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USS Piedmont (AD 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Piedmont (AD 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 352 crew members registered for the USS Piedmont (AD 17).

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Fowler, LeonardDC31969 – 1971R
Vliek, DanGMG31969 – 19691st
Sinovcic, Robert (Bob)SFFN TO HT2Jan 1969 – Nov 1972I had a great time and met many friends some of whom I still speak to today
Languell, Roger D. profile iconSFM2Mar 1969 – Apr 1971REPAIRHad 2 Cruises on the Piedmont. First cruise was from 28 April 1969-22 November 1969 2nd cruise was from Aug.6 1970-Feb.1971
Tree, CharlieMR3Apr 3, 1969 – Dec 18, 1972R 2
Ayers, Francis (Frank)Lieutenant/DCJul 1, 1969 – 1971DentalI am retired in Omaha but spend January to March in Casa Grande, AZ. I would love to hear from any shipmates.
Howell, Michael "Emoraj"E3Jul 21, 1969 – Jul 21, 19732nd DivWas on 2 West Pac Cruises. Was in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Viet Nam (Danang Harbor). Spent most of the time in Subic Bay.
Chapman, DaveEM3Sep 1969 – Nov 1972R3Homepoted in San Diego and Longbeach. Made three Westpack cruises. Spen a total of 17 months in Subic, 45 days in Kaoshung, 60 days in Yokosuka, 15 days in Nam, and 15 days in Hong Kong
Bigbee, BillyFNDec 17, 1969 – Dec 10, 1971A-Gang
Chapman, GaryFTG3 TO FTSR1970 – Sep 1973R5 and Repair OfficeJoined DOC in San Diego,R5 Div, home port to Long Beach.WesPac,Subic, Regun Crew, R5 Supply PO, dry dock SF& swipped Army duce&1/2, DaNang, Repair Office busted for MJ, AWOL 3rd cruise,Sasabo, busted to E1, 45 restrict, 30 HL Gen DIS Jan 74
Wilkerson, W. GeneST11970 – 1972FoxCame aboard after deactivating the Vammen and Maddox. Nine months in Subic and was later assigned Recruiting duty. Retired in 1976.
Chapman, GaryFT1970 – 1973R-5 ( FT,SN,GM,IM,OM) and Repair OfficeMost interesting thing.. I knocked Captain Gerry on his butt. Came out R5's starboard door running around the corner of the passageway to the port side. Ran smack into Captain knocked him down his hat flying. XO pissed!
Griffis, Ralph (Butch) profile iconIC3Jan 1970 – Dec 28, 1970R3many fond memories...."hey" to Phil Stone and Tindle and all the rest of the Gyro repair gang.
Sawyer, DuaneETN3Jan 1970 – Jul 1970R4I had a variety of assignments. I remember being assigned to order waveguide parts for a DD that had applied 300 psi air to dry system. The waveguide was oval not a rectangle.
Myers, Joseph (Red)TMT2Apr 19, 1970 – Dec 5, 1972W-2Made 2 WestPac Cruises. Worked as a fire watch during the yard period at Hunter's Point (San Francisco). Mark 46 technician.
Berg, Robert PRMCMay 1, 1970 – Sep 15, 1972OPERATIONSJust hoping to find some RMs, ETs, SMs and CPOs that were aboard during that period
Geishaker, Andy profile icongmg2Jul 1970 – Jun 1974R-5started a seaman left a second class did a lot of growing up .Great crew
Mlnarik, Thomas W.FTG3Jul 30, 1970 – Jul 1, 1972R 5Repairs on Weapons Systems on Westpac in Subic Bay.
White, LarryTMT 2Aug 1970 – Mar 1972WeaponsMade westpac cruise of 70, yard period at Hunters Point, and homeport of Long Beach. Was present at the de-commissioning in Norfolk, Virginia.
Bigley, MikeEMFNAug 1, 1970 – Dec 10, 1971Rewind ShopWent on Wes Pac what a trip!!!!!!! Met some good people on this ship. Would like to hear from some of the old crew from rewind shop. I have located some of the guys; but would like to hear from anyone.
Stevens, SteveQM3Sep 1, 1970 – Aug 28, 1972OPSLooking for anyone associated with the OPS divison or divers from the Repair devision
Hendricks, BobbyBoiler Tech Second ClassSep 12, 1970 – Oct 23, 1973B division
Padilla, FrankRadiomanOct 1970 – Apr 1, 1974Operations
Valov, FredML2Oct 30, 1970 – Mar 3, 1974R2
Jarboe, Mike profile iconEN2Nov 1970 – Aug 1972EngineeringWorked in the Boat Shop in A Gang. Caught the ship in Subic Bay in 1970 and left the ship in Subic Bay in 1972 when I flew stateside for separation from active duty. Lots of hard work and great shipmates.
Counts, MyronYN2Dec 1970 – Oct 1971OPERATIONS
Arthur, TimMMFNDec 15, 1970 – Aug 26, 1971main controlworked in after engine room (main control)( Subic Bay 1970-1971) homeport Long Beach
Gallegos, MichaelE21971 – 19741st Deck
Wiggins, JoeEMCM1971 – 1973R-3
McCormick, MacSTG31971 – 1972Sonar repair
Crim, SteveTM3Jan 1971 – Jul 1972W2
Cosentino, Jim CozHT-3Feb 1971 – Sep 1974R-1Worked in the weld shop. Started a scuba diving club while (welded to the pier) in Subic.
Capron, Ernest/frenchy DeebmMar 1971 – Mar 19751stlooking for shipmates
Clark, RogerSNMay 28, 1971 – May 23, 1973supply barberI was on deck force and then changed to ships barber
Haynes, RalphPM3May 29, 1971 – Aug 20, 1972R-1Came aboard while the ship was in Mare Island Shipyard, SF. After overhaul, went down to SD, CA and then in April of '72, cruised over to the PI and on to Danang, S.VN. While in Subic Bay, played my first round of golf at Benictican GC.
Moore, Buddy (Boilin-bud) profile iconBT2Jun 1971 – Dec 1974BLots of memories from my time aboard, from the start at San Pedro as a BTFA until I transferred off at Naples as a BT2. Good memories and some good friends. For those that remember the slogan- I R A B T!
Cosentino, Jim CozHT-2Jul 13, 1971 – Sep 10, 1974Repair 1I was in the weld shop. Kept asking for weld school and got that, I received pressure hull and hp steam pipe certs. I have never worked as heard as my time in that shop but what a great experience. I have been a welder ever since.
Johnson, FrankSNAug 14, 1971 – Jul 19, 1973Ship Serviceman
Koons, KoonsMR 3Oct 1971 – Feb 1973R-2
Gavin, Richard (Goober)BM3Nov 1, 1971 – Jun 1, 19741stLooking to get in touch with any of my shipmates!
Sharitt, AlvinML3Dec 7, 1971 – Jun 30, 1974R2
Kedik, MarkMM3Dec 7, 1971 – Feb 26, 1974M divisionWorked in the hole of aft engine room (Main Control) Stood throttle watch during GQ and sea n anchor detail. Also stood lower level watch. Just want to say HEY to all my ship mates.
Kedik, Mark/ YogiMM3Dec 8, 1971 – Feb 19, 1974M-DivisionHomeported in Long Beach , Calif. was a Blast. I worked in Main Control ( aft. eng. room). Stood lower level watches, and was the Throttoleman during G.Q. and Sea and Anchor Details. I loved being a MM.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1956 | 1957 – 1965 | 1966 – 1968 | 1969 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – now

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