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USS Columbus (CG 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Columbus (CG 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 365 crew members registered for the USS Columbus (CG 12).

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Kovar, PaulEM21966 – Aug 25, 1969EI made three Med cruises. I was an EM and served with Jim Costello, Paul Gehrt, Juan Medrano, and Robert Otero to name a few. Lots of good memories. Loved Barcelona and Palma and French ports the most.
Wilson, MichaelFTM21966 –T3Living in Tampa, FL feeling good, doing fine. Would enjoy hearing from crew mates
Shaw, Stan (Midnite)Jan 1966 – Nov 1967NavigationGreat duty. I served as a QM under Lcdr Doonan. Awesome boss!! Enjoyed serving under Admiral Bulkley, Captains Joslin and Stecher. Lots of incredible memories, steamin' parties, liberties and sea stories. Have lots of pics!!
Higbee, JimETR3Jan 1, 1966 – Aug 16, 1967OEWorked on Radar Displays and ECM gear. On board for the Panama Canal transit, San Diego to Norfolk and a lot of fun in so may places along the way. Also a NATO North Sea exercise, and the Med. cruise of 66-67. Remember Golf Juan, France?
Kline, RonnieRD 3Jan 1, 1966 – Oct 5, 1968OI
Causey, BobGMM3Jan 3, 1966 – Aug 5, 1969T-2Trying to contact old shipmates
Steel, BrentFTM2Jan 3, 1966 – May 1, 1967T-5Worked in the Aft-49. Lots of serious steamers and great ports and lots of liberty. Pearl and I still talk about our time on Columbus.
Timblin, WayneFTM#3Jan 3, 1966 – Aug 14, 1968T-7I'm only upset that Tim Kretchmar got out ahead of me. If you had to serve, as I did, the Columbus crew was better than most.
Sarafinc, Big EdSeamenJan 4, 1966 – Jun 18, 1967T2
Sarafin, Big EdSeamenJan 4, 1966 – Jun 15, 1967T-2
Davis, James (Jim)AG3Apr 1966 – Jul 1968OperationsAs one of only a handfull of "Airdales" on a Black Shoe Ship, No One really knew what to do with me. Luckily, I was responsible to the Admiral even though I was assigned to the ships company.
Rennie, DougRD-3May 1966 – Jun 13, 1969OIHad a lot of good times with some great people. I wish I had stayed in touch with some of them; like Ron Kline, Manor Terry and others.
Sztejter, AlbertFTM-1May 1966 – May 1970T-2/T-1Started in T-2 as a missle test FTM-3 out of Dam Neck, Va. Finished as Mk 118 computer FTM-1 in T-1, Also worked briefly on 51 radar. After 4 Med cruises, went to San Diego, Chicago CG11 as Mk 118 computor supervisor.
Halvorsen, SteveRD-2May 1, 1966 – Aug 1, 1968RadarThe dates are close, it's been 40 years! Stil think of all the good friends and good times we had. God Bless !
Douglas, Stephen R.E-4May 10, 1966 – Nov 17, 1967Electronics RadarNot sure about the exact dates shipboard. What a wonderful cruise ship. Never did I have a more exciting time. Big moment was seeing a big hurricane up real close with 70 to 90 ft waves. Visited Europe and the Med many times. Panama Canal. etc.
Holder, Ora DennyCG-12May 14, 1966 – Mar 20, 1968Rm 3rd class
Freeman, Dalemm3Jun 1966 – Jun 1968m
Keler, Ronald LRD2Jun 7, 1966 – Aug 5, 1969Flagserved under Admirals King, Bulkeley, Calvert, and Price before leaving the staff to return to ConUS and return to college.many friends on the staff and ship's co. cruises in NATO, Carib,Med. best missle ship in USN
Doonan, BobLCDRJul 1966 – Aug 1968NavigationDeceased 1980. Proudly served aboard the Tall Lady. (submitted by daughter)
Mogle, JimBM3Jul 15, 1966 – Mar 20, 19701st & 2ndon board for all my 4yrs made all med cruise from 66-70
Miller, John (Jw)FTM1Aug 1966 – Sep 1972T-4, Director 7The Tall Lady will always be a pleasant memory. My first ship I made all of the usual mistakes and then some. Fantastic crew, CPO Mess and Wardroom. I retired a CWO3 after serving on the Chicago CG-11, Ranger CV-61 and Scott DDG-995.
