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USS Providence (CLG 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Providence (CLG 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 181 crew members registered for the USS Providence (CLG 6).

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Morgan, Halcpl1964 – 1966marine detachmenthad a great time on yankee station with everyone, pirranha, and starlight, good navy and marine friends,hong kong and sydney were fun, how about those missiles comming back at us. e-mail me anytime,god bless.
Knightl, FrankRDSN1964 –WatchmanI'm speaking on behalf of Frank Knightl.Im Sarah his wife.Frank passed on January 16,2021.All his stories are in my heart.He was and is a true hero
Jackson, AltonBt1Jun 1964 – Oct 1966BI was the Oil King under Cmdr. Moore for 2 years. Best duty I ever had.
Godsil, LeonardFTG 3Sep 15, 1964 –F GAssigned to main battery plot almost the whole time. Was the P O in charge at the time we exchanged gun fire with some shore battiers 4 miles north of the D M Z.
Wigley, RalphCYN31965 – 1968commi remember a night we ran support for a convoy of trucks. they got hit and we lit up the coast with starhells. it's funny how beautiful something as ugly as war can be. great ship, great crew.
Chretien, Wilbur (Chris)RM2/RM11965 – 1969ocPicked up this cruiser after doing a tour in vietnam. She was a wonderful ship and became C7FLT flagship Great communicators in the radio shack. Had a great time while aboard.
Wood, DonaldGMM21965 – 1970gunner mateTrying to locate pictures of my husband in uniform. He passed in March of 2010. When discharged his belongs from the navy where in a house fire back in his home town of K.C. KS. Photos are for his 10 year old daughter
Schimmel, SteveFTG-21965 – 1967GunHad a very intense 8 month tour in Nam as an FT. Many memorable experiences bord ship and ashore. Would love to contact other members of the Division (Goss, Labue, Korsgren, Godsil, etc.)
Kelley, RichardSeaman App1965 – Jun 10, 19662nd DivisionCame aboard when the Providence was in dry dock at Hunters Point in San Francisco Ca was discharged prior to her going to West Pack in 1966...
Uribe, AlbertMM3C1965 – Aug 2, 1968M DivisionFirst came aboard in Drydock @ S.F.,Calif., served through Vietnam tour. Had a lot of fun at all the ports and Country's we visited as the Flag ship of Com7thFleet.
Cardinal, PeterE31965 – 1966Deck handLooking for crew members
Davis, WayneYN3Feb 1965 – 1967EngineeringI was aboard during the 2nd WESTPAC Cruise. Spend a lot of time in the Tonkin Gulf.
Fine, LoranDK-3Feb 22, 1965 – Jul 14, 1967supplynice ship. crost eq on board. very good education while sailing with her. very straight laced,clean, and hansom ship.
Powell, DonaldSk3Mar 17, 1965 – Mar 19, 1971SupplyMy father was DONALD E Powell. I am his son, and I am looking for a cruise book or stories and picture of time spent on board the Providence. Please help. I followed my father's foot steps and went I to the Navy as well.
Brinkerhoff, James (Jim)GMMSNMar 24, 1965 – Jun 28, 1965Missile RoomI am Proud of my time serving aboard the USS Providence CLG-6 as a GMM SN, while training on the MK-9 Terrier missile system. She was at Hunters Point, San Francisco, CA. Going under the Golden Gate Bridge was memorable!
Rothenbusch, RockyQM3Jun 6, 1965 – Mar 6, 1968NavigationThank you, whoever is responsible for finally creating something we can attempt to contact buddies from a crucial time in our lives. some may want contact, some may not. I personally would like to see all of them.
Wilcox, GregoryQM2Jul 1965 – Oct 10, 1969Navigation
Platts, John profile iconDK3Sep 1965 – Jul 7, 1969S4Had great times
Platts, JohnDK3Sep 1965 – Jul 7, 1969S4Good times. Looking for freinds.
Dorman, DaleRM3/2Sep 15, 1965 – Sep 18, 1970OR/CR .. CommunicationsFirst ship, reported on board just after a yard period at Hunters Point shipyard, stayed onboard 5 years, made the trip to Westpac when the Providence served as C7Flt flagship .. had some damn fine communicators on there .. good duty ...
