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USS Providence (CLG 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Providence (CLG 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 181 crew members registered for the USS Providence (CLG 6).

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Chase, RichardSEAMEN1958 – 1962Ship serviceI was the ships tailor.
Weigel, DenverIC21959 – Feb 1962E DivisionGreatest growing up years of my life. Great crew, great ship, great tours... Flagship of 7th Fleet got us into some fantastic ports.
Folkes, RobertSk31959 – 1962S2
Dale, DanielYN3Apr 1959 – Aug 1960Admin
Meredith, Richardmm 2May 1959 – Apr 1961A divisionplankowner, in charge of ice house, made westpac run then to submarines, retired as MMC (SS). Does anyone know of Crawford and Jankins?
Nix, RalphSNMay 1959 – Sep 19601st.
Boudreaux, Lynnmm2May 23, 1959 – May 29, 1961MPlank Owner. M Division Foward Fireroom
Fleming, RaymondBT3Jun 15, 1959 – Aug 21, 1960E Division Boiler RoomI am so proud to have served in the US Navy from Oct. 16 th. 1956 to Sept. 20 1960 . The time I spent aboard the USS Provindence was awesome June of 1959 to Aug. 1960 Lots of good memories
Di Maggio, Jamessk/snAug 14, 1959 – Aug 14, 1961s-2 divisionwould like to hear from David Mullen, James Squint or I am also a Plank owner, went to Gitmo for our shakedown and to Westpac 7th fleet
Risher, RisherRD2Sep 15, 1959 – Oct 10, 1960OII am a"PLANK OWNER". HAving been aboard during her commissioning at Charlestown Shipyard in Boston Mass. Shke-down cruise to Gitmo, further Training off Roosevelt Roads in PUERTO RICO.Also taking her thru the PanamaCanal and north to Long Beac
Spillman, W RBM3Sep 15, 1959 – Sep 10, 1962OLRetired living in Visalia Ca. Plank owner. also a member of the landing party.On board at Boston Naval Shipyard, Left on second wespac tour.
Wilkeson, Wayne profile iconETR21960 – 1962OEWhen aboard in Gitmo and left just before the Big P left for westpac to take 7th fleet flag
Berger, Robert KRM2Apr 1960 – Jun 22, 1963OR (radio) 7th fleetWould like to hear from anyone who served during the same time I did.I came aboard just after the shakedown cruise..left Boston thru Panama Canal to Long Beach., Ca.
Fluitt, WayneSM2Sep 1960 – Aug 1964OSCame onboard from boot camp dumb as a rock. Assigned to OL division. Transferred to OS Division and left as an SM2. Retired in 1980 as an SMC. These were the years that I grew to love the Navy and I have fond memories of the Providence.
Bristol, George R.FTG-2Jan 4, 1961 – Jan 2, 1964FOXStill looking for number of shipmates; Phil Baker, Kurcuda, Carter, Sam Amato. Played in R&R band w/ Earnsahw & Baker. Found Ernie. I'm in Calif near SF - email OK. Cruise book destroyed by water in 1987 & forgotten muc
Gregory, DuwayneEM-3Jul 12, 1961 – May 16, 1963
Davis, BillySNJul 28, 1961 – Jul 1, 19633rdI was the stern hook on the Captains Gig. Nick Scattolini was the bow hook. The coxswain was a guy whose last name was Chambers, I don't remember his first name. Crossed the equator in 1963 while sailing for Singapore.
Wagner, Paulem5Sep 25, 1961 – Sep 25, 1961engineeringI am looking for george bozemen who was aboard in the years 62-65
Wagner, Paulem5Sep 27, 1961 – Feb 27, 1965EI would like to known if any of the ship mates live in colorado or wyoming
Johnson, JjRDSNOct 1961 – Aug 4, 1964OI-DivGreat ship,great duty,and great crew.Enjoyed every bit of it and would do it again.Go Navy...
