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USS Piedmont (AD 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Piedmont (AD 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 352 crew members registered for the USS Piedmont (AD 17).

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Hall, MarkHT21977 – 1981R1
Kelly, KevinFTG11977 – 1980R5
Metzger, GaryBT1977 – May 1979B DivisionServed in both the forward and aft fire rooms.Med cruise oin 78,Italy,Spain,Tangiers Morroco africa.
Ballard, RandySNJan 1977 – Jun 1978DECK/DENTALThings I remember: my GED, Dry Dock/Gitmo, Mess Crankn, Disneyworld, Pot smoke-out in Deck berthing, Knorp/Simpson/Ward, Striker in Dental, snow-ball fight with foreign vessel across pier, Capt.'s Mast, orders 4 Dent sch
Ortiz, FernandoIM3Feb 1977 – Feb 1981
Hale, StevenHT2May 1977 – May 1981R-1Came on board during ship overhaul. Went to Cuba, then on to school in Philly, before catching up with the ship in Naples. Made lots of friends, and good times.
McGavin, Michael "Mac"EM1Jun 1, 1977 – Jul 1, 1979E DivisionI was the E Division LPO after EM1Hall. Came aboard while "Doc" was in the yards. Made the infamous GITMO cruise and the MED Cruise of 1978. Miss all my buddies! I retired in 1994.
Simpson, MarkFRSep 1977 – Sep 1981MForward engine room
Oldre, ScottMMFNSep 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1978Pump Shop in the main machine shopLeft in Yorktown weapons before deployment. Worked with MM1 Scalvo, learned a LOT. Retired in 1998 as an STGC(SW) after 21.5 years. Now living in Columbia, SC, married and teaching Unix Sys Admin for a living.
Trivette, FranklinIM2Sep 7, 1977 – Oct 8, 1979R2Go time, good Med cruise!
White, EmanuelEM3Oct 20, 1977 – Dec 16, 1980e
Rosner, BrianMMFNNov 8, 1977 – Sep 3, 1979RepairI reported to doc when he was in the ship yard dont remember exact date some time in 1977. I was assigned to the pump and valve shop. Had a lot of fun worked with Frank Jackson,Wayne Prokop,Played alot of spades.Then transfered to m div.
Brown, Charlesmm3Nov 20, 1977 – Jul 1, 1981M-Division
Stafford, HensonMM2Dec 1977 – Apr 1979Repair 2Enjoyed my time in the pump and valve shop. Learned a lot from CWO2 Michael Ansich and MM1 Wayne Prokop.
Hernandez, Rudy (Papa) profile iconE11978 – 1980DeckI am on Facebook. If you think you know me check it out.
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Fletcher, RobertMMFN1978 – 1978M Div (Part of AD-on-Site Component)Assigned to CTF-63 AD-ON-SITE-COMPONENT - made MED cruises back to back on USS Puget Sound, USS Piedmont, USS Sierra, Shenandoah AD-26, and USS Vulcan. Looking for friends
Lee, GregoryEN 2Jan 1978 – Oct 11, 1981A Gang and M div.
Wiley, DonHT-2Mar 1978 – Apr 1980R-1
Sronce, JohnHT2Jun 15, 1978 – Sep 21, 1980R-1Burned alot of rods in 26a welding shop.Long hours but alot of lifelong memories.Would like to have a weld shop reunion. Found ya Walker, but still would like to find Kevin Ward or Timmy Collins or gil Sanchez, Elmer Pritts,Charlie .
Gomez, Nelson "Tony"DP3Jun 28, 1978 – Jun 27, 1982S-7Great times aboard the speedy piedy. Would like to meet up with my old s7 div shipmates.
Hundley, JerryRM2Oct 1978 – Feb 1981OC
Corl, TomSK3Oct 1978 – Jul 1979Supply
Buzbee, BillDP3Oct 19, 1978 – May 19, 1981S-7 ADPFirst ship i was on. Met some great people that i am still contact with today. Had some good times on the old bucket of bolts.
Walsh, KevinDP2Nov 1978 –S7My first ship, left to become a DS, left the Navy in1987 as a DS1. Cheers to you all!
Cruz, Alexis (Alex)OS3Nov 15, 1978 – Aug 22, 1982OIGlad to find a site that is dedicated to all crew members of USS Piedmont,
Character, TimothyDC3Dec 15, 1978 – Mar 6, 1982FIRST
Rivera, MichaelSK31979 – 1981SupplyI had a shipboard wedding aboard "DOC." Capt.George Tsantes,One of the best ! We had some great times in Mayport,Jax Beach,and Norfolk ! Who can forget the missile launch from the Sub.God Bless you all.Now SK1,USNR,Ret.
