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USS Columbus (CG 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Columbus (CG 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 365 crew members registered for the USS Columbus (CG 12).

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Harris, RaymondSM3/CJun 9, 1945 – Mar 10, 1946Signal/Communication
Roper, JosephCommanderJan 1, 1946 – Dec 31, 1949USS Columbus CommanderUSN Academy (1935-39) USS Enterprise (1941-45) USS Mansfield (1946-49) White Sands Proving Ground, USN Base CC (1950-54) NASA (1955-75)
Esh, WendellSNJan 1, 1947 – Jun 30, 1947corpsman
King, Joseph ArnoldSEAMAN APPRENTICEJul 14, 1949 – Jul 14, 1956This is my Father he has past away. he died in 1994
Galla, JohnSNDec 15, 1949 – Jun 28, 19524th She was a awesome looking Ship. and the best years of my life.
Heberden, Diane3rd classJun 14, 1950 – Dec 18, 1953s2
Cantrell, BenRMSAJul 6, 1950 – Jan 2, 1992CRServed on both CG-12 Pre-Com Crews.
Heberden, Donald3rd classAug 1950 – Dec 1953S2
John, FisherEM3Nov 10, 1955 – May 15, 1956EUSS Columbus CA 74 Great Ship--remember the saliors of the Floyd B Parks!
Brelje, Victor (Vic)RM3Nov 9, 1956 – Mar 28, 1957ORI was tranferred from the USS Helena CA-75 to the USS Columbus CA-74 on the above start date and then transferred back to the USS Helena CA-75 on the above end date. I would like to hear from anyone who knew me. Vic
Justice, Richard profile iconLieutenant CommanderJul 1958 – Apr 1959Chief EngineerI am Dick Justice's son, John. Just wanted to add an entry for him. My email:
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Palmer, Avery profile iconRM31960 – Jun 1, 1964Radio commThis is my father in law/ Looking for any information about him for my wife, am doing a special x-mas present about his service as he has long passed away and she is very curious about his service. From USMC son! Semper
Glover, DanielQMSNNov 28, 1960 – Jan 1, 1962Quarter MasterI served on the commisioning crew while it was being converted to a guided missle cruiser in Bremerton,Wash.
Zerbe, Dennis LynSN1961 – 1964Operations...Good-Day... ...Thank You for your time and consideration.... ...Zerbe....
Beane, JayRD3Sep 1961 – Feb 1964OIPlank Owner and Nucleus Crew member. I helped commission the ship in Bremerton Wa. at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.
Deblasi, Robert "Wop"SNDec 1961 – Jul 22, 1964Deck CrewThis was the second ship I served on and the one I think the most about. I had many good friends on board.
Dailey, LesBT2Dec 1, 1961 – Nov 13, 1964Bif any of my old shipmates see this please contact me
Mason, EdwardBOATSWAIN MATE ?1962 – 1964Brother (now deceased). In yard at Bremerton for conversion to CG. Will update specifics later. Previous ship DD 676.
O'neill, DennisSN/BM31962 – 19651stPlank Owner, was sta. on Columbus before comm. in Brem. BM1 High was LPO. Made 3rd before trans. Very good memories.
Russo, SamSK31962 – 1965S-1I was on the pre com crew in Bremerton. I worked in the supply office. I went on her first WestPac cruise. Iwas on her in the Tonkin Gulf. Anyone remember the typhoon we went thru coming back from the Tonkin Gulf to Subic Bay.
Mayes, JoeSH-21962 –S-3
Aanensen, JohnFTG 31962 – 1964Fire Control Tech, GunsPlank Owner and Nucleus Crew member. I helped commission the ship in Bremerton Wa. at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.
Oglesby, HenryE41962 – 19663rd division
Slone, GaryMT 3Jan 19, 1962 – May 19, 1966T 4Forward Missile House. Arrived aboard at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard about a month to late to be a plank owner. Spent my total enlistment aboard the Tall Lady including 1 trip to the Gulf of Tonkin.
Smith, WayneYN2Feb 1962 – Feb 1964Captain's Office (1 yr.) and Weapons Office (1 yr.)I worked in the CO's office until shortly after the ship was commissioned. I was transferred to the Weapon's Department, and became the leading yeoman. It was great duty - I met many new friends, and had some great experiences.
MacArthur, RobertSNFeb 19, 1962 – Aug 20, 1965DeckhandPre commissioning school October, 1962. Loaded on a train and went from San Diego to Bremerton, Washington.
Steila, William / Big BillETN2Mar 1962 – Jul 12, 1965OEThis was a great ship to be a crewmember of. I was a plank member from Ohio when it was commissioned CG-12 in 1962. We set sail for Vietnam a month after I was married in 1964!
Henson, JamesFTM3Mar 1962 – Aug 1964T1Plank owner. MK118 Tarter.
Crouch, BillHMMar 1, 1962 – Aug 1, 1964Hospital CorpsFlown from Sasbo Japan to San Francisco i joined up with the ships crew. Once alssembled it was a long train ride to Washington. I was part of the original shakedown crew. Often think of my good friend Jerry Carlson.
