31989 – 1992MedicalHey ya'll! Just wanted to see if any of you guys are out there...Remember me and Keith???We've lasted 16yrs!!!
Snowbarger, Allen SnowmanBT31989 – 1993R2work valve shop and boiler repair inport. Stood watches n both spaces under way
White, MariamFN1989 – 1992R-3This was my first command and I had a blast. I worked in Repair then went cranking. I remember Med Cruise 90. Had so much fun... I use to hang around Amanda Webb, Bonnie and couple of other girls. Hit me up.
Parker, Michaelht21989 – 1992r1What's up guys the first ship was the best and mad my best friends . Hope every one is doing well and has a great life.
Weaver, TomCaptain1989 – 1991Commanding officerCommanding Sierra was the most enjoyable tour of my naval career
Leger, Ike profile iconHT 31989 – 1991Repair/ Ship Fitter Shop/Underway Firefighter (red hat)Hello Crew mates..looking for London, Calhoun, Belton, Sullivian, Fry, Dianne, Big J, Offord, and CWO Clink big todd eaves good to hear. need the 90 med cruise book
Drosdak, StephanieQM2 (ESWS)Feb 1989 – Oct 1992Operations-Navigation/R-7
Johnson, ChrisHT 1Feb 11, 1989 – 1991R-1USS Sierra...what a blast it was to serve on this ship. I miss all you peeps from R-1 division sheet metal shop.
Anderson, Lenolia E.E3Feb 21, 1989 – Nov 26, 1993EMThe best time in my life you guys have stayed in my mind. I will never forget that experience.
Wolf, Jim FN, BT 3 Mar 1989 – Nov 1990AFT Engine/ Boiler RoomJust checking if anyone remembers me. Hurricane Hugo, GITMO, ETSS, Med Cruise 90' Then I went to A-School and then to USS America.
Wommack, GaryEN1/SW/DVMar 1, 1989 – Feb 1, 1991R-7 Locker)Med cruise 1990!!
Maginnis, Sherry SFA (Engineman)Apr 1989 –Engineering Log RoomI would love to find LTjg Murphy; MM1 Ronald Triplett and anyone that had dealings with the Log Room. We outdid ourselves in REFTRA in Cuba!! Want to connect with fellow shipmates.
Tait, BrianMM3Apr 23, 1989 – Nov 5, 1992R2Worked in the valve shop THE BEST stood evaporator watch underway (WHAT UP SNOWMAN)
Jezylo, RyanEM2Jun 1989 – 1991
McIver, Patrick (Mac)E-4Jun 9, 1989 – Feb 3, 1993s-3shout-out 2 s-3
Shrader, BillhtJul 10, 1989 – Feb 20, 1992r1hey guys,whats up halby remember boot camp
Byers, DeniseHM3Jul 14, 1989 – Sep 30, 1991sick bay
Laura Strait Bearce, LauraEM2Aug 15, 1989 – Jun 1, 1992Eng EGreat times. One of the best ships I served on. Great crew
Moore, MichaelMM3Sep 1989 – Aug 1992MBUBBA FROM NM
Moore, Mike/// Bubba profile iconMM3Sep 1989 – Aug 1992Mengineering crew outstanding !!! enjoyed 2 outrageous med cruises
Eustice, NancyDP1Sep 21, 1989 – Jul 19, 1992S-7My name when I was on board was Nancy Boyd.
Goff, AngelaBM3Nov 1989 – Oct 19932nd divisionThe USS Sierra was my first ship and I was on her until she was decommissioned in 1993. It was quite an experience.
Rachow, DavidBTCDec 1989 – Feb 1992R-6 / BFun times had by all. Worked with a lot of great people both in Repair and Engineering.

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