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USS Sierra (AD 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sierra (AD 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 570 crew members registered for the USS Sierra (AD 18).

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Dalton, Jay/ BuddyFN1986 – 1988FWD Fire room
Knecht, VictoriaE-31986 –WeaponsI worked in the Weapons division as a TMSN working on the torpedeos. Looking for other shipmates to keep in touch with.
Courtney, JackBM3Apr 1986 – Aug 1989Deck / EngineeringHung out on hull a bit during a Norfolk drydock, returned to Chas. Med Cruise. After Deck, went to the Rigging locker and DC duties. Three years as part of the Charleston Naval Base Soccer Champions including serving as Captain.
Damato, BarbaraSHCS(SW)Apr 15, 1986 – Aug 30, 1989S-3Good experiend--MedCruise--GITMO for what seemed like forever.
Cantrell, DougGMG2May 15, 1986 – Apr 28, 1990Wpns DivWho would have thought after I left the Sierra I'd end up going into the Army, be a Drill Sergeant and retire a First Sergeant (E8). Chief Banning, Woody, Yuki, Coco, Melnick, Salter, Kilpatrick, Wright, miss you guys.
Wood, ClaytonIC2May 20, 1986 – May 25, 1988Repair 3/Engineering E
Barnard, RussMM3Jun 1986 – Jul 1990EvapsWorked in EVAP room making water. Would love to locate Louis Vargas or others that remember me.. heh
Thompson, DanielMM3Nov 1986 – Sep 1989ENGINEERING..........AFT. ENGINE ROOM
Griffith, MarkMM2/E5Dec 1986 – Jun 1990EMO1
Bonnell, VivianSEAMAN1987 – 1987deck 1stI had a great time on the Sierra! It was so much fun looking back at it! Master Cheif Thunderbird, I loved you to pieces. Master Cheif Huges Omg, Could you have hated me more?
Cook, LawresciaE-2 SKSA1987 –
Lowder, LeesiaSA1987 – 1987
Bickler, EricMMFN1987 – 1989
Purry, Shariseamen1987 – 19894
Rodriguez, DaniaS21987 – Feb 1989Deck crewAssigned to Deck Department 2nd Division
Pinckney, GeorgeMM31987 – 198931D Valve ShopCame across this page and saw my old friend name, Jeff Eason. I've been trying to locate him for some years now.
Rucki, MarcIM31987 – 1991R-5
Riley, MarkBT1987 – Jan 1990engineeringWas a BT forward engine room. Was only 19 on the 87 med cruise. Lost my cruise jacket in a bar the night Hugo hit. Anyone here remember being stranded ashore in turkey on Christmas at that hotel bar ? Such good times.
Tatroe, Eugene GSM11987 – 1991R2 38AHey Everbuddy! Would love to hear from anyone. Some good times on the old Girl.
Fletcher, ChuckGSMC1987 – 1989R1Had a good time being station here
Hern, TimothyMR 2Jan 1987 – May 1988
Hern, TimothyMR2Jan 1987 – May 1988R1
Eason, JeffMM3Jan 1, 1987 – Jul 10, 1990R2/31D Valve ShopOne of the best times of my life. I loved it, just didn't realize it until after I was gone. Worked Valve Shop stood underway Throttleman in Main Control.
Griffith, MarkMM2Jan 4, 1987 – Jun 1, 1990EM01Remember standing midwatch on the 87 Med cruise and 90 med cruise, lower level forward engine room, riding out Hugo in 89 and throwing up in the bilge every 5 minutes..great group of MMs and BTs in engineering then!!!
Cureton, JeffHT1Mar 1, 1987 – May 12, 1992NDT LabI had good times on board. Made a lot of good friends. Drop me a line
Cox, JoelHT3Mar 15, 1987 – Sep 17, 1989R1Had alot of fun. Met my wife of 20 years on the Sierra. Her name then was MR2 Beausejour. Had some great memories in R1 division. Tom Richards, Will Owens, Eric Krebs. Good times. I'll never forget the 87 Med cruise or Hurricane Hugo
Murphy, RodneyPN3Apr 17, 1987 – Apr 10, 1991AdminMy name is MurphMonster and me and my boys were part of the Admin Rappers. Great times remember from my time on-board. The Boat House was great and the last Med that I made was one to remember!!!! Thank you USS Sierra for great memories.
Fortney, Nick profile iconmm1May 1987 – May 1990a divisionworked in a gang stood watch in forward eng room and d c central in port
Perkins, FrederickMM3May 1987 – Sep 1989A-gangGet at
Erickson, Mike/DK3May 1, 1987 – Oct 15, 1990S-3Like many others, it was some of the best times of my life. 87',90' Med cruises, GITMO, All-Navy Golf team, and Hugo. All great memories. E-mail me @ Living in Orando, Fl.
Parker, FrederickBT3Jun 19, 1987 – Nov 18, 1990B
Stout, Pattybm2Sep 1987 – 1991deckhi kimberly, i remember your car being wreck. hi mae mae
Richter, JoannYN3Sep 1987 –Captains OfficeI remember having so many laughs and great memories with you .you were so sweet and so much fun to hang out with. remember the awesome pizza and Gaeta and going into the wrong club in Naples?ha ha ha
Bishop, BillMM3Sep 1987 – Aug 1990R-2 Outside Machine ShopA great experience. Proud to have served.
Bandy, Rick profile iconGMM1Sep 1, 1987 – Aug 3, 1989R3Had a great time. Worked very hard in rigging & weight test locker. I had a great crew to work and play with.
Thompson, GarySK2Sep 20, 1987 – Sep 20, 1989S-1I remember all of the great times and characters, did an IO cruise , Med, and North Atlantic..Boy did we have fun, trying to remeber all the names of those I served with.
Eaves, Todd profile iconDC2Oct 1987 – Oct 1991E ROne of the Red Hats' that probably signed off on your DC Quails... Memories were made with good people doing a lot of fun stuff.
Hess, Thomas (Tom)MM3Oct 1987 – Oct 1989Repair
Murray, AlfonzoenfnOct 7, 1987 – Jul 10, 1990en-a div
Turner, TomMM3Oct 30, 1987 – Apr 21, 1991Mworked in the aft eng. room, also played on the ships soccer team.
Woods, Michael (Pipe Mike )E3-MMNov 10, 1987 – Jul 7, 1990Distillation water treatment process ( EVAPS )I enjoyed my time on board the USS. SIERRA AD-18. My job was to purify ocean water down in EVAPS. Would like to catch up MM CUMMINGS. I think he was from North Carolina.
Bogues, LinwoodMM1Nov 18, 1987 – Nov 18, 1992Eng

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