Justo, JosephYN3Oct 1965 – Apr 1967XWorked in the Captain's Office (Ship's Office). Capt. Trisdell was captain. Supervised by YNc Cunninghan and R. Russell. Worked with YN3 Alan Minton and YN Joseph A. Luzcz.
Cherry, WayneETR3Dec 15, 1965 – Aug 3, 1968Electronics
Moorhead, RalphGMM1966 – 1970T
Holecek, Harold "Ralph"BT21966 – 1972B1st ship I was on. Took fire off the coast of Viet Nam. During General Quarters the fire room was 176 degrees - it was damn hot! AKA "Hula"
Rawlings-clark, KristieUnsure1966 – 1968UnsureMy father passed 10/1/01 failed surgery in 93 stole his mind. I am his daughter looking for info as all I have is his cruise book and a uniform w/a beautiful stitching of a dragon inside. Looking for anyone who knew him
Seppi, Ron3rd class petty officer cynJan 10, 1966 – Mar 12, 1968communicationsI was hoping to hook up with some old friends and the yokuska bars were fun but the yokahama bars were better. The train rides to tokyo were great. Everybody thought I was from Canada , but I'm from the U.P. of mi. ,,,,
Tolliver, Dennis profile iconRD2Jan 14, 1966 – May 21, 1969OI DivisionVery best time of my life
Troutman, DwighttYN2Jun 1, 1966 – Jun 1970ESpent two years in the far east. Lot of good memories.
Johnson, DaveEM2Jun 16, 1966 – Jan 5, 1968EI swapped on board from the USS Oklahoma City.
Mahaffey, Charles (Chuck)CYN3Jul 1, 1966 – Jun 1, 1969CR (Communications)
Wright, LloydSM4Jul 14, 1966 – Jul 3, 1968Signalmen divisionI’m looking for a signalman shipmate by the name of Robert leedy. I’m a retired veterans benefits counselor living with my wife and son in cypress,Ca.
Anderson, Gary (Andy)SEAMON-BM3Aug 1, 1966 – May 19693rd
Stephens, JimFTG-3Aug 1, 1966 – Aug 9, 1969FTG
Crawford, GeraldIC2Sep 1966 – 1970EGreat life lessons. Great times with some not-so-great ones too!
Jones, William Or Ronnieyeoman 3rdSep 5, 1966 – Feb 2, 1968soclooking for leonard greenburg oliver and milton the barber.
Rawlins, BobBM-3Oct 1966 – Jan 19693rd DivisonGreat times
Jerome B. May, SargeETN-3Oct 1966 – Sep 1968OEI had a great 2 years onboard the Providence . Many great ports and good times.
Swank, GeorgeRD3Oct 1966 – Jun 1969EIt was a great experience to see a lot of countries and experience many cultures. I have a lot of great memories and many regrets. Shoulda coulda woulda.
Ridgway, ArtRD2Oct 12, 1966 – Feb 8, 1969OIThis westpac deployment has remained one of the most memorable and influencial periods of my life. Have many life-long friends from this era. Returned to Navy in '73 serving on DD's/FF/FFG and retired as OSCS(SW) in '97.
Ridgway, ArtRD2Oct 14, 1966 – Jan 10, 1969OIWESTPAC Deployed 26 months, homeported in Yokosuka. Bought a little Honda motorcycle and rode it all about when in port. Still have the Honda today. Went back in (Reserves) and retired in Dec 1997 as an E-8 Operations Specialist (ex-RD)
Rudy, RayETR2Nov 1966 – Apr 1969OEGreat experience. We got to see many different countries/cultures and eat lots of strange foods. I wish I had taken more pictures.
Reighley, John / JackE5Nov 1966 – Jan 1970OI DivisionI maintain the roster for the USS Providence Reunion Organization. I have almost 4000 names on it. If you would like to be on our newsletter list, please contact me at the email with this entry,
Blanco, JohnQM3Nov 1966 – Aug 1968NavigationThanks Paul Hayes and Tom Waddell, you were great, you both helped me
Ponder, Eddiebm3Nov 1966 – Feb 19693rdhard work, good ports
Rudy, RaymondETR2Nov 1966 – Apr 1969OEFond memories of all the ports we visited. Pueblo incident with extreme cold after hot Viet Nam.
Downes, FredMM3Nov 10, 1966 – Sep 22, 1968BI worked centerline evaporators and foward generators during that Westpac cruise.

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