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USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 786 crew members registered for the USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42).

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Perry, DaleseamonDec 29, 1937 – May 29, 1958deckhand
Sharpes, DonaldEM 3C1945 – Jun 15, 1946EngineeringI was on the shakedown cruise and am an original plank holder.
La Counte, Robert (Bob)EM3/C1945 – 1946Topside lightingI and my twin brother Bill served together until the Sullivan brothrs went down and then we were separated. Bill was transferred out and I continued to serve aboard the F.D.R.
Blume, Steve1945 – 1946I put this in for my grandfather (Kenneth F. Blume) that past away February 11 2008 . He was on the shakedown cruise and was also original plank holder. He was in a 40 mm gun crew.If anyone remembered him please contact.
Taylor, Elderidge profile iconARM2c1945 – Apr 5, 1946CAG-75 VB-75My dad, Eldridge Euegene "skeeter" Taylor, ARM 2c, plank holder, CAG -75, VB-75, SB2c-4e. Plank Holder, Shellback. Broken duck 1-17-46. CVB-42. Ports of call, Norfolk,Va. Gitmo, Cuba. Reo Braizl, New York, NY.
Chaikowsky, John2nd Class Gunners Mate1945 –Carrier Division 1My dad joined the Navy just before the war ended and he served on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and did some tours in South America. That's about all I remember him talking about it. His nickname was "Einstein".
Cram, Edward W.Seaman 1st ClassFeb 1945 – 1946CV42My Dad, Edward W. Cram, from Tampa, Fl. was on the FDR from Feb. 1945 until July, 1946 as a radarman.
Sinclair, Robertseaman first classFeb 19, 1945 – Jul 14, 1946co2 fire fightingInteresting shakedown cruise crossing the equator to Brazile.There I became a shellback.We lost 13 men on this cruise.Lot's of memories.
Fecteau, FredApr 1945 – Aug 1946A member of the original Shakedown Cruise. Was a storekeeper on the ship. Good friend of Robert Schena from Brookline also on the ship.
Renn, CharlesAETM 1/CApr 29, 1945 – Jul 1946carrier aircraft service unitEnjoyed visiting Rio. We lost about a dozen hands during our shakedown cruise including a 40 mm gun crew which fired into the barrel of a 5 inch gun that lost track during a gunnery exercise.
Ewing, CharlesUSMC pfcJun 1945 –40mm gunner. Actor George C Scott was a fellow crew memberFilling this out for my 95 year old father, a former sea-going Marine aboard the FDR. Love his stories of his time spent on board, like when he met President Truman aboard ship.
Kozlowski, JeromeGM3Jul 24, 1945 – Mar 20, 1946I am Jerry's daughter, as he passed in 1984. I do remember him saying Rio was his favorite liberty port, and I still have his Shellback certificate dated Jan. 28, 1946.
Kenneth, ClontzEM 3/CAug 1, 1945 – Jul 1946Engineneering / ElectrialMotion operator in civilian life IATSE Union #322 and luckly in service too.
Kamp, Sheldon BernardSEAMAN 1ST CLASSSep 1, 1945 – Jul 15, 1946plank holder,shellback,5"54 ist projectileman,I am a nice guy,and a close friend of marvin goodman
Cockerham, Earl DeanS.S.Barber Third ClassMar 1946 – Jun 1947Ship Service Dept.
Yelle, DonaldS 1ST CLASSApr 8, 1946 – Feb 3, 1947Worked in the BoilerroomI've entered this for my Dad. He often talks about the FDR with me (Retired USN). Said the FDR was the best ship he served on. Transferred to MIdway after FDR.
Crow, RobertS1CApr 11, 1946 – Nov 16, 1947V2 AVIATION SHEETMETAL
Renfrow, Orvel (Slim)S 1/CJul 1946 – Feb 16, 1948Was assigned to the FDR July 46 and was on board until Feb 48 . Watched 1st Jet takeoff from Carriers .Was on shakedown cruise and then to the Med .W@orked in the laundry during my time in service .
Coleman, Alvin TravisSHSNSep 27, 1947 – Sep 9, 1948Ship Service - LaundryA very good year!
Williamson, ThomasCaptain commanding OfficerNov 1947 – Aug 1948unknownGod bless you all
Vanduzen, BillPFCNov 10, 1947 – Apr 18, 19506th
Matthews, JohnAIRMANMar 10, 1948 – Mar 17, 1948Marine Air Group 49A visitor only.
