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USS Piedmont (AD 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Piedmont (AD 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 352 crew members registered for the USS Piedmont (AD 17).

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Herr, Tom "ben"SN TO BM21966 – 1968DECKWas on deck crew, in charge of Bos'n Locker, and later in charge of Canvas Shop. Made 2 WESPAC tours, then was transferred to the Mekong Delta as a riverboat captain.
Madrid, HenryEm31966 – 1969R3 DivisionServed on the Piedmont with guys like Frankie Tanaka,Ron Sexton, Joe Sedlak, would like to hear from anybody who served in R3 div. during this time. I live in Tucson,Az now.Call 520-907-2767 anytime.
William E Mead, BillE-31966 – 1969pacific fleetServerd aboard the USS Dixie AD14 and the USS Piedmont AD17. Looking for two buddies a William Ghirard from Houston Texas and a Arjellio Cadena from Brakettville Texas
Deutsch, MikeEM3Jan 1966 – Jun 1967R3Served with my brother in R3 Division. made 1 westpac cruise
Sweeney, Randall RayJan 1966 – Nov 1967Worked on boat deck , cranr operator, rigger, director finshed as boat cox'n. worked under Alger, Caswell,first louie was J.J. Havey
Mutchler, BillHT2Jun 15, 1966 – Nov 11, 1968RWorked in Sheet Metal shop and made a lot of friends
Larue, William (Lash)Sep 1966 – Sep 1968
Larue, William (Lash)E3Sep 1966 – Aug 1968DECK
Larue, William (Lash)Sep 1966 – Aug 1968Deck I was on the Piedmont 1966-68 on the boat deck as crane operator/rigger. Buddies i worked with Cantrell, Wells, Sweeney Alger, Wiess would love to hear from anyone around that time
Shively, WayneAK2Oct 1966 – Dec 1969S-1Served in S-1 Division. Was Dash storekeeper. Made 3 West Pac cruises. Was a great ship.
Shively, WayneAK2Oct 1966 – Dec 1969S-1Was dash storekeeper
Pennington, EdOct 15, 1966 – May 15, 1970Commisary SupplyAfter leaving the Navy, I first retired as Chief Deputy in Texas and am currently a supt. In construction. I have 2 sons serving in the navy now.MA3 Pennington in Kirkuk, Iraq ,and Sk3 Pennington aboard MCM 14 USS Chief.
Wade, CarlFTM2Nov 1966 – Feb 1968After a hitch on the east coast, I got Piedmont in SDGO. AD17 took me on my first West Pac. Four months in Subic! Wow. Years later saw AD17 in Norfolk just prior to scrapping, sad. I made FTCS and went on to retire as a CWO4.
Sexton, RonnieFNNov 1966 – Apr 1970R-3was in r-3 divison.would like to hear from frank tanaka, donald oppedal,henry marid,joseph vandyke or any one else out of r-3 division.
Byrne, MikeFN TO BT3 TO FNNov 1966 – Apr 19702 yrs Enginering 2 yrs repair Probably the 4 most memorable yrs of my life. Made the best friends I ever had. Oh, what crazy times we had on 3 WestPacs and those glorious summers at Mission beach in San Diego.
Romero, MikeE2Nov 1966 – Jan 1968MAssigned as BT in Forward Fireroom. Seeking any information on my division officer who (I believe) was named Ensign Leahy. He was a great help in getting me on a new career path for which I am forever grateful.
Murphy, Dennis profile iconMM3Nov 1966 – Sep 1968EngineeringI worked in Evaporators. A week before separating I asked Ens. Lahay, what color he wanted me to Paint the Air Locker Ladder, and he said to paint it Pink! I mixed red deck and white. It stayed 2 pink for 2 years!!
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Brown, William DonSFP2Dec 1966 – Dec 1968R1I transfered from the Wedderburn DD684 after making SFP3.I worked in the heavy plate construction shop until I made E5 then I was sent to Vallejo Ca to get certified in welding then I worked in the Weld shop. Can do construction shop.
Hatty, JoeLISNDec 16, 1966 – Oct 10, 1968COMCRUDESPACTwo of the best years of my life! I complained all the time I was in and cried when I left. I met a lot of great people, and learned a lot of great life lessons. I served on five differernt ships in less than two years with COMCRUDESPAC
Welsh, RogerCS3-CS21967 – 1969CommensaryI loved my duty on board as a CPO Cook
Tindle, DarylIC21967 – 1970R3 - Gyro ShopIt was sad to find out that Doc no longer sails under the US Flag. Wonder what Doc's doing now? No longer in the Turkish navy fleet. Had some good time on a couple of WestPac cruises.
Lowe, DonaldSFM31967 – 1968R-1
Fowler, John T. "Tom"BM3DV1967 – 19711st Div , 2nd Div , Boat Div. Diving LockerI miss the "DOC" ! I started as a SA in 1st Div. , then 2nd Div., became BM3 , gig coxswain admiral's barge coxswain became diver and served in dive locker till '71.Now ret.KCMOPD police detective.
Allen, Thomas RADR-31967 – 1967W-3 DashWorked at intermediate level of Maintenance on QH-50 C/D Drone aircraft.
