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USS Ortolan (ASR 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ortolan (ASR 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 241 crew members registered for the USS Ortolan (ASR 22).

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Newman, TonyET21988 – 1991OPS
Thomas, DeminkUSS ORTOLANJan 1988 – Jan 1991weaponshey all you guys who remember me drop me a line at good times! good times!
Wirtz, ToddSTG3Jan 4, 1988 – May 22, 1990Nav / EDC1Interesting Command, but made some good friends and had alot of fun.
John, BobMR1Mar 1988 – Feb 1989Can't believe they let this rust bucket still float waiting final dispostion when they sunk a mighty warship like the USS Deyo (DD 989) as a target
<maximovich, MaxIC3Apr 15, 1988 – Apr 1, 1991Interior communication specialistMy chief was Shelton, I worked with IC2 Gurthie, IC2 Runyon. I was lucky and got some C schools. Mk 19 gyro, Savin copier , 2m circuit board repair, and 400 hz mg sets. Mike landers was the captain, mess cranked with chase, we had fun.
Tucker, Marksm3Jun 1988 – Jul 1991ops/navcheif moses,brown,odom,beatty,the adm,sm1 cavanaugh,todd walters what a crew.does anybody want to go south again?chris did you make it back to the bermuda?e-mail me
Durrant, Robert BrainEN1989 – 1992A
Cotner, DavidSH1Mar 1989 – Jun 1989Supply
Hardigree, TySK-2Mar 28, 1989 – Feb 16, 1991Deck/ SupplyThe Ortolan was great duty. Crew was very tightknit as any small command. The CO was CMDR Mike Landers and the XO was LT CMDR Bruce Clark. Both good men. You could not ask for a finer command. Not enough space here for all the good people.
Wheeler, ToddEM3May 29, 1989 – Jun 19, 1992
Bragg, ArchieEM-3Jun 1, 1989 – Sep 16, 1992EngineeringTrying to locate some guys I served with! Hard to remember names. I'll never forget LT. YOU AIN'T GOIN HOME WITTSON. Jonesy, massie, Iams, Jrock, Wheeler, Baxter. the list goes on. You can find me on face book.
Cambron, Jamie Or JimPN1(SW/AW)Jul 1989 – Jul 1992ADMINWhat a trip!!! With MCPO Stevens, HM1, PH1 Downie, YN1 Martin, PN3 Moriority. YN2 Peak, MA1 Searls. ENCS Draper. Best Damn & Worst Time I ever had! Helped close down Charleston Naval Base and moved to Greenville, SC.
Smith, JamesBM2Jul 1989 – Sep 1991DeckHad a great time the line parting on the fan-tail and messing up my knees hurt like hell. But made a lot of friends, miss and wonder what happen to a lot of them.
Cambron, Jamie Or JimPN1(SW/AW)Jul 1989 – Jul 1992Admin /What a Trip!
Nichel, JohnENAug 1, 1989 – Nov 10, 1991MOne can only go to Puerto Rico or Key West so many times
Baxter, LanceEN3Aug 1, 1989 – Feb 1, 1993Great command and great times. Went on to serve in US Coast Guard for 6 years. NESU Portsmouth and then to Kodiak, AK. Left Coast Guard to be with my children after divorce. Left active duty with honorable discharge as an E-6. NOW NOAA
Walter, ToddET2Sep 28, 1989 – May 23, 1993OPSWho could forget the Oboat? So many trips to nowhere when we werent in drydock.
Maldonado, HoracioGMG3Oct 10, 1989 – Aug 6, 1993Deck / WeaponsI was a SN until I got into the Armory, work with some of the best, Jarzambeck, Fish and all the Gunners on that great ship. Liberty ports were fun and had lots of fun. Sad to see her go.
Phillips, DonaldSNNov 1989 – Jul 1991DeckServed as deck division's RPO. Later went on to serve in Supply Division onboard Uss Taylor FFG 50. Spent most of the damn time sitting in port but made some great friends. Way to many nights at the Old Dorchester. Good experience.
