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USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 786 crew members registered for the USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42).

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Correia, Arnaldo "Arnie"E-71975 – 1977A ( Engineering)Was on the last Med Cruise. Was a EN3 at the time. Worked in the Engine room. Stayed in for total of 26 years, became ENC.
Ryder, RalphE-4/MM1975 – 1977A Gang Steam HeatMade 1 and a half med cruises on Rosie. Alcatraz would have been better I am sure. Ate roast beef 7 days a week, short on water, boat leaked and had no women!!!!
Bichl, JimP.O.3RD1975 – 1977S3Had storerooms, Clothing store, Gedunk store at one time or another. Many good memories but not at the time. Several "last" cruises. Nice ports o call.
Duniven, Ernest E.BT11975 – 1977B
MacLeod, RobertL/CPL1975 – 1977marine detachmentI was on the Rosey's last med. cruise and was the ships security when she was in semi dry dock in naples after being rammed by the iranian oil tanker in the straights between sicily and italy.
Thoma, Robert (Combat)OS1975 – 1977OI
Hardy, Chris profile iconAN1975 –va 15Chris served in 1975 on Rosie. He was in the VA 15 division. He passed away on April 30, 2015. We would like to talk to anyone we can. Please call us 252-314-5906
Kaminski, KimETN-31975 – 1976OE
Sminkey, MarcusEM21975 – 1977E divisionWorked out of the Heavy power shop and attack team electrician on the Golden Fire Party..the Liberian tanker collision in the straits of messina was the scariest shit ever. .other than the Naples gut girls
Addicks, VicBT21975 – 1977B
Stewart, Dwain (Stew)MM2 E51975 – 1977ALooking for Jack Ogle or Provine
Bentley, PatCorporal1975 – 1976VMA231
Slater, JimE31975 – 1975Shipe Navigation, QuartermasterI was the division damage control petty officer and made the last half of the Med Cruise.
Shea, JohnHM2Jan 1975 – Oct 1976H Division (Medical Department)Looking for HM2 B J Vann, HN Doug Porter. Currently retired teacher/coach living in Bolivia, NC which is south of Wilmington, NC.
Garrett, Charles W. (Bill)AT2Jan 1, 1975 – Aug 1975VA176I was assigned to the avionics line shop (green shirt). I also spent some time in the ECM shop. I still have my 1975 cruse book.
Jones, StevenPRANJan 3, 1975 – Aug 1975AIR WING VA-87Squadron Parachute Rigger (Aircrew Survival Equipmentman) Originally worked for PR1 Yost, Then, PR1 Dick O'Rourke. I remember another PRAN Bobby Crider....Mostly remember the IM2 Division Riggers (They were a great bunch of guys).
Law, Robertmm3j nJan 5, 1975 – Nov 11, 1977mthe guys I ran with in two engine were alot of fun both on ship and off. they were mostly from east coast where I'm from the west coast. I had no problems with any of my shipmates.
Amador, AnthonyMM3Jan 12, 1975 – Aug 15, 1977
Moore, RickyMM E3Mar 1975 – Sep 1977Auxilary RoomLooking for anyone on last cruise in Auxilary Room. We were responsible for supplying air to the flight deck so aircraft could take off. I remember the collision also, was thrown out of my rack when we hit. I went to USS Cone in Charleston, S.C.
Davis, PatE4Mar 10, 1975 – Oct 8, 1977ICA couple of Med cruises with the crazies in IC and E divisions and then to Chester, PA for decommission. Love to hear from Rog Hanson, Randy Behymer, Tomm Klauke, Timmy Triclor and any other fellow shipmates. Email me.
Dinsmore, JerryEM2Mar 15, 1975 – Jan 15, 1977E #3 swgr , A Chillwater shopI was TAD from E-Division to A-Division in order to work in the Chill Water shop.
