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USS Prairie (AD 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Prairie (AD 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 564 crew members registered for the USS Prairie (AD 15).

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Muenchow, Ed ( Chow )MM21974 – 1977
Schurr, KlausE31974 – 1978HulltechShipmates, looking for someone who remembers my fall during transit to Sea of Japan 1974-75 when I sustained serious injuries in a fall off a ladder into engine room. Please contact me at
Baker, PaulMR.2Jan 1974 – Aug 1975machine shop
James, Jeffery profile iconEM3Jan 10, 1974 – Sep 10, 1976EngineeringOne of my best experiences as a young man. My brother Jerome served with me. We made a westpac cruise. Ship's co electrician was hard work until I made E4. Leroy, Lewis, Ens Jones, Frog & James . Look for me on FB
Reed, SteveMMFNMar 1974 – Sep 1974Evaporator roomWorked with Howie Amundsen, Dave Foat, Bill Nelson, Kerr, Hudson, Various others......
Hamilton, DaveOM3Apr 1974 – Dec 31, 1974R-5Loved San Diego. Ray Penny?
Burke, MikeMMFNApr 16, 1974 – Mar 25, 1975M Division Fwd EngineroomRode my motorcycle all over San Diego and to the USO. Got surprise orders to the USS Enterprise when we were in Japan. Left the Prairie just before the Fall of Saigon. Enjoyed my time on the Prairie!
Piland, Robert Boats profile iconbmsnMay 10, 1974 – Sep 22, 19762nd div boat crewThe best time i had west-pac 75 made some great friends and had the privilage to serve on her i learned to run the cranes and all the boats i was the cox on the captains jig for the 4th of july flotilia in 1976
Snyder, TomDK2Jun 1974 – Dec 1977Great duty, terrific shipmates and wonderful friends.
Harris, DanData Processing Technician 3rd ClassJun 18, 1974 – Jul 6, 1976S 7The 75 westpac was a time I'll always remember. Turning 21 years old in Hong Kong and the fall of Saigon...weird times.
Allen, TomIC2Jul 1974 – Sep 3, 1976R-3Learned alot in the repair div. and alot obout life on our cruise and involvement with vietnam evac. made alot of really good friends. now in georgia willing to talk to any old shipmates.
Coggins, Jeffmm3Jul 1974 – Sep 1974massigned to the after engine room
Christopher, KarlMM3Jul 30, 1974 – Nov 15, 1974M
Schmidt, JimIC2-IC1Aug 1974 – Sep 1977R-3 Gyro ShopWe thought she was buried in coffee grounds at the pier in San Diego, but managed to get underway for WestPac in Jan 75 (stopped for repairs in Pearl). Good times & good friends.
Jones, RobertTMSAAug 1, 1974 – Jan 1, 1976Weapons
Wilson, EddieE-3Aug 5, 1974 – Aug 5, 1976Boatswain mateFresh out of high school went tnto the navy,I was station on the AD-15 I did 1 west pac great memories. .Hong Kong r&rgreat times
Franks, IrwinBM3Sep 1974 – Dec 19762nd div.i was a crain operatori on the Boat Deck, 2 Division, Under BM2 Reid. and BM2 Seymore. BM3 Young, Dwight Maxwell, Eddie, Perry, Snake.
Johansen, NelsMM3Sep 7, 1974 – Mar 2, 1977M and AShe ran best at flank speed we pumped the flooded bildges leaving Pearl. We stopped 4 days out of PI sent divers over the side to jam a DC plug in the hull to stop engine rm from flooding. Like to see Big Bird Baby Huuy and Lenard again
Zepke, Rondental tech/ snSep 16, 1974 – Jun 28, 1976deck force / dental labhad a good time on the ship/ the west pac tour was a blast. some real wild times.
Hudson, LarryMM2Sep 19, 1974 – May 27, 1979I was in the evaporator room . water kings. Kerr, Grant Smitty and others. I had a good time. I am having serious health problems now. Skin, excema, black outs, and others. If you have some of the same problems please contact me a.
Schardan, SonnyHT3Nov 15, 1974 – Feb 12, 1977R-1
Gonzales, Joseph (Speedy)BT3Dec 1974 – Jun 1978BWas in Forward engineroom and Oilshack. Made 2 WESTPACS Made alot friends.
Castro, AngelitoEM3Dec 15, 1974 – Apr 15, 1979I have 2 WESTPAC deployment, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Subic Bay, Philippines were the best liberty ports.This ship was the floating shore duty in every port.I tried to extend my duty aboard ship but to no avail.Assigned at 51ARewind Shop.
Buterbaugh, FredDS21975 – 1979S-7Attention all Data Systems Technicians! Log on to to register yourself and find out which of us are still around.
Hastings, SteveHT21975 – 1979R1-pipe shop
Booth, DonMssn1975 – 1979SupplyHad great friends lost one of our buddies Eddie but the rest are hallsy,fig,rabbit,black Max,Garrett, Tommy Mac,Stanley Knight and of course can't forget the whistle of Rick Rego
Hunstad, TomMM2Jan 1975 – Apr 1978M and A2 great Westpac's, memories. Found this while searching for information on the 2012 reunion in South Dakota. Joey; no one has called me that since I left the Prairie.
