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USS Dixie (AD 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dixie (AD 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 432 crew members registered for the USS Dixie (AD 14).

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Stromberg, ChrisE51975 – 1979R-1Got out HT2 diver. Worked in sheetmetal and pipe shops. Ended up in dive locker working for Chiefs steve Miller and Lazinski. Don Harmon, Frito,Jeff Freemantle, Chip LeBlanc, Randy Curtis where r u guys? Westpac in 76, good times,great guys
Thornburg, BobSM31975 – 1976
Perdue, MickYN31975 – 1977AdminWorked with Chief Black, Billy Kendra
Farmer, Gerald/geriht21975 – Jun 20, 1980weld shop and r division
Kehn, Charlessm3/21975 – 1977oc divi was the sm1 and worked for chief murphy would like to hear any signalmen that served aboard her during that time.
Burbridge, Duane KSK31975 – 1978Deck & S-1
Rogles, DanielMM1975 – 1979Valve shopI want to try to contact some of my old shipmates if they are not this registry
Cooley, DonSK2Jan 1975 – Jul 1976S1One tough old ship. I used to holystone the deck outside my office every morning. How many sailors nowadays can say they served on wooden decks?
Kelley, Thomas J. (Mr. Wizard)MRFNJan 1, 1975 – Jul 10, 1977R-2Great Ship -- Enjoyed Westpac '75'
Stramella, AnthonyhtFeb 4, 1975 –eng
Wilson, Kennethht2Mar 1975 – Jan 1980r1Would like to see if anyone is still around
Chapin, BobDP2May 1975 – Feb 1977SupplyData Processing
Dejesus, Rafael Aka DjSK3May 1975 – Oct 17, 1977Supply DepartmentIt was great duty while onboard. Had to stop in Guam for hurricane relief while heading on our West pack tour.
Plaisance, Etienne (Paul) profile iconRM2May 1, 1975 – Dec 15, 1976R-4
Myatt, PaulMM3Jun 1975 – Dec 1975A-Gang A/C TechArrived on board the Dixie on the day they were having a command change for the Captain. This was an Flag Ship at the time and it was draped in full colors that day. Service on board the ship in the A-Gang Division.
Van Rickley, Charles L. (Larry)MR3Jul 1975 – Dec 1976R-2I had a great time on the Dixie working in the main machine shop & valve shop for Westpac 76. Previously on the Bryce Canyon (AD36). The Dixie put out more work & was able to get underway. We were 45 in 1975.
Womack, NeilMM 3Aug 1975 – Nov 1975M DivisionUSS Neversail. We did go to sea once. I earned the nickname of buckets. First and only sea sickness.
Lamarche, GardnerRM2Aug 15, 1975 – Aug 15, 1976OC - RadioHey where is everybody???? It's hard to believe that with as many years the Dixie was commissioned there aren't more crewmembers on this list. I enjoyed my short tour on what was then the oldest active shipin the Navy. Great Crew!!
Robinson, George BooE4Aug 29, 1975 – Aug 29, 1979Engine room #1
Wilson, KennethHT-2Sep 1975 – Dec 1979R-1
Edgar, MarkPC3Sep 4, 1975 – Nov 4, 1977AdminIn March 1978 I started my career with the USPS as a letter carrier in my hometown outside Philadelphia, PA. I retired in January 2011. I still keep in touch with the ship's photographer, John Zullo and YN Eric Cattell.
Ford, SteveSNOct 1975 – Mar 8, 1978! STwho knew me I worked as a yoman for the MAA.I was friends with Fred Dixon,Fred Ritter Carl Werner Dan Rogles,Ray Hogan Jeff Stikley,Steve Bodley,Chris Chikaway,Draper,Quarles,Volan,Will Cunningham,canvis shop, 8638351603
Kundert, DavidDP3Nov 14, 1975 – Mar 24, 1978S-6Great ship with many good times and long lost friends.
Carter, RickyMLFNDec 1975 – Nov 23, 1977FoundryI went on one West Pac on the Dixie it was great. We had to take a detour due to typhoon Pamela. Beautiful Guam was the destination for clean up. Then on to Yokosuka for three months. Finally ending up in paradise Subic need I say more.
Elswick, LonnieETN2Dec 1975 – Jun 1977R4 and X DivisionBuilt a cctv system. Would like to know the status of a Capt Dan Fenn.
Readel, JohnLt1976 – 1976Dental
Daniels, Ned1976 – 1980R5Just re-registering
Denes, JamesE41976 – 1978Sheet metal shop
Kelly, HowardSenior Chief Hull Tech1976 – 1981unknownI am just leaving this message to let you all know that my dad Howard W Kelly just lost his battle with Renal cell carcinoma. He was a tough guy that had a heart of gold. He had a lot of good times on the Dixie.
