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USS Chicago (CG 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Chicago (CG 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 421 crew members registered for the USS Chicago (CG 11).

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McCreery, PaulMM31972 – Jan 5, 1975M & VVHCrawled into nearly every void during our stay in the yards. Still wish the Cap'n had allowed the new generators to be installed.
Humphrey, Hump1972 – 1975
Errante, JohnMM31972 – 1975B then AHello shipmates alive and well living in So. Fla. Would like to hear from, John Wiley, Mike Barrett, Chuck Nixon or the deck ape I boxed on the 4th of July smokers Ha , call @954 547 7766 or
Nixon, Charles(Chuck)BT31972 – 1975BT-Oil LabHey Hoyt, your right the snipes ruled back then. When I think back on those days..It was an awesome time in my life. Mainly cause I worked for Chief Brown in the Oil Lab. And the ports we hit..Never forget it...ever.
Christensen, Mark / ChrisQM31972 – 1975navigation
Bevington, Bille31972 – 19741stLooking for 1st division people on board the uss chicago during the 74 westpac
Russell, BillE4/ETN31972 – 1976OE
Christensen, Mark/chrisQM31972 – 1975NavigationI'm looking for someone that knows the Navigation bridge level on the 1974 deployment?
Humphrey, HumpHT3Mar 1972 – Jan 1975
Crump, Tim..aka Cap'NE5Apr 1972 – Nov 1974Tartar
Smith, WilliamRM3Apr 21, 1972 – Jul 31, 1973communications/RadiomanIt has been a very long time, I wish the best for all that are still wish us,..I joined the Calif. Air National Guard in 9/26/84 and retired in 9/26/2005. If you want to contact me
Tysall, DanMM2Jun 1972 – Jun 1974M
Hammons, StephenFTM1Jun 1972 – Jul 1973WeaponsWould enjoy hearing from any shipmates that served aboard her during 1973.
Miner, DavidE5Jun 29, 1972 – Jun 28, 1975UnknownDear Fiends- I am entering, my brother, David Miner. Those of you that knew David, know he was an American original. Very sadly, this wold lost my brother on November 26, 2007 to lung cancer. Resspectfully, Michael Miner
Mendoza, Rubenbm3Jul 9, 1972 – Jul 19, 19752nd divisionhad some fun times on this ship....
Samford, SteveBT3Jul 20, 1972 – Dec 15, 1975BFond memories of a great ship and port calls. Worked on Fireroom # 1 for 3 1/2 years. It was the after-hours meeting place for the non-lifers and general misfits of several divisions. What a great time we had! Good to see you here Karl H.
Gozdziewski, LeonardOS2Aug 31, 1972 – Oct 24, 1975OI Division USS Chicago CG-11Served aboard the Chicago from August, '72 to Oct. 24,'75. Westpac cruise in 1974 including Indian Ocean service. I was suface supervisor in CIC, OI Division, part of the radar gang. Great guys and memories.
Cuffley, Patrick Nick Name CuffSN CUFFLEYSep 10, 1972 – Jul 17, 19754th and 2ndHad a good time on West Pac 1974 BM2 BILL HESTON died six years ago from cancer.He was my best friend. We visited each other after being discharged. I will never forget you guys.
Sedory, DanielSTG3Oct 1972 – Jun 1974SonarI was from the Chicago, IL area, but live in California now.
William, WhitneyGMT-2Oct 31, 1972 – Aug 22, 1975weaponsAnybody serve there during that time?
Russell, BillETN3Nov 30, 1972 – Jul 4, 1976
McGraham, TerryETR31973 – Jun 24, 1974OE
Carter, JimHTFA1973 – 1974R DivCo publisher of the Pig Boat Blues FTN
Kluwin, TomGMT3Jan 1, 1973 –5th Division
Hatt, DavidBM3Jan 3, 1973 – Oct 6, 1975First divisionWent back in navy October 1982 retired as a BM1
Wilson, Paul3rd classJan 12, 1973 – Nov 12, 1976Ri have a slice of the port 5"38 john tarwater pick up at the dock when she was cut up . its been 35 years and still think of that ship thanks cg - 11
Scott, TyroneBM 2Mar 1973 – Aug 1976Small boats
Emigh, Mike profile iconDK3Mar 15, 1973 – Sep 20, 1975S-4First ship, this was the best tour I had, alot of work but we had alot of good times.
Cyphers, MikePN1Mar 18, 1973 – May 16, 1975x
Sanderson, Harold / Tony / CookieCS3May 2, 1973 – Oct 10, 1974SupplyFor an old ship it was'nt that bad, I only remember a young Marine who disgarged his gun in berthing and shot another Marine by accident.
Lape, TerryFTG3May 11, 1973 – Apr 10, 19756thGreetings one and all. Will never forget the friends I meet. Visit me at I wrote the song Fighting Forces for those that have,will and are serving their country. I'd like to hear from y
Pankau, JeffBMSNMay 21, 1973 – Sep 20, 19752nd
Fredericks, CrisPN2Jun 1973 – Jan 1977XIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Hot times on the Indian ocean cruise. Looking for my shipmates in Personnel, and X-Div.. Would love to hear from you all.
Ogden, JerryQM3Jun 1973 – Oct 1975NAVIGATIONIf anyone still knows me, they are welcome to contact me via FACEBOOK, i.e. "JERRY L. OGDEN" (Redding, CA), or simply e-mail me at ""... Thanks shipmates!
Leyser, KurtFTM2Jun 15, 1973 – May 21, 1975Tartar, Short range finger of the fleet
Mc Loyrd, RobertBT2Jun 28, 1973 – Jun 17, 1977BTrusty ShellBack WestPac " 74 & 76". Great times, good friends assigned to # 4 Fire room.GOD BLESS the crew of the USS CHICAGO CG -11.As of 23 Aug. 2012, I can be reach @ 917-771-8302 Bronx,NY.1973 - 1996 Retired.
Brodell, SteveOS3Aug 1973 – Sep 1974OIGreat ship, great crew.
Leblanc, Joe profile iconFTM-3Aug 9, 1973 – Jun 20, 1975T-1
Mazza, DaveYN2Oct 1973 – Jun 1976XServed as Operations Yeoman during Chicago's Indian Ocean deployment.
McGraham, TerryETR3Oct 25, 1973 – Jun 24, 1974
Borio, JohnIC2Nov 1, 1973 – Jan 1, 1975E
Cline, John (Jj)MA1Nov 23, 1973 – Aug 15, 1977X (Master-at-Arms)In memory of Gold Badge BMCM (later MACM) Ken Morgan, Chief Master at Arms. "The Sheriff"
Gonzalez, Julio, JayE-3Nov 27, 1973 – Aug 12, 1976Side Cleaners, T-2,Ist, 2Nd.I had alot of good times and quite a few bad times as well. Alot of my shipmates I'll never forget. After all these years I'm still in contact with aproximately 6 shipmates. We have stayed in touch and seen our kids grow up. I'd like to fin
Cline, John (Jj)MA1Dec 15, 1973 – Nov 1976X (Master-at-Arms)Lots of memories -- mostly good...

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 – 1973 | 1974 – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – now

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