Hurd, Leiland (Lee)FTM2Aug 1966 – Mar 1969T-5I was in Aft W-2.. Today all the system electronics for the computers, search and guidance radars, would fit on a desk. Wow. I am proud to be a Navy veteran.
Adams, JohnLI3Sep 1966 – Mar 1970Made four Med. tours on the "Tall Lady" and I am proud of those years spent in the navy. I enjoyed my time aboard and remember my ship mates with good thoughts. "Fair Winds and Following Seas" - Ship mates forever.
Moffitt, RobertSN3Sep 1966 – Sep 1968Div 1
Magierka, TomMM2Sep 1966 – Jun 6, 1970M Division
Miller, Robert / BobFTM 2Sep 1966 – May 1970T 1"The Tall Lady" was one heck of a ship but the guys of T 1 & T 2 were really what made it a pleasure to serve aboard her. If your reading this and don't belong to our Veterans Assoc. you should join it is a hoot.
Yeaton, DavidE 4Sep 1966 – May 19702 ndAssigned to 2nd div for 6mth's .. Trf to work for 1st LT in Deck deQpt office. Worked for LT.s Strickland, Walters,McNelly and McDaniel. Also CWO Spidle, BMCS Reese, BMMC Tucker and MacCarthy, BMC Banks and Linville..
Halvorsen, StevenRD-2Sep 1, 1966 – Jan 1, 1968Operations - Radarman
Sovis, RobertDK3Sep 12, 1966 – Sep 12, 1968SupplyHas anyone had health complications from being near nuclear heads or asbestos? Specifically dementia or lung fibrosis.
Adams, JohnLI3Sep 15, 1966 – Mar 22, 1970XThe "Tall Lady" was a grand lady and I enjoyed my time on her while making four (4) great Mediterranean Cruises. All you guys are still in my thoughts and you will always be shipmates. See you some day at our next port and God bless.
Lawrence, KenBM-3Oct 12, 1966 – Sep 5, 19682ND
Harvanek, GaryBM 3Oct 22, 1966 – Sep 13, 19682 nd Div 1 st Lt. DivMade 2 med's went into dry dock with her and got out, Went up the Mississippi on the Tall Lady
Holder, Ora "Denny"Rm3Oct 25, 1966 – Mar 30, 1968Operations DivI really enjoyed serving on the Tall Lady. It was a great adventure to be part of the history onboard CG-12.
Farrell, ThomasBM3Nov 14, 1966 – Jul 21, 19671 ST DECKHAD A GREAT TIME SERVED WITH GREAT MEN
Szczuplak, RaySEAMANDec 1966 – Sep 19684th DeckServed on the Columbus from late '66 thru Sept.'68 in the 4th Deck Div. Made the Med Cruise, visited New Orleans. Many fond memories of the Tall Lady and my shipmates. Hope to reconnect with old friends at the upcoming Oct.'08 reunion.
Rupinski, RipFTM-21967 – 1971T-3
Geiss, ThomasMM31967 – Aug 8, 1969M Division
Kilpatrick, JonETR2Jan 1967 – Mar 1971OEMade 4 Med cruises. Maintained the SPS43 radar.
Carey, Arthur (Bud)RD3Jan 3, 1967 – May 16, 1971Four Dept. and two with the Operations Dept.
Younger, BernieIC3Mar 29, 1967 – Oct 11, 1968E-DivisionI will always remember the tall lady and her able crew as we sailed the Med for six months between 1967 & 1968.
Hendrickx, MartinETR3Apr 10, 1967 – Jul 30, 1969OEMade a Caribbean cruise and two med Cruises. Repaired radios 1st year and was in charge of transmitter repair 2nd year
Marshall, EarlRM2May 15, 1967 – May 30, 1971operationsIt's good to some of the old crew is still kicking , am working for the VA in Minneapolis, MN. I check the site periodically to see who is about....It's hard to believe but those were indeed the good ole days... Fair seas shipmates
Fogle, BillMIDN3Jun 1967 – Aug 1967RotatedI reported aboard as an NROTC Midshipman 3rd Class (Cornell University) in June 1967. This was my first ship. We had a memorable time firing missiles in the Caribbean.
