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USS Dixie (AD 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dixie (AD 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 431 crew members registered for the USS Dixie (AD 14).

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Schatte, JamesFTG E31977 – Sep 26, 1980R-5Hello all past shipmates
Cook, Robert ( Cookie)MSSN1977 – 1979Supply
Oliver, Wesley profile iconseaman 1977 – Oct 30, 19791sthello fellow shipmates
Wells, Kim profile iconEM31977 – 1980R-3Looking for my old shipmates. R-3 and ships company electric divisions. Hey Harrington brothers and John Gilmore, guys out there? EMC McCune? Lt. Green? Cory McConkle? Anyone from the Gyro shop? Green? Crelly?
Maxwell, DanielSKSN1977 – 1978SupplyWas curious what ever became of SK2 Herb Bessing, we were friends during my time on the Dixie. Often wondered what happened to Herb, as well as a few others.
Head, BrianSTG 2Jan 2, 1977 – Sep 1980R-5
Jones, FranklinbmsnJan 14, 1977 – Apr 20, 1979DeckServed onboard 2 years in 1st and 2nd division at 32nd street San Diago
Bennett, GordonHT1Feb 1977 – May 1982R6
Beaty, RobertQM3Feb 1977 – Sep 28, 1980OpsHey guys where are you? Fishman, SM found me on the internet. and we e-mail all the time. We're looking for the rest of the div. Saul, Roots, Clyde, Suter, Griffin Do you still live in Baltimore? I'm in the book. You to Frank Lee Jones.
Maurino, TomFeb 1, 1977 – Dec 31, 1977
Bruno, RobertHTFA - HT2Mar 1977 – Apr 1980Eng - RMy first of many commands in my career - Was quiet the experience - Highlights were Long Beach Overhaul on the SOAP team, Pilfering from the Repair Dept (only way to get shit done for my own div.) - 79-80 WestPac.
Kelly, Jr, Robert T.MM 3Mar 8, 1977 – May 25, 1977Engineering / MServed aboard while awaiting orders to nuclear power school. This old girl still had old cots in berthing while I was aboard. And she had a 400lb steam plant, not many around back then. Later in career became 1st. cls. diver w/ mdsu 1 & 2.
Griffin, JeffSM SEAMANJun 6, 1977 – Jul 6, 1980OperationsHey Beaty, not sure if your still on this, email if you, I be nice to hear from you.
Gunter, SteveIm2Jun 25, 1977 – Jul 31, 1979R-5worked in the watch, clock repair shop, Ray, Bob, Earnie, hope to hear from u guys. Lots of good times at the Westerner. Back in S.C now.
Smith, Montgomery (Monty)OM3Aug 1977 – Dec 1980R-5I remember the 8 and a half month deployment with 14 days of liberty (not counting Diego Garcia). And the yards in Long Beach grinding the deck and laying terrazo, what fun. I think I still have socks with tar in them. Cheers!
Waggoner, GaryMR-2Aug 1, 1977 – Aug 24, 1980Planning and Estimating R-7 ?Man I cant remember the division ! I do remember Mr. Matzke, and a few guys from the Machine Shop. I also have cruise book, but it is stateside right now and I am in Kuwait working for the Army! aint that bit__
Sylvia, RobLI 3Oct 1977 – Jun 1980R-5Hey everyone! Good to see this site. Remember Diego Garcia? How many of you still have pieces of the wooden deck they gave away after overhaul in Long Beach?
Smith Jr, Charles profile iconE-4Nov 1977 – Dec 1980SupplyBaker on board for a year and then I wasn't on board for the rest of time
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Baysura, JoeSA1978 – Jun 29, 19792ndShe was a good old ship; I was on board when Jay North (Dennis the Mennace) was on board. Anyone who remembers me, please drop me a line.
Linneman, Mark / LimeyMR21978 – 1981R2 31A
Harris, TonyHT31978 – 1979R-1Hail to those who served,including fellow "Dixie Dirtbags"! Couldn't wait to muster out, but, always knew it was a great place to grow up. Many fond memories of good friends.
Kimbrow, Perry profile iconFA - EM31978 – 1981E/R-3
Vagedes, RobertHT-1Jan 1978 – Jul 1980R-1 11A,17A,56AOut of 22 yrs of service it was my best command. Heres to HTCM Nolan In Memory of: HTC Harold Musick HTC Monroe Darcy HTCS Howard Kelly 7/2012
Anderson, ScottBM3May 1978 – Jun 1979Deck - 1st DivThat was a hard partying bunch of SOBs - where is everyone from Deck? I've found Rob B, Chris C, and Jay N - but no one else. GIVE ME A YELL if you read this.
Smith, RobertmlfnJul 1, 1978 – Feb 1, 1981repairfoundry, and P&E office. golden shellback, deago garcia, Marishass, the Aussies, long beach and Todd ship yard.
