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USS Ortolan (ASR 22) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ortolan (ASR 22). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 241 crew members registered for the USS Ortolan (ASR 22).

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Wiltrout, DaveBM31984 – 1986deckspent way too much time partying in Charleston but had a great time
Thompson, ThomasSTGSN1984 – Aug 1986OPSOK not a great time for me. I should Have toured the city and seen what a great place Charleston was. I spent all my time drinking and getting in and out of trouble. Well At least I have some stories to tell.
Arias, NoelEN21984 – 1993A-Div and M-DivFlooding in the AMR-2 everytime we top off water, cleaning the rescue boat bilges and also the engine room bilges, hanging out in the machine room with Hector and Richard, those were the days. Even did a second tour.
Teseniar, BarryBM31984 – 1988DeckSpent way too much time Partying, but learned a lot about life and met a lot of great friends.
Butler, RonRM31984 – 1986Operation sGreat Memories! Partied way too much! Hung out with the gang Ballenger, Yogi, Galvin & Medina.
Drake, KeithEN3Jan 1, 1984 – Dec 20, 1985A-gang M-divhector how the hell are ya? my good friend. I remember alvarez,, teseniar, ht2 rose, mechum my homeboy remember your great wedding. tobar all the deck crew fetis,drecen,brown still have some great pictures . oh yea lane
Gingrich, MichaelHTC (DV)Feb 1984 – Mar 1987DIVE Div
Alvarez, JoseEN3-EN2Mar 1984 – Jun 1987A-GangI worked in STBD engineroom and was RPPO for a while. The supply officer was Mr. Bretts. Cool Suppo. Hey Hector good to see your name. We used to hang out together helped you look for a place for you and your wife. I'm an engineer in work DC no
Stovall, DavidBM2Mar 1, 1984 – Aug 1, 1986DeckUPDATE- The "O" was towed to TX for recycling on 7/20/09. See her last pic here: Good times on the old rust bucket. Hangin w/BM Garms listening to the Greaseman!
Taylor (Changed From Rosenzweig), JohnEM2Mar 16, 1984 – Oct 1, 1986EngineeringWBGT readings in both hulls Trimeloni Cardona Tobar Cotton Hendy Cass Pratt CWO4 Pratt Venzke and his hilarious stories Vertosnik Lindstrom Porter Woodruff the divers and a cast of thousands.... Good Times! Mail Bouy Watch LOL!
Webber, EdwardBM3Jun 1984 – Dec 1987deckwhat a great time i had on the big O. chas was a great town. went to some ports, coco beach, pamana city. drank my ass off. hung out with yogi, galvin, medina etc. i will never forget the time i spent on her what a crew we had.
Arias, NoelEN2Sep 1984 – Sep 1989A-GangSecond Tour of Duty 1992-1993 M-Div
Stover, ShawnE3Sep 1, 1984 – Sep 1, 1987DeckSome of the best memories I have come from the O, hangin with my bff Darrell Thompson, Kyle Rigsby Barry T,Bill Garmsand Stovall I wish I would have followed your lead. Miss you guys, wish we could stay in contact.
Franks, Rick profile iconHT-3rdSep 17, 1984 – Aug 17, 1986EngineeringMet some good friends on this ship. Look forward to finding them to see how life has treated them. SERVED ON BOARD WHEN WE DID THE TITANIC EXP. Made 3rd class HT onboard. What ever happened to Manes? Texas Welder?
Johnson, Charles Or CharlieSM3Oct 15, 1984 – May 15, 1988hi everyone its good to see some names on this site. the best time of my life was on the big o. i remember jessie alcatara. Duece Dunham whats happening. yall holler anytime.
Phillips, RichardEN2Nov 1984 – Nov 1989A- Ganger for lifeNever a dull moment.
Roberts, StevenMS31985 – 1987supplygreat time, great freinds, wish i would of kept up with them
Ballinger, JohnnySTG31985 – 1987OE
Braden, HaroldENC/DV1985 – 1989Weight Handling
Johnson, Johnathan "shane"FNJan 1985 – Aug 1986ENG/FOW/R&H First and last ship, lifechanger to say the least... Spoke to Rosensweig recently who was doing well, trust everyone is as well! KU MUSTA KA Jessie, lets touch base ASAP.
