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USS Sierra (AD 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sierra (AD 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 570 crew members registered for the USS Sierra (AD 18).

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Rice, WilliamRM31967 – Nov 14, 1968OperationsCommunications watch supervisor. I had some of my best times in the Navy while aboard the Sierra. The guys in radio shack were pretty tight.
Rehl, Mark (Dusty)BTFN1967 – Oct 19, 1967EngineeringLoved the old girl. But I was claustrophobic and when they put me in to the boilers for punching tubes I knew that my Navy career was not going to be a Lifer. Gitmo, Rosey Roads, St. Thomas, Montego Bay and Ft. Lauderda
Horne, ElvinRM2Jan 1967 – Dec 1968Radio ShackI was attached to the Admiral's staff on board the Sierra. I was separated from the Navy 12/13/1968.WMPUc
Pryor, RobertHT2/DV2Feb 1967 – Jul 1969R Div
Buckman, CarlCYNSNApr 12, 1967 – Oct 11, 1968CommunicationsGreat duty in the Radio Shack with Sizemore,RM1, Keener, Calbi, Charlie Wells Went to Caribbean, GTMO,Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. and a short trip to Ft. Lauderdale. Worked with a great crew!
Sansbury, SteveMM2May 1967 – Oct 1969R2Was in 38-A with John Ricci, Earl Gilbert, Spivey, Mallow, A V Moore, Patterson, Chiefs: Mo Leisman, Shannanbarger, Chapman. plus knew a lot of guys in R2. Great bunch of guys, and a great ship. Would like to hear from guys in R2 67-69
Keener, DonRM3Jun 1967 – Sep 1968Radio ShackHad a tight crew in the Radio Shack. Fond memories.
Patterson, Dave (Pat)FNJul 1967 – Jul 1968Repair gang -and stood watch under way on Evaps-Boilerswas with Sansbury-Spivey-Mallow-Moore----
Doutt, KenRM3Jul 1967 – Jul 1968Radio ShackI went on one cruise to Porto Rico, Jamaica, & Cuba from January 1968 to March 1968.
Netherwood III, Douglas Blakeshaw (Blake) profile iconDP3Aug 1967 – Oct 1968SupplyInfo Tech Field Engineer in charge of onboard electronic automation systems; cruises to: Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba; San Juan, PR; St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Blazina, BillET2Sep 1967 – Sep 1968R-4 Calibration lab.made one cruise to Carribean....Gitmo, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and one cruise to Florida. Then I got a set of orders from Heaven to the USS Grand Canyon in Newport RI. Served with Russ Weaver ET2 .
Rickman, Donald (Don)SK31968 – 1970Supply and later Ship's StoreWas transferred to Supply Depot in DaNang & USS Askari in Mekong Delta. Got married while stationed on Sierra. 2 shipmates,Paul Culver & Don McDougal were in wedding. Worked for Navy & DOD. Would enjoy e-mail from former shipmates.
Martin, GlennDP21968 – 1970Storekeepers - Computer RoomAssigned to the computer room as soon as I stepped aboard. Was reassigned to PAMI CONUS in Bainbridge Maryland in 1970.
Rizzo, RichardIC31968 – 1970R Division
Lange, DarellRD3May 7, 1968 – Aug 23, 1968radar communicationswas transfered to sierra after coming back from naval hospital in naples before that served on the uss beale dd471 and uss stormes dd780
Scott, WayneIM 1May 20, 1968 – Jun 27, 1973R-5Watch & Clock Repair, MIRCS Lab, Typewriter Shop
Vanderlee, Johannes (John)ET2Jun 8, 1968 – Jun 1970ETOverall a great 2 years on that ship. Worked for Chief Vuori, and Lt. Schindler. Remember Greg Girton, Tony Sturla, Russ Weaver, "Tex", "Ski", wish I could remember more. Next was Iceland! Contact me!
Hodson, Kenneth JoeIM2Jul 1968 – Dec 1972R5Worked in MIRCS and office machine repair with Wayne Scott, Fred Raschke, Joe Long EJ Johnson and had a good time with numerous other people in our sister shop the optical shop as well as the the remainder of R5 and the rest of the ships Co
Portlock, Wayne K.SKSNSep 1968 – Nov 1968SupplyDirectly from Storekeeper A School, my first encounter was with a BM1 who sent me mess-cooking. As a Storekeeper that should never have happened. As a young Black Sailor, I did not question it. I just did it. I was discovered 6 weeks later.
Westman, JohnET21969 – 1973RepairWorked in Electronic Repair shop and Crypto Repair
Weedman, TerryE4Jan 1969 – Nov 1970Ship FitterFirst ship was the Sierra. Went to the Shipfitter shop and stayed there about 2 years.