Nelson, MarkAO3Apr 1, 1975 – Oct 1, 1977G DivisionThe first is always the most memorable - Retired Navy after 24 years of active duty but it was the "Rosie" that was the most memorable - I grew up on that boat taking me from a Iowa farm boy to becoming a man -
Davis, JerryIC-4May 1975 – Jan 1979Interior Communications
Bauer, RichardE3May 1975 – Apr 1977engineering log room
Yurgin, PeterPN3May 5, 1975 – Apr 5, 1977x-DivisionHello to old friends who I worked with in Education Services Office and fellow Personnelman I remember so much cigarette smoke in the small working offices
Ziegler, JamesE4 MM3Jun 1975 – Jun 1977M Division
Smith, CharlieBT-E-3 OVER 2Jun 1975 – May 19772 charlie fire roomi was a burnerman and sometimes a superheated burnerman !! our grou controlled the catapults !! i was a youg kid, 17 years old turned 18 on the last cruise in the med !!
Beard, F. NealEM1/EMCJun 1975 – Sep 1977EOf 22 years active duty, by far my favorite command. Best crew, best friends. Sad day when we put her out of commission. ;-(
Steele, JimMM3Jun 1975 – 1977MI served in main engine 4 and later in main engine 2 from 75 to 77 last cruise of the Roosevelt CV42. Hey Bobby L. Main E. #2 and to Ogie Ogborn Main E. #4 and the other guys long time.
Davison, ScottAMH3Jun 1, 1975 – Oct 22, 1977COD CrewI was assigned to AIMD Airframes shop for about a year and moved to the COD crew prior to making the final cruise. Was in Portsmouth until the crew was cut down to about 100. Transferred to a Helo squadron in Norfolk.
Fowler, Richard "Fearless"PN3Jul 1975 – Jul 1977Educational Services OfficeDoes anyone remember during the Med cruise of 1976 when we hit another ship. (We had to drydock in Naples for 2 months)
Scanlan, TomE3/machinist mateJul 1975 – 1977a divisiono2n2,chilled water shop was on the last cruise and during the last hurricane mostly O2N2,then chilled water shop after drunken liberty.i hated the navy,but loved Rosie,was sad to leave her .on FB as tom j scanlan
Britton, FrancisBtfnJul 1975 – Apr 1977BIn B Div. Parts . oil king. Fire watch. Div Yeoman. And C boiler room. OJ.T Corman. Great duty. Best great of friends u can have.
Williams, MarkABEAA - ABE3Jul 1975 – Aug 1977V-2 CatapultsHad a lot of fun. Smoked a lot of pot. Sold some really good hash that I picked up on leave in Germany. Got busted. Spent time in the brig. Met some crazy fellas. So long ago. Wow!
Tremain, Paul (Truck)ABE/E-3Jul 10, 1975 – Sep 1, 1977V-2/ Catapults
Hart, Hillard "angel"ISSNAug 1975 – 1977OZI was with the Rosie til she was decommisioned in Norfolk. I worked up in OZ looking at aerial photos. Any one aboard then remember the photo ace program?
Arthur, WilliamE2Aug 1975 – Nov 1976
Correia, ArnaldoE7Aug 10, 1975 – May 28, 1977A DivCame on in summer 75 at Mayport. Was on last cruise, was in sick bay the day we hit the tanker..I rolled out the bed.. Worked in A Div, emergency Diesil.. worked with Pratt, Marriott, Weiderman, Mercado, Laughlin,.
Adams, JamesRMSNSep 1975 – Sep 1977CMMy favorite of the four ships i was stationed on
Sizemore, PaulASE3Sep 1975 – Sep 1977AIMDmade last cruise of the Rosie to the Med in '75-76 and was part of the decomissioning crew.
Bourrie, FrankHM2Sep 1975 – Aug 1976MEDICALWorked up AV-8B's for deployment to MED, remember one attempting to land with paychecks for the embarked Marine's while of the coast of NC, flopped into the water with paychecks floating all over the surface,.
