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USS Dixie (AD 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dixie (AD 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 445 crew members registered for the USS Dixie (AD 14).

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France, JackSEAMAN1961 – 19631ST
Sibillia, Jim/stellaGMGSNJan 19, 1961 – Mar 1, 19633rd division
Hale, RobertMLFN/ E3Jan 24, 1961 – Sep 29, 1964ENGINEERING
Howard, John R.SEAMENJun 14, 1961 – Jun 15, 1966FIRSTIt ben a long time for me.
Bassler, RaymondBT3Jul 31, 1961 – Apr 2, 1965Blook for shipmates in B divison 1961 - 1965
Howey, BillSOG2Aug 1961 –R5
Snyder, GailSCPO ENSep 15, 1961 – Jan 31, 1962Repair
Goodell, Daniel L.E5 Machinery RepairmanNov 1961 – 1963Outside Machine Shop
Smith, Denton / SmittyGMT-31962 – 1964W-1Made WesPac cruise , returned to states, sent to USNAF Okinawa until discharge 8/65
Stephensn, Jerry BT2 1962 – 1963B DivisionGreat Duty before being drafted to Nuke School. Worked in after hole. Remember, Stahl, Darby, Hoyt, Richards MM2. Would be great to hear from anyone. Retired BTC 1979, 12 active 10 Reserve
Collins, Ralph (Tony)SFCFeb 2, 1962 – Jun 12, 1967Repair Dept.Ship's superintendent/ Repair Office
Russell, Ray (Whip)BT 2Mar 1962 – 1964BI was on the dixie for 3 cruises and was Oil & Water King, my wife and I went to the reunion several years ago iin Indianna
Anton, Ray profile iconCS3 (E-4)May 16, 1962 – Feb 11, 1963SanDiego CaliforniaMy father died Feb 9, 2023, ALS. He enlisted at 17, an immigrant from Germany. While swabbing decks, an officer yelled out, "Who can bake?", a sailor replied, "Anton can". He baked a huge cake for USS Dixie's Birthday.
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Moore, WesETN-2Jun 1962 – Jun 1964R-4Came aboard in Yokosuka as ETNSN straight from ET-A school at TI. Worked on HF/VHF/UHF comm, LORAN, UHF DF, & KWR-37 crypto. Made '62 & 63 - '64 WESTPAC. Left for RICHARD B. ANDERSON (DD-786) as leading ET. Learned my rate well.
Curtis, PaulPN3Jun 1962 – Mar 1963Chaplain's YeomanChaplain's Yeoman for CDR Wohlert, First Div Yeoman for Lt. John Smith, Westpac Cruise 1962
Dumas, DavidE-5Aug 21, 1962 – Aug 20, 1965CS
Callahan, LeeGMG3Oct 29, 1962 – May 8, 19653 RD,Made 2 west pacs. Love every minute of them. I live in San Diego and the reunion is next Mo.Sept. 2008 hope to see you here.
Deitzler, Ed (Deitz)GMT3 / GMT2Dec 1962 – Dec 1963W-1This was my first ship on the west coast and my last being associated with the tin can Navy. After this it was all bird farms.
Rarick, Kenny ( Roach )saDec 6, 1962 – Dec 6, 19621st
Lake, JoeBM31963 – 1964
Dinwiddie, ChesterGMG31963 – 19661st division
Derryberry, JerryMMFN1963 – 1963M DivisionDoug Nelson from ?Jordan? Montana
Longo, Richard profile iconCommissaryman 3rd class 1963 – 1971KitchenHello..I searching for anyone that served with my father Richard j Longo he was the cook on the ship between 1963_1971
Lenahan, AndrewBM1May 2, 1963 – Jul 30, 1963?I am Andys son Andrew.
Graham, CarlJun 1963 – Oct 1966Ord, RepairReported on board a GMM-2 and Made GMM-1 in October 1966. Made 3 Westpac cruises.Dixie was a very good tour of duty for me. Retired as a GMCS in 1976.