Parr, SteveSTG2Jan 1985 – Apr 1987OA DIVISION
Alcantara, JesseYNSN-YN3Jan 10, 1985 – Dec 10, 1988AdminMy first ship. What a great time!!! I remember some of the names here, hopefully someone will remember me.
Moreland, JamesSAMar 1985 – Dec 1986DeckMy first and only ship, I remember you Jesse, AKA "YN3 Body" "Jesse Ventura"..... keep in touch on here guys....
Estrada, JoeRM3 THEN RM2May 15, 1985 – May 15, 1989Communications/OCO1What a rust bucket when I checked onboard. Complete turnaround over the next 4 yrs, we won just about every award possible; what a great crew. Great trips to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and the Florida trips were a blast. Love ya' Big O!!
Paugh, DaniloET-1(SW)Jun 1, 1985 – Dec 18, 1989OperationsFirst Ship, Spent more time at sea, even if we never deployed. Titanic expedition, Cuba REFTRA, Bermuda, Bahamas, Panama City, Coca, Good Memories
Vertosnik, Louis / VertHTFN TO HT3 THEN DC3Sep 15, 1985 – Aug 21, 1988ENGFirst and only ship I served on active duty but by far the best. I hear she is making a come back thru O.E.M. good luck BIG-O.
Ditore, RalphE-4Dec 5, 1985 – Aug 24, 1989AOnly 1/5th of my life but seemed a life time.
Wilkins, BrianSTG31986 – 1988OPSWho can forget REFTRA in Cuba, swimming in the Bermuda Triangle, the Titanic expedition and all of the ports in Puerto Rico (didn’t we wreck a van there?), New York City during fleet week and more. Miss ya' Big O!
Gray, RobertSMSN1986 – 1988Signalman and Quartermaster dutieslearned how to play tunk and lift weights at sea with some real cool fellows. What's up Jesse, I remember you. I was only 18 when I got on the ship and had a great time in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico with you fellas.
Walker, ParrishEN31986 – May 6, 1988EngineeringThe crew of the Big O was one of the best crews I've ever served with.
Mountain, Jim profile iconEN31986 – 1988M-DIVIt was my pleasure serving on board the BIG O. Great crew.
Dunham, MarkE3Jan 9, 1986 – May 10, 1988DECKShe was my first ship and I worked as a deck hand for 2 years until I became a corpsman striker. PO. alcantera should remember me! It's good to see my fellow shipmates.
Ditore, RalphEN3Jun 1986 – Aug 24, 1989A - gangNever again voluteer yourself . The tour sucked... every minute of it.
Martin, Joe profile iconMS2Aug 1986 – Mar 1991SupplyOne of the best memories I will ever have with a great crew. Cpt Landers without a doubt a great leader. Chief Sharp hard but fair, and Craig Chase my partner through it all. Lots of others I miss and hope to find.
Higdon, RogerRM3Sep 1986 – Dec 1986Fishing in the Bahamas was hard to beat.
Willis, KevinRM3Nov 1, 1986 – Sep 1, 1990RadioThe big O was my first ship and first duty in the US NAVY. really enjoyed my time on board and after 20 years of service. i still look back to the good times i had on board.
Dunn, RickETC/DV1987 – 1990DiveLiberty call, liberty call. Liberty commences in accordance with the plan of the day......Dive division muster in the dive locker.
Council, CharlieOS3Jun 1987 – Aug 1990OperationsGood times on the Big "O". Remember climbing on top of those orange bouys to launch then infamous 4 point mooring. Remember coming back into Charleston after Hugo with no nav aids.
Brown, KevinQM3Jul 1987 – Oct 1990OperationsStarted out as a QM but ended up in deck dept. lol. I too remember puerto rico,key west,and all the Fla. stops! I remember chief Moses,Gennersmates Demink and moose lindsey were my boys! The best times ever. john sexsmith where are you ?
Seay, RobertRM1Aug 1987 – Dec 1989OPERATIONS - COMMUNICATIONSMy first tour as a LPO. I will always remember the Radio Gang who gained my respect with the Green 'C'.
Lindsey, David (Moose)GMG2Oct 15, 1987 – Feb 15, 1991Wepons (Deck)My 1st ship in the Navy but not the last. Great times on the old girl. remember a lot of names on the list. BMC Luther always said a good day was when you learned something new. Made that my life's motto.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1975 – 1979 | 1980 – 1983 | 1984 – 1987 | 1988 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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