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USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 786 crew members registered for the USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42).

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Mink, DavidETR21959 – 1961OE
Clark, Harryams-31959 – 1960VA/15 Valions AD/6 AircraftI would love to be able to do it over again.1959 med cruise.The flight deck during flight operations was no place to loose your attention. One mastake might be your last.Could be scarry
Vogelman, EdwinMM2 SS1959 – 1960engine roomspent 1 year on rosie made a med trip transfered to subs.Rodriguez and i have some great stories to share
Dupuis, Arthur FrenchieE31959 – 1962Hanger deck
Deblois, Altoncs-31959 – Dec 10, 1962s-2
Baldwin, Marshall Edward profile iconMM31959 – Oct 1961unknownMy dad was aboard 59-61. He passed in 1986. I would love to connect with anyone who may have known him and find out more about him. He would probably have been in the engine room or boiler room. Thanks, Marsha Black
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Bancroft, MerrillET2Jan 1959 – Sep 1960OEI sure would like to contact some of the guys I served with. I was transferred here from USS Leyte. Was it that long ago??!
Dunham, JesseAN/ABCSJan 25, 1959 – Sep 15, 1960V-1Worked as a blue shirt and also in rep.8, made two Med cruises aboard the Rosie. A great time in my life.
Heckman, PaulMM3Feb 1959 – Sep 1960aft generator roomHad a lot of good times on the roosie. I made 2 trips to the med. I missed all the good friends i made on the ship.
Boles, Kenneth A.ABMar 3, 1959 – Jan 10, 1962V-I REP-8GOOD TIMES-BAD TIMES-SHORE PATROL TIMES
Deckard, Delbert SnipeE-5Jun 23, 1959 – Jun 24, 1963ENG. A-5We maintained the liberty boats Life boats and, Forward and Aff Diesel Gen.
Deckard, Delbert (Del)E 5Jun 24, 1959 – Jun 23, 1963EnginemanWe maintained the liberty boats & Life boats Forward & Aft Diesel emergency gen.
Yeagley, SamGMT3Jul 10, 1959 – Dec 5, 1961W2 1/2 Med trips plus the yards in NYC.
Astler, Dewitt (Dee)BT3Sep 1959 – Dec 1962B Forward EvacuatersMade fresh water from salt water so the boys in the Fire Rooms could make steam.Had a great time in the Navy
Hawsey, ChuckIC2Sep 1, 1959 – Apr 1, 1961EI served as an Interior Communications Electrician. We were stationed out of Mayport, Florida.
Peterson, Bill JohnEM2Sep 1, 1959 – May 10, 1963Eon board sept 1959 departed may 1963 worked in the battery locker lighting shop #1 switchboard made 3 med cruises feb 1961 to may 1963 looking for richard osterberg em2
Creech, Benjamin (Ben)BT-2Sep 8, 1959 – Dec 26, 1962BEnjoyed my time aboard. Great Shipmates in B Div. Dickie Simmons, Thomas Marks, Mason Simmons, James Speigel, Gene Williams, (Donnie? Davis BT1), and John Rainwater are some that come to mind. All A-1 shipmates.
Devine, JimDK-3Sep 22, 1959 – Apr 4, 1962S-4
Rodriguez, Joe [rod]MM3/cNov 19, 1959 – Aug 23, 1962M-Div.As I look back on my time on the Rosie and my shipmates it will always be with me . I made two Med. cruise and this past June 2011, I made one more Med cruise with my Wife Linda on a cruise ship. Liberty was not the same
Bell, Dick (Red)BT 3Jan 1960 – Aug 1962B divisionWas in room 2 Bravo in boiler room hope to hear from my mates that was on this site
Atencio, Robert (Bob)RD3Jan 1960 – Jun 1963OIRetired living in Colorado.
Pignataro, CharlesBT3Jan 1, 1960 – Jan 1, 1964BHi shipmates! I'm Joseph Pignataro. My father Charles died when I was 19yo and raised me on his sea stories. I joined the Navy in 1999 and just made chief petty officer. I'm looking for stories about my dad. Thank you!
Chance, GarySFP2Feb 8, 1960 – May 25, 1962RWas in Pipe Shop
Curlee, JerrySNMar 4, 1960 – Feb 28, 1962UNKNOWNI am submitting this for my father, Jerry E. Curlee. The certifying officer was T.A. Gaylon, LT, JG, USN. Jerry E. Curlee passed away on December 2, 1996. I am submitting information in lieu of your fellow servicemen.