McCallulm, LeeIC3Nov 1963 – Jan 1967R3I would be like to hear from anyone I served with
Foster, HermanSF1-DV1964 – 1967R1Shipfitter Shop Weld Shop Diving Locker
Orr, EarlETN21964 – 1967R4 Came aboard while in dry dock Todd shipyard. Left while in Subic Bay. In the 1966 cruise book
Bamberg, JohnMM31964 – Dec 1966R-2I worked in outside repair & the valve shop, would like to hear from someone in the time I was there. It was a great time of my life.
Scoggins, DonaldMm31964 – 1965Engineer RoomI was in the boiler room that exploded. I barely survived but By the grace of God. I have fond memories of some of my Service time
Edwards, GlennMM3Jan 1964 – Dec 1969ENGINEERING - ENGINE ROOM
Bane, Delmer (Del)Etn4Mar 1, 1964 – Jun 1, 1966Ships communicationWorked in electronics repair shop prior to being in charge of communications and radar on boars
Carter, Peter (Pete )SeamanJun 1964 – Jan 1967Sail Loft / R1 DivisionI had two trips on the old girl and the last one was real tough cause we lost 3 good friends. In 1966 we lost Henry & Kieth when the boiler blew. I use to sing with the singing group on ship called ( The Sea Notes )
Ray, CarlSFP2Jul 1964 – Feb 28, 19682
Beltz, John/johnnyPO2Aug 18, 1964 – Aug 13, 1968R3Rewound motors. Would love to hear from other Electrician's Mates. Where is Gene Madjanski?
Faina, Rick FainaYN3Sep 1964 – Jan 16, 1966A (Engineering Yeoman)Served my 2 year active duty tour on board. Great ship and crew.
Faina, RichardYN3Sep 9, 1964 – Jan 16, 1966
Turntine, GarySF1Oct 17, 1964 – Sep 23, 1967R-1Would like to correspond with other shipmates
Dale, ErnieMM31965 – 1967M-Div Fwd Engine Room / Evaporators / A-GangWas in the Fwd. Engine Room when the DA tank exploded and we lost some great shipmates my they RIP. Had a lot of interesting times and learned a lot about life for being a kid under the age of 21. TJ Mexico - a blast!
Littlehales, KennethSFM21965 – Jun 1967R-1A GREAT CREW A GREAT SHIP
Christensen, William (Stormy)mm31965 –engineeringWhen the DA tank blew I was standing by the ladder waving my flash light into the steam. In sickbay cut the close off my 3 ship mates. Loved the duty. Miss my brother Chris Franklin.
Tunstall, James (Jim)EM3Jan 20, 1965 – Jan 10, 1967Electric Repair Shop
Gee, AndrewMM3Feb 1965 – Feb 1969ENGINEERING - ENGINE ROOM - AfterHad a great time with the brothers on the Dixie especially in Subic Bay. I really miss the guys in the Hole, Leo Edwards, James Oakman ,Harold Ward,Thomas Thrift , James Edwards. Hope you guys are well.
Harold Judson Ward, JudPO3 machinemateApr 1965 – Oct 25, 1968R2 divisionI will always remember the DIXIE, the guy's in repair division, the guys in the engine room forward and after engine room.Andrew Gee, Thomas Thrift, James Oakman, And the guys who lost their lives in the engine room.
Sheridan, RickMM3Apr 1, 1965 – Jun 26, 1969M divisionHad some good times, and some bad...Trying to reconnect with shipmates. Anyone heard from Robert Hansen MR3?
Olsen, Warren profile iconDK3May 15, 1965 – Jan 13, 1967SupplyEnjoyed my time aboard the Dixie. I remember my crewmates in the disbursing office: Lt. Cross, Chief Noyer, Gary Wolf and Pete Peterson. I also remember those great Dixie burgers.......mmmm boy!
Pahl, JohnSNOct 1965 – Nov 1967XGreat memories. Still have Dixie dreams. I'm always telling 'em I'm too old to do this again!
Yun, HenryBM3Oct 1965 – Aug 19671st DivMy time on the Dixie were very enjoyable and the lessons learned were life long, along with some of the the friendships.
Edwards, LeoOct 15, 1965 – Oct 30, 1965

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