Keller, PhilipPN2Jul 1967 – Feb 1969XWorked in Personnel under the infamous CWO R.W. Webb. Made two Med cruises. One night some of us PN's unbolted PN1 Pilcher's desk and tossed it overboard at night. Sonar picked it up and ship made a hard-to-port turn. Much fun! Live in MI now..
Mitchell, RichardMU-2Jul 1967 – Nov 1968FlagNavy Musician with Rear Admiral Calvert's Flag - COMCRUDESFLOT 8 Band. Played a lot of ports - played in Turkey even though it osn't listed as a port of call. A GReat Ship
Deputy, TomSK2Jul 1, 1967 – Jan 10, 1969S1Served in the Med During the Vietman war. Watched Soviet ships and traveled there several times out of Norfolk. Great ship the Columbus (tall Lady). Had to leave early as my dad was dying. Thought I would look to see who was here.
Limle, AnthonyMM3Jul 3, 1967 – Apr 8, 1971AJust wanting to know who all was still kicking. I am now retiered from V.A.
Hayes, David (Gibby)BT2Jul 17, 1967 – Dec 2, 1970Loved it.
Clement, Robert AlanFTM1Aug 1967 – Dec 1969T1
Geiss, ThomasAug 8, 1967 – Aug 8, 1969M
Drapac, ThomasMM3Sep 1967 – Aug 1969M
Malboeuf, ErnieCWO-2Sep 1967 – Dec 1970XReported to the Tall Lady as a brand new WO as Ship Sec and later Pers Off. Mentored by CWO Rufe Webb. 4.0 X Div crew. Great working for XO CDR Kanakanui. Always enjoyed standing duty when LCDR Doonan was CDO (good menu in the wardroom).
Lightsey, DavidMM 2Oct 23, 1967 – May 1, 1967MGREAT TIME IN MY LIFE.
Lightsey, David LMM2Oct 24, 1967 – May 1, 1971M DIV
Kalail, JeffMM2Oct 26, 1967 – May 2, 1971MI worked in the Forward and Aft Engine rooms.
Culliton, MikeFTM-2Nov 1967 – Jul 1968F-5Aft Talos M-111 computer room. Did 1 Med deployment then xfered to USS Albnay CG-10
Jeffrey Kalail, JeffMM2Nov 3, 1967 – May 8, 1971M DivisionHad a great time and a lot great friends to this day. Saw a lot of the Med. I'm very proud of the Navy. My Grandson is an officer in the Navy.
Pierce, PaulETN-2Nov 18, 1967 – Nov 13, 1969OEMany good days,worked on about all of the equipment at one time or the other.Played lots of cards and Monopoly with Tom Geiss,Les Suchland,Jim Miller,Kilpatric,and others.Water condoms! Also played ships football team,great guys!
Darnall, TomETN3Nov 25, 1967 – Aug 15, 1968OEWent on Med Cruise, Made second class, worked on Krypto and com gear
Ellis, MichaelRM2Dec 1967 – Oct 1969CRI wrote a novel that centers on the 1968 MED Cruise. You can preview at:
Culliton, MikeFTM2Dec 1967 – Aug 1968T-5Aft Talos Computer
Culliton, MikeFTM-2Dec 1967 – Jul 1968T-5 Aft Talos
Pinkoski, Joseph PinkyBM2Dec 1967 – Nov 19691st 2ndWas on board for two cruises, big ship after a tin can???
Kriner, BarryFTM-2Dec 1967 – Jun 1972T-1MK-118 Computer. Came on board as a young boy and left as a young man. Great ship, great crew, and great memories.
Miller, KennethE-5 ICDec 1, 1967 – Mar 17, 1971EServed 4 Med cruises Lead Shop Petty Officer last one. Met a young lady between cruises 3-4 in NY on a blind date. We have been married almost 43 years. Really enjoyed my military duty.

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