Hammond, JamesSK3Sep 8, 1975 – Sep 10, 1977S1My first duty station and was on the final Med Cruise. Enjoyed all the ports we pulled into. Rota Spain, Naples Italy, and a few others. Remember the collision in the Straits of Messina.
Benson, Norman (Benny)AO2Sep 30, 1975 – Jun 7, 1977G DivMy first and only cruise was the Rosies last Med cruise which was a blast with the guys of G-Div
Donze, JimE-1 to E4Sep 30, 1975 – Nov 25, 1977R-DivisionReported on board,9-30-75 E1FA,Got in R-Div.HT,worked in the Shipfitters Shop the whole time on board.great people to work with.Made 3RD Class before going to INACTSHIP,temp. before going to Lex-CVT16,got out 6-12-79,E-5
Griffin, JamesRMSNOct 1975 – Jun 1977CRI had a great time on the last med-cruise on Rosie. I worked in radio message center. Remember quite well the Liberian freighter that just about took Rosie out. Would do it all over again if I could turn the hands of time back to 1975. James Griffin
Mannion, TimYN3Oct 1975 – May 1977X DivisionLoved my time aboard the Rosie. Great memories! Would like to hear from some old friends. Email:
Haschker, MikeSeamanOct 1975 – Sep 19775th DivisionLast crew of the Rosie. Last Med cruise 76-77 Who remembers the collision in the straits of Mesina.? I was in 5th division. The forward berthing compartment where the tankers bow penetrated Rosie
Barton, SteveENSIGNOct 1, 1975 – Sep 30, 1977REnsign and later LTJG aboard Rosey, Assist. R-Div. Officer and then R-Div. Officer. Qualified EOW and stood Bridge and CIC watches. INACTSHIPFAC for Rosey after decom. Last crew member and last Navy personnel to leave the ship.
Cassero, RonEN3Oct 19, 1975 – May 9, 1976Engineman17 years old. After the collision my liberty boat was lowered to check the damage the next morning, was pretty bad. Boat shop. Emerg diesel watch Went to the gut to get laid! Wish I could find my buddies. Best of times
Mannion, TimothyYN3Oct 29, 1975 – Jun 30, 1977AdministrationI was on the Rosie for the last two years prior to her decommision. Great ports and great memories. I was also on board the night of the collision. I Hope to hear from some old friends and shipmates.
Colburn, GerryMR3Nov 10, 1975 – Aug 10, 1977A
Bender, JimENSIGNDec 1975 – Jul 1977OII was a CIC surface watch officer and radar navigation officer for the last Med Cruise. I also stood bridge watches, and was qualified as an OOD underway, before we decommissioned.
Wistreich, BarryE1/HTDec 1975 – Sep 14, 1976RWorked in the Habitability Shop, and the Hab office with MM1 Colado, and Chief Huth.
Ballard, Burtus (Jeff)OSSNDec 1, 1975 – Aug 1, 1977OIHad "choice" of duty stations coming out of OS A school, so I chose the Roosevelt figuring she was destined to be used as a training carrier out of Pensacola! Departed for the Med on my birthday the following year, 10/4/76! Quite a life exper
Strickland, AlanABE 3Dec 2, 1975 – Sep 2, 1977V-2 catsEnjoyed my time on rosey and met friends.Hope to se e them again at the reunion in May 2018 New Orleans
Wojnar, DonaldOSSNDec 15, 1975 – Jul 1, 1977OIMy first taste of Sea Duty.
Gonzalez, MartinAO 2Dec 16, 1975 – Sep 10, 1977 Aft Bomb AssemblyMade the last cruise on the FDR. Damn good crew.
Booth, ReeseHTFNDec 28, 1975 – 1977R DivisionI also take great pride in the time I served on the Rosie. I also was one of the last to leave decommissioning this great old ship. How many of your remember the collision at sea on the last Med Cruise?

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