Ganus, James [jim]Bt1Jan 1, 1975 – Jan 1, 1979B div.had a great time made 2 wespacs diw subic bay wish i was there now
James, JeromeDPSNJan 2, 1975 – Sep 13, 1976S-7
Perry, WileyHT2Jan 3, 1975 – Jun 25, 1979R-1Worked in the Shipfitter Shop 11-A, and then after C-1 Welding School was part of the crew in the Weld Shop 26-A for the rest of my enlistment. Had a great job and worked with some great guys in Repair Department.
Shipley, Mark ShipleyE4Jan 5, 1975 – Jun 9, 1978W1Looking for my old shipmates!
Llevares, RexDT1Mar 1975 – Aug 1976DentalProudly served on board. Perhaps was my lucky ship. I was selected as Sailor of the Quarter and was selected to CPO while aboard the USS Prairie. The C.O. was Capt Muck.
Llevares, RexDT1/DTCMar 1975 – Sep 1976DentalThe USS Prairie was my lucky ship. I made Sailor of the Quarter and made CPO. Subic was great. The good old days and great memories. I remembered when Saigon fell and we had to process refugees. How long did we tie up at Boton pier?
Hall, Mike (Hallsey)MSSNApr 4, 1975 – Nov 17, 1977Supply S-2
Kirby, SteveSKCMay 1, 1975 – Mar 10, 1979Supply S-1Remembering the great times with SKCM Christian and DK3 Tom Snyder! There were so many others, SKCS Chilton, Dan Welner, Louis Bustamante, SK1 Pike, Rafael Soto and all of my other shipmates in S-1 thru S-7.
Cruz, Bill profile iconBT2Aug 1975 – Oct 1980BI have plenty of good memories while on board. I worked at aft engine room (mn control) BTOW at age 20. made back to back West Pac 78' and 79'. Hoping to get in touch with BT3 Jack Leather hes from the mid west.
Almada, AlvinHM3Aug 11, 1975 – Nov 17, 1975MedicalMade the plunge to go west-pac and was it ever the right thing to do....thx HM1....
Shields, TimMM3Nov 1975 – Apr 1976M
Kedley, JamesBM3Dec 11, 1975 – Oct 13, 1979Deck 1st DivisionTwo west pak cruises. Many good memories. Old friends Rob Hall, William Perry, Sinclair, James Clemons, Karate man James Jones. Nickname "Stickman".
Erickson, John EricksonDPC1976 – 1979S7Retired July 1988 as DPCM
Martin, Davidht31976 – 1980R-1good times on the old gal.
Arnold, BretDP1976 – 1979Deck then ADPServed straight out of bootcamp. Onboard for overhaul in 77 then offered to strike for DP. Been in IT ever since! Did 2 Westpac onboard Prairie. j
Carter, Rontmsn1976 –Weapons
Duckworth, KennethrmsnJan 1, 1976 – Oct 17, 1976radio shacki only worked on the prairie for a short time, but many fond memories before i transferred to uss jason. i still have a small round wooden piece from prairies wooden deck. i would love to hear from mike hart or gary ramsey.
Jackson, RonnieSK3Jan 5, 1976 – Jun 1979SupplyShipmates -Art Duhart, Terry Bridges, SMCSK JC Lewis, SK3Galang, Steve Feaster, Eugene Latham, Skip Guerin, Brad Johnson , SMCSK Johnson, MCSK Bolton....Prarie Dogs
Ryon, ScottE-3Feb 13, 1976 – Jun 19, 1979M DivisonnWorked in the forward Engine room
Nielsen, Joel profile iconOM3Mar 1976 – Nov 1979R-5Looking for Mike Osborn. He was my best friend on Prairie.
Alicdan, LeoIM2Apr 1976 – Jul 1980R-5From IM school. 35-D and 35 E to 35 A shops.
Meyer, StanHT1May 1976 – May 1981R-8 (NDT Lab)Hey Prairie sailors! Any one make one of the three WESPACs between 1978 and 1980? Or when we went to Alameda for a few months? What an era that was!! What a ship! She wasn't fast but she always kept steaming!
Pinkham, Mark "Pinklee"BMSNMay 20, 1976 – Jun 3, 19803RD Division Boat Crew,Crane and man Overboard TeamBest times and ship-mates around...In touch with many from that time...If ya remember me(How could anyone forget) me a line Anyone...Can find me on fb...RONALD PAYNE,Jose Peon,JOSEPH VULLO and so many more!
Giehtbrock, Michael "Smokey"BMSNJun 1976 – Jan 1980Deck,1st, 2nd, 3rd, Crain CrewHad a GREAT TIME on the Prairie!!!!! Met alot great people, Still in contact with a few! Did 2 cruise's, 78', 79'. Loved the P.I. Subic Bay "SAILOR CITY"!!! I'd Like to hear from anyone that can remember back that far.
Daniels, AllenE-1Jul 30, 1976 – Jul 30, 1980A gang
Hyams, PhillipFireman/Machinist MateDec 1976 – Jul 1978Engineering
Kohlbauer, DonPH2 (AC)Dec 1976 – 1979R5 Photo LabI was a photojournalist for the San Diego Union Tribune after I got out and covered the 50th Anniversary RE-Christening of the Prairie in Long Beach Ca. Several Captains were aboard including my Captain, Captain Miller.
Dekemper, BarryBM2Dec 1, 1976 – Jun 30, 19783rd

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