Bostick, Leonsailor1967 – 1970naTrying to learn more about my dad. He passed away May 2 2017. He was on the USS Piedmont and served from 1967-1970
Funk, Michael 'mike'SK3Jan 1, 1967 – Oct 31, 1968SupplyAssigned to supply, but spent the majority of my time on Shore Patrol duty.
Francis, TommyGMG3Jan 20, 1967 – Oct 2, 1968WeaponsGreat WesPac Tour. I had just got back from a WesPac Tour on the USS Piedmont AD 17 about two months before I recieved orders for the Buckley
Nishiyama, Melcin M.IC2Jun 1967 – Dec 1970EALOHA, Good health and best wishes to all.
Tebinka, CarlOM2Jun 15, 1967 – Dec 15, 1970R-5Miss the people and the ship. What a great time it was
Jones, StanETN-2Aug 1, 1967 – Aug 10, 1968R-4 Electronic Repair
Van Beek, TomETN-3Aug 6, 1967 – Nov 12, 1968R-4 Repair DivisionWorked in teletype repair, also ET Shop
Morast, MikeEM2Aug 15, 1967 – Apr 1, 1971R3This ship was a real carnival cruise. The crazys that made up this crew should have had their own TV show. Mash had nothing on these guys.
Lowe, DonaldSFM3Sep 1967 – Nov 1968R-1I only made one WESPAC cruise. I was homesick the whole trip. I wish I could take the same cruise today. I remember the DASH that crashed and all that was found was a balloon. Funny! Also the Captains Gig with a hole in the side. Funny!
Clark, TerryPM1Sep 1967 – Nov 1968R-1Served in Piedmont 67-68 as PMFN. Great crew, great WestPac, spent most of it mess cranking. Came back as PM1 74-76 in Naples. Med was great too! Retired in 93 as CWO4. Just retired again from 2nd career in Labor Relations.
Sigwing, JerryIC3Sep 1967 – Mar 1970R3
Dillon, JerryDKSNSep 1967 – Oct 1968SupplyWorked in Disbursing. One WestPac cruise. Was a newlywed just before leaving for WestPac. Homesick as hell, but had great support from the greatest crew. Too much fun on liberties!
Hatfield, StevePN 3 E4Sep 1967 – Nov 1968X DivisionHad a great time on the Piedie Maru
Larue, William (Lash)E3Sep 1, 1967 – Aug 10, 1968DECK 2ndPaint locker, rigger, crane director/operator, driver
Ellenbecker, LyleDC3Oct 1, 1967 – Nov 28, 1968R1I remember the DASH that took the big dive. Also, the first lieutenant,s nephew watching for the mail bouy. Only went on one WESPAC, but had a great time. John Episcopo are you out there?
Stone, PhilIC21968 – 1970R-3 Gyro shop
Koegel, Mike (Slim)E-3Jan 1, 1968 – Dec 11, 19682nd DivisionWorked as a crane operator for BMCM Knowles, great guy, hung out with "Soupy" Campbell and John Mikal, West Pacific will never be the same!
Mart, DamMR 1Jan 5, 1968 – Dec 10, 1969machinestI was on the Piedmont Jan. 1968 to Dec. 1969. It was a great 2 years. 2 West Pacs. Made alot of good friends.
Atwater, NormanSF-1Feb 1, 1968 – Oct 1, 1968R-1worked in weld shop and came back for duty again from Dec 1976-Jan 1978 as a HTCS in the pipe shop Shipmates call 864-209-8211 or
Kirby, William (Junie)EM3Mar 14, 1968 – Dec 2, 1968R-3
Timms, DouglasMM3May 5, 1968 – Nov 15, 1968R2 valve shop
Van Horn, Randi (Rip) profile iconGMG3 DVSep 1968 – Sep 1972Dive locker R1Looking for Steve Stevens, John Elmore, Don from Alaska or any of the divers on board after sept. 1972. Call 605-230-0240.
Grady, MikeBM3Oct 1968 – Apr 19711stMy 1st assignment out of bootcamp was Pied-a-maru as we often called her. I was placed in deck division - tacked on my Crow in October 1969 in Yokuska. Made 2 Westpacs including Taiwan, Japan, PI, Hawaii. Took orders to USS England 1971.
Johnson, SteveBT2Nov 1, 1968 – Sep 7, 1971B-DIVISION
Grady, Mike profile iconBoatswain's Mate 3rd ClassNov 14, 1968 – Mar 19711st DivisionI am retired living in my home state, Maine. Anyone recall the near collision with Coronado Bridge? Spent the last 3 weeks reading the ship's log.
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Huggins, JerryETN3Dec 10, 1968 – Mar 1, 1971R-4Two WESPACs, what good memories and good friends. Continue to stay in touch with former shipmates, Tom & Ray Tennyson, Ben Garrett, Steve Hurst, and Mike Orcutt.
Demarco, DanSK3Dec 18, 1968 – Jul 26, 1972S-1Worked as a storekeeper with Maxon Clark. Old Budda Belly Also worked as a Mess cook with Ed Pennington.

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