Cozine, JimLtJGNov 1, 1961 – Oct 19631st Div & N DivHave been to most of the reunions since retiring from the Steamship lines. Always a good time. Check the PROV website and US Navy Cruiser Sailors
Dunlap, TommyGMM3Nov 10, 1961 – Dec 17, 1963missile gangwould love to hear from those who were aboard as com 7th fleet under Adm Moorer
MacBride, JohnSEAMAN, LI3, LI2Dec 1961 – Feb 19643rd fox flagOut of Bootcamp to Providence 3rd division, Made 3rd class Lithographer while in Fox Division, transferred to Flag until I transferred to USS Prairie. Returned for 1 month TAD enroute to USS Oklahoma City.
MacBride, John (Mac)Seaman, lithographer 3rd class lithographer 2nd classDec 1961 – Feb 19643rd div, fox div, flag div
Hill, Gary profile iconRm21962 – 1963RadiomanAre there any reunions in 2015?
Eason, JamesE31962 –S3Looking for old ship mates from 1962 to 1964.
Earnshaw, Spencer T. "ernie"SN/FTGSNFeb 1962 – Sep 19631st/FOXI know the identity of the "phantom polliwog" Ain't talkin'.
Woody, GeneRM1(SS)Jun 1962 – Jun 1964COMM (CR)I'm not sure about the dates, I came aboard when Providence relieved the Oklahoma City and Left when the Oklahoma City relieved the Providence (As flag ship for Com7thFlt)
Holcomb, RichardAG3 (E-4)Aug 31, 1962 – Apr 29, 1966USS PROVIDENCE Weather ObserverSeeking info-regarding Richard H. Holcomb “Dick” AG3 Aerographers Mate Does anyone remember him on the Providence in Saigon January 1964? Also seeking info-regarding Jack Eggen AG3, his friend. - Laurie Holcomb
Bozeman, GeorgeEM2Sep 1962 – Jun 12, 1965E
Ozburn, OggieSKSNNov 15, 1962 – Aug 29, 1965Store Keeper/CIC durning GQ
Krasnai, TonyFTM3Nov 28, 1962 – Jun 1965Fox
Brandseth, RobertDksnDec 5, 1962 – Sep 1964S4Looking to contact any fellow Disbursing Buddies from '62 thru '64 that served while home ported in Yokusaka, japan
Cosgrove, HankSHB 21963 – 1964S3 - SupplyLooking for anyone who served between 1963-64
Farrar, WalterDK31963 – Nov 25, 1964S4
Lane, BobPN3Jan 3, 1963 – Jan 3, 1965PersonelServed aboard under Admiral Thomas Moorer
Johnson, RonaldCS-3Feb 1, 1963 – Sep 1, 1965CSWhen first aboard, I was assigned to the 3rd Division to care for the life boats, and cleaned and painted the midship area. Holy stoneing the deck was a job we all dreaded. Within a year, I stransfered to become a cook.
Snodgrass, Redgie "skip"RM2Mar 1, 1963 – May 30, 1966OR [Radio]Came aboard from RM school. Crossed equator twice. Second time was more fun. Adm. Moorer was my hero. Any RM's Remember Club X in Yoko. What a classy place. Will remember my time onboard the "Big P" forever. I enjoyed every minute of it.
MacKey, DennisRM2Mar 15, 1963 – Aug 26, 1966Communications
Jaeger, George (Nate)PFCApr 14, 1963 – Apr 14, 1965Marine DetachmentI was a film buff and carried my kodak 8mm camera everywhere.I filmed the first equador crossing and "Shellback Day" 63-64 and the fifty mile march around the ship.See it for free at in July 08.
Cosgrove, HankSHB 2Apr 15, 1963 – Jul 16, 1964supply s3she was the very best ship i served on,great crew and great chow, i really miss the navy. good luck to all, fair winds and following seas, allways.
Eagleson, LelandSNOct 1963 – Jul 19661st till 64 then radioformative years, oddly enough, most memorable was holystoning the teak deck when in the 1st Div. I have always wondered about BM3 Fribley-he survived the Bataan death march and the Nav took care of him. I admired Capt. Laroque greatly.
Eddy, JamesSNOct 16, 1963 – Dec 31, 19641st WORK AS A YEOMEN

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