Bernard, WraggRMCSNov 1989 – 1992Communication
Mullins, RoeE-5 BM2Nov 23, 1989 – Aug 28, 1993DECKGREAT FRIENDS GOOD TIMES
Wegner, DaveSN1990 – 1992Deck
McGuire, Craig/ MacEN2Jan 1990 – Sep 1994This was the ship that would make or break you. It did me good. Now I'm an ENCS and retiring in July 2007. Have run into alot of shipmates from the "O" boat. I would like to hear from some of you. E-Mail me at
Guerrero, MichaelASR 22Jan 1, 1990 – Oct 18, 1992MFIREMAN
Young, TomEN1 (SW)Mar 10, 1990 – Dec 1, 1994MWas a different breed of ship but my shipmates were awesome and made the time aboard memorable. Felt more like a taxi service for the "Seals" should have bought a house in Puerto Rico as it seemed we were homeported there
####, GarryHTCMMay 1990 – Jul 31, 1994Engineeing MCPO/3-M Coordinatorgreat ship great crew a ship to make or break a career would like to hear from shipmates @
Anderson, ChrisQM3 (SW)Jul 1990 – Feb 1994Deck/NavigationI can NOT believe this site exists!!!! One of the best times of my life and WORST!!! Lombrana,Maldonado,Mullins,Kidd,Quinn,Rivers,Ladler,Hill,Brown,Frazier,SATO!!! Where the hell are you guys??Contact me
Dodd, StuartSNJul 1, 1990 – Aug 8, 1992DECK/MEDICALI was a medical striker working with HMC Paul Hudson and HM1 Blackshire. Now HM1. Good times and bad times. Would gladly do it all over again.
Wilburn, HowardYNSR - YN3Sep 1990 – Sep 1994EXEC/ADMINWhat up Thomas. Remember PNC Treadway? Yeah, I'm still in. YNC now. Holla at ya boy!
Underwood, SteveE-4Sep 10, 1990 – Sep 9, 1994Dive and Weight HandlingI was the guy that got pulled many directions whether it be computers or equipment. Exellent experience. Would do it again if they would let me......I am now a Computer Systems Engineering Consultant...go figure....
Dellacroce, Anthony Tony profile iconBM3 SWOct 4, 1990 – Nov 21, 1994DeckSome of the best times of my life!! Best group of people and the most rerwarding Command. Feel free to get in touch with me!!
Dellacroce, Anthony (Tony)BM3 (SW)Oct 16, 1990 – Nov 10, 1994DeckThe "O" boat was my second ship, but by far my favorite. If anyone is interested, there is a webpage with pics of the "O" boat now. The website is:
Lombrana, FrankBM31991 – 1993The "O" Boat was a great assignment. To contact me please look me up on this is a great web site to keep in touch with shipmates.
Sheldon, GregENFN1991 – 1993A
Perkins, TimEM2/SW1991 – 1993Wow the O boat brings back some memories. Cant remember if the dates I was assigned are correct, but it was early 90's
Kocenko, PaulMMCM1991 – 1995CMCAwesome boat, with an awesome crew. Puerto Rico, Fleet Week in New York, Bermuda, Key West and driving through Atlantic Hurricanes. Great Skipper and XO.
Stokes, CharlesHT3Feb 15, 1991 – Oct 28, 1992Weight Handling
Shedd, RileyMM3Mar 1991 – Mar 3, 1995M and AI'll NEVER forget the night I reported to the "O". Walked up pier R at 2330 (due there by 0000). I almost turned around. We spent that first year in drydock. Also will never forget some of you folks. I'm at
Howard, JosephSTGSAApr 1991 – Feb 1993OPS/STGDang!!! This brings back sum memories...all nighters with da homies, hangin in da base club or north charleston, or gettin dui in da barracks, lol!! WHAT'S UP HOWARD WILBURN(CREEPDAWG) AND MICHAEL WILSON(HOUSEPARTY)?????
Davis, DanBM2 (SW/DV)Jun 1, 1991 – Mar 15, 1994DV02/DVO3: Conventional Dive LockerIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but luckily there was life after the O-boat. Looking forward to catching up with folks. Send me an email at
Nida, BrianSNJul 24, 1991 – Mar 18, 1993DECKI was in Deck and hung out with Dellacroce,Lombrana,Wiss and Sato. I remember you Guerrero. How are you guys? Remember Sato comming in boozed and breaking in the galley and making sandwiches? We only went underway twice when I was on the O.
Thomas, Raymond R ThomasPN2Aug 22, 1991 – Jul 16, 1993supplyWhats up shipmates, make a hole.
Winningham, JeffOS3Sep 1991 – Dec
Flaherty, SeanBM2(SW)Nov 16, 1991 – Jun 15, 1994 Had a great time serving, and met my wife during fleet week in New York City.
Wilson, MikeE-4/EN3(SW)Nov 26, 1991 – Mar 31, 1995"M" Port Engine Room (EMO2). I was also the RPPO for the (EMO1, EMO2, EMO3, EB14).Man, oh man...just hearing those words "showers secured until further notice" sure brings a tear to my eye, lol. It's good to see you guys on here. Maybe we'll all kick back at a reunion someday. Now, turn-to!...Commence field day!

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