Blackwell, NicholasAIRMANApr 2, 1948 – Sep 2, 1951Aviation OrdnanceWhile I was aboard the FDR made 2 trips to the Med, 1948 and 1950. In 1949 our ship received a rating of "E" for efficiency for the entire Atlantic Fleet. In the early 1950's the FDR crossed the Artic Circle. (Royal Order of BlueNose)
Dillard, Harry "slick"3RD CLASS AVIATION BOSUN MATEMay 1948 – Feb 1952When on the ship, I couldn't wait to get off; now I realize that those were some of the best years of my life and wouldn't trade them for anything. Hoping to find some familiar names and talk about old times.
McLaughlin, Donald A.FIREMAN NON-RANKEDSep 1948 – Dec 24, 1951Baker I was wounded during a explosion on the Hanger Deck, in 1951.
Jackson Jr, RalphAL-31949 – 1951VC-33 TAD three different times,1949,1950,and 1951, first time in TBM-3E`s, others in AD-Q`s and AD-N`s. Great Ship and crew, some bad memories but mostly good!
Goetzinger, George (Ears)BM21950 – 1952I list this for my Father who has passed away but was wondering if anyone might remember him, He played soccer for the Navy, contact me @ Thanks
Maione, Chriscommand1950 – 1957commandunk
Masters, Richard (Dick)SEAMAN 1ST CLASSMar 23, 1950 – Jun 29, 1953I put Richard Masters in. I was the ypunger brother that visited the ship in 1951 at the age of 13. I was amazed by its size and beauty and rember it well at age 72. Richard passed on in 1976.
Belikow, AlLT.Oct 1950 – Dec 1951I'm his son and I added my Dad to the list. I'm not sure of the exact dates but I have a leeter written to me from him dated Dec. 1951
Wyman, Clarence "Pete"GM3Nov 1950 – Oct 19531stStill kicking around at nearly 75. Remember the old girl well.
Reese, Brantley1951 – 1953This is for my hero, my father. He used to tell me stories of how he beat up on the marines in a boxing ring set up in the boiler room. Daddy left us in 2002
Cini, Robert (Sonny)BT31951 – 1954Boiler Operator HelperRobert (Sonny) Cini- Served from 6/1951 - 8/1954 BT3 USNR-RU FDR CVA-42 Sonny is my Birth father- Never got to meet before his death in 2011. Would love anyone that knew him to reach out to me. God Bless, Donna
Leone, VincentAB 2Feb 21, 1951 – Dec 15, 1954V3-G
T. J. Chmara, Ted ChmaraMay 1951 – May 19548th Deck 2nd Deck and BoatBosan striker seaman First Class. Three Med, 1 Gitmo and around the Horn toWashington St for referbishing. Then reasigned to the Uss Proton in Japan. Discharged Feb 13 1955
Eckstein, William EcksteinAEM1Jun 1951 – Jul 1952V2Recalled for Korean war and made a "MED CRUISE"
Perkins, MaAO3Jul 1951 – Dec 1953V-3-ODuring the past 15 years have located over 100 former shipmates and have enjoyed 4 reunions with them. GO NAVY
Ted, ClouserSeamanNov 1951 – Jun 19541st division
Trzaska, DanielAN11952 – 1954V1A great ship, great crew, great Skipper.
Sadler, SonnySeaman1952 – 1955Yeoman
Cavanaugh, Donald FT SNFeb 1952 – May 1954FOXOperation Mainbrace (Arctic Circle '52, two Med Cruises, around the horn. On to BrmGrpPacResFlt until discharge Oct'55. Home was Ohio, but returned to W.Coast in '57 now in Oregon.
Huber, Richard (Rick)ET3Mar 7, 1952 – 1954OEArrived onboard March 1952 until sometime 1954. Cruises to GITMO, MED and above Artic Circle, Operation "MAINBRACE". Took around C. Horn to Bremerton for yard decommissioning.
Morse, RichardYN3Apr 1952 – Jan 1953O3 Got caught up in Truman's Korean enlistment extension. Was at the separation center at NOB when the word came down. Was on the Coral Sea before that. FDR, good ship, fine crew.
Hurst, BobYEOMANApr 4, 1952 – Dec 12, 1953XCame aboard when in drydock-portsmouth - shakedown to Gitmo - Oper. Mainbrace North Atlantic - 2 Med Cruises - served under Capt. Anderson & Captain Thach. Had a great time. CWO Dantoni and 1stCPO Clark, 3rd Cl. Dillenger were Capt. office friends.
Larrivee, RonDCFNJul 1952 – Jun 1954RMy first ship and really enjoyed the 2 years I was aboard her. Anybody remember me?

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