Baldwin, JosephETCAug 1978 – Jul 1982RS-TECH LIBRARYCPOBest ship I ever served on. Great Mess, Great crew. Remember the Indian Ocean cruise and Diego Garcia.
Pease, FrankE3Aug 1978 – Aug 26, 19812nd looking for anyone else from 2d div.
Zertuche, RalphsmAug 1978 – Jun 1981deck/dentalLoved driving the boats @ Diego Garcia, taking you all to shore and fishing out on the lagoon. When I was on 2nd Div.
Colburn, GerryMR3Aug 10, 1978 – Sep 14, 1979A-Div
Kiel, Glenn (SpecialMMFNAug 17, 1978 – Jan 27, 1980A- Div (Steam Heat)looking around to see whats up after all these years
Adam, Darrol profile iconE-3Aug 19, 1978 – Oct 19, 1979Deck 2ndThe Dixie was a miserable ship during this time It was in Todd Shipyard and only the lowest most incompetent Officers and petty officers were forced to serve. Daily exposure to asbestos and lousy leaders made my time aboard Dixie AWFUL!
Vilicich, ThomasMS3Sep 1978 – Jun 1982S-2 Supply
Watkins, DaveEM2Oct 1978 – Mar 1982ENG-EGrest Shipmates. Grew up and learned a good trade. Outstanding Command. Hope all are doing well.
Green, KyleEM2Nov 5, 1978 – Dec 20, 1981R3I started out in Engineering and ended in Repair. Had a very memorable tour on the old girl.
Flanagan, JohnfnDec 10, 1978 – May 28, 1982r-1
Cintron, Edgar, EddieSEAMAN1979 – 1981first deckexcept for diego garcia, serving on dixie was cool.
Dudley, PhillipHTFN1979 – 1981ENG-R DIV FLYING SQUADWhat a site coming into Todd Shipyard to get my duty! Looked like a bucket of bolts from a distance! But what an awesome lady she turned out to be! Many, many great experiences and lots of good buddies! Plank owner!!!
Terry, Benjamin profile iconFTG-21979 – 1981WG-2 Served 3 years in the MIRCS Lab, was on the decommissioning cruise, became a Golden Shellback..what a blast, wondering about guys, Merlin, Jabber, Hutchinson...
Edge, JamesHT31979 –R
Saugstad, GaryHT21979 – 1982R-1 17A sheetmetal
Dykes, James/jimLtjg1979 – 1982R4 R7
Trombley, ScottSK2Jan 15, 1979 – Aug 6, 1981S-1 Supply
Rickel, DonSN3Jan 19, 1979 – Oct 19, 19832ND
Smith, TimHT3Feb 1979 – Jun 1981R-1 11a/ 26a
Shipman, Billypo3Mar 1, 1979 – Sep 10, 1981S-1 supplyi worked and had alot of fun with the men onboard the Dixie. Australia was wild!
Koralewski, KevinET 2Apr 1, 1979 – Feb 1, 1982R-4Diego Garcia twice, Shore duty orders to Seal Beach Ca for my last 18 mos. Detailer screwed up. Golden Shellback, still got my ass hitter (shelalie?). Fond memories of the 40th. Took college classes, ended a Dr. Happy and proud to serve.
Fredlund, MikeE-3Jun 1979 – 1982steam heat and hydralicsFresh air snipe
Langille, JimMR3Jun 1979 – 1980Repair 2
Quirke, KevinMSSNJul 30, 1979 – Jul 30, 1982SupplyNo records of myself in roster.
Rebsch, RobinSASep 1979 – Oct 19801stSubic, Diego Garcia, Mauritius, Australia, Swimming on the Equator and Date line. and who could forget the shellback party ( OUCH ) it still hurts.
Rebsch, RobinSASep 14, 1979 – Oct 18, 1980Deck First
Alexander, Jim profile iconDPCOct 1979 – Jun 1982S-6This was my first and only ship, but I served on her twice. First tour was Jul 70 to Nov 73. Made Chief in Diego Garcia. Part of the decommissioning crew. Still have my piece of Teak. Sorry she could not be saved.
Bursley, AlSAOct 12, 1979 – Oct 1982deckJust looking for a few close friends, Larry heleron was on USS John Paul Jones, citron, laeshae, karackas were on The Uss dixie AD14
DeKemper, CarlPM3Nov 1979 – Dec 1980R-1, Pattern Shop, 64ASwapped onto the Dixie in Pearl harbor from the Bryce Canyon, AD-36. Fond memories of WESTPAC and working long hours while at Diego Garcia.
Nicholas, NickDT1Nov 1979 – 1981Dental
Krick, BobMR3Nov 1979 – Jun 1982R2

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