Quick, BillABF 3Apr 1960 – Oct 18, 1963V-4 Aircraft FuelsBoarded the Rosie in Palma, Spain in April 1960. Stayed aboard till discharge in October 1963 at Ship Yards in New York
Johnson, Edwin Johnsonmm3Apr 23, 1960 – Apr 9, 1963A-4I am now retired from FORD MOTOR CO.
Morgan, William R. "Bill" profile iconAO3May 15, 1960 – Sep 10, 1962GWould not trade the time I spent in the Navy for anything, Would do it again..
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Morgan, William profile iconAO2May 18, 1960 – Sep 10, 1962GWould go back and do it again and possibly make a career out of the Navy,
Braun, Carl (Spud)AK1Jun 10, 1960 – Jul 14, 1964I do not knowMy dad was highlined from the Saratoga to the Roosevelt during the relief in the Med. He was ships company and was later transferred to NAS Ciecel Field where he retired on July 7th 1969. He deceased on August 12th 1985
Allen, Jr., EdwinSeamanJul 28, 1960 – Aug 15, 1964GShip laundry
Dietrich, MeltonCS3Aug 1960 – May 1963S 2 divisionHad a great time with most of my ship mates. I wonder how many are still around. Love to here from them.
Lewis, Daniel J.MM3Aug 23, 1960 – Apr 1, 1964M One of the BALL Brothers
Brehmer Sr, Albert (Larry)SNSep 1960 – Sep 19623rd and 5thThose were the days
Rosenzweig, DavidSEAMAN 1Sep 1960 – Aug 1962supplyPicked up the FDR in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Shake down cruise in Cuba, One Med Cruise, FDR sent to the Dominican Republic when they had their revalution.
Benson, LarryEM3Sep 10, 1960 – Aug 20, 1962EngineeringJust looking for someone from the timeframe I was onboard the ship.
Hicks, ArtABF-3Sep 14, 1960 – Aug 1, 1964V4Any sailor that was in V4 division from 1961-1963
Porfidio, JosephE-3Sep 27, 1960 –V-4I worked on the flight deck with some pretty cool guys and think about it often now in my old age.
Reigel, MikeE-3Sep 29, 1960 – Jul 15, 1962Number 1 engine room - Chief Roe compartment cleaner reefer breakout firefighting school-Bayonne N.J.
Reigel, MikeFN3Sep 30, 1960 – Jun 10, 1962boarded brooklin navy yard,getmo shakedown,61'med cruise,cuban missle crisis,trans to cvs-36pensacola.any buddies out there,arthur j. anderson,hearst boys?
Leininger, Larry profile iconFTG2Oct 1960 – Sep 10, 1962FOXReported aboard Oct. 1960 at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Made the 61 Med cruise.Left the Navy & the Rosie on 9-10-62.
Arlington, RichRD2Nov 20, 1960 – Apr 1963OIMade 2 med trips, two dry docks in New York. two Cuban training trips. Most of my time was spent in ECM room. Retired for the past 4 years and living in South Florida NW of Fort Lauderdale. Left the ship in 4/63
Duffy, Mauriceabh 3Nov 22, 1960 – Aug 2, 1963v-1fly 2 and fly3
Kalvin, NicholasLT (MC) Flight SurgeonDec 1960 – Feb 2, 1961CVG-ONE staffAt 86, recall Carrier Air Group One and the FDR. Several cruises to GTMO, the Med from Feb to Sept 1961, deployment after Trujillo assassination. Butch Rumbel and I were flight surgeons, under CAG Ray Hawkins
Outwin, BobABF-3Dec 1960 – Feb 1964V-4I will never forget my time aboard. It was a very special time in my life.
MacKi, JohnCpl (E-4)Dec 7, 1960 – May 15, 1963Marine DectachmentI fired off live round fr/45 in passway.Assigng Marines/Sailors. to duty stations MY crew fired 5" round across destroyerk-broke sum windows.Was brig turnkey. like 2 C destroyer crew plus any wounded. Ha! just kdng.
Johnson, ThomasAO3Dec 18, 1960 – Feb 1, 1962gmI look back with fondness to my time on this ship

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