Smith, Mike [smitty]MM21979 – 1980Repair
Wiesbeck, EugeneBT11979 – 1982R-2I Was in R-2 Division BR Shop then went to the R-2 Office. I was part of the MMT Team with the Turkish Navy
Picha, Leonard Butchemc1979 – 1981e divrough ship to report to,a fine ship after a lot of work..capt santes best skipper i ever served under
Crabtree, RodgerE-91979 – 1982AdminMaster chief daughter is interested in anyone that knew her dad
Cooper, FrancisBTFN TO BT2Apr 1979 – Feb 1981R-2 boiler repair shopgood times meet a lot of good people on this ship was my first command
Barrett, DannyRM2May 10, 1979 – May 10, 1984OSA Lot of 2nd fleet Radiomen were onboard at this time.
Taylor, MarkBT2May 10, 1979 – Aug 1982B DivisionServed as the ships oil king during my tour
Narvaez, NelsonEM2Jul 8, 1979 – Jul 31, 1983REWIND SHOP
Taylor, MarkBT2Jul 12, 1979 – Aug 25, 1982I was part of the Decom crew and hot plant turn over to the turk's, served as ships oil king
Pathiakis, NickE-4Oct 1979 – Feb 1982SupplyHad a great time in Supply. Would like to hear from any of the old gang from Supply and the rest of the guys I hung out with. John Gill, Mitch Danner, ...ect
Steigerwald, JohnnyDS3Dec 1979 – Jun 1980S7TAD while waiting for Yellowstone to be built. S7 crew was great to me.
Dawson, Kenneth WCWO1980 – 1983R-1
Brown, RonaldMM31980 – 1981A
Clark, Marcus profile iconMM31980 – 1981MFirst ship. After this went on to CVN-65, then CVN-72 (along with various shore commands.
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Zawadzki, Mark (Heebie)Jan 1980 – Sep 1980Repair
Marriott, Johnen3Jan 1980 –a ganghe was a great place to start navy life. mm1 williams,mm1 sharp were great LPO's LT Brown great div officer and the old saying if it looks good it runs good lol
Riedinger, RedHt 2nd classJan 1, 1980 – Jun 1, 1982HT1
Gregory, Richard, ChipMM3Feb 1980 – Aug 1982Fwd Engine RoomI had a lot of Respect for the Skipper, Captain Tsantes. Not So much for the XO
Summers, Rone3Mar 1980 – Sep 1983r1
Pruitt, Derril ScottHM3May 1980 – Sep 30, 1982MedicalI served in the Medical dept. as the operating room tech. and corpsman.
Terry, GeorgeBTFNMay 4, 1980 – Aug 20, 1981BI remember all too well. Bruce Hamilton (Hambone), Mike Miller (Spam Brains) Seabolt, and the wiseguy from Jamaca Queens, you know who you are. I learned alot from Mike and Bruce. Hey Mike, remember drunkin' calisthenics?
Garrett, PatrickMSSN/MS3Jun 1980 – Oct 1982S-2It was my first ship, I was a cook on watch in the galley as well as the wardroom, I was also the POIC of the honor guard at the decom ceremony, went to NMCB62 in Gulfport MS. from there
Dehaven, DaveHM3Aug 1980 – Sep 1982MedicalI was the ship's lab tech as well as handled sick call
Brasaemle, MichaelE-4Aug 25, 1980 – Oct 12, 19812ndi was a boatswain mate i enjoyed serving in the navy my short time was due to president Reagen orded cut down of the miltery i was very disapointed, and yet very proud top serve.Wish i could have served 20 years.
Given, ChrismmfnAug 30, 1980 –r2 div.first ship loved everything about doc
Salonimer, Jonathan profile iconHM1Sep 1980 – Sep 1982MedicalA special time of my life. I had a lot of fun. I learned accountability and responsibility from HMCM James A Gill. Thanks
Smith, DaleMM3Oct 16, 1980 – May 1, 1982MachineryWork in the forward engine room for two years, also mess cranked a MM a school Great Lakes durring that time
Barger, RandyDPSNNov 1980 – Sep 30, 1982S-7First Ship. I was part of the Decomissioning Honor Guard. Decomissioning Plank Owner. Honorably Discharged in 1985 at BUPERS in Washington DC. Obtained E5 (DP2)
Gardner, CleveDK3Nov 1, 1980 – Nov 1, 1983supply-disbursingserved with nick pathiakis, murray appatoff, chief penentrante, june Decastro, remember alot of the guys from supply as well. would like to hear from anyone from any department.
Gresham, Michael GreshamMR3Dec 5, 1980 – Sep 30, 1982R2 31A,31B and 06Awas my first ship and stayed through DECOM retired in 2004 as MRC(SW) now reside in san diego ca. working for Delphinus Engineering

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