Buckner, Haroldmm2Mar 5, 1962 – Jan 5, 1964massigned during conversion.about 65 mms and bts in crew,lived in barracks and went aboard daily to learn engineering equip.helped in fuel and water tank filling.shakedown cruise found ship top heavy.added ingots to voids
Kuhn, FrankENSMay 1962 – Jun 1964X
Gambill, JodieFTM2May 1962 – Feb 1965T-5I was part of the nucleus crew and am a plank owner. I worked in the after Talos battery and was put in charge of director 7.
Albert, SteveETNSN, ETN3, ETN2May 1962 – May 1965OEWorked, Radio, Crypto, Radar. Would like to find FT Pat Mchenry from Cody, WY
Gambill, JoeFTM2May 1, 1962 – Feb 12, 1965T-5I was part of the nucleus crew assigned to the ship before commissioning and remained on board until we returned from the WestPac cruise in Feb. 1965.
Burlog, GaryQM3Jun 1, 1962 – Jul 27, 1964operationsCame aboard early summer of 62, on board for all the shake down cruises, on the ship when we went down to San Diego, spend all of the rest of enlistment on board till end of enlistment July 0f 64 ,19601962 U.S.S Evans
DuVall, WalterBM 3Jul 1962 – Jul 19643 Boat
Sweeney, AllanGMG2Aug 1962 – Oct 19646th
Ashford, JamesfmAug 10, 1962 – Oct 30, 1964A DivisionCame aboard fresh out of boot camp & precom school in San Diego. Road troop train to Bremerton with buddies Donald Benton & P.A."Pappy" Myers they took me under their wings & showed me the ropes Thanks guys
Coleman, LannyBT-2Sep 1962 – Jan 1966BInital member of pre com school, San Diego (Plank Owner) to discharge in San Diego, 1966. Worked Fire Room 4. Wespac cruse 1964.Lots of good memories
Wonka III, Frank E. Wonka IIIRM3Sep 1962 – Jun 1965CRHonored to have been a Plank Owner. Remember many good friends that I have lost contact with. Had lots of great experiences that have shaped my life, WESPAC, Tonkin Gulf, Hong Kong, Columbus Olympics to name a few.
Lachance, GeorgeHM3Sep 1962 – Aug 15, 1965H&DCan't remember bus ride from old lumber train track in Bremerton, after arriving from San Diego. Do remember 'humping' with our sea bags through the Navy Yard to CG12. Remember our battle stations during Tonkin Gulf tour
Oehler, BillRM1Sep 1962 – Jun 1965CR DivWe had our ups and downs but I re-enlisted because of what I learned and did aboard this great ship, from precommissioning at NavSta San Diego to the Tonkin Gulf
Gee, RoyPN3Sep 1962 – Aug 1964X divisionI really enjoyed my time on the Columbus,it was a real joy to place the ship in commission and becomes plank owner!! I enjoyed working in the Personnel Office and I had some fond Memories of my Personnel Officer!!
Templeton, SteveMT3Sep 4, 1962 – Dec 5, 1963Forward Talos Battery
Fike, GilGIL FIKESep 6, 1962 – Apr 10, 1963DeckI was assigned to the USS Columbus while it was in drydock at Bremerton Washington and made the first sea trial and later to San Diego. I am a plank owner. I was one who hung off ropes and cleaned the stacks.
McBrayer, Gary (Mac)FTM1Sep 10, 1962 – Jun 1, 1967T-1/T-7Best duty station I had in 20 years! Great TARTAR 51 gang!!
Donohoe, Orrin L DonohoeE 3Sep 22, 1962 – Apr 21, 19654THi was on pre com crew till 1965 need info on vetnam campain med &ribion. not expo medal &ribion.need to know if ship was awored.I was offord after Igot out.did not apply need now. can you help??
Carlson, GeraldSNOct 1962 – Feb 19641st divisionPre Comissioning School San Diego Long train ride to Bremerton arri Oct 13 1962. Placed in Comission Dec 1 1962. Great Crew. She was a grand old lady
Gardiner, Edward BMSNOct 1962 – 1965X, CR, 1ST12/1/62 plank owner/Aug 64 - Gulf of Tonkin incident all hands recalled to ship.rapid transit to Vietnam (no PH or Yoko).CO's BOYD and JOSLYN(?)
Diez, RogerRM3Oct 10, 1962 – Feb 16, 1964CommunicationsI was on the pre-commissioning crew in the Bremerton shipyard and was with the ship through sea trials. We walked guard duty on the pier in Bremerton during the Cuban missile crisis, looking for Cuban frogmen, I suppose.
Hebert, RegSTG 2Oct 26, 1962 – Apr 12, 19665Went aboard in Bremerton, WA. Made 2 Westpac cruises. Went around thru Panama Canal to Norfolk, VA where I was discharged. Too bad the Columbus website folded :-(
Johnson, Douglas C.PNCSDec 1962 – Nov 30, 1964Asst. Personnel OfficerCommissioned as CG-12 in Bremerton and Plank Owner
Elliser, SimonDec 1, 1962 – Mar 3, 1964E
Howery, DuaneSH2Dec 2, 1962 – 1968
Stoneking, StonyETN2/ET`1Dec 31, 1962 – Apr 1964OETransferred in from Saint Paul CA-73 due to job code (AN/SPS-30) so I was only aboard for 15 month before SEAVEY/SHOREVAY caught up with me and I went to Great Lakes.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 – now

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