Gossett, WayneHTFNFeb 1969 – Feb 1971R pipeshop I came on board straight out of boot camp. Got into the pipe shop Worked for chief(bitch) Keen. learned alot the 2 years I was on board.
Cary, TimFNFeb 1969 – Dec 1970Worked on the Sierra in the pipeshop while learning the pipe trade. When I got out served pipefitter apprenticeship and have been a pipefitter for 34 years. Thanks to the Navy for that.
Sabatino, Michael profile iconTM2Jun 1, 1969 – Aug 2, 1971WeaponsWorked in the Torpedo Shop on the Mark 46 line.
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Dimura, JoeGMG 2Aug 10, 1969 – Jan 18, 1971R 5Only spent 18 months aboard but made lasting friends I'm in touch with to this day. A lot of the guys in the Division lived apartments owned by one of the Division Chiefs so it's like we were one big family. Good times.
Pcolinsky, JosephDT2Sep 1969 – Sep 1971DentalWorked in dental dept. Looking forward to hear from fellow dental techs.
Bell, FranSNNov 1969 – Nov 1971S-2Came on board directly after basic training. Worked in disbursing clerk office. Left for DK “A” school in November 1971. Played on championship basketball & softball teams. Looking to hear from shipmates.
Grimaldi, John PaulSN / E31970 – 19722nd division
Burkett, Thomas (Tom)BT 2Feb 1970 – Jun 1973Forward Engine RoomI have fond memories of my years on the ship. Met many good people and hope they are doing well. Send me a note, would love to hear from you.
Smith, BillIC2Feb 1970 – May 19, 1973R-3, gyro repair shop
Rogers6, DarrellMMFeb 1970 – Feb 1973R2 valve shopHit my hand a few times with a two lb. hammer. Didn't. break it , but still have a dent in the bone where I kept hitting it.
King, Wallace (Wally)IC2Mar 1970 – Jul 1972RI worked in the gyro shop in the repair department. Had a good experience on the Sierra, and was on the MAA force towards the end of my time on board.
Swartz, GeraldHTCJun 1970 – Mar 1972R-1
Riker, BobRM2Jun 1, 1970 – Apr 12, 1972CommunicationsI remember serving aboard the Sierra with RM1 Jerrels, RM3 Ray Williams and RM3 Adam Bath. Both Ray and Adam were fellow New Jerseyans. My fondest memory was attending the antenna repair school and redoing all the ships antenna's.
Donovan, Howard.w.(bill)FTCSJul 1970 – Oct 1970My father retired on the Sierra in 1970 after 22 years.
Robinson, Everett RobiE-4Jul 1970 – Jun 1974R- DivI am looking for my shipmates in R-divison on the USS Sierra AD 18 from 1970 - 1974
Godwin, MichaelEMFNJul 7, 1970 – Dec 15, 1971EngineeringWorked as Electricians Mate under Lt. Keyhole, Chief Bembry, and EM1 Wheatley. Some of my fellow electricians names were Compton, Givler, Berryman, and Almada. Email address is
Fletcher, JohnML3Aug 18, 1970 – Nov 19, 1973R-2Foundry-kin (True story) served with Ron Marshall MLC, Marion Bright MLC, Lonnie Berry ML3,Jerald A. Smith ML3. Can't remember the rest.
Lacroix, Todd...(Leroy)SKSNSep 10, 1970 – Jun 7, 1974Supply...S1Had a great time.....wish i had stayed in for 20 years.!!!
Cascio, BruceBT 2Oct 1970 – Apr 1974M-2Worked in aft engine room, 70 -74. Great ship, will never forget her. Did Getmo, Nassau, NY, Halifax, N.S.,Boston and Mayport, FL. Took her to the yards in Charlston, SC in 73 -74. Does anybody know where Chief Mazyk is? He was a great man!
Petersen, DaveMR2Oct 1970 – Aug 1971Machine Shop RI served the last year of my enlistment on Sierra. It was a great ship and really enjoyed working for Chief Smith again, I served two years with him on the Guadalcanal. Huge changes were happening in the Navy then.
Bascetta, James GuidoEM3Dec 10, 1970 – Jan 1, 1972R-3Was assigned to R-3 division rewind shop and worked for EM1 Bohannnon for awhile with LT Risk in charge of division FN Francis Xavier FN Jim Fisher then i went to the IC shop and worked with IC-1 Paoli Ic-3 Whitener
Juan, VazquezE3Dec 12, 1970 – Dec 12, 1973EvaporatorsGreat Department

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