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USS Columbus (CG 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Columbus (CG 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 372 crew members registered for the USS Columbus (CG 12).

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Davis, NigelFTG 31972 – 19746thGreat ship. Lots of good time, good friends and great memories.
Yanello, JimMM11972 – Jan 1974MAwesome Ship
Versluys, DavidMM31972 – May 31, 1974AGood times on the Tall Lady
Griswold, John GriswoldRM21972 – 1974CR CommunicationsGreat ship. Saved it last challenge on final voyage. Somehow, it weatherd the storm with some superstructure damange but got us home safe.
Thomlison, RonnieSN1972 – 19753rdBM1,Prichard are you still living.
Verant, JerryFTM21972 – 1974Fire Control
Hubbard, AlanFTM21972 – 1974T5AFT TALOS COMPUTER ROOM
Hoeing, RonBT31972 – 1974B Division#4 Fireroom
Carter, JohnBT31972 – 1974B DivisionI met some great people on board and would not take anything for the friends I made. I've never seen a ship leave port as much as the Columbus. She will always be a fond memory as a ship and home for two years.
Gardner, ThomasFTG31972 – 19746thIt was a great experience serving on the USS Columbus. I had the pleasure of working with a lot of awesome crew members
Demski, JosephE-2Jan 1, 1972 – Jul 11, 1972E
Martukanitz, Rich (Marty)SNJan 10, 1972 – May 15, 1973CRI was a young kid right out of HS and bootcamp when I was assigned to the Tall Lady......made one Med Cruise (1972) and a few trips to Rosy Roads. I still think of the friends and good times I had aboard CG-12.
Tabor, FrankFTM2Feb 1972 – 1974T1
Berron, Rick.SM3Feb 1, 1972 – Oct 1, 1973CommunicationsTime aboard was great. Great people, even greater chiefs and first class. Now retired but have fond memories.
Mosele, KenE4 CorporalFeb 8, 1972 – May 20, 1974Mar -DetGot transfered from the ship at rota spain Waited 5 days for a ride home. I'll bet the ship beat me back to the states. Had a good time and met some good people on her , even kept up with Mike Horrocks until recently.
Lombardi, JoeQM2Mar 1972 – 1975NAVIGATIONI joined the ship at GITMO & made 2 MED Cruises. QMCS Ed Hamady was 'the man' who taught me celestial navigation. I stayed aboard after the stormy Atlantic crossing from Rota to put her out of commission. Great ship!
Akers, TomICFN, IC3, IC2Mar 1972 – Jul 1974E1st ship in the Navy
Nichols, Charlesmm3Mar 1972 – Apr 1974m#1 throttle forward engine room
Severn, DaveFTG3Mar 1972 – Sep 19736thGreat times with great people
Payne, PaulPC3/DVJun 1972 – Mar 1974X DivisionI was the postal clerk after Robert Benjamin. Worked for Mr. Tharp in X-Div. Great Ship! Great Crew! Made many good friends during my time aboard. Danny Rodriquez was best bud and shipmate. Miss the Tall Lady!
Thompson, EarlRM3Jul 1972 – Jun 1974communicationsHad fun assuming the publications petty officer from John Feeney. Sent out class "E" and dept. yeoman was great. Now I'm residing in N.H. doing electrical and skiing. Miss the tall lady.
Wilson, J. R.RM1Jul 1, 1972 – Sep 1, 1974Made the last two cruises onboard. The last one was a bear... 30-day extension just before outchop. Had a good time overall. Fair winds chipmates.....
Schmitz, DavidICFN/IC3Sep 5, 1972 – Jan 10, 1975E-DivisionMy first duty station, was aboard for the last Med cruise in 1974.Assigned to be a part of the decommissioning of the Tall Lady. I had the honor of serving with the best crew in the Atlantic fleet. First rate sailors.
Robinson, DeanSNOct 10, 1972 – Jan 15, 19752ndI spent three years on the tall lady, and had some really great times. I was very young when I went into the Navy, and did not truly make the best of the opportunities I had.
Kay, SammyE-4,CORPORALNov 9, 1972 – Jul 13, 1974marine detachmentIcame aboard after next to last med cruise and stayed until decommision.
Ritchie, DaneUSS COLUMBUSDec 10, 1972 – Dec 9, 1974ASeeking information about boiling room fire of 73"
Welga, BrianFNDec 26, 1972 – Jul 1974EA awesome ship,when I first was first granted permission to board from LTJG Lake
Luizzi, JohnGMM31973 – Jan 15, 1975T-6I worked in the Aft Missle House, until Decommissioning.
Cron, Richard "Ra"FTM31973 – 1974T7Like to hear from Edwards, Uncapher, Moore, Ponton, Fike, Stoddard, Adkins, and anyone else in division.
Symon, VincentBT31973 – 1974I served back when Egypt invaded Isreal in Oct. 1973. We were right in the middle of an inserve inspection. It was a heck of a time to be on board her. crossed the Atlantic, refuled in Rota and were off the coast in about a week.
Stanley Jr., Danny1973 – Feb 8, 1975
Inge, GeorgeHN1973 – 1974HospitalHad a great time and served with a great crew! Lots of good memories.
White, CharlieBT31973 – Jan 1975b divisionthe time I spent aboard was a time of learning. did we really spend time off the coast of Egypt in 73. thanks for the memories
Daniels, John/ Diesel DogFN1973 – Sep 1974A
Clough, KeithMM3Jan 1973 – Mar 1973M-DivThis was a stop on the way for MM"A" School on my way the Nuclear Power School. Made one 2 week cruise to St Thomas
Stanley Jr., DannyHTFNFeb 1973 – Jan 1975RSorry to hear the tall lady was sold for scrap. After returning from the last Mediterranean deployment I helped the preparation of her deactivation and her final decommissioning in January.
Stansbery, StansMM3Apr 1973 – Jan 1975M-DIVISIONSome of the best people I have ever served with. Awsome lady she was.
Evans, BurtGMM3/2Apr 5, 1973 – Aug 5, 1974Forward Talos Missile HouseNot sure what Division, but I worked in the Foprward Talos Missle House. We went on a Med Cruise from 11/73-5/74. We then started the decommissioning of the ship after the cruise in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyards that year..Many friends..
Pelikan, ThomasGMT 3May 1973 – Jan 1975Weapons Department, 5th Division, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASROC)
Morrow, James / TinyETRSNJun 12, 1973 – May 31, 1975OEHad a great time with several Caribbean cruises and one Med cruise. Worked on the SPS-10, SPS-43, the Pathfinder radars, and the ship's IFF system. Helped decommission her and stayed aboard to help finish the post decom work.
Jones, DavidSNJun 15, 1973 – Jan 15, 1975
Ramsey, WilliamBT 3Nov 1973 – May 1975BIt was a good final Med Cruisefor me and the Tall Lady, Even if we did weather a severe storm on the way back
Switzer, RobertLCPLNov 1, 1973 – Nov 2029marine detachmenti served on the tall lady from nov. 73 till decomission.made 1974 med cruise.
Tomlinson, DonaldSaFeb 28, 1974 – Feb 28, 1975Deck
Argie, GeraldPNSNApr 15, 1974 – Jan 31, 1975XMy first ship in the Navy was the tall lady. I came aboard in Souda Bay, Crete and was aboard when we hit a hurricane off the U.S. coast - what a thrill.
McShea, TimothyQMSNApr 18, 1974 – Sep 19741stI chased the Tall Lady around the Med for 2 weeks before catching her off Sigonella Sicily, after a brief hop to the Iwo Jima. Finished the Med Cruise and remember that Hurricane we hit on our way back to the States.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 – now

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