Hester, MichaelFTG-11976 – Oct 1978R5USS Dixie was a good ship. I was an FTG-1 in the R5 department. Hello to all my former shipmates.
Weeks, RudolphGMG-31976 – 19771stThe Dixie was in Long Beach and San Pedro during my time and I was assign to Shore Patrol mainly at them club!!
McCowan, CharlesICC1976 – 1978Repair
Jamison, Wynne ETN21976 – Nov 27, 1978R4
Wilson, ThomasSk31976 –Boatwain 2nd div. Then supplyThis was the best ship, and the best time of my life.
Bryant, JoeDP2Jan 1976 – Sep 1977Data ProcessingNever will forget the WestPac and the guys.
Morris, John El GatobmJan 5, 1976 – Oct 23, 19781I had some good times on the ole girl and met some good people . Ive been thinking of you guys for a while nowso if anyone remembers me feel free to get in touch
Mireles, RicardoSHSNFeb 17, 1976 – Oct 30, 1979Supply- 3rdMy first ship of five having the best 2-10 mths curises of all time. Retired after 22yrs on Mar. 98 and still retired enjoying life very day. Great shipmates like Big "A", Mojo, Frank, the 3 Jones, Stalla, Captain A, Decorie, and Craig
Deaton, StephenDP2Mar 1976 – Sep 5, 1979S-6I was pleased to see that a few others from S-6 were already on the crews list. The west-PAC in 76 was the time of my life, thanks to the friends and members on board. I truly miss those days.
Churchill, Richard/churchmousefnApr 14, 1976 – Apr 14, 1980a divwhat a way to start out in life miss my shipmates from churchmouse
Darby, BruceE2May 1976 – Jan 19782nd DivStep aboard the Dixie a month before a West PAC and went to Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Made a stop in Guam to clean up the mess from Hurricane Pamela. Enjoyed my time on the Dixie with great friends.
Cimarusti, Donsn/bmMay 1, 1976 – Feb 5, 1977bmdoes anybody know me
Apostol, AndrewMS2May 30, 1976 – Nov 7, 1979S-2/S-5Howdy DIXIE crew!!!
Lundgrin, StevenSK2Jun 1976 – Aug 26, 1977Supply
Arisohn, AlvinBM3Jun 1, 1976 – May 29, 19801st divisionSure had a good time on board the Dixie, remember Jay North (Dennis the Menece)?
Gilbert, GarySNJun 11, 1976 – Nov 2, 19791st divisionWhats up!! This is gary gilbert, anybody that served with me give me call at 916-508-8872 looking too chat with my old shipmates..
Christman, JohnDS2Jun 13, 1976 – Aug 13, 1980S-64 Years on this ship, had a great time with many the many friends I've met on board. Made 2 west-Pacs. S-6 Division had some great guys in it. Still have may pictures.
Apostol, AndrewMS2Jun 15, 1976 – Dec 15, 1979S-2 & S-5MY FIRST SHIP, GREAT FRIENDS AND MEMORIES.
Saraceni, AnthonyMSSN3Jun 15, 1976 – Feb 15, 1977S-2This was one of the best ships I was on. Great shipmates. I really enjoyed my time on this great ship.
Henderson, HarryLtJul 1976 – Jul 1977MedicalI have fond memories of my year as the Dixie medical officer...interesting Wespac with great shipmates.
Young, KeithHT2Jul 5, 1976 – Nov 19, 1978RLooking for my shipmates who served in the engineering turd chaser shop
Readel, JohnLt.Jul 9, 1976 – Jul 13, 1978DentalGreat old ship. Outstanding crew and Captain. Enjoyed the two years I was on board.
Eberlein, DennisRM2Jul 15, 1976 – Sep 18, 1979OperationsGreat time on board the Dixie, worked mainly in the teletype repair office. Enjoyed our West pac and even enjoyed the dry dock days. Hope ererybody is doing well!
Creswell, DarrellTM2Aug 23, 1976 – Dec 25, 1977weaponsA great old ship. I was a torpedoman in the weapons division, did a wes-pac
Wilkinson, KenHT2Sep 1, 1976 – Dec 1979R1Great Ship HTC Musick HT2 Dunn HT2 Smolek Retired HTC October 1996
Bodley, StevenBM E3Oct 27, 1976 – Apr 17, 19801st DivisionI remember being chosen to drop the anchor and drag it to stop the ship when they couldn't shut down the port screw. I was the guy who skipped ship allot to help my mother. Rick Sturgus, Chris Chikaway
Puntervold, DaleHT3Nov 1976 – May 1978RIt was a great life experience. Had some great time's in Mexico remember, Kenny Wilkerson? A Texan never takes his boots off! Chewy, LA was a blast.If I could I would do it all again!

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