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USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 786 crew members registered for the USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42).

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Ritzen, Jacob L.RM11965 – 1965OA
Seacotte, Richard1965 – 1968
Bamfield, ArnoldE41965 –
Champagne, Joee81965 –foxdaughter of joseph francis champagne here. would love to hear stories and hopefully see pictures of my dad! email me
Wiseman, RobertFtg sn1965 – 1966Fox
Kraska, DonBT3Jan 1965 – Oct 1968BLooking for old friends.....
Bonin, PaulABH2Feb 1965 – Jun 8, 1968V1
Anderson, DaleSNFeb 2, 1965 – Feb 2, 1968!stanyone served between 2/1965 - 2/1968 send an email to:
King, Robert 'Bruce'RM3Feb 13, 1965 – Dec 30, 1966CR65 Med Cruise (hit French Merchant ship), Gitmo ORI, WestPac Cruise in 66, lost a screw and went to Japan Dry Dock...Bob Hope in Dec..had a great time. CW Operator Radio One.
Hassler, DaveDK3Mar 5, 1965 – May 7, 1967S-4I was badly injuried during the fire on Nov 4, 1966 what killed 8 of our shipmates. I have been fighting with the VA for over 15 years for PTSD, medical records were lost? If you can help at all please contact me thanks.
Daddi, JoeSNMar 10, 1965 – Jul 21, 1966A4Met some great guys on board, would be nice to hear from any of them,I remember Martin Frank,Bob Irwin,Frasier, Jonsie, Byrd & Joe Valente from the mess decks.
Tanula, KenRM3Mar 14, 1965 – Apr 11, 1968communications/radiolots of good times, way back then
Glass, Harvey profile iconATN3Apr 1965 – Apr 1968V4, V6Anyone heard from Jerry Morello or Bob Wiseman?
Rowan, RobertsnApr 15, 1965 – Dec 23, 19674thboat coxswain 1&5 uboats
Morse, StevenAE2May 5, 1965 – Apr 16, 1968VF14Attached to VF-14 (Fighter Squadron 14)
Gregory, Richard/ GregMM3Jun 1965 – Feb 25, 1969A-7Come on from boot Camp went to mess decks.In September got into A-Division untill my Discharge in ship yard in Norfork Va.
Coolman, ChuckMM3 / MM2Jun 15, 1965 – Jun 10, 1969#1 Gen.Rm.Best wishes to all who served aboard. Looking for Johnnie Alsip and Jimmy Harms!! I have cancer and my future is not looking good.
Servais, Daniel  NEWRM2Jun 21, 1965 – Jun 1967CRGot my Assoc Degree in Electronics when I got out and made RM1 in 69 in reserves andRMC in 1975. Worked for IBM for 33 yrs b4 retiring after33 yrs.Last 15 yrs was assigned to SubBase Pearl in Hawaii and retired in 1987.
Schwinghamer, John profile iconBM3Jul 15, 1965 – May 15, 19672nd DivI am the Secretary of this association. Come and take a look.
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Seacotte, RichardBN 3Jul 16, 1965 – Jul 10, 19694th boat coxswaini have been trying to find my 4th.div boat crews on the cva-42 i came aboard in 65 and was transfered in1968 when we came bact from vietnam.
Blusewicz, WaltRD2Aug 1965 – Apr 1968
Grubbs, GarryABH-2Aug 1965 – Jun 1968V-1
Galloway, JohnATAug 29, 1965 – Mar 6, 1968VA 172I made 2 Med Cruises and 1 Wes Pac. I will respond at least once to any e-mails.
Hoover, WilliamRM3Sep 1965 – Apr 1968crspent many lonley days out to sea , wihtout the friends to work with and comaradery with would have ben much worse.kenny tanula if you see my name ,contact me at we will chat.
Wheeler, MikeCYN3Sep 1965 – Mar 1967CRMADE A MED AND VIET NAM CRUISE
Howard, KerberSNOct 1965 – Oct 1968BoatsHello. I served 1965-68. Lost Shellack certifacte. I have found necessary dates and names for July 4, 1966 (1st) crossing. Thanks to all who wanted to help locate dates and times.
Dowd, RonaldMM3Nov 1965 – Jun 1969M # 1 Pump Room Hi Guys...............
Wedemeyer, Albert profile iconSNNov 14, 1965 – Jul 10, 19674TH DIVISION AND WEAPONS DEPARTMENTWant to annouce a new reunion organization for the USS Midway and the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. Please check the web site to see all the unique things we are doing; contact us at 404 497 0943
Balma, Henrye-2Nov 15, 1965 – Feb 19672nd DivisionAnyone from the West Pac Cruise
Dorman, Robert (Mike)ET 2Dec 1965 – Dec 1965Electronics OE
Garland, Budd EAN - ABE StrikerDec 1965 – Nov 1967Orig. G- Div. transferred to V-2 Div.
Bowman, CurtisE-3Dec 1965 – Sep 1968SecondAn adventure of a lifetime. Wish, now, that I would have continued serving. Went on to become a counselor with the Job Corp.
Evans, Jacke-3Dec 20, 1965 – Dec 22, 1967G divisionI was a ordnance mech. and was standing watch in hanger bay 4 when we had the fire in the storage locker was one of the guys who had to lock the guys in who died then we brought them out it was pretty bad I still drea
Eaton, Paul profile iconE4Dec 31, 1965 – Apr 21, 1967CommunicationsIf anyone or someone you know was aboard the FDR during our Vietnam tour and is filing a VA claim for agent orange, I have the information to show the ships locations within the 12 nautical mile requirement. contact me
Shemack, FrancisFN1966 – Sep 1967MServed in #1 enging room, #1 generator room,and #1 pump room.Looking for anyone who served with me. Iorio, LaForest,Rizzo.
Zachar, ThomasE41966 – 1970Anyone on the flight deck during that time that remembers me.... e-mail so we can catch up.
Benedict, JoeAE31966 – 1968VF-14Deployed with squadron when FDR left for Nam in 1966. Was on board on the Med cruise in 1968 when I got out and flew home ,Cleveland, Ohio, from Rota Spain. Life's been good. Go NavAir ! Looking for Emails.
Velliquette, RogerSargemt1966 –Marine DetachmentI have Developed bladder cancer in 2007. I am looking for other shipmates who may have also came down with this problem. I was a sargent in the marine detachment,If you can help with this please let me know.
Conolly, RichMM21966 – Oct 1969A-2Looking for any shipmates that I served with in A Division
Nay, Garymm21966 – 1969M Div.would like to hear from anyone who served with me. I was assigned to #1 generator room and worked under chief dennison.
Saunders, Stephan Aka SteveMM31966 – 1969No. 3 Engine Room Steve Saunders died 4/1/95 - 46 yrs. I am his daughter. I have many photos and his deposition. He mentions Bruce Piel, Wayne Holtzclaw, John Charvelle, Fred Hare, Everett Nichols, Carter Hall. Anyone remember my Dad?
Kennedy, PatrickBM3Jan 1, 1966 – Jan 1, 19671stshe was a good ship,served on her for a year,then trasferd to Viet Nam -CRAFTMASTER on tugboat YTL456-
Brodeur, PeterE-3Jan 1, 1966 – Nov 1, 1968V-1, Rep-8I had a great time when we were all "Running against the wind" with the "Rosie". I'm now the "captain" of my own lobster boat out of Galilee, R.I.----a lobster to all shipmates who come down
Pacheco, DennisABH3Jan 6, 1966 – Oct 23, 1969V-1Flight Deck Plane Handler Elevator Operator
Badgett, TommyABF-3Jan 10, 1966 – Oct 10, 1969V 4 DivisionWorked on the flight deck with a great group of guys and ships company.I wouldn't trade those 4 years for anything.Rosie was a great ship.
Swindell, Johnson profile iconGMG3Jan 16, 1966 – Jul 8, 1968ordnance mechanics 632looking for any members who may served with my dad and may have any pictures
Bridgers, LarryABF-3Feb 1966 – Oct 1969V-4
Miete, Jon (Mighty Moe)E-2Feb 1966 – Dec 3, 1968Guilded Missile Division
McLane, JimMMCMar 1966 – Apr 1968a-4
Hayes, AlvinAO3Mar 1, 1966 – Aug 31, 1969GMLife after FDR: I married, graduated from college and "Seminary". Served 40+ years in Christian ministry. I have made contact with some shipmates Glen Semmler, Jon Miete, EW Green, Mike Able and still looking.
Haney, Larry V.RM2Apr 1966 – Jun 1969CRGood times-good friends-and the food wasn't all that bad either.
Galligan, GarySN/BMApr 1966 – Oct 1967DeckMade cruise too Viet Nam---was on Bridge when "The Fire" in the paint locker happened. Lost several men.
Byers, TroyABE3Apr 1966 – Oct 1969v-2 arresting gearworked on flight deck ,made westpack and medcruises,remember the fire that kild 8 shipmates 4 nov 1966 off virt nam on westpack cruise
Boland, JohnGMT3Apr 1966 – Aug 1969WhiskeyWhen I reported aboard I was informed that USS stood for Underway Saturday and Sunday, they were not lying.
Bradford, JulianANJun 1, 1966 – Feb 1, 1967VF-14Was aboard for the WestPac tour
MacDonald, DavidDS3Jun 10, 1966 – Jan 1, 1968OEWent to Vietnam and back on this WWII carrier and also survived a rough typhoon then limped home with one screw missing a blade. First carrier to stop in Cape Town SA. I learned a lot on this carrier, my first of 3.
Jenter, James(jimmy)ABH 3Jun 17, 1966 – Jul 17, 1968V3Med cruise 1967/capt Hodgeson
Johnson, TerryADJ3Jun 19, 1966 – Oct 1, 1969VA 172Made 66-67 Westpac & 67-68 Med cruises aboard the Rosie. Plane Captain & Line Crew PO. Made many friends and had some great times in many far away places. I wish I could do it all again....
McLaughlin, TerryABE3Jul 1966 – Mar 1967V-2Burned in cat launch... left ship.
Cobb, Scottadj2Jul 1966 – Dec 1966VF-14Son of Patrick Allen Kirk Cobb.(ADJ2)..Served on CVA 42 in mid 60's. Crossed Equator on 26 July 1966.
Duggan, BillAT1Aug 1966 – May 1967VA-12Westpac to Viet Nahm
Miller, LarryATN-3Aug 1966 – Jan 1967VA-12 CVW-1West Pac Cruise
Chamberlain, GaryAQ2Aug 1966 – Oct 1968VF-14Joined VF-14 on line in Tonkin Gulf (high lined aboard). Left Oceana heading west and didn't stop til I returned to Oceana. I crossed the equator on the FDR and the Arctic Circle on the JFK. Irreplaceable experience.
Loftus, ChuckET3Aug 1, 1966 – Feb 20, 1967ommunications
Babcock, DavidE5Aug 15, 1966 – Mar 10, 1970REPAIR
Hall Sr., LeonardS F 3Aug 17, 1966 – Jul 17, 1968Repair Division
Chamberlain, GaryAQ3Sep 1966 – Oct 1968VF-14I joined the FDR on station in the Gulf. I was highlined aboard from the USS Neches (I think) a supply ship which picked me up in the Philipines. I have some good memories of her and her crew.
McCoy, Randy [zilch]ANSep 1966 – Jan 1967Pri-Flygood times with Pags, Swanson,Uncle Howie, Spanky. Wasn't there long enough, remember the admiral's coconut tree in Subic? Or the crocodile in front of the bar in Olongapo-I think it was Pauline's or something like that
Kjeldahl, Ron "KJ"AO2Sep 1966 – Sep 1969GWorked on Flight Deck and ammo magazines. West Pac Cruise, Med Cruise, etc.
Dustmann III, WalterYN1Sep 8, 1966 – May 14, 1970XI had a good time on the Rosey and am glad to be a member of this web site.
Godwin, JohnAC3Sep 16, 1966 – Apr 1969M and OC
Lecompte, Gene (Frenchie)E-1Sep 21, 1966 – Mar 6, 1970S-3if u remember me on board....drop me a line....
Wendling, RobertMR 2Sep 24, 1966 – May 12, 1970A6 (Machine Shop)B Division during WestPac (3-A boiler room). Transferred to A Division after three months of MR "A" School in San Diego.
Stellman, LewisDC3Oct 1966 – Dec 31, 1969R
Sobina, Rudolf (Rudy)BT3Nov 1966 – Oct 1968B - Oil ShackMed Cruise 1967-1968. Retired from the Navy Reserve in 2006. Achieved the rank of ISCM.
Boucher, RobertsnNov 15, 1